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October, 2002

Number 26

"Blessed are they who have seen reality, for they know that not the garment of clay
but that which activates the garment of clay is real and indestructible."

Peace Pilgrim

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Número 26 en Espanol

2002 Reunion: Sharing in the Way of Inner Peace     (index)

Peace Pilgrim Center"On July 19-21 at the Peace Pilgrim Center in Somerset, California, United States about a dozen peoplecame together and joined in an INNER PEACE ADVENTURE in the company of our hosts: Kathy Miller, and John and Ann Rush (part of the initial book compiling team and founders of Friends of Peace Pilgrim). We gathered each day and enjoyed the opportunity to share the love, humor and affection that inspires our souls in our contribution to inner peace.

We had sessions all days with these objectives in mind:

1) Bring people together for inspiration and support

2) Nurture growth for inner peace (including 'time alone')

3) Plant the seeds for expansion outward.

In the early mornings we initiated the day with beautiful moments of meditation and songs from Kathy Miller, and yoga with Cheryl Canfield or Tai-Chi with Bruce Nichols. Then we gathered in circle and shared in different sessions about the 12 Steps toward Inner Peace (conducted by Cheryl Canfield), Friends of Peace Pilgrim around the world (lead by Mayte Picco-Kline and Kathy Miller), script for a film about the Story of Peace Pilgrim (with Richard Roller, producer, and Jemila Ericson, actress) and the valuable contribution of all attendees about a variety of topics related with those areas that bring our inspiration alive. Saturday evening Bruce Nichols shared with us his experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail, precisely 50 year after Peace Pilgrim did it. We enjoyed delicious vegetarian meals with a candle lit on the table and quiet moments walking on the Peace Path or around the little lake close-by the Center. We closed our reunion with the lead of Jemila Ericson, performing some Sufi Dances of Universal Peace.

Other adjacent activities included lovely visits with Ann and John Rush. We shared our perspectives about events in the world, the recently created documentary, the extensive peace library at the Center, the newly created newsletter and their collection of Peace Pilgrim books and booklets translated into more than 25 languages and distributed in over one hundred countries.

All in all, we all became inspired by our time together and look forward to new opportunities to meet again in the future.

Connecting in the Internet   (index)

Sabian Assembly

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in her Own Words

The Peace Pilgrim Website

Friends of Peace Pilgrim in Somerset

Enlace Internacional - english and spanish

United States Congressional Representative, Dennis Kucinish

Total Balance

Seeds of Peace Mission

Towards a Real Meeting Of Earth Culture  (index)

Miguel Tauszig shares the following from Argentina …

It is a pleasure to inform you of our second event. "Towards a Real Meeting of Earth Cultures" in 1998 was organized to show that cultural diversity is immense, all-embracing. Now we would like to go a step farther and transmit the notion that cultural diversity is the wealth of Humanity. We think it would be very interesting for each culture to specify the values, attributes or characteristics (not necessarily exclusive) they would desire the rest of the world community to know and to appreciate. For example: clear thought, facility of expression, creativity, a lucid conscience, artistic talent, individual freedom, sense of equality, devotion to justice, generosity, detachment, defense of self-determination, sense of community and co-operation, live passionately, teamwork, unbreakable ideals, power of love, force of honor, hard-work and diligence, practical mind, aptitude to improvise, respect for aesthetics, devotion to kindness, humility, search for truth, spirituality, tolerance and peaceful co-existence, patience, harmonic movements, consideration for others, organizational capacity, adaptability, dynamism, manual skills, calm and temperance, caution and prudence, sagacity and mental rapidity, honesty, courtesy, loyalty, compassion, gratitude, simplicity, purity, sweetness, good faith, humor, inner fortitude, hope, faith.

