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October, 2007

Number 41

Blessed are they who translate every good thing they know into action,
for ever higher truths shall be revealed unto them.”

Peace Pilgrim


Sacred Places for Peace
Seeds of Peace
The Peace Troubadour in Jerusalem
Appreciating Peace Pilgrim and Her Work   
Sabian Corner   
Star of Peace

Connecting to the Internet   
The Healing Power of Peace Pilgrim's Words
Dear Friends

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Sacred Place for Peace    (index)

{from personal experience and information provided by The Chalice Well Trust}

I invite you to see through the eyes of spirit a glorious place in the midst of Glastonbury in the United Kingdom.  Entering the Chalice Well Gardens became a powerful experience for me in its manifestation of profound inner harmony.

It is a timeless and sacred place full of legend, symbolism and an atmosphere of harmony.

A spring such as the Chalice Well is considered a symbol of the continuous and unbounded nature of the life force.  "The Chalice Well, between the Tor and Chalice Hill, is a vessel for the never-ending and life-giving elixir of mother earth, Gaia, which arises in the form of the waters.  In this place, many are touched by the deep peace and inner joy of the Spirit."
Sacred Place
In 1919, people from many traditions came to participate in a ceremony to dedicate the well lid in a celebration of universal peace.  The symbol of the Chalice Well is the Vesica Piscis, a sacred geometry that was used in sites of religious and spiritual significance all over the globe.  "The symbol of two interlocking circles is a universal one, and those at the dedication ceremony saw it as representing the union of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, as well as the union of the many spiritual paths … .  The Vesica Piscis - the fish-shaped vesica or almond mandorla - generates geometrical measures and proportions found in the human body and throughout the natural world.  The symbol contains a powerful message: in this time, the separation between spirit and matter, between the one and the many, the above and the below, the without and the within, is ready to be healed on both a personal and planetary basis."

The earth energies around Glastonbury are experienced by many people to be very powerful.  In the gardens it is possible to feel these earth energies from the moment of entering the cobble-stone path under the archway of plants.  In this extraordinary place it is possible to "appreciate the interconnected and vibrant forces that sustain life upon our planet."

           Seeds of Peace    (index)

Seeds of PeaceFounded in 1993, Seeds of Peace is dedicated to empowering young leaders from regions of conflict with the leadership skills required to advance reconciliation and coexistence.

Bringing together young people who have experienced war to learn the art of peace is a most important activity, former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, believes.  “Seeds of Peace is certainly an example of the world the United Nations is working for."  

Silence     (index)

"Behind each face and voice lies the silence of the heart.  This silence is as old as the universe.  It holds within it a time before vegetation clothed the earth, or animals walked, or sound echoed.  This silence waits quietly under thoughts, beneath actions, relationships, behind days, nights and names.  … it is in this sanctuary that experience is sifted and transfigured.  It is where our vanished day secretly gathers.  This silence is the home of memory and identity.  It houses the spirit which coheres, articulates and shapes each human life."

~ John O'Donohue ~
shared by Anthea Mitchell
‘The Heart Centre’
Glastonbury, England


The Peace Troubadour in Jerusalem     (index)

James Twyman recently traveled to Jerusalem to participate in an amazing peace project called "The Jerusalem Hug." The intention was to gather 5000 people around the outer wall of Jerusalem to literally hug and bless the Old City.

In James’ own words, "Thousands of people gathered around the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem yesterday to radiate peace for the entire Middle East.  I was there with a small group of pilgrims, and we joined others from around the world for one of the most powerful peace meditations I've ever experienced.  It felt as if the walls began to vibrate as we chanted and sang, and I know that it has had a profound affect."

Appreciating Peace Pilgrim and Her Work     (index)

The booklets "Steps toward Inner Peace" go from hand to hand and the words there written are sucked as the nectar by the bees to be transformed into honey throughout life.

SFC, Argentina


The work of Peace Pilgrim gives me strength, and opens my mind and heart letting me know new challenges to overcome.

Pedro Roblejo Ramos
Granma, Cuba


I read and re-read Peace Pilgrim… and each time I receive more and more insights and understanding.  Peace Pilgrim was and is a great soul.

Rosemary Southwell
Noordhoek, Africa de Sur


My resolution is to work in this area of Columbia to facilitate the understanding that our major wealth is the attainment of inner peace, so the materials you kindly sent me will serve this purpose.

León Montaño Villafañe
San Pedro-Valle, Colombia

Sabian Corner   (index)
rincon graphic

Peace in the Words of Marc Edmund Jones

"Peace is the affirmation throughout selfhood of an at-one-ment
with eternal pattern."


"Today I will take a good look at the stars and will see the Unity of All through their sparkling light."

Mayte Picco-Kline
from "Wholeness in Living"
Selected by Patti Hudson
Lancaster, Pennsylvania  USA


"BE PRESENT AS THE WATCHER of your mind—of your thoughts and emotions as well as your reactions in various situations.  Watch the thought, feel the emotion, observe the reaction.  You will then feel the observing presence itself behind the content of your mind, the silent watcher.”

