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February, 2002

Number 24

"Blessed are they who do God's will without asking to see results,
for great shall be their recompense."

Peace Pilgrim

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Número 24 en Espanol

Peace Pilgrim Center - Sept. 12, 2001    (index)

The Friends of Peace Pilgrim extend love and compassion to all who have been deeply touched by the tragedy at the World Trade Center and other related events. We belong to one human family: what affects one member of that family affects us all.

The tragedy clearly demonstrates the need for more love, understanding and compassion in dealing with our conflicts. The tremendous outpouring of love from around the world demonstrates that we have the means to transform enemies into friends. We just need to use it. Peace is available to us at all times. We humans have been given free will. We can reject fear and choose a loving solution to any situation. Our choices make a difference.

We invite you to join us in your heart by focusing on peace: peace in our world, peace in our communities, peace in our environment and the very important inner peace.

Friends of Peace Pilgrim
Somerset, CA, U.S.A.

Global Challenge   (index)

John Paul Lederach wrote at least a couple of articles in which he shared his thoughts as an initial reaction to the Sept. 11 events. The following excerpt comes from: 'The Challenge of Terror.' Having worked for nearly 20 years as a mediator and proponent of nonviolent change in situations around the globe where cycles of deep violence seem on perpetuating themselves, and having interacted with people and movements who at the core of their identity find ways of justifying their part in the cycle, he feels responsible to try to bring ideas to the search for solutions. With this in mind he shares what he has learned from his experiences and what they might suggest about the current situation. Within others, he names these key challenges:

Always seek to understand the root of the anger.
Always seek to understand the nature of the organization.
Always remember that realities are constructed.
Recognize complexity, but always understand the power of simplicity.

When he asks what is the nature of a creative response that takes these challenges seriously in the pursuit of genuine, durable, and peaceful change, here is one of the elements he describes in his article:

"Our global challenge is how to generate and sustain genuine engagement that encourages people from within their traditions to seek that which assures the preciousness and respect for life that every religion sees as an inherent right and gift from the Divine, and how to build organized political and social life that is responsive to fundamental human needs. Such a web cannot be created except through genuine and sustained dialogue and the building of authentic relationships, at religious and political spheres of interaction, and at all levels of society. Why not do the unexpected and show that life-giving ethics are rooted in the core of all peoples by engaging a strategy of genuine dialogue and relationship? Such a web of ethics, political and religious, will have an impact on the roots of terror far greater in the generation of our children's children than any amount of military action can possibly muster. The current situation poses an unprecedented opportunity for this to happen, more so than we have seen at any time before in our global community."

Remembering Peace Pilgrim  (index)

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you some words from Peace Pilgrim that have spoken with great significance and meaning to me in recent days:

"A time like this calls for much peace prayer and peace effort. All right work and all right prayer has effect, all good effort bears good fruit, whether we see results or not. In spite of the darkness in the present world situation I am not discouraged. I know that just as human life proceeds toward harmony through a series of hills and valleys, so society has its ups and downs in its search for peace."

"Knowing that all things contrary to God's laws are transient, let us avoid despair and radiate hope for a warless world. Peace is possible, for thoughts have tremendous power."

"What we dwell upon we help bring into manifestation. One little person, giving all of her time to peace, makes news. Many people, giving some of their time make history."

Bruce Nichols, USA
Webmaster for the Peace Pilgrim websites

Peace Prize Laureates Speak   (index)

After the events of September 11 several Nobel Peace Prize laureates have shared their impressions and hopes with the world. I have selected a few comments to share here with you about their ideals.

Gandhi Statue at the Peace Abbey
fotografía de Bruce Nichols

Whether or not we subscribe to any religion, and whichever faith has shaped the culture that we live in, let us all remember the importance of working together as a human race for the survival of our planet, and for its lasting peace. {Oscar Arias, Costa Rica}

As the human family we need HOPE, and this can come from the people of the World, when they rise above their immediate feelings of pain and anger at such inhumanity, and in a calmer atmosphere allow reason to guide their decisions. In this way 'wisdom' can find a response to this terrible atrocity which does not add to the terrible death and destruction already perpetrated on our fellow brothers and sisters in the United States. {Mairead Maguire Corrigan, Northern Ireland}

… the world has witnessed something previously unknown: a common stand taken by America, Russia, Europe, India, China, Cuba, most of the Islamic world and numerous other regions and countries. Despite many serious differences between them, they united to save civilization. It is now the responsibility of the world community to transform the coalition against terror into a coalition for a new, peaceful and just world order. Let us not, as happened during the 1990's, miss the chance to build such an order. {Mikhail Gorbachev, Russia}

