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October, 2004

Number 32

"Blessed are they who translate every good thing they know into action,
for ever higher truths shall be revealed unto them"

Peace Pilgrim

Notable American Women     (index)

Peace Pilgrim and cildrenWe receive news from Helene Young, Peace Pilgrim sister who faithfully forwarded Peace's mail to her all over the country for 28 years. She is telling us that Marta Daniels prepared an essay (of about 1100 words) about Peace Pilgrim that will appear in the Encyclopaedia of Notable American Women, Volume V, published by the Harvard University Press. A three-page biographical checklist will be included in the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study's background information files.

Peace Pilgrim was recorded in 1952 as the first woman to walk the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in one season, was recommended for nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1981 (which is awardable only to the living), was nominated for the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2003 and a life size bronze statue was placed at the United Nations University for Peace, Colon, Costa Rica in November 2000 for “life’s work dedicated to world peace.”

As part of her background review, Marta found inspiring quotes of people sharing the core of their experience with Peace Pilgrim:

"She, to me, is the epitome of a focused life. I call her the 20th Century St Francis of Assisi."

"Hers was a universal message of perennial spiritual truths, clothed in simple understandable language."

"It was not the scholar's erudition that spoke through her, but the saint's imprisoned splendor, released in its full effulgence for three decades."

"She was the living demonstration of the potential that can be unleashed when one is fully engaged in what they believe is the most important thing in the world."

The Singing Children of Mendoza   (index)
by Néstor Hugo Almagro
Mendoza, Argentina

The Singing Children of Mendoza, Argentina took a universal message to the international choral event "America Canta IV" held in Mexico a few months ago, reuniting the most important choirs of the globe. This is the proclamation for Peace represented in the show they performed, titled PAIHUENMAPU. It is a petition of a girl Mapuche first overwhelmed by pain and then crying out for Peace in the World. The lyrics are by Pedro Salazar and the music by Marcelo Fernandez.

We are the children,
who wish to change the destiny of Humanity.
We are those who share the bread,
those who understand
that we cannot have more wars in the name of Peace,
and that for us to have a future,
it is necessary to take care of the planet and its biodiversity.
We are the children,
who can become brothers through song,
in a song of PEACE.

The event was held in the "CENART Blas Galindo", México City and in Aguascalientes - Mexico.
"This is the propitious moment to begin constructing a New Humanity. Together we can."

A great hug,

The Inner Way    (index)

Finding a meaningful challenge makes any life an adventure. What's yours?

Can you see each day as a chance to practice what you believe?
Can you do something each day to renew your sense of challenge?
Could you benefit from more conscious discipline in following your goals?

Close your eyes and see yourself doing these things, living with greater joy, energy and adventure. How do you feel?

"The Tao of Inner Peace"
by Dianne Dreher

Sabian Corner   (index)

Our sharing is the result of teamwork between Gene Johnson inTexas, Mike Elliot in Illinois, Dan Reynolds in Ohio and Mayte Picco-Kline in Pennsylvania – United States.

“Let the Golden Light expand,
and permeate all the land.
Lifting high a clearer vision
of humanity's grand mission
to establish peace on Earth
and give freedom new birth.”


“After sitting briefly came alive the awareness of a deep Silence that can surround each 'thought', allowing it to transmute into a facet of the ONE INTELIGENCE. This is the 'direct knowing' of intuition, and this is also the road to peace.”


through any and all events ON EARTH


In the stillness of our Meditation LOVE, PEACE and HOPE arise.

Be still and know that love, peace and hope are here!
Be still and know hope, peace and love
Be still and know
Be still
Peace. Peace. Peace.

Finding our Right Work in Life    (index)

From my perspective, each one of us comes into this world with a special calling or role to play. When we don’t know what that is we can turn to our inner guidance – the voice of our personal truth and wisdom within. Meditation, journaling or receptive silence can be a link to that inner guidance.

A calling is a summons that comes from the highest part of ourselves.

Cheryl Canfield
Wellness Counselor

What do I have to help them?    (index)

Hunter "Patch" Adams, known as "the doctor of laughter", visited Argentina to offer hospitals his "humor therapy". This doctor uses medicine as a vehicle for social change and in one of his interviews, shared the following:
When I was a medical student and in the hospital emergency room, a boy entered who had died in an accident. I was with the doctors when they informed the boy’s family and I noticed that at no time did they mention the word love or the word compassion, they never said anything that signified a relation between people, only information and procedures.

I could imitate my professors and say to the family: "the boy will be taken to the morgue and perhaps you will need a prescription for a tranquilizer to help you sleep". That is, ignore the fact completely that they had lost their son...
They were sobbing and I wanted to help them, but I asked myself, what might I say to help them? Can I have compassion in my eyes? I can have a face that is saying something to them! And what else do I have? What are the words that I must say?

Then I went for the easiest part. The family was Christian; I am not. I said to them: do you mind if we pray? They were astonished to hear a doctor say this. I knelt down, joined hands and appealed with all the sincerity and love I felt, remaining next to them a good while.

When we worry about the vulnerability of others instead of ourselves, we become less vulnerable. If we dedicate our heart and soul to help others, we don’t have much time left to worry about our own fears and deficiencies. By helping someone else we help ourselves.

Shared by Guillermo Calderón
México, D.F.

Artistic Expressions      (index)

Dreaming on a Grand Scale

Everyone contains a flame of love
to be divided here, diffusing out.
The greater light is human love.
Our bodies know this when we dream about

this one, that one--it is all one. All one. All One.
And the smile we generate displays the pearls
of wisdom in this firmament of mud. The sun
shines, percolating through our blood. It swirls

the planets round in circles of delight.
And when we face the face of our desire
and mourn, and groan over the bite,
we are denying life-sustaining fire.

