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February, 2007

Number 40

“Blessed are they who give without expecting even thanks in return,
for they shall be abundantly rewarded.

Peace Pilgrim


Ann Rush Celebrates 90 Years
The Happiness of Being a Human Being
Enlace in English
Dynamic Harmony
Connecting to the Internet
Artistic Expressions

Apreciating Peace Pilgrim
Wholeness in Living
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Ann Rush Celebrates 90 Years     (index)
by Mayte Picco-Kline

Ann Rush at 90Enlace honors our dear friend Ann Rush who is one of the compilers of the Peace Pilgrim book. She is now 90 years of age and lives in New Hampshire, United States, close to her daughter's home. Her pioneer work was instrumental for us all to continue to share the words of Peace Pilgrim. Once, when five friends of Peace came together after her glorious transition to a freer life, Ann had the insight that the Peace Pilgrim book had to be written in her own words.

For almost 20 years Ann and her husband John dedicated their lifes to what became the first Peace Pilgrim Center in Hemet, California. Their peaceful mood permeated all their activities, from simple vegetarian meals to joyous conversations at lunch time, answering letters and packing books, quiet walks on their beautiful surroundings, and their enthusiasm would be transmitted to all those who would write or call asking for the Peace Pilgrim's materials.

They knew little about the years previous to Peace's pilgrimage and kept a friendship with her for 24 years. They met her in the woods of British Columbia and Ann was thrilled to meet someone so dedicated to peace. On their first encounter Ann tried to convince Peace to stay with them for a few days though she learned Peace had a tight schedule during her trip in Canada so she could stay with them for one day and one night only. One of their daughters remembered that Peace never carried a penny with her so she played a joke on her by placing a penny in the pocket of her tunic. Their family had a great time with Peace.

I had the privilege to meet Ann and John back in 1990 when I first desired to make available the Peace Pilgrim book to all Spanish speaking people who would wish to learn more about the power of her pilgrimage. During my first visit, Ann, John and I would sit around the table on their back deck to read the loving cards and letters coming from all corners on Earth each day.

Ann exemplifies what it means to dedicate life to the highest priorities.  

           The Happiness of Being a Human Being     (index)

I am happy because you heard
  the gentle call of my soul,
  the sweetness of the divine touch
  before I did for myself.
How was it that you saw it, that you heard?
Could it be perhaps an open secret?

Magnificent, sparkling, it emerged from the soul
  like a magic power that is true.
To make peace every day with my brother
Allow the Light that springs from Being
To have the strength to know Love
   that each fact of life reveals,
  the joy of simplicity born
  in the extraordinariness of daily acts,
  the kindness that surges from each step
  in the silence of a pure heart.

I am thankful to you because you believed in me
  before I believed in myself.
Your faith, your love, your sincere affection, made
  rise from the bottom of the mystery the
  happiness of being a human being
The same joy of Life.

What you did for me, now I want
  to return with affection to all beings.
You are grand because you are human
More celestial than the angels
So rich as we are
  an integral part of the infinite Cosmos.

The Life you have is immortal
We only leave that which perishes.
The Truth of Love is Cosmic Law
  that appears eternally in each being,
  that surges in me because you believe it,
  that surges in you because I need it
And now I invite you also
To do for others what you want for yourself.

SCF, Argentina   

Enlace in English     (index)

Just after September 11, 2001 my husband Bob Kline retired from his international assignment as Director of Costumer Relations for the European operation of Case New Holland, a company dedicated to the production of tractors and agricultural combines.

Bob KlineHis core desire and mission became to work for PEACE and the first decision Bob made was to publish Enlace Internacional in English. Bob is also responsible for the design and production process of our publication. Through his dedicated work Enlace has expanded its outreach in the last six years to English speaking people in the United States, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Rumania, Guatemala, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica and Italy.

We honor his contribution on Enlace #40, as we celebrate 13 years of joyous sharing in the way of PEACE around the world.

What prompted your decision to publish Enlace in English?

As I reflected on the events of September 11 and the immediate aftermath, it became clear to me that I needed to do something, a lasting something, that hopefully would have a positive effect on the suddenly different world around me. One action I determined I could take which was very close to home was to expand my participation in the heart-felt work being done with Enlace in Spanish by providing its uplifting message of hope and peace to the English-speaking world.

What does it mean for you to contribute in this way?

As my mission has become more clear to me, I feel more fulfilled when contributing to something in support of a cause, rather than opposing something or feeling quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) frustrated with whatever I perceive as the 'current state of affairs'. I also feel a broader sense of belonging as our voice adds to the chorus of those who have found the more positive aspects of life. I believe that values and mission have life and meaning when they have a vehicle to carry them forward. I was fortunate to provide some help with Enlace starting in 1997. Expanding my participation in 2001 was even more satisfying as it provided an opportunity to share our publication with another portion of the world. We have even more to come as we explore various tremendous possibilities.

Would you like to share a bit about the rewards and challenges in this project?

There have been a couple of very interesting personal by-products of the publication process. I've been working on learning and improving my Spanish for over 20 years and, in that time, had developed a vocabulary which I thought served me well. The challenge of translating the heart-felt material found in Enlace into English has helped me expand my vocabulary tremendously. I've also found that the process of translation requires fluidity as it's a living, rather than a mechanical, replace one word for another, process. It's a privilege to participate in this love-based process.

Dynamic Harmony     (index)

Some questions and answers from an interview of Mayte Picco-Kline by Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, transmitted by ‘Radio Centro’ WLCH, 91.3 FM in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

If inner peace is fundamentally important, could you expand on the concept?

Inner peace comes by working for the well-being of everyone. Each person is a cell in the body of humanity – every one of us around the world. Each of us has a contribution to make, and can find within herself/himself his/her individual contribution. We attain inner peace when we work, rather than centering on ourselves, for the good of the human family. For it is in giving that we receive.