The second meeting will be held on October 26 and 27, 2002. For more information please contact our friend:

Miguel Tauszig, Comisión Organizadora
Hacia un Verdadero Encuentro de los Pueblos de la Tierra
Escuela San Miguel Arcángel
José María Moreno 1221. (1607) Villa Adelina
Provincia de Buenos Aires. Argentina
Email: atauszig@interlink.com.ar

Welcome    (index)

A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Enlace Internacional circle: Sonia Carvajal Murillo from Costa Rica, Cheryl Canfield and Terry Brown from the United States, Assunta Mascia from England; and Juanita Da-Peña, Laura Heinzen and Rosita Rossini from Argentina.

Appreciating Peace Pilgrim And Her Work  (index)

by Daniel E. Reynolds, Ohio, United States

Peace PilgrimI see a beautiful glowing sphere of Light
guided so carefully and yet with great vigor
by Higher Spirits
weaving its way
across America and England
and into so many many lands of this planet
and with every movement of YOUR OWN SOUL
thinking, feeling or willing
and of other SOULS
some long time members of the Peace Pilgrim's circle
some new
all causing
a brilliant spark of light to flame up here and there
within the sphere
generating millions of sympathetic ripples
of light - HEALING RAYS - every one

flashing hither and thither
throughout the sphere
every one
causing lifting some Angelic Helper or Deva IN SPIRIT
or perhaps freeing an elemental
from imprisonment
now able - thanks be to God and some HUMAN LOVE ACTIVITY
to ascend to bliss.

How important
to those who call HEAVEN
their HOME


Artistic Expressions         (index)

Sunrise at Peace Pilgrim Center
Sunrise at the Peace Pilgrim Center
Photo by Bruce Nichols
Love is a source of life;
it is like a river of crystalline waters
giving life to all beings and dwellings where it runs;
it is like a brilliant star
that lights the whole Earth today.

Pedro Roblejo Ramos
Granma, Cuba


"To know to be loved is more powerful than to know to be strong. The certainty of love, when it exists, makes us invulnerable." (Goethe)
Shared by Héctor Kuri, Montreal, Canada


In reading the newsletter, it occurs to me that our practice of silent prayer or "centering prayer" is an avenue toward peace individually and universally. There is a need for structuring peace into our lives, and by two 20 minute sessions of centering daily you can transform your life and become instruments of peace to others.
Dave Fromme, Missouri, United States


I still remember with heart-filled joy and sweetness the great welcome I received 22 years ago when I newly arrived in the United States. I found many people greeted me in the street without knowing who I was, which helped me feel at home.

We can encourage those around us towards peace and harmony with a simple and sincere greeting adorned with a smile.
Marta Ecco, Florida, United States


To live with love is to live in the center of life.
Néstor Hugo Almagro, Argentina

Sabian Corner  (index)

Section inspired by the collaboration of Gene Johnson, Dan Reynolds, Mike Elliot and Mayte Picco-Kline.

Let us have FAITHFUL and CREATIVE ANTICIPATION of worth-while eventualities.

Be still and know that PEACE is here!

When you accept what is, every moment is the best moment. That is enlightenment.

PEACE dwells deep within the Hearts of Humanity!

Lily Graphic


Initiatives from our Circle of Friends    (index)

She organizes yogatherapy groups for people 55 and older in various beaches or parks of Miami, Florida and has given lessons in elders' centers, hospitals, etc. She donates books of her Teacher Yogananda and has shared several hundred copies of 'Steps toward Interior Peace'.
(Marta Ecco, United States)


In collaboration with Donna LaBaugh, they have been hosting a monthly showing of the Peace Pilgrim videos and she has participated in an expansion project of the messages of Peace. Our friend tells us: "It has been wonderful to call together those interested in the work. Also, I, along with a colleague of mine here at Country Day School, have just finished the Spanish translation of the Coloring Storybook for Children on the Life and Teachings of Peace Pilgrim. Donna showed me the book last December and I felt motivated to start the process of making it available in Spanish for the children of Costa Rica and beyond to enjoy. I am excited to share this with you as my goal was to complete it by the anniversary date of the statue dedication ceremony and we made it! This is truly exciting for me as I work with middle school aged children and know that the message shared by Peace is one that they are ready to hear. Since the people who have been attending our monthly video showings are mostly Spanish speakers, I could share the Spanish version of Enlace with them. (Rosemary Zitek, Costa Rica)


The contribution from our Community we have done has been and is the sharing of Enlace, and our prayers that accompany all those who work for a world at peace.
(Sr. Antonio - Sta. Rosa de Calamuchita, Argentina)


We invite you to share with our Enlace circle of friends the way you work for peace. Please send your notes to Mayte.