In this era of globalization, there is nothing that happens in one country that does not affect the rest of the world. The events of September 11 have affected us all profoundly. The citizens of East Timor have been deeply moved and shocked by the events. We gather today, together - Catholics and Muslims, and others - to pray for those who have lost life and family, and we pray that what we learn from this experience is used to improve the lot of mankind. {Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, East Timor}

Peace Abbey in the United States     (index)

The Association of Studies for Peace in New England, United States, moved recently to the Peace Abbey to establish its headquarters (which includes the Departments of Studies for Peace of 11 large universities and schools). They plan to begin a Peace Pilgrim study group and to promote the reading of her book in all area colleges. They have shown a great interest in having posters, photos, and all the materials that allow them to expand their exhibition and area of study dedicated to Peace Pilgrim.

From My Correspondence    (index)

Question: Before the Taliban, 70% of teachers and 50% of medical workers were women. With the Taliban, women could not travel in taxicabs or shop alone as they had to be accompanied by a male member of their family. Violators of these and other restrictions were beaten and even executed. If we see the removal of the Taliban as good, doesn't this justify the actions of the coalition?

Answer: Only love generates more love and kindness. In the depths of my being, and with all honesty, I can never find justification for violence. We can see this clearly when we understand that violence generates more violence, rather than a problem solving approach.

Women in Afghanistan were living the circumstances they needed to learn the lessons they came to learn. Sometimes we feel tempted to think 'we know better' how others can live their lives or authorize ourselves to deprive others of experience without asking whether it is according to their wish in the matter. We can do this directly or indirectly as in this case in which the betterment of society was not the purpose of the war but the extermination of a terrorist group. The risk in this situation is that we are not respecting the right of each person to determine his/her own integrity. We can look at it from this perspective… think of the old parable of the kindhearted man who saw a butterfly struggling to make the final break away from its chrysalis and cut it free and thereby caused the new creature to go forth in the world with a defective wing.

The purpose of struggle, as Marc E. Jones reminds us, is not to make life hard or bitter but to create a means of accomplishment. My understanding says we are not here to seek the elimination of struggle but rather to look for its clarification in order to have the desired growth. As Peace Pilgrim says, each experience teaches us something, inspires us, or gives us an opportunity to be of service to our fellow human beings.

The matter of women being beaten and even executed when violating the rules can be better handled through an International Court concerned with basic rights for humanity.

Mayte Picco-Kline
London, England

Welcome     (index)

A warm welcome to our newest friends in the Enlace Internacional circle: Perla Manoni, Luciana Poggi, Cecilia Prieto, Estela Ruíz, and Noemí Bolzán (Argentina); Francisco de Tavira, Amalia Kuri and A. Cerda C. (México); David Fromme, Peg Gast, Mike Elliot, Gene Johnson and Dan Reynolds (United States); Janine Fafard and Rosemary Zitek (Costa Rica); Xiomara Jeréz Zamora and Yanexy Gutiérrez Arañés (Cuba); and Rosemary Southwell (South Africa).

Expresiones Artísticas        (index)

He Lives in Us

While striving to be as Him
Permit me to do the best I can
When following His path,
Permit me to serve my fellow man!

While striving to be as Him
Permit me to console those in need
Who daily bring kindness.
Permit me to do acts of love!
While striving to be as Him
Permit me to love more my fellow man
While sharing His living presence,
Permit me to let Him live near my door!

Swami Garfield Jansen,
Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, India

Sierra Nevada copyright Bruce Nichols
fotografía de Bruce Nichols

Prayer made life
intensify prayer beyond measure ...
SFC, Argentina

Look for harmony in your life.
There you will find HEALTH and PEACE.
Amparo Vila Pérez, España


Cuba copyright Bruce Nichols
fotografía de Bruce Nichols

Within you is the light of the world -
to be shared with the world.

Zoraida Consuegra, Estados Unidos

Actions for Peace       (index)

In the school where I teach, the teachers avoid speaking of the events of the 11th of September - but the children perceive the anxiety everywhere! We have proposed to have at least a little time during class so that the students think about Peace in their own lives, their families, the school ….
(Martha de Oliveira Prado - Sao Leopoldo, Brazil)

Before the international events, I distributed to the public cards with Peace Pilgrim messages specially dedicated to inspire us to live in harmony. I think that harmony is the source of health and peace. (Amparo Vila Perez - Valencia, España)

I have already printed your message of Peace from the last Enlace. I am going to use the affirmations and share them during noon-time prayers I am invited to attend by my sister, Emilia Kuri. We will pray for peace and the well-being of those most in need. (Amalia Kuri de Figueroa - Morelos, México)

