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June, 2005

Number 34

“Blessed are they who love and trust their fellow beings, for they
shall reach the good in people and receive a loving response.”

Peace Pilgrim

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Papa Juan Pablo II Pope John Paul II 1920-2005        (index)

Among the impressions of the life of Pope John Paul II was his frequent reference to the “Civilization of Love”. He, who visited 129 countries, was acknowledged to be a pilgrim of peace and understanding among peoples.

"Certainly in God's plan, nothing happens by chance," John Paul II wrote in 1996. "All I can say is that the tragedy of the war had its effect on my gradual choice of vocation."


"He reached out beyond the Church and became an inspiration for many years to people of all faiths," said the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The Dalai Lama described the Pope as “a great spiritual leader” in a message of condolence issued by his office in exile in the Himalayan resort town of Dharmsala in north India.

John Paul "embodied the best that is within all mankind as well as the commonness of humanity," said Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres. “We will miss him as a distinguished religious figure, who devoted his life to defending the values of peace, freedom and equality," said Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

"Pope John Paul II was unquestionably the most influential voice for morality and peace in the world during the last 100 years,” said the Reverend Billy Graham.

"An enlightened and inspired Priest, he devoted himself to responding to the search for sense and the thirst for justice that is expressed today on all continents. History "will retain the imprint and the memory of this exceptional sovereign pontiff, whose charisma, conviction and compassion carried the evangelical message with unprecedented resonance on the international stage," said French President Jacques Chirac.  

Sabian Corner       (index)

The still small voice is to be taken to a higher
plane and to be found the prompting of divine realization.

Marc Edmund Jones


True harmony in a group is a vital thing,
the varying contributions of the members achieving consonance through the co-
operative intent of each.

Helen Rentsch

Lily Graphic

Affirmation for Prosperity:

“I bring new life to everything in which I participate.”

Connecting to the Internet     (index)

Sabian Assembly

Friends of Peace Pilgrim

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Decade for a Culture of Peace

Seeds of Peace

Friends of Peace Pilgrim –
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Tsunami      (index)
by Mayte Picco-Kline

People all over the world are making an effort to understand the enormity of one of the major natural disasters in modern history, and many are turning to religion to gain meaning beyond the scientific explanations.
In words from Charles M. Sennott, from The Boston Globe Staff:

“In the Muslim faith, there is a deep belief that all things, including natural disasters, are part of a divine plan that lies beyond human comprehension and that the true test of the faithful is to accept that will.

Hindu and Buddhist worshipers encourage devotees to seek the path that will allow them to accept the ever-changing state of the universe and the inevitable role of suffering in the human experience.

Christian doctrine says that God exists in all things, even calamity, but that God's presence provides comfort, solace, and a way to respond to the crisis -- and to offer redemption to those who believe.”

What does the occurrence of the tsunami mean? Meaning is given by each one of us living or staying in specific places at specific times based on our specific experiences and belief system. To give an obvious example, meaning for a girl who survived it unscathed differs from that of her brother whose legs were broken and from that of children around the globe of varied religious faiths who heard about the tsunami at home, at church or in a school setting in a land far away from the events. In brief, meaning is personal. Each one of us has been placed in the position of finding meaning by ourselves and such circumstances offer an opportunity for looking beyond ourselves.

Marc Edmund Jones says…

The purpose of life is living

“Immortal living is an intensity of application to some consuming interest to the point of excellence where it has high meaning for other people as well.”

Spirituality is richness of living

“Service depends on a mutuality of interacting among people, and the higher the service the greater the richness of living for all concerned.”

All around the world people have sought comfort in giving… in charity and a broad humanitarianism. Compassion and loving-kindness are now at the core of experience for many of us…. Deeper inner understanding and sympathy.

Seeds of Peace Grows        (index)

{ extract from article in Seeds of Peace e-newsletter }

Since 1993, the Seeds of Peace group has graduated over 2,500 teenagers from four regions from its internationally recognized leadership program.

The list of activities that young people in the Middle East, Balkans, South Asia, and the US have participated in is extensive. For example, Egyptian and Jordanians Seeds (that is how young people participating in this program are called) write about volunteering in orphanages and hospitals during Ramadan iftars, or break-fasts. Seeds from Greece and Turkey had life-changing experiences working at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. In the United States, one Seed talks about her involvement in a project that brought Jewish, Christian and Muslim teenagers together to tie the biblical story of Isaac and Ishmael to today's religious and ethnic conflicts, with a message of hope for the future.

Through its International Camp in Maine, United States its Center for Coexistence in Jerusalem, international youth conferences, regional workshops, educational and professional opportunities, and adult educator programs, participants develop empathy, respect, and confidence as well as leadership, communication and negotiation skills - all critical components to facilitate peaceful coexistence for the next generation.

Recently Seeds of Peace received the royal treatment in Jordan as it conducted the second part of the Beyond Borders exchange program between Arab and American youth. Thirty-three Americans from six US cities including New York, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles, reunited with 28 Arab teenagers from Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and Yemen.

Two students from across the globe share their views of the Beyond Borders program:

" Now, I understand and respect Arabs and more fully understand the situation, and I now believe that the whole issue is based more on misinformation than any substantial differences,” said Michael from the Boston Delegation.

"Seeds of Peace has helped me to know that American people & Arab people are not so very different from each other and that basically we all want the same thing PEACE, security, and the right to live our lives with happiness & hope for all our futures,” said Deema from the Iraqi Delegation.

Expresiones Artístícas      (index)

Eternal Father, the light of the sun of your love
shines with the same intensity for all members
of your cosmic family..

Move our hearts toward you,
so that as we approach your splendor each day,
we become mirrors that reflect your beauty,
your harmony, your love and your peace..

