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February, 2003

Number 30

"Blessed are they who instead of trying to batter down the gates of the kingdom of heaven
approach them humbly and lovingly and purified, for they shall pass right through"

Peace Pilgrim

A time of Change in Peace Pilgrim Stewardship     (index)

Richard Polese and our other friends share the story (mostly an extract from the Friends of Peace Pilgrim Newsletter, No. 40).

“A dedicated group of friends of Peace Pilgrim gathered again at the Peace Pilgrim Center in June, a tradition and responsibility repeated every year since Friends of Peace Pilgrim was formed in 1985. We came to Somerset, California knowing that this was an especially important time for us, the people who serve as directors of the Friends of Peace Pilgrim non-profit organization. John and Ann Rush were preparing to depart a few weeks later for their new home in New Hampshire. We saw that many responsibilities that had been largely theirs were about to pass to our collective hands. We all gladly accept our roles as humble stewards of the activities that continue Peace’s message, as well as stewards of the work done by John and Ann over the past two decades.

Cheryl Canfield, one of the five compilers of the Peace Pilgrim book and author of a guide to living with Peace’s wisdom, was chosen as new president of Friends of Peace Pilgrim. Ann received our honor as President Emeritus, in recognition of her special role over the past two decades. Bruce Nichols became treasurer of our group a few months earlier, having taken on a role ably carried by John for many years.

Looking for a way to continue Peace’s work in the world, the five compilers of Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, had come together in California eighteen years ago to create our small non-profit group of helpers. The compilers (Cheryl, Ann and John, Andy Zubko, and myself) became the board of directors, a requirement of California law. Jeff Blom, a long-time volunteer at the Peace Pilgrim Center in Hemet, replaced Andy on the board when Andy moved on to new activities. Two years ago we decided to expand our group to seven, bringing in both Kathy Miller and Bruce.

Cheryl helped Peace with her “inspirational and educational tours” of Alaska in 1979 and Hawaii in 1980. In following years, she led the programs for Peace Pilgrim retreats on the Green River and Lake Powell in Utah. Cheryl has authored two books and is a wellness and life counselor today. She lives in Groveland, California.

She comments, "I never imagined that those extraordinary times with Peace, someone so vital and alive and vibrant, would come to such an abrupt end. But they did. And in time I realized that she had left behind a great gift. It was the reminder to look within. “Don’t look to me. Look to your own inner teacher,” she would say. I had understood intellectually, but it wasn’t until she was gone that I really began to understand this important lesson. She had helped me gain the courage to see life through my own eyes, and to trust my inner voice."

Kathy has been closely connected to the work of the Peace Pilgrim Center since 1998 and now oversees daily activities at the Peace Pilgrim Center in Somerset, including supervising volunteers and handling inquiries and requests from all over the world.

She writes for Enlace, “Being a full-time volunteer at the Peace Pilgrim Center is a precious opportunity. I am especially enheartened by people near and far who give me inspiration and encouragement. Avadhoot, a long time friend of Peace Pilgrim who is affiliated with the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in New York sent me two books: “When Work Becomes Service” (a publication of the SYDA Foundation) and “To Lead is to Serve” by Shar McBee. The books arrived as I took on the work of John and Ann Rush, who retired after 20 years of selfless service. It was perfect timing to help me put my work into proper perspective. The thoughts and actions of others who give support to Peace Pilgrim’s message of inner peace are of benefit to the Peace Pilgrim Center. I give heartfelt thanks for your love and affection. Grace, Peace and Love.”

Richard manages production of the Friends of Peace Pilgrim printed materials throughout the year. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the Friends of Peace Pilgrim journey began and where the Peace Pilgrim book was compiled.

He tells us, “As Peace Pilgrim believed, we are all called to serve the cause of peace and truth in unique ways. While everyone must listen to his or her own “still, small voice within,” we also receive inspiration and encouragement from one another, and always from you!”

Jeff was the first person who brought the world of computers to the Peace Pilgrim Center and was instrumental in the publishing of the Peace Pilgrim book in Spanish and Russian during his volunteered time in Hemet, California. Mayte worked with him in the creation of the book in Spanish for three years. Jeff now operates a publishing company and lives in San Diego, California.

Bruce developed and maintains the now fully integrated Peace Pilgrim website. He also has been helping John and Kathy with technical and record-keeping tasks. Bruce lives in Shelton, Connecticut.