Inner peace comes when facing problems with an attitude that leads to solutions. Following this path means more than being free of tensions, or escaping experiences that cause pain during difficult moments, as that would artificially divide life. It implies living in such a way that we continuously develop new resources to more effectively handle our situations. It is a state of dynamic harmony through which we explore and constantly realize our inner potential.

What do you mean when you speak of reaching a state of dynamic harmony?

True harmony is mainly a perfection of what we can do in common with others, what we can achieve when we work as a team. Inaction or a static condition is out of harmony, what it counts is what we do -the activity that comes as a result of cooperation between people -the "doing" is what is harmonious.

Real harmony in a group is something vital; I’m speaking of the varied contributions of members achieving harmony through individual cooperative efforts. This concept has general application and potentially can be implemented when we speak of the intimate family circle or of friends, a work group, a local, state or national society, and international relations between countries.

Connecting to the Internet     (index)

Sabian Assembly

Enlace Internacional - English and Spanish

Friends of Peace Pilgrim –
                (to request materials)


Emissary of Light - Prayers for Peace

World Peace Prayer Society

World Prayers

Artistic Expressions     (index)

photograph by Bruce Nichols

In our eternal and joyous fellowship
Make me an instrument of
Thy Faith and Love and Peace
where all my thoughts, feelings and acts
reflect the highest of human values
As I become part of the whole
in profound communion with You
and with all human beings
in the embracing totality of immortal
and perfect assimilation.

Mayte Picco-Kline
Pennsylvania, United States


We, the Indians, know silence... In fact, for us it is more powerful than words. Our elders were educated in the ways of silence, and they transmitted that knowledge to us. Observe, listen, and then act, they told us.

Many voices exist in addition to ours. Many voices...

Kent Nerburn (sent by Néstor Hugo Almagro
Mendoza, Argentina)


To learn to coexist in Peace is also to be consistently able to forgive, because nothing enobles man as much as to understand and to forgive.

Flory Mata Oklahoma, United States


There is such power in 'good', for God, pervading our Planet that harmony and peace and caring most prevail as more and more humans awaken to the beauty and truth of their spiritual beingness.

Rosemary Southwell Noordhoek, South Africa     

Appreciating Peace Pilgrim     (index)

I am a psychologist and work at R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility at Rock Mountain in Otay Mesa. I became aware of the Peace Pilgrim's extraordinary message through one of my psychiatric patients. Although I have taught Comparative Religion classes for graduate level students, I had, inexplicably, not heard of Peace Pilgrim's invaluable teaching.

I believe that her message of love and compassion would be of as much value to me, in my personal life, as I'm sure it could bring peace and transformation to my troubled patients as well.
It is such a profound blessing that you are helping to spread her message of hope in this difficult world, so full of suffering and struggle.

Dr. Darrel Black San Diego, California, United States   

Wholeness in Living     (index)

Wholeness in Living

It is a grand JOY to share with you my recently published book, Wholeness in Living which reflects my guiding principles in the wondrous adventure of living at peace.

"We are the artists of our lives and through creative imagination allow possibilities to unfold. Becoming peacemakers in our homes, our communities, for the whole world, is our individual privilege. Shaping experiences with our own brush, it is possible to contribute to reconciliation in all situations. A sense of compassion expands as we listen to the divine guidance within us. Compassion allows us to enter into the pain of others, their happiness, their own frames of reference, their own values and ideals. This requires a willingness to open our hearts to life and all that is and to listen attentively – profound listening – being receptive and letting go of expectations, to the call of all hearts." (p. xix)

For more information please let us know at SolarM Publishing, P.O. Box 4625, Lancaster, PA 17604 U.S.A., email RAK@SolarM.net or contact Mayte.   


Sabian Corner

Adjustments in Intelligence

The sensible man utilizes the interweaving of the potentialities of his inner ideals and his outer situation, each for the other.

Marc Edmund Jones
Founder of the Sabian Assembly


Sabian Affirmations

For Prosperity:
I enter every experience with the whole of myself.

For Happiness:
My heart has found the shrine at every wayside.


" Peace is a reality that exists on a wave of consciousness that is closer to the center than we are now".

from “Peace is the Way” by Deepak Chopra
shared by Patti Hudson, United States


The higher one's spiritual attainment, the greater is his challenge to share it with others and to inspire them with the joy of participating with him.

Helen Rentsch    

Peace Meditation    (index)

Peace Meditation

You may wish to spend a few minutes experiencing an online peace meditation inspired by
monk, author, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh, visit the "Being Peace" Meditation at:


Flash 4 Media Player required
Recommeded by Janine Fafard, Costa Rica

About Humility

Humility is to awaken our heart to God's beauty

Zeferino Cisneros
Chihahua, Mexico

Welcome    (index)

A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Enlace Internacional circle: León Montaño Villafañe in San Pedro -Valle, Colombia; Anthea Mitchell, Alix Keeling and Jane Lee in Glastonbury, United Kingdom; and Lea McCarley in the United States.  

Reflections    (index)

(We invite you to participate in this section by selecting a phrase or sentence from the Peace Pilgrim materials.  Please indicate source and page.)

     Favorite Quote:

    Retirement should mean a change of activity with more complete giving of your life to service. It can therefore be the most wonderful time of your life: the time when you are most happily and meaningfully busy. (Silvia Ruth Crespo, Argentina; Rosemary Southwell , South Africa)


Send your questions concerning inner peace, contributions and artistic expressions to Mayte Picco-Kline.  Enlace is published three times yearly.  If this is the first time you’ve received it and wish to be a part of our circle of friends, please send a confirmation note.

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