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June, 2003

Number 28

“Blessed are they who after dedicating their lives and thereby receiving a blessing, have the courage and faith to surmount the difficulties of the path ahead, for they shall receive a second blessing.”

Peregrina de Paz

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Spring in Somerset     (index)
By Kathy Miller

Spring in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains is delightful as the morning mist drifts across the valley. Daffodils have bloomed. Iris and lilac are opening their first blossoms. Purple mountain lupine and orange California poppies will soon cover the hills. Finches have returned to build their nests in the roof of the porch that wraps around the house from the front door to the back. A pair of mallard ducks is making a home on the pond. It is peaceful in Somerset.

At the Peace Pilgrim Center we are announcing a new Peace Pilgrim Study Group to read and discuss “Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words”. And we are initiating a movement to establish a “Peace Pole” in our nearest city, Placerville.

In the face of war… The phone rings, “What can we do to help the cause of peace?”, the caller asks. An email arrives, “How can I help the PP Center spread the message of peace?” The mail comes, “What can I do for peace in my country?”

Let’s share Peace Pilgrim’s message of inner peace with them. Let the light shine and spread all over the world.

As a new day begins, some of us gather together in the living room. I sing a few songs, accompanying myself with my guitar. We sit in silence for 30 minutes. Then I say these words: “May we who have dedicated our lives to peace serve in humbleness. May we know truth. May we be compassionate. May our hearts be open to giving and receiving love. And may we experience joy in all things."

It is my joy to share these words with you. Your presence in the circle of the Friends of Peace Pilgrim is an inspiration to me. Even though we have not met, you give strength and encouragement to our work of peace. We are one; all cells in the body of humanity.

el Centro de Peregrina de Paz

Teamwprl in California  (index)
By Martin Buchholtz

It was late at night, perhaps around 10 in the evening or so, when my car finally found its way onto the Friends of Peace Pilgrim property in Somerset, California on February 18th. Having driven across the country from my former residence in Boston, I was glad to have finally arrived at my destination.

Often did I read about John and Ann Rush, but to meet them in person was an experience of a lifetime – I felt as if I had personally met two sages: certainly they seemed to be old and wise, yes, but there was something more about them that touched me the very first time we met. Being long-time servants of humanity, they do seem to have an aura about them, an air of lightness that transpires when you see their gentle spirits and meet with their resolute minds.

When I had left my last job in January I stayed at home awaiting for inspiration on what was to come now. One morning when I had just finished my early morning meditation, it hit me “out of the blue” that I should go to the “Friends of Peace Pilgrim” to offer my services there. Immediately I felt an everlasting joy. I contacted Kathy Miller and she was overjoyed to have another volunteer coming. Friends of Peace Pilgrim were in need of a computer specialist, and as I had some experiences in computers and database creation I knew why I was meant to go! Thus I packed my things into my car and headed off west.

Kathy is a practical visionary with a peaceful heart and soon put me to work at organizing all the translation efforts of the Peace Pilgrim materials that are going on around the world. To do this, the best thing was to create a database of all completed and ongoing translation efforts that are known to us, for easy referral. In the works is now a Microsoft Access-run database that will integrate most of the functions of the previous database, will add some additional functions and will be compatible with modern computers.
There are so many beautiful things that are happening here at the Peace Pilgrim Center every day, starting with Kathy’s singing and playing the guitar in the morning to taking an occasional walk among the beauties of nature that surround us. I would also like to mention the wonderful spirit that prevails here: a spirit of peace, of wonder, of encouragement, and of being true to oneself.

I encourage anyone who feels inspired to come here and do “the work” to follow their dream! It is worth every ounce of it and it benefits not only oneself, but also all of our brothers and sisters in all parts of the world.

It seems that the database will be finished by the end of May. I would like to invite all readers of Enlace to write, call or send us an email if you either have already completed or are in the process of completing a translation of any of the Peace Pilgrim materials, if you are a regular distributor, have a Peace Pilgrim Study Group, or even a Peace Pilgrim Center.


We are looking for a volunteer interested in translating the Peace Pilgrim documentary “An American Sage” into Spanish. For more information please contact Mary Newswanger. (Apdo. 38-5655, Monteverde, Costa Rica. Tel: (506) 645-5082. eMail: emnews@racsa.co.cr)

Sabian Corner   (index)

The symbol of a flying airplane symbolizes the potential to "rise above it all"; the choice is to either escape easily from immediate conditions or use time as an opportunity to see things from a wider and more balanced perspective.

May the SPIRIT of PEACE be with OUR GROUP'S EFFORTS - to be sure!

