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June, 2002

Number 25

"Blessed are they who love and trust their fellow beings,
for they shall reach the good in people and receive a loving response."."

Peace Pilgrim

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Número 25 en Espanol

Beacons of Love     (index)

"In the 21st century, I believe the mission of the United Nations will be defined by a new, more profound awareness of the sanctity and dignity of all life."

Kofi Annan, 2001 Nobel Peace Prize

Rep.Dennis Kucinich of the U.S. Congress: "This is the time to conceive of peace as not simply being the absence of violence, but the active presence of the capacity for a higher evolution of human awareness."

http://thespiritoffreedom.com/nuclear.html - A call for action

The book 'Peregrina de Paz: Su Vida y Obra en sus Propias Palabras' is complete and active links are now up on the main pages of the Peace Pilgrim website. Here is the direct link:


"This morning we had a phone call from Jean Yu. She is translating the Peace Pilgrim book into Chinese and 7 chapters have been done. She's been working on it for a few years and says it is taking so long because she is an architect and is very busy. Jean lives in Dallas, Texas. The book is being published chapter by chapter in a magazine in Taiwan. That's where the book will be published when complete. Jean said 100,000 Chinese "Steps" booklets are in circulation."

Kathy Miller, PP Center in Somerset, California, U.S.A.

Israeli Bombing Victim Donates Kidney That Saves Palestinian Woman

Aisha Abu Hadir is a Palestinian who can't get the images of an Israeli tragedy out of her mind - 28 people killed by a suicide bomber as they ate Passover dinner. The event literally saved her life. "From the tragedy you are able to create something good," said Dr. Ezra Shaharabani, a transplant surgeon.

'See People as People'. Zeev Vidor, 49, was wounded in the Passover attack in late March and died after a week on life support. His family knew he wanted to donate his organs to anyone who might need them.

"The doctor told us in a specific way, 'Do you mind if
it will go to Arab, Palestinian, somebody?'" said
Nimrod Vidor, the victim's son. "My father, all the
time, educated us to see people as people, not as
Muslims, Jewish people, Catholic."

And it happened. Hadir, 54, has a new kidney today and a new and overwhelming gratitude toward an Israeli family.

ABCNEWS' Claire Shipman contributed to this report.

Seeds of Peace Mission


Seeds of Peace is a non-profit, non-political organization that helps teenagers from regions of conflict learn the skills of making peace. Set at a camp in the woods of Maine, United States, a safe and supportive environment is created where the youngsters can air their views and learn listening, communication and other conflict resolution techniques that allow them to develop empathy for one another. Seeds of Peace equips the next generation with the leadership capabilities required to co-operatate with each other.

There are tangible benefits of this effort. Adam Shapiro, an American Jew from Brooklyn, New York living in Ramallah, and his fiance Huwuaida Arraif, a Palestinian-American from Detroit, Michigan, helped arrange shipments of food and medical supplies to Palestinians confined to their homes during the curfew in Ramallah.

Knowing Peace Pilgrim   (index)

The great-nephew of Peace Pilgrim, Ken Elkner, is in charge of the Unity bookstore in Puerto Rico. He writes: "I remember her presence in family meetings when I was young. Her energy and message have influenced my spiritual development and are part of the reason why the principles of "Unity" are most appropriate for me! She spoke in many churches of this denomination through the United States, where her message was very well received.

Her impact lives through the lives she has touched. She recognized that people spiritually grow in their own way … nevertheless the description of her path inspires others. Many consider the details of her pilgrimage to be extraordinary; I feel each of us can reach our own expression of what extraordinary is.

I am happy to have had Peace Pilgrim as a part of my life.

Sabian Corner  (index)

Many times we wonder about ways to sustain an effective balance in our lives. Here are some ideas that may be helpful to you coming from the teamwork of Mike Elliot, Dan Reynolds, Gene Johnson and Mayte Picco-Kline.

Forget about your life situation for a while and pay attention to your life.
           Your life situation exists in time. Your life is now.
           Your life situation is mind-stuff. Your life is real.
           Find the "narrow gate that leads to life." It is called the Now. Narrow your life
           down to this moment. Your life situation may be full of problems - most life
           situations are - but find out if you have any problem at this moment. Not tomorrow or in ten            minutes, but now. Do you have a problem now?

