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This page contains transcripts of talks given by Peace Pilgrim and interviews of her friends, family and others that were recorded as part of the making of the documentaries "The Spirit of Peace" and "Peace Pilgrim: American Sage". Many are available only on this website. Visit our Audio page to listen to some of these talks.

During her pilgrimage, Peace Pilgrim spoke on many occasions to groups large and small.  Indeed, after she had completed 25,000 miles in 1964, her main priority became speaking.  She used every opportunity to get her message of inner and outer peace to as many as possible.  While she would often speak on local television and radio stations, most of her talks were given in schools, and churches, and in homes.   A number of these talks were preserved on audio and video tape.  The links below are to transcripts of some of these talks.

Talks By Peace Pilgrim

Salt Lake City - 1955 - Audio.
Given to a small group in Salt Lake City in the second year of the pilgrimage.

Campbell House -  1959 - Audio.
Peace Pilgrim is speaking to a spiritual mobilization group in San Jacinto, CA.

Unity Church - New Port Ritchie, FL - 1973 - Audio.
A very long talk in three parts with questions and answers.  In parts two and three Peace speaks in more detail about things not found in many other places like the war in Viet Nam, conscientious objectors, diet and vegetarianism, reincarnation and more. Part I , Part II , Part III .

Spiritual Growth - 1979 - Audio.
A talk on spiritual growth given to a college class at Cal State, Los Angeles.

Dallas - 1980 - Audio.
Compilation from several talks given to Dallas area churches.

Back Yard Conversations - 1979 or 1980 - Audio.
An informal talk with questions and answers recorded in the back yard of John and Ann Rush in Whittier, California.

Ted Hayes Interview - July 6, 1981 - Audio
Peace Pilgrim's last interview recorded the day before she was killed in an automobile accident. This interview can be found in Appendix V of the Peace Pilgrim Book and also at the end of the Campbell House audio tape.

PM Magazine #1 - 1977 - Video (Available from FoPP)
An interview on WSRV-TV in Pensacola, FL from the PM Magazine Video.

Cal State Video - 1979 - Video (Available from FoPP)
Second of two talks on this two hour video.  The transcript of the first talk is found on the Spiritual Growth audio above.

PM Magazine #2 - 1981 - Video. (Available from FoPP)
An interview between Peace Pilgrim and David Weisbard also found on the PM Magazine Video.

Interviews with Family and Friends

Helen Young #1 - 1993 - The first part of an interview with Peace Pilgrim's sister. She talks about their early family life and also details their realationship while Peace Pilgrim was on her pilgrimage.

Helen Young #2 - 1993 - A continuation of the first interview.

Transcripts From the American Sage Documentary

John Robbins - 1998 - The complete transcript of an interview with the author and vegetarian advocate.


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