(Sabian Assembly: www.sabian.org)

Lily Graphic

Anecdotes from my Correspondence   (index)
By Mayte Picco-Kline

From Costa Rica:

"We are to become the message. We are to become peace, become health, become wholeness. That's a message that I can embrace. As I learn the lessons for myself, I can try to teach them to my children. What do you think?"

As we remember that each one of us is a cell in the body of humanity we can see how each one of us contributes to the whole picture of PEACE. I believe, as you said, that a great Shift is occurring -- we are part of a great movement that is not necessarily of our making, but we still hold a personal responsibility in terms of how we go through that major transition and what we do to facilitate the process in others - be they our children or other people that are part of our lives. I believe those who are learning to live in harmony with the universe and all that is are moving into the Age of Light and are becoming conscious participants in this SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. The choice resides in each one of us.

Here's an affirmation I love to use in my meditations:

"I thrill anew to COSMIC LOVE and HARMONY."

A true application of the Golden Rule is most meaningful in this context. Another way to speak of it is in terms of living in each other, a person of talent is primarily one who lives in others no less than in himself.

You say it, dear friend, we are to become the message.

Light, Love, and Blessings.

From Florida, USA:

"Dear Mayte: I am very sad… I was encouraged for a few days, sending the message of Peace to 'the world'. I even sent messages to the soldiers in the war ... I do not know if they will have the opportunity to go to the internet and to look for Peace Pilgrim… exhaustion has conquered me…."

I understand the pain harbored in your heart. In truth we are living during a very difficult time in the history of humanity and it is important we all remain united to give us the strength needed to continue. The realities of the war go beyond what we see on television and you are certainly conscious of it. Pope John Paul II has said with authority, “…every war is a failure for humanity.”

In spite of the fact that is difficult to see it now we are moving into a new era of SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. Many millions of people in the world are achieving new levels of awareness and desiring deeply to live in peace. It is important to be patient and to know that everything occurs in harmony with God and the universe. We are in constant growth and development in our individual and global evolutionary process. Everything we do for peace has a divine purpose and it is important we recall that each of our activities contributes to the total plan of peace, whether or not we see the results.

Your sensitivity demonstrates your understanding and human compassion. We will continue forward knowing that we are sowing the seeds of Peace.

I will be happy if we continue in contact as you wish. I feel the vibrations of PEACE deeply in your heart. Let’s continue giving words of encouragement to all that need them. Let us live in peace... in the understanding that when sufficient numbers of us experience inner peace, we will then have peace and harmony in the world.

Choose Your Choices   (index)

When we make the choice to learn,
we realize the other choices that have always been available to us.

The choices we make are dependent upon the choices we see before us.

The choices we see before us are dependent upon our state of open mindedness.

Our state of open mindedness is dependent upon our willingness
to embrace and learn that which is still to be understood.

Qasim Bashir
London, England

Artistic Expressions       (index)

"All is in order in our hearts while we continue meditating and praying for Peace each day so that as night arrives we rest serenely, and every night so humanity can see the radiant sun of a new morning."

Marta Ecco
Florida, USA

Portland, Maine USA
photograph by Bruce Nichols

Before you speak, ask yourself… is it kind,
is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?

Sai Baba
Shared by Lama Dudul Osal Dorje
Quito, Ecuador


And I began to see with your eyes…

And I began to see with your eyes… in the last instant of dusk. Before that the night began to close. Were blue, sea and sky. Horizon without limits. Sea and sky, sky and sea… blue, blue, blue. The swell of the Limpid sea. Sky. Swell of the sky. The limpid sea. Where the sea? where the sky? Horizon of union. The You and the I? Totality. The I and the You? Immensity. Simply Humanity. Union. Totality. Divinity. Blue immensity in the dusk. Immense totality. Love and Awareness. Totality.

SFC, Argentina


Common prayer to the World Chain of Prayer for Peace:


Shared by Néstor Hugo Almagro, Argentina


Sharing with Children about Peace   (index)
By Mayte Picco-Kline

Children learn what they live. From my experience giving Peace talks to children in México, and Costa Rica, I have come up with some suggestions to introduce children to the idea of inner peace and to the Peace Pilgrim messages. Let me share here some of them.

I recommend to invite children to be involved from the beginning of the session, sharing their thoughts and feelings as this fascinating subject is explored. Session can start with a general question to bring alive their interest and enthusiasm. It can be as simple as... What do you think PEACE is? Facilitate sharing and provide core ideas.