Last year, Bruce walked the 2000 miles of the Appalachian Trail. He shares, “My last night on the trail was spent in an old log lean-to about 15 miles north of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It had been built in the early 1940’s and has sheltered hikers for most of the trail’s existence. I had taken almost five million steps since leaving Springer Mountain in Georgia; many along the same old wilderness paths that Peace had walked 50 years before. As I lay on the warped and weathered boards surrounded by the damp cool darkness of a rainy October night, I felt very strongly that Peace Pilgrim had also stopped at this location while on the trail in 1952. I was filled with an incredible sense of gratitude for the great gifts that the Appalachian Trail had given me, for the deep influence and inspiration that Peace has brought into my life, and for her enduring legacy – a gift to us all.”

el Centro de Peregrina de Paz
Peace Pilgrim Center
Somerset, California, USA

Anecdotes from my Correspondence   (index)
By Mayte Picco-Kline

How, then, can we confront conflict collaboratively?

Something that is important is to be ready and open to LISTEN to the points of view of others, making a significant effort to UNDERSTAND their ideas and motives.

To assure we understand the point of view of the other person, it is worth while that we not yet evaluate what we are listening to, since when we evaluate we see others opinions based on our own perceptions.
First, we can ask the other person:

- What do you think?
- How do you feel?
- What concerns you?
- How do you think this situation affects us?
- What are the critical points to resolve in this situation?
- Do we need to involve anyone else?

And truly listen to the answers with a firm desire to understand the points of view and feelings of the other person.

It is also meaningful to make an effort to express our own thoughts and feelings in the most objective and open way possible.

Once we believe we understand the point of view of the other person, we can then concentrate on CLARIFYING those areas in which we agree and those in which our opinions diverge. This summary causes both to focus on the points being dealt with. These aspects help the communication to be clearer and are important to advance the process.

The third step is to seek ALTERNATIVES together. When both persons have this open attitude, of which we have spoken, this step is facilitated a great deal. We must speak with a fervent desire to find a solution that benefits everyone involved. The idea is for both parties to generate different options in which everyone gains. With this in mind, generate as many alternatives as possible, alternatives that all feel good about. In general this implies including the desires of all participants for a common good.

The fourth step is to MAKE A DECISION... that is, to arrive at a satisfactory agreement that includes all points of view and members of the group. A story that is told frequently in seminars on negotiation is that of two girls fighting for the same orange. Their mom finally intervenes and cuts the orange in half. The first girl throws away the peel and eats the fruit... The second girl throws away the fruit and uses the peel to make a cake. If the two girls had collaborated they would have realized that beyond the superficial conflict over the orange, they had complementary needs. Both would have been able to have a double quantity of what they desired! From this we see how important it is to clarify the motives and objectives of each person. It is then, through a collaborative focus that we will be able to solve conflicts and build a state of harmony.

Connected to the Internet  (index)

Sabian Assembly

International Day of Peace

Friends of Peace Pilgrim

Seeds of Peace

Children’s Center in Baghdad

Emmisary of Light

Wellness and Life Counselor - Cheryl Canfield

Selected Prayers

Enlace Internacional (prior issues)

Artistic Expressions       (index)

Through moments of serene introspection
let Peace arise SUBLIME.”

Mayte Picco-Kline
Pennsylvania, USA

photograph by Bruce Nichols

Verse of
Santa Teresa de Jesús

Nothing may disturb you
Nothing may frighten you
Everything comes to pass
God is always there.

accomplishes all
He who is with God
has it all.

God is enough.

Two of our friends sent the same selection!

Sister Magdalena de Jesús, Talca, Chile
Guillermo Calderón, México, D.F.

"You can only give that which is learned with the soul, to give that which is learned with the soul contributes to the equilibrium in the cosmos."

Shared by Néstor Hugo Almagro

Mendoza, Argentina“Love transforms us into higher beings, awakens our capacity for amazement, gives us sensitivity for contemplation, propels us to infinite levels, gives us the force to travel through life with an invincible spirit and prompts us to reach for the impossible.”

Sent by Jenny Novakovic to Héctor Kuri
Montreal, Canada


Stitches of Love
Mayte Picco-Kline

SERVICE creates a sense of contribution to the good of the whole. At an Art and Craft Show in York, Pennsylvania in the United States I met two ladies, 77 and 76 years of age, filled with life and enthusiasm. As we entered in conversation I learned that in 1999 as a result of her daughter's adoption of a first child from Russia, Betty Hoke decided to knit sweaters for the children still at the boy’s former orphanage.