Look into the mirror. What you see
is one sweet morsel of eternity.

By Linda M. Stewart
Louisiana, USA


contributed by Bob Kline

"To be whole is more than to walk, it is to walk knowing where one wants to go. In the end, when a man knows where he is going, the world provides a path." Zoraida Consuegra - Florida, United States

Inner Unity is true and is beyond the human reach to change it. SFC - Sta. Rosa de Calamuchita, Argentina

To love a human being is to move beyond ones individuality; it is to perceive and value that person as a example of the whole of humanity, as an expression of Mankind, a real manifestation of the transcending and intangible essence called "human being." Enviado por Guillermo Calderón -México, D.F.

Initiatives of our Circle of Friends

Many people in our circle of friends feel inspired to share the Peace Pilgrim messages with those who are receptive. Here we share some of these activities.

The contribution we’ve made from our Community has been and continues to be the spreading of Enlace, and our prayers accompany all those that work for a world at peace. (Sr. Antonio - Sta. Rosa de Calamuchita, Argentina)


Thinking about how to collaborate with worldwide peace, I now am actively giving away the book: "Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work", and because of this, people have asked for your address to be able to share the work of others in the Argentine educational system. One example deals with a supervisor of a state’s schools who began her work in 1994 and decided to work for peace in collaboration withUNICEF. Among other activities, they have displayed allegorical floats of children in a wine festival and organized workshops in different areas to share the value of peace with children and teachers. (Miriam Rodríguez, Argentina)


The workshop was a wonderful time of sharing. I decided to ask if anyone would like to have a copy of the Peace Pilgrim book in Spanish and the Steps booklet, and I was astounded by the response. I gave away every single copy of the book I had left from the project in Spanish--which was about 22 copies! People began reading it right away and the next day they had lots of wonderful, positive comments to make about what they'd read. I think, for some of these women, it might perhaps be the only book they own, and some of them don't read very well. They treasured this gift and expressed great appreciation. (Mary Newswanger - Monteverde, Costa Rica)


I see the way Peace’s book can be sold in my community, I organize meetings to pray for peace and would like to form study and peace action groups. As a member of the Association "Dona Major" we formed another group called "Friends of Peace", who after considering the words of Peace Pilgrim (*) have decided to gather signatures with the intention to ask for the creation of a Ministry of Peace that can deal with pacifist subjects for the good of humanity.” (Amparo Vila Pérez - Valencia, Spain)

(*) Note: One of Peace Pilgrim’s requests when she started her pilgrimage in 1953 and gathered signatures during her first walk, giving them to the White House and to the United Nations, was: "We request a Department of Peace be established, with a Secretary of Peace that accepts these principles - and that all conflicts in the contry and abroad be sent to this Peace Department.”

Contemplating...     (index)

Take a smile, give it
to one who’s never had one.

Take a ray of sunlight, help it fly
where the night reigns.

Discover a fountain, help someone to bathe
one who lives in need.

Take a tear, put it on the face
of one who has never cried.

Take courage, put it in the spirit
of one who is going through struggle.

Discover life, describe it
so that others might understand.

Take hope and live in its light,
take kindness and give it away.

Discover love
and let it know to the world.


Shared by Guillermo Calderón
Mexico, D.F.

Welcome   (index)

A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Enlace Internacional circle: Stan Carnarius, Tony Tiburcio, Janet Hinkel, Allyn S. Bell and Octavio Pérez in the United States and Marcos Polanco in the Dominican Republic.

Connect to the Internet  (index)

Sabian Assembly

Friends of Peace Pilgrim - Connecticut

Enlace Internacional – English and Spanish

Spanish - www.peacepilgrim.org/news_sp/enlace31.htm

English - www.peacepilgrim.org/news_sp/enlace31e.htm
Emmisary of Light – Prayers of Peace

Wellness and Life Counselor - Cheryl Canfield


Eckhart Tolle

Reflections     (index)

(Participate in this section by selecting a phrase or sentence from the Peace Pilgrim materials. Please indicate source and page.)

Each morning I think about God and what I could do that day to serve the children of God. (Emilia Kuri, México)

The world will be able to see you and think you are facing great problems, but inner resources always exist to overcome them easily. (Zoraida Consuegra, United States)

I was happy in my childhood. I had a forest to play in, a stream to swim in and space to grow. I wish all children would have space to grow.... (María Elena Trubiano de Zaffuto, Argentina)

If you are an individual who prays, who prays with faith, you will be able immediately and automatically to give to God in prayer that which concerns you, and leave it in God’s hands - the best possible hands. (Silvia Ruth Crespo, Argentina)

The price of peace is to abandon greed and to replace it with giving, so that nobody is damaged spiritually when having more than they need while others in the world have less than they need. (Emmanuel C. Haraka, Tanzania)

‘Perfect love casts fear’. An attitude of obedience toward the will of God will bring an acknowledgement of the constant presence of God, and therefore fear leaves. (Hna Magdalena de Jesús, Chile)

There is also a fourth preparation, and it is the simplification of life to bring inner and outer well-being – psychological and material well-being – into harmony in your life. (Rosemary Southwell, South Africa)

‘Use me, I pray!' I implored to God. And a feeling of great peace overcame me. (Amparo Vila Pérez, Spain)


Send your questions concerning inner peace, contributions and artistic expressions to Mayte Picco-Kline. Enlace is published three times yearly by email. If this is the first time you've received and you wish to be a part of our circle of friends, please send a confirmation note.

Enlace Internacional    (index)
Email: maytepk@solarm.net


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