Short bios and other glimpses 

Many friends, historians and followers have written about the life and legacy of Peace Pilgrim. Here are a few of our favorites. (We also include Peace Pilgrim Music and FBI correspondence below!)

Peace Pilgrim: An Extraordinary Life (by Ann and John Rush - 1952)
Ann and John Rush hosted Peace Pilgrim eight times during their 24-year friendship. After her transition, they were among the compilers of Peace Pilgrim: her life and work in her own words and remained the heart and soul of Friends of Peace Pilgrim from 1982-2000. This article first appeared in the January 1992 journal, ADVANCED DEVELOPMENT.

Reflections on Peace Pilgrim's Life (an interview with John Robbins - 1998)
John Robbins, author of Diet for A New America and other books, founded EarthSave International, a nonprofit organization that supports healthy food choices, preservation of the environment, and a more compassionate world. This excerpt is from a 1998 interview with Robbins conducted during the filming of the documentary Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk.

The Living Legacy of Peace Pilgrim - Marking 50 Years (by Mary Newswanger, 2003)
Mary Newswanger, a member of Monteverde Friends Meeting in Costa Rica, worked closely with Robert Muller, former assistant secretary general of the United Nations and chancellor emeritus of the UN University for Peace, to honor Peace Pilgrim with a life-size bronze statue on the University grounds. The statue was dedicated in 2000; Mary wrote this article in 2003. 

Peace Pilgrim: Spiritual Teacher, Non Violence Advocate, Peace Prophet  (by Marta Daniels, 2005)
Marta Daniels is a writer, public historian and long-time peace/justice activist. The article was published in Notable American Women, A Biographical Dictionary, Vol V

Peace Pilgrim's 1952 Appalachian Trail Journey (compiled by Bruce Nichols)
Friends of Peace Pilgrim Board Member Bruce Nichols chronicled the journey of pre-Peace Pilgrim Mildred Norman Ryder, the first woman to hike the entire AT in one season. 
Also see Who was the First Female Thru Hiker? (2016) and Hike It Forward (2015), two blog posts that also highlight her AT achievement. 

Peace Pilgrim's 28-Year Walk for 'A Meaningful Way of Life' (NPR radio broadcast by Zak Rosen, 2013)
On New Year's Day in 2013, the 60th anniversary of the start of Peace Pilgrim's pilgrimage, National Public Radio broadcast this 9-minute feature on the popular series, All Things Considered.


FBI Interest

These FBI documents, secured by her Friends, offer an interesting sidebar on her life, her family and the times in which they lived. Many of the letters were redacted before we received copies. 

Nov. 21, 1941: Un-American accusation against family 
Dec. 1, 1941: Investigation request    
Jan. 7, 1942: Second investigation request
Feb. 26, 1942: Investigation report page 1, page 2
Sept. 23, 1953:  LA Bureau to FBI Director page 1, page, 2
Oct. 12, 1953: Investigation letter to J. Edgar Hoover
Oct. 12, 1953: Investigation letter from Hoover to president's aide
Nov. 27, 1953: Investigation follow-up from Newark bureau page 1, page 2
Nov. 16, 1956: J. Edgar Hoover letter
May 13, 1965: J. Edgar Hoover letter
Jan. 25, 1967: letter to J. Edgar Hoover
Feb. 1, 1967: J. Edgar Hoover response


Music by and about Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim loved music. She learned to play piano at a young age and often put new words to familiar tunes. On occasion she created both words and music in new compositions.

I Am
Words and music by Peace Pilgrim, sung by late Friends of Peace Pilgrim Board Member Kathy Miller.

Peace Pilgrim
by The Holy Fathers of St. Katrina

Step by Step
by singer-songwriter Jody Kessler

Peace Pilgrim Suite (instrumental)
by Ignacio Núñez and Javier Arnanz

I Will Remain a Wanderer
Soundtrack from the American Sage documentary.
by Shelley Koffler 

Prayers for Peace in a Weary World
Text from Peace Pilgrim book (page 168) put to music and sang by Swedish musician Vera Renella of "The Offering."

by Jimmy Braskett, inspired to write this after discovering the Peace Pilgrim website.

Peace Begins with Me
by Rebecca Foster

People R Good
by the Hoodie Monks, a Japan-based rap group that shares Buddhist wisdom. They used Peace Pilgrim's Steps Toward Inner Peace as the basis for this song.

Peace Pilgrim
by singer-songwriter Pat Lamanna, a longtime Friend of Peace Pilgrim.