Tribute to Tlakaelel     (index)

Tlakaelel PhotoTlakaelel, Mexica-Tolteca leader and teacher interested in preserving oral traditions, has spent more than 40 years studying great ancient cultures of the continent, and has shared his knowledge with people, indigenous and non-indigenous. He has been before audiences at MIT, Harvard, and many other universities in México, the United States, Switzerland and Spain. This indigenous teacher has given talks and led workshops in many centers, Kalpultin, churches, reservations, bookshops, schools, radio and television programs, etc. in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Fiji and several countries in Europe.

He was the inspiration for the "Trips of Peace and Dignity in 1992" - a 20,000 km relief walk that crossed the American Continent. The message of these trips was to bring together people of all cultures and nations, recognizing all as people indigenous to the planet Earth, to preserve and protect our Mother Earth and to work together so our children can live and grow in a world of peace.

On having finished this project, Tlakaelel began preparation for the construction of 'Tekpan de la Paz', the Pyramid of Peace near Teotihuacan, México. (For more information see Enlace 19). This project also includes construction of the Kalmek, an indigenous university. Tekpan and Kalmekak not only will be monuments of stone to a culture of the past, but a center of education, living and development, as well as a resource for healing. In the pyramid there will be chambers that will be used for the curing several diseases, and people of all parts of the world will come to interchange their wisdom. Our friends invite all human beings to come and take part in this vision.

Tlakaelel lives in Coacalco, México. He is the author of the book in Spanish Nahui Mitl, a compendium of teachings and history. His work is being translated into English and published in many articles.

Contact Network     (index)

"I would like to communicate with people in Puerto Rico who are intersted in Peace Pilgrim. If you know of anyone in this area, please give me their email addresses and I will be very happy to communicate."

Thanks and good luck -
Frank Díaz

Reflections    (index)

(Participate in this section by selecting a favorite phrase or sentence from the Peace Pilgrim material. Please indicate the source and page.)

I see hope in the tireless work of some devout souls. (Mayte Picco-Kline, England)

If we are not afraid of anything and radiate love, we can trust that good things will come. How the world needs the message and example of love and faith!
(Martha María Morales Batista, Costa Rica)

If you really know yourself you will know you are a son of God and will be conscious of God. (Hna. Magdalena de Jesús, Chile)

When love fills your life all limitations disappear. The medicine this world needs so much is love. (Silvia Ruth Crespo, Argentina)

I am filled with an enormous enthusiasm to help others … (Emilia Kuri, México)

Though others may feel sorry for you, never feel soory for yourself … Recognize all problems, no matter how difficult, as opportunities for spiritual growth.
(Victoria Novik Assael, Chile)

The price of peace is to abandon fear and replace it with faith....
(Zoraida Consuegra, United States)

Life is a series of tests, and if you pass your tests you will see them retrospectively as good experiences. (Pedro M. Roblejo Ramos, Cuba)

In spite of the darkness of the current world situation, I do not feel discouraged. I know that just as human life advances toward harmony through hills and valleys, society encounters the same in its search for peace. (María Elena Trubiano de Zaffuto, Argentina)


Send your questions concerning inner peace, contributions and artistic expressions to Mayte Picco-Kline. Enlace is published three times yearly by email. If this is the first time you've received Enlace and you wish to form a part of our circle of friends, please send a note of confirmation.

Enlace Internacional   (index)


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