Eckhardt Tolle

Let's consider the idea of a balance between

('Trinity Within' http://wholesomebalance.com )


** How do we attain a subjective balance?
              By a definite sensitiveness to the possibilities of life relationships, a sentiment for life's significance and an acute sympathy with all life phenomena.

"Everything has to have special significance, but only under circumstances
where the individual is made more rather than less a part of life around him."

Marc Edmund Jones


Contact Network     (index)

People who would like to correspond with other Friends of Peace Pilgrim.

Maricela Navarrete
7 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
e-mail: mnavarrete61@hotmail.com
Timothy Gaines (No. 475945)
9601 Spur 591
Amarillo TX 79107
(correspondence in English)


Confronting Today    (index)

The following is a transcript of a WLCH radio program from Lancaster, PA, United States.

Good morning listening friends, I am Charito Calvachi Wakefield, Radio Center WLCH 91.3 FM in Pennsylvania, United States, here today with our guest Mayte Picco-Kline.

This is the radio program in which we give our perspective of life, open our hearts to our neighbor, to our friend, our sisters, our children, our spouses, brothers, cousins -- to open a dialogue that leads us to make a more human and just society, more familiar and warm, more fruitful and inspiring. Here we share our universe of inspiration and how this task leaves a mark on our society.

When Mayte visits us, she illustrates different aspects of life today touching subjects that interest us all.

On this occasion we are going to speak of the situation in which we're living since the events of September 11. We know many people are asking themselves how they might collaborate to bring peace to our time. We hope our dialogue helps to clarify some of our listeners questions.

Mayte lives in London, England.

Hello Mayte, I'm happy you are with us again.

1. Do you have an inspirational thought you wish to share with our audience to initiate our program?

I would like to share with our friends a deep desire, beautifully expressed by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Allow my soul to smile through my heart
Allow my heart to smile through my eyes
That I can scatter the wealth of a smile to all sad hearts.

2. And tell me Mayte... do you think now, more than ever, it's appropriate to speak of our spiritual development?

In fact this is a very personal point, Charito. Nevertheless, the present circumstances have accentuated the necessity in many people to actively look for answers to their inner search. I understand a greater number of people now attend religious services and there is a greater need for psychological help as we cope with changing current conditions.

3. What are the consequences of war?

One of the lessons we still need to learn is that wars in fact do not solve problems. They cause many negative emotions that are very difficult to deal with, in the short and long term. Wars instigate negative feelings of vengeance and revenge instead of having a positive approach to problem solving. Violence generates violence -- love generates love.

Our friend Peace Pilgrim, who we have spoken of on other occasions, took in the pockets of her tunic some quotes and I would like to share one of them with you.

John F. Kennedy said: "Humanity must end war or war will end humanity. War will exist until that distant day when the consciencious objector will enjoy the same reputation and prestige the soldier has today".

4. What daily action are we required to take to promote peace as we confront the problem of terrorism?

It is important to think that each experience comes to our lives for a purpose - the way in which each of us interprets and integrates the events of terrorism in our lives is part of this experience.

Each experience comes...

1) to teach us a LESSON

In this particular situation it is an opportunity to consider seriously how do we feel about life and death - how well are we prepared to make this transition? It is an opportunity to appreciate life in all its dimensions. It is possible that the surviving New York firemen have learned dramatically the inner force they really have and their great courage to help others. Perhaps this situation is also an opportunity to make some changes in the international policy of this country to reduce the resentment that exists in others.

It is worthwhile to mention that only when we learn our lessons do we break the repetitive cycle of situations without real solutions. To reflect on and understand our lessons is of much personal and social value.


Many people I know tell me how they are becoming involved now, directly and actively working for peace. A teacher has dialogues about peace with her 10-year-old students every day. She helps them meditate about peace in their homes, with their families and in school. Another person now has a radio program in Miami where she speaks about peace and shares Peace Pilgrim materials with the audience. I know many people who have initiated prayer groups for peace.

We are truly becoming inspired in many different ways.

3) to give us an opportunity to be of SERVICE to others.

It is wonderful to see the sense of cooperation that has awakened in the city of New York, for example. There is a sense of unity that had not been experienced there before. I understand many people are now doing something to help somebody or some cause related to the events of September 11. It is a great opportunity to learn that happiness exists through giving.

