Peace Pilgrim Offerings

One of the primary ways we continue Peace Pilgrim's legacy is through our free offerings. Her message is now in over 100 countries. We thank our volunteers in Oklahoma, California, and Connecticut, along with others throughout the world, who have given their time and energy to make this happen.

We do not advertise. Knowledge about Peace Pilgrim spreads by word of mouth. She is regularly mentioned in magazines, highlighted in book chapters, and often quoted. Every day we receive letters, emails, and phone calls from those seeking Peace Pilgrim materials. In the last three decades, we have sent out almost 500,000 free copies of our book, Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words and more than two million booklets, Steps Toward Inner Peace. We've also filled requests for thousands of free audio tapes and DVDs.

Available for Immediate Download


PEACE PILGRIM: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words (Full English PDF Book)  – 212 pages. The standard edition book, compiled by five of her friends after her 1981 transition (2.2 mg). We also have a text only version in English (without photos - 475 kb), as well as PDF translations in
CHINESE — 和平朝聖者 (translated by Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai)
CROATIAN — Hodočasnica Mira: Život i Djelo Vlastitim Riječima (translated by Vesna Janković)
DUTCH Peace Pilgrim: de weg naar vrede (translated by Willem Glaudemans; co-translator, Marieke Van Coppenolle)
FRENCH Pèlerin de Paix: Sa vie et son oeuvre dans ses propres mots (translated by Daniel Simard)
GERMAN — Peace Pilgrim: Eine Pilgerin der Libe (translated by Heidi Sörgel) 
HUNGARIAN — Béke Zarándok: Élete és Munkájaa Saját Szavaival (translated by Cseresznye Krisztián)
ITALIAN — Pellegrina di Pace: La vita e l’opera dalle sue parole (translated by Claudia Biacchi)
KOREAN — 평화 순례자
PERSIAN — زائر صلح
PORTUGUESEPeregrina de Paz: Sua vida e trabalho em suas próprias palavras
ROMANIAN — Pelerin De Pace (translated by Roxana Bobulescu)
RUSSIAN — мирный пилигрим (translated by Prof. George Dolnikowsky, originally printed by Sergei Badayev)
SLOVENIAN — Romarka Za Mir: O svojem zivljenju in delu (translated by Franc Burgar)
SPANISH — Peregrina de Paz: Su Vida y Obra en sus Propias Palabras (translated by Mayte Picco-Kline)
SWAHILI — Msafiri wa Amani: Maisha na kazi yake kwa maelezo yake mwenyewe (translated by Emmanuel Haraka)
SWEDISH — Pilgrim för Fred: Hennes liv och arbete med hennes egna ord
TAMIL — சமாதான யாத்திரை (translated by Dr. Prof. S. Jeyapragasam)

STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE (Full English PDF Booklet) – 40 pages. The spiritual classic that captures Peace Pilgrim's total peace message. We also have Steps SUMMARY (two-page outline of the booklet) and PDFs in 30 other languages: 
Chinese - translated by Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai
Czech - translated by Klara Hewitt
Dutch - translated by Maria Talis
Esperanto - translated by Jens Spillner
German - translated by Heidi Sörgel
Greek - translated by Theo Haris
Italian - translated by Claudia Biacchi
Korean - translated by Harry Ha
Norwegian - translated by Christian Paaske
Romanian - translated by Roxana Bobulescu
Spanish - translated by Claudio Zanelli
Swedish - translated by Ami Hedberg
Tamil - translated by Dr. Prof. S. Jeyapragasam
Turkish - translated by Sibel Gunduz
Vietnamese - translated by Mai Nguyen


Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words (audio book) and Steps Toward Inner Peace (audio booklet)  SoundCloud recordings

Steps Towards Inner Peace audio booklet in SPANISH language (Click to download)

Steps Towards Inner Peace audio booklet in FRENCH language (Click to download)

Steps Towards Inner Peace audio booklet in ROMANIAN language (Click to download)

Steps Towards Inner Peace audio booklet in Vietnamese language (Click to download)

PEACE PILGRIM: AN AMERICAN SAGE – hour-long documentary film
 - PEACE PILGRIM: AN AMERICAN SAGE - Spanish language version
 - THE SPIRIT OF PEACE –  early 1990s documentary film

FUSION VIDEO (PEACE PILGRIM'S LAST TV INTERVIEW) – 1981, 27 minutes. From David Weissbard's show FUSION on WIFR, said to be Peace Pilgrim's final televised talk.  (Video transcript - 9 pages)

PEACE PILGRIM'S LAST RADIO INTERVIEW  –  1981, 10 minutes. Peace Pilgrim's last radio interview, done with Ted Hayes in Knox Indiana on July 6, 1981, the day before her death. (Transcript - 3 pages)


PEACE PILGRIM VIDEO AT CAL STATE  1979. Three video selections recorded at California State University, Los Angeles. Select short version video or long version video: Hour 1, Hour 2


FOUR TALKS BY PEACE PILGRIM (AUDIO) – 1955-59, 1 hour. Includes talks in Salt Lake City, UT; in San Jacinto, CA to a spiritual mobilization group; in Dallas, TX churches; and to a class at California State University. Dallas audio transcript - 10 pages; Salt Lake City audio transcript - 7 pages; Cal State audio transcript - 10 pages; and San Jacinto audio transcript - 11 pages

NPR 60th ANNIVERSARY RADIO BROADCAST – 2013, 9 minutes. On the 60th anniversary of the
start of Peace Pilgrim's pilgrimage, National Public Radio's All Things Considered featured her life and legacy.