Peace Pilgrim Statue in Costa RicaIt is useful to give plenty of examples related with the meaning of inner peace from personal experience, the Peace Pilgrim book and/or other related materials. Most children need practical applications of the concepts to enhance understanding.

Kids love to ‘touch’ so if you have available a Peace Pilgrim tunic - let them sense it! They usually find this experience most attractive. Show pictures and other materials you may have so children obtain a visual image of her. You may choose to sing a song from the Peace Pilgrim CD.

In some occasions, kids greeted me with beautiful hand-made posters in which they selected their favorite phrase from the Peace Pilgrim materials and pasted along a photo of her. The posters were going to be a present for their parents and they were exhibited at the classroom during my talks. This is a great way to prepare children for the experience to come.

Here's a great exercise. Make copies of some pages in the Peace Pilgrim book and select inspiring sentences. Cut them in individual phrases, fold them and put them in a basket. Let each child randomly select a piece of paper from the basket. Then ask them to volunteer in reading their selected sentence to the group, and share how that idea relates to his or her own personal experience at home or school. I have found this to be a powerful exercise to foster understanding. In many cases those phrases become a screen of prophecy to be used to solve a personal situation. Many children have been deeply affected by this exercise. They love it!

Let them consider how they can apply in their own life what they’ve experienced in the session. Ask them to share it with the whole group as they feel comfortable doing so.

Invite children to ask as many questions as they wish. I have had sessions in which at the same time more than twenty hands wanted to have their turn to talk.

This is the beginning of an experience that can be enhanced through other sessions at school or through personal examples in the way parents live at home.

Praying for Peace   (index)
By Bert Gunn, Connecticut, United States

I have received so many wonderful and thoughtful emails from many of you telling of your prayers for peace and actions to promote good will and peace in the world, from 'small' to 'large'. I just want to thank you all for your work for peace in all its forms. Thank you for acting on your beliefs, what ever they are.

Thank you for praying for peace.
Thank you for praying for wisdom and compassion for all the leaders.
Thank you for all your actions for peace.
Thank you who show kindness in so many ways
     kindness with your families and friends,
     kindness with those you struggle,
     kindness with those who hurt you,
     kindness with honesty and strength.
It is possible to be strong and kind at the same time.

Thank you for caring. Thank you for showing that care.

Please keep praying for the best outcome possible. Pray for peace, justice and compassion for all the peoples. Let us pray that we act more with concern for the health and well being of all: food, health care, housing, education, etc. for all the peoples of this world.

Let us pray for the humane evolution of the human species. Let us pray that we all realize that we are world citizens, as Tlakaelel says, Cosmic citizens. What happens to each of us affects all of us.

Personal Growth and Healing   (index)

The spiritual path is the inner way of mystic tradition – our teacher lies within. When we’re looking for guidance or truth that is the most direct path, but guidance can also come from outside sources. Before accepting any advice as true for ourselves we first need to develop discernment – that inner sense of confirmation to what we hear or read. It’s that same sense of confirmation that comes when we perceive things directly from the inside.

Cheryl Canfield
California, United States

Appreciating Peace Pilgrim and Her Work   (index)

“Peace Pilgrim walked and walked with the light of God… the sensitivity, the tranquility and the freedom of her life made her great”. (Emilia Kuri Cristino, México)

I would like to tell the Enlace Internacional family that Peace Pilgrim’s words about fear are a profound truth: “If we fear nothing and radiate love, we can trust that good things will follow. Know, my family, that my triumph is due to the practice of that great thought.
(Martha María Morales Batista, Costa Rica)

Welcome    (index)

A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Enlace Internacional circle: Paola Penazzo, England; Mitch Teplitsky, Karen Carnabucci, Paty Reissenweber and Patti Hudson, USA; Silvia Rodríguez, Uruguay; and Celia Olivera, México

Reflections     (index)

(Participate in this section by selecting a phrase or sentence from the Peace Pilgrim materials. Please indicate source and page.)

As you have peace in your life, you will reflect it around you and in your world.
     (Victoria Novik Assael, Chile)

I am not here to judge my human fellows, I am here to love and to serve.
     (Hna. Magdalena de Jesús, Chile)

God is the life force, without which the universe would not exist.
     (Zoraida Consuegra, United States)

Inner peace is found by facing life squarely, resolving problems and searching beneath the      surface of life where the verities and realities are to be found.
     (Pedro Roblejo Ramos, Cuba)


Send your questions concerning inner peace, contributions and artistic expressions to Mayte Picco-Kline. Enlace is published three times yearly by email. If this is the first time you've received and you wish to be a part of our circle of friends, please send a confirmation note.

Enlace Internacional    (index)
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