Eckhart Tolle ~
from "The Power of Now"
selected by Michael Elliott
Chicago, Illinois  USA  


We need joy as we need air.
We need love as we need water.
We need each other
     as we need the Earth we share.
We are blessed
     that there is within our reach
     enough of all we need.

Maya Angelou
shared by Patti Hudson
Lancaster, Pennsylvania  USA


"Health is a dynamic equilibrium from the psychophysic and spiritual perspectives."

Néstor Hugo Almagro
Mendoza, Argentina

Star of Peace


Conciliation of love

Brotherhood of light





Permanent rebirth

Language of renewal

Revealing the mysterious

Heart beat resonating,

to the edges of the Cosmos

Air of the four winds

Internal Pilgrimage,

in the heart of humanity

New wine, for new vessals

Voice of silence

Synthesis of the

Universal consciousness,

building in the heart of humble mankind

Inner Peace.

~ Néstor Almagro ~


Welcome     (index)

A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Enlace Internacional circle: Christine DeGrado and Carol Emerson in the United States, Joselin Vargas Pineda, European Internet contact, Luis Paneca Quintero in Cuba, Carola Garate from Ecuador and Eva-Maria Kuerzinger from Germany.


morning gloryPhoto by Linda Moyers Stewart  Louisiana, USA

About Humanity

"Humility is a form of PURIFICATION."

~ Zeferino Cisneros ~
Chihuahua, México


Connecting to the Internet     (index)

Sabian Assembly

Enlace Internacional - English and Spanish

Friends of Peace Pilgrim –
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Seeds of Peace

Wholeness in Living

Emmisary of Light - Prayers for Peace

World Peace Prayer Society

World Prayers

The Chalice Well

Light a Candle for Peace

Rebirth    (index)

In the instant always
Sunrise, sunset.
Eternal cycle bound to continue
Until sun's end
And anew
When the universe resumes its course
In continuing rebirth.
To end is to begin.
                                    ~ Jonas Mather ~


The Healing Power of Peace Pilgrim's Words    (index)
by Paul Astin

I encountered the life of Peace Pilgrim in 1988.  My brother had given me the book a couple of years before….  I do remember flipping through it and thinking, “Who IS this woman?”  Still though, the book sat on the shelf for the next couple of years. 

At this time, I was working in Northern Mexico on a project training local health promoters in a settlement outside of Mexicalli.  I had started a non-profit corporation and believed that a life of service was my calling.  Though I believed this intellectually, many things in my life were out of balance (as I would soon find out).  In the midst of trying to help others I was ignoring my own needs, both physically and emotionally.  During one stretch in Mexicalli, I was living almost entirely on the sugar and coffee I was offered during my home visits, justifying this unhealthy indulgence by saying I was being polite.  Truth was, I loved coffee and sweets.  And there I was, teaching people about nutrition -- hardly a balance.

Shortly after returning home that time, I became sick with viral meningitis and was hospitalized for a few days.   I was then pretty much bedridden.  For several weeks I would try to get up and walk around but would feel disoriented, dizzy, basically like I had jet-lag.  I was starting to get depressed, thinking I might never get well.  After all, some people did have permanent problems from meningitis.

About three weeks into this infirmity, I picked up the Peace Pilgrim book out of boredom.  I was immediately captivated.  I read nearly half the book in that first sitting, full of wonder and joy and excitement at this remarkable woman and her simple informed message.  It felt as though I had been waiting my entire life to meet this woman.  I remember getting up from my bed that afternoon and noticing that I felt considerably better, the first time in weeks and within a couple of days I was nearly recovered.  This was my first meeting with Peace Pilgrim and her message.  She has remained a near constant companion in my heart as I seek to learn about and integrate her simple message into my life.

Dear Friends,     (index)

After 13 years and 42 editions (including the Year 2000 Special Edition), Enlace is completing a first cycle and we are changing its rhythm to a twice-a-year schedule.  With the recent publication of my book, Wholeness in Living, current activities include extensive travelling, as well as creating and publishing a Spanish-language version.

We trust that through our joint mission our publication will continue to share a message of Inner Peace in the years to come.  We sincerely appreciate all of your contributions to that effort.

Beginning in 2008 please look for Enlace in June and November.

Reflections    (index)

(We invite you to participate in this section by selecting a phrase or sentence from the Peace Pilgrim materials.  Please indicate source and page.)

star gif Pure love is a willingness to give, without a thought of receiving anything in return. 
(Stephen Awudi Gadri, Ghana)

star gif We must walk according to the highest light we have, encountering lovingly those who are out of harmony, and trying to inspire them toward a better way.  (Rosemary Southwell, South Africa)

star gif I didn´t want more than I need when so many have less than they need.  (João Mensageiro, Brazil)

Favorite Quote:

star gif Insofar as you have peace in your life, you reflect it into your surroundings and into your world.  (Victoria Novik Assael, Chile; Emilia Kuri Cristino, México)


Send your comments about inner peace, contributions and artistic expressions to Mayte Picco-Kline.  Enlace is published twice yearly.  If this is the first time you’ve received it and wish to be a part of our circle of friends, please send a confirmation note.

Enlace Internacional   (index)


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