Her first goal was 15 sweaters. As time progressed her project has expanded to seven ladies who belong to the same church and join together to knit, all delighted to dedicate their lives to GIVE and share as best as possible the fruits of their skills. Hundreds of sweaters, booties, baby blankets, mittens, scarves and hats have been made and sent to those who thanks to their contribution will spend a warm winter in Nepal, Russia, Ukraine, Madagascar, Kenya, India, Ecuador, Rumania, México and the United States.

Betty shared with a big smile and grand sense of fulfillment: "We call our project Stitches of Love!" They recently received a letter of appreciation: "Your angelic work or knitting works of art has made many people very happy. This year you blessed us with enough sweaters, scarves and hats that we were able to share some with needy day care children, and some with our senior citizens who could not afford Christmas gifts for their grandchildren. They were thrilled and marvelled at the beauty you create."

A sharing of the heart creates everlasting JOY-full LIFE.

Contact Network   (index)

Others wishing to correspond with Friends of Peace Pilgrim.

“Please announce me in Internet and Newsletters as a Peace Pilgrim and contact for Central America and Europe, mentioning that I speak English, German, Romanian and Spanish.”

Address #1:
Valentín Paz
Lista de Correos
San Pedro de la Laguna, Solola Department
Guatemala, América Central

email: valentinpeace@hotmail.com
Address #2:
For Valentin (mail only)
c/o Vasilescu Ion Family
Traian STR. 248, Bl. 30 B, SC. A, Apt. 15, Sector 2
02624 Bucharest, Romania, Europe

“I intend on forming a Brazilian group dedicated to the search of peace. I would like to be in contact with others who are involved in the search for peace in my country.”

Ana Maria Feijó: anafeijo@terra.com.br
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Sabian Corner   (index)

The way to start is to start

Every new start if made in the light of our underlying creative spiritual purpose will strengthen our potentiality for absolute spiritual spontaneity.

Affirmation for Health

My outer being is reborn within.


Baghdad Children's Home

The Beloved Community led by James Twyman is in the process of establishing a center in Baghdad to serve the needs of the thousands of children that have been left orphaned by the war. James shares, “I believe that one of the most important things any of us can do at this critical time is to find effective ways to serve humanity, and to promote ways of spreading compassion and peace wherever we can.”

The center will be part of the new program called "The Reconciliation Project," which will train volunteers to serve the needs of abandoned children in countries that have been impacted by violence. The project will be an extension of the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking.

A team of peacemakers travelled to Baghdad to establish the center. They are renting at least one large house that will be fitted with many beds and all the supplies needed to serve the children for one year. Then they will welcome the children to a safe place where they can rest and heal.

This is just the first of many children centers they intend to build around the world.

Welcome   (index)

A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Enlace Internacional circle: Valentín Otto, Guatemala and Rumania; Henrik Goebel, Georgia McCune, Linn McCune, Gloria Salas and Mariflor Molina United States; Cristian Polanco, Dominican Republic; Ana María Feijó, Brasil and Frank Harper.

Reflections     (index)

(Participate in this section by selecting a phrase or sentence from the Peace Pilgrim materials. Please indicate source and page.)

I have faith that God will take care of me, God covers my needs.
{Hna. Magdalena de Jesús, Chile}

Question: What is ‘the spiritual life’ ?
That which cannot be perceived by the five senses. Spiritual things will last, physical things will not. {Zoraida Consuegra, United States}

God considers me, to this speck of dust, so much that he sends me only the problems necessary to be able to grow. {SFC, Argentina}

A criterion exists by which you can judge if the thoughts you have and the things you are doing are correct for you. The criterion is, have they brought you inner peace? If not, continue trying. {Emilia Kuri, México}

Blessed are they who give without expecting even thanks in return, for they shall be abundantly rewarded. {Silvia R. Crespo, Argentina}

Nothing happens by chance in our universe. All is revealed according to the highest laws – all is regulated by divine order. {Mayte Picco-Kline, United States}

Favorite Quotes

Life is a mixture of successes and failures. Be encouraged by the successes and fortified by the failures. As you never lose faith in God, you will be victorious before any situation you may face. {David Saldivar Aguilar, Cuba; Mario Mosquera, United States; Pedro M. Roblejo Ramos, Cuba}


Send your questions concerning inner peace, contributions and artistic expressions to Mayte Picco-Kline. Enlace is published three times yearly by email. If this is the first time you've received and you wish to be a part of our circle of friends, please send a confirmation note.

Enlace Internacional    (index)
Email: maytepk@solarm.net


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