Paramhansa Yogananda
in 'Susurros de Eternidad'.
Reproduced and adapted for Enlace
by Marta Ecco, Argentina

grass and sky
photograph by Roberto Lopez

Prayer is a way to live Love, a way to live life with peace and harmony in our hearts. Prayer requires us to be open to humility and compassion.

Zeferino Cisneros
Chihuahua, México


We all yearn to live in peace. And this longing is an attainable objective if each of us commits to contribute the best of ourself to attain it.

Flory Mata
Oklahoma, United States


Birds Without a Nest

The wind simply flows. We all are in the whole and we interact linked to each other. In each of us the potential exists to simply be birds without a nest, practicing detachment and serving others.

Néstor Hugo Almagro
Tunuyán, Argentina


Every bit of kindness and love we can spread multiplies and adds to the river of love flowing thru the universe.

Bert Gunn
Connecticut, United States


La Gran Evocación

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Light streams forth into the minds of all.
Light illuminates Earth.
From the Point of Love within the Heart of God
Love streams forth into the hearts of all.
Christ is now come.
We are one as the Christ.
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Purpose guides the wills of all -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
Through the centre which we call Humanity
The plan of Love, and Light works out
Light and Love and Power now restore the Plan on Earth.
And the Spirit of Peace and Love
and Joy is spread abroad.


The Great Evocation is now being used by groups worldwide who are experiencing an answer to The Great Invocation and who recognize through their own experience that we are living times of great awakening.


Photograph by Bruce Nichols

Contact Network     (index)

An Enlace friend wishes to correspond with other friends of Peace Pilgrim and will be delighted to hear from you: Ester Luján Bari, who lives in Argentina. Her email address: <eslubari@ciudad.com.ar>

Welcome         (index)

A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Enlace Internacional circle: Lupita Gómez and Cony Barrera in México, Ester Luján Bari in Argentina and Flory Mata in the United States.

Time of Change for the      (index)
Peace Pilgrim Center

{Extract from Friends of Peace Pilgrim Newsletter #44
by the Board of Directors of Friends of Peace Pilgrim}

Our hearts, prayers and gratitude go out to Kathy Miller.

Those of us who have the honor of working with Kathy have been touched deeply by her selfless dedication and devotion – and her beautiful songs. Waking up in the morning to Kathy softly strumming her guitar and moving from one inspiring song to another with her heartfelt singing, was a delight.

The Center misses Kathy’s songs, her calm and reassuring presence. For now, her energy and focus are much needed to see her through a healing process. She is facing the personal challenge of lung cancer. It’s a hard one, as she admits – and she is touching her doctors, caregivers, loved ones, and friends, in her very special way. Her rich insights, acceptance, and compassion, are helping to heal us all.

Kathy was managing the Center and helping to support it financially as well. She organized our library and archive, welcomed volunteers, and shared daily activities with compilers and founders John and Ann Rush until their move to New Hampshire. The Center is leaving the beautiful property that has been housing the work these past five years. It is a time of change.

The Friends of Peace Pilgrim mission, providing books, tapes and information about Peace and her inspiring life and message, will continue. We are moving the books, tapes and shipping to an interim location, also in the Placerville area. The next task is to find a long-term home for our primary work. We have some time to consider options for a permanent home for the distribution. We are looking at some possibilities and invite your suggestions.

We are pleased to tell you that the Peace Pilgrim research archive will be located at Peaceful Pathways, the new home of Cheryl Canfield, president of Friends of Peace Pilgrim and one of the original compilers of the book. It is in Copperopolis, also in the Sierra foothills in California, United States.

For now, Mary Garman and Gary Guthrie are handling your mail and email requests from Mary’s home in Placerville, close to Somerset. Mail sent to our current address will be forwarded to our temporary location.

Since 1982 we have flourished as a volunteer non-profit, relying as Peace Pilgrim did on the help and goodness of our many friends to manifest the resources for this work.

Reflections    (index)

(We invite you to participate in this section by selecting a phrase or sentence from the Peace Pilgrim materials. Please indicate source and page.)

  All of us, all over the world, are cells in the body of humanity.
(Emilia Kuri, México)

  We can only change through example. Therefore, if I had the power to do so in this country I would set a very gentle, good example. I would establish a Peace Department in our government.
(Rosemary Southwell, South Africa)

  Why do you look at me? Look at your own self. Why do you listen to me? Listen to your own self. Why do you believe in what I say? … trust in your own inner voice. This is your guide. This is your teacher. Your teacher is within you….
(Zoraida Consuegra, Estados Unidos; Silvia Ruth Crespo, Argentina)

  God is love, and whenever you reach out in loving kindness, you are expressing God.
(Mayte Picco-Kline, Estados Unidos)

Favorite Quotes:

  Never underestimate the power of a small dispersed group working for a good cause. All of us, who are working together for peace are a small majority but a powerful spiritual body. Our power exceeds our number. (Mayte Picco-Kline, Agma Sweeney y Gelacio Trujillo -- Estados Unidos; SFC, Argentina)

  Concentrate on living according to the light you have, so that you may open yourself to more light. Receive as much light as possible through the inner way.
(Amparo Vila Pérez, España; Emilia Kuri, México; Jorge Rougier, Argentina)

  You may imagine God’s light each day and send it to whom it may need it. Your divine nature most extend to touch the divine nature of the other. Within you is the light of the world to be shared with the world. (Zoraida Consuegra, Estados Unidos; Pedro Roblejo Ramos, Cuba)


Send your questions concerning inner peace, contributions and artistic expressions to Mayte Picco-Kline. Enlace is published three times yearly. If this is the first time you’ve received it and wish to be a part of our circle of friends, please send a confirmation note.

Enlace Internacional   (index)


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