As a result of the events of the 11th of September I am spreading the Peace message in several ways here in Miami, where I now reside. I believe that is all I can do for now. I am receiving wonderful perceptions from many people who are fortifying themselves spiritually.
(Marta Ecco - Florida, Estados Unidos)

For now I am trying to work on my understanding of peace … that is the love for ALL, including those with whom we do not agree, we do not like, and are difficult to love. I think that peace is available. I CREATE IT. It comforts me to know that you and all my friends from Peace Pilgrim's group, along with many of my fellow workers and friends will be working with more fervor for peace in the days to come. (Barbara Reynolds - New Jersey, United States)

Internet Connections       (index)

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Friends of Peace Pilgrim in Connecticut

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For the new Peace Pilgrim newsletter in English

Plum Village and Thich Nhat Hanh

Peace Abbey

Sabian Corner      (index)

This is a joint effort from Mike Elliot, Gene Johnson, Dan Reynolds and Mayte Picco-Kline.


Any given GOAL for the attainment of PEACE in the world can be enhanced by "parallel play", in reference not to the accomplishment but to the ideal HOPE.

(Marc E. Jones)

Good Day, Friends of Enlace!

We would like to share with you a story which seems to dramatize well the role of parallel play.

Bert Gunn from Connecticut, U.S.A shares... Tlakaelel, a Mexican Elder who is now travelling in Switzerland, related a story he has told many times, from WWII, which has apparently just come out in a book. It seems that during a cease fire during Christmas one year, the soldiers slowly came out of their trenches (the Germans and the French), and one side was playing soccer. The ball apparently was accidently kicked across the line, and the other side kicked it back. Well, a game enfolded and all the soldiers from both sides began to play and get to know each other. When they asked each other why they wanted to kill each other, they replied that they didn't and when their captains called them back to duty, they hugged each other, and refused to fight. Finally in desperation, the generals ordered shells fired on their own troops, and the war resumed.

In times like these 'parallel play' is probably the best effort that can be mustered; looking toward the future 'as if'' things were better, eventually it will be.

My meditation 'emerged' the question: what does it mean to live in peace?

No time-bound mind is blocking the way to life.
There is a full flow livingness.

in Every One of Us - At Center.

Let us become a "witnessing Presence" in which Peace arises!

Seeds of Faith and Hope       (index)

Thanks for your commentaries and efforts in this difficult time as all humanity suffers. Peace Pilgrim worked to prepare us and we must be precursors of precursors of a peaceful coexistence, based on love and solidarity between all human beings. Perhaps one day, we will be able to feel the soul of another, as much as our own. The seeds of Peace have not died … they will bear fruit in the heart of all who respect her work and we will participate in the construction of a New Humanity.
{Néstor Hugo Almagro, Argentina}

May peace and love in each one of us make a difference! A strong hug from México.
{Xavier Uvalle T.}

From this small island I kiss the forehead of all friends of Peace Pilgrim. Go ahead brothers, paz belongs to us all. {Martha María Morales Batista, Cuba}

Thanks for all you shared with me today. I appreciate what you told me from the upcoming Enlace and the powerful affirmations. There are so many powers in the world. The power of love. The power of fear. The power of compassion. The power of prayer… Yes, we can cast our thoughts, our every act, and our very beings to that which affirms LIFE on Earth. {Mary Newswanger, Costa Rica}

Our planet is going through an incredible evolution in its own consciousness and WE ARE PARTY TO THIS.… It just seems to me the very best thing WE can do -- is focus OUR CONSCIOUSNESS on the Highest Level Possible and become a real source of Love and Light. I strongly believe there are much more difficult days ahead -- we truly need to be BEACONS OF HOPE -- for as we are now witnessing -- many despair or become completely stressed out - under such shocks to their system. By maintaining a profound INNER PEACE - we can serve in many ways. {Daniel Reynolds, United States}

I deeply appreciate your comments and your care. I feel I am in the hands of God and am certain I've found how best to carry out my mission. As we know, nothing happens by accident. The moments we now are living are a magnificent opportunity for humanity to build and choose the way of Peace and LOVE. The decision depends on each of us. We know that we can instill FAITH and HOPE in all we can reach. {Mayte Picco-Kline, England}


Send your questions concerning inner peace, contributions and artistic expressions to Mayte Picco-Kline. Enlace is published three times yearly by email. If this is the first time you've received Enlace and you wish to form a part of our circle of friends, please send a note of confirmation.

Enlace Internacional   (index)


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