5. And tell me Mayte, how do we prepare ourselves personally to be motivators for peace?

As we personally experience INNER PEACE we can transmit it to others. Let's remember that peace does not come to us because we look for it... inner peace is a result of learning to live in HARMONY with ourselves and all the people around us.

An attitude of LOVE and KINDNESS... a disposition TO GIVE all we can for the well-being of others... a friendly hand at all times... this type of disposition supported in our actions to confirm our good desires, contributes to the feeling of peace and inner well-being.

6. If there was one focus for these days so that peace prevails, what would it be?

In fact the solutions are very complex and each one of us is involved. Let us remember that each one of our thoughts, feelings and actions contributes to the total picture of peace. As Peace Pilgrim says, each one of us is a cell in the body of humanity.

Flowing outwardly when we SHARE with others, being of SERVICE to others, gives force to the UNITY that exists among all human beings on Earth.

Some Words Towards The Essential     (index)

by Carina Cicero- (extract published in Enlace) Sent by Néstor Hugo Almagro, Argentina

Compassion, to help us accept the distinction in others with tenderness and understanding.

Harmony, to be able to accept the natural flow of life.

Creativity, to be able to discover new alternatives and paths in our walk.

Peace, to maintain us centered.

Love, to be our constant guide toward the highest level of conscience a human being can reach.

Unity, to bring us back to where we began, to the place where we are one with our-self and with all other things.

Artistic Expressions         (index)

Kathy Miller shares with us that her most recent song was written for the Peace Pilgrim Center. Here's a representative strophy…

"One light, one love, one spirit has led us to this place
  One light, one love, one spirit reveals a gift of grace
  One light, one love, one spirit inspires us to give
  Our lives in humble service, that all may truly live."


"Our force is in the silence and hope."

Isaiah 30,15
Shared by Victoria Novik Assael, Chile


I am sure that peace and love bring health to humanity.

Amparo Vila Pérez
Valencia, Spain


I believe there are two main tasks for the inner work to build strong foundations for peace. One is eminently educative: to know, to inform, to share. The other I would call a curative process related intimately to Love, the love that one learns to generate toward others, toward God and also toward oneself; this curative character of Love in the soul is what seems to me to build a lasting, true Peace.

SFC, Argentina

Welcome    (index)

A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Enlace Internacional circle: Kathy Miller and Timothy Gaines from the United States and Karl Ampofo from Great Britain.

Reflections    (index)

(Participate in this section by selecting a favorite phrase or sentence from the Peace Pilgrim material. Please indicate the source and page.)

Have the will to confront life with honesty; and look under the surface of life where truths and realities exist. (Emilia Kuri, México)

When at last you give your life -- bringing into alignment your beliefs and the way you live -- then, and only then, can you begin to find inner peace. (Mary Newswanger, Costa Rica)

Live life in harmony with the divine purpose. (Amparo Vila Pérez, Spain)

No problem can ever be presented to you that does not have a purpose in your life, that cannot contribute to your inner development. (Martha María Morales Batista, Cuba)

Everything you insist on maintaining captive will hold you captive, and if you wish freedom, you must give freedom. (Hna. Magdalena de Jesús, Chile)

There always is a way to do good! (Xiomara Jeréz Zamora, Cuba)

The seeker must walk his path alone with God. I would recommend you keep your feet on the ground and your thoughts elevated to the heights.
(Zoraida Consuegra, United States and Pedro M. Roblejo Ramos, Cuba)

When you do something for world peace, peace between groups, peace between individuals, or for your own inner peace, you improve the total scheme of peace.
(María Elena Trubiano de Zaffuto, Argentina)

Maintain a humble position and preserve intimate relations … guided by the whispers of your superior self. (Silvia Ruth Crespo, Argentina)

The positive approach inspires. (Haroldo Gutiérrez C., México)

For me every moment is a new and wonderful opportunity to serve others.
(Carolina Valdés P., Cuba)


Send your questions concerning inner peace, contributions and artistic expressions to Mayte Picco-Kline. Enlace is published three times yearly by email. If this is the first time you've received Enlace and you wish to form a part of our circle of friends, please send a note of confirmation.

Enlace Internacional   (index)


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