JOHN ROBBINS VIDEO INTERVIEW  1998, 75 minutes. Recorded for FOPP's American Sage documentary with author/activist John Robbins, who was deeply inspired by Peace Pilgrim.

PEACE PILGRIM TALKS AT DALLAS CHURCHES – 1980, audio transcript only - 10 pages.

PEACE PILGRIM BACK YARD CONVERSATIONS in WHITTIER, CA – circa 1979, audio transcript only - 38 pages. Informal talks with Q&A in the back yard of John and Ann Rush, long-time Peace Pilgrim friends and original hosts of the Peace Pilgrim Center. 

PEACE PILGRIM UNITY CHURCH RADIO BROADCAST – 1973, audio transcript only - 112 pages. Broadcast from WGUL in New Port Ritchie, FL, with Q&A. It contains Peace Pilgrim's thoughts about things not found in many other places (such as the Viet Nam conflict, conscientious objectors, diet and vegetarianism, reincarnation and more.

INTERVIEW WITH PEACE PILGRIM'S SISTER HELENE YOUNG  1993, video transcript only - 28 pages. Includes details about their early family life and their relationship while Peace Pilgrim was on her pilgrimage.

Mailed Materials

In the spirit of Peace Pilgrim we send them freely to all who ask. Since many inquire about making donations, we are including our approximate costs for printing and mailing our offerings within the USA. Donations are welcome, but not necessary to receive our offerings. Friends of Peace Pilgrim is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible. All money goes directly to our work, helping us to continue producing and distributing materials to all who ask regardless of their financial situation.


Click here to order a free Peace Pilgrim book. For all other print materials or DVDs, send us a request in the "comments" section of the book order form. 

BOOK – PEACE PILGRIM: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words (Standard Edition), 224 pages. Compiled by five of her friends after her transition in 1981. (Printing and postage $5Request free Peace Pilgrim book
(NOTE: Digital versions in 12 languages listed in "Available to Download" section above.)

BOOK – PEACE PILGRIM (Compact Edition), 224 pages. This book is the same as the Standard Edition except smaller. (Printing and postage $4

BOOK – PEREGRINA DE PAZ: Su Vida Y Obra en Sus Propias Palabras, 216 pages. Spanish edition. (Printing and postage $5

BOOKLET – STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE, 32 pages. Peace Pilgrim relates her own steps toward inner peace and gives ideas for working for world peace in this spiritual classic. More than two million copies in print. (Printing and postage $1
(NOTE: Digital versions in 30 languages listed in "Available to Download" section above.)

BOOKLET  PASOS HACIA LA PAZ INTERIOR:  Principios para la Armonía de la Vida Humana, 36 pages. Spanish edition of Steps Toward Inner Peace. (Printing and postage $1)

BOOKLET – LARGER PRINT EDITION OF STEPS, 64 pages – 5”x7”. This attractive edition of STEPS is especially appropriate for those who require larger, easier to read text. (Printing and postage $3

BOOK – PEACE PILGRIM’S WISDOM: A Very Simple Guide by Cheryl Canfield, 224 pages. (Currently unavailable)

ESSAY – PEACE PILGRIM, An Extraordinary Life by Ann Rush, 16 pages. Peace Pilgrim’s life is traced from her ordinary beginnings through a transformation to a life of unusual commitment. (Printing and postage $2) 

BOOK – THE PEACE PILGRIM COLORING BOOK. English and Spanish in one book. by Barbara Werner and Gary Guthrie. 48 pages – Peace Pilgrim’s story with line drawings on facing pages that can be colored. (Printing and postage $5


(NOTE:  These videos are also available online; see "Available for Download" section above.)

DVD – PEACE PILGRIM INTERVIEWS  – Includes a 6-minute TV broadcast from PM Magazine; a 25-minute interview for WIFR TV in Rockford, IL; a 30-minute interview at Pensacola Junior College; and our 24-minute Highlights video. Subtitled in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and French. Also has downloadable PDF "extras" in several languages. (Printing and postage $6

DVD – PEACE PILGRIM LECTURES – Contains more than three hours of video, including talks given to students at California Sate University, a Q&A with students at the University of Georgia, the Pensacola Junior College interview, and the PM Magazine profile. (Printing and postage $6

DVD – PEACE PILGRIM DOCUMENTARIES  – Includes two beautiful and informative documentary films: PEACE PILGRIM: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk (one hour) in both English and Spanish. This professional documentary film highlights Peace Pilgrim’s life, with new historical footage and interviews; The Spirit of Peace (71 minutes) This earlier documentary features interviews with those who knew Peace Pilgrim and those who were inspired by her message. (Printing and postage $6)