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Peace Pilgrim's

(Written after my 1000 mile pilgrimage through the Northwest)


During the summer season of 1959 I walked a 1,000 mile pilgrimage through six Northwestern States - Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada. I walked from Salem, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington, from Spokane, Washington, to Helena, Montana, from , Idaho, through Twin Falls and Pocatello to Salt Lake City, Utah, and then in Nevada. Whether they were on my pilgrimage route or not, I visited all the large towns in these six states and spoke to groups in most of them and through the news services in all of them.

When I began my Northwestern walk rhododendron was outstanding in the gardens and yellow broom was queen on the hillsides. I walked north along the fertile riin—soaked west coast of Oregon and Washington surrounded by big beautiful trees. To the east were the Cascades, with Mount Hood towering on the Portland skyline and Mount Rainier towering on the Seattle skyline - on those happy occasions when they emerged from the clouds. To the west were the rugged Olympics. I explored the scenic Columbia River valley, and traveled up to meet a group of Canadian friends at Peace Arch Park between the two countries. West of the Cascades I have never seen more verdure. East of the Cascades there is sage brush desert except where irrigation creates an oasis. In Montana I climbed the Rockies and crossed the Continental Divide. From Montana I went to visit Yellowstone Park for the first time and saw some amazing sights I had never seen before - geysers, steam vents, seething mud holes, boiling pools which were often very colorful - besides all the animals and the scenic beauty. I was there before the earthquake. I encountered that in Boise, Idaho. Everything swayed for about thirty seconds. Boise offered excellent speaking opportunities. Whenever I enter Idaho I remember the remarkable display of spring wild flowers I enjoyed during my first walk there. In Utah - the Monnon State - I was given very fine hospitality - a bed every night and ample food. In Nevada — which has no laws against gambling and no speed limit on the open highway - I walked from Carson City past steaming springs to Reno, and from Hoover Dam past beautiful Lake Mead to Las Vegas. When I ended my Northwestern walk there was snow on the mountain tops and autumn foliage on the slopes.

I think there has been much too much tendency to just let people get sick, and then look for ways to help them. I believe the emphasis should be on keeping people well - therefore, I think in terms of health research. We have been alleviating symptoms too long - let us get busy on eliminating the cause. I would like to give  everyone access to pure food, pure water and pure air. I would like to supply all their material needs, and also give them access to good food for thought and beautiful surroundings and all things that inspire. If we take the money - or even part of the money - we have been spending for destructive purposes and spend it for constructive purposes, we will be able to do all these things.


Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things. One with love has more strength than an army, for he need not subdue his adversary - he transforms him.

The entirely self-centered life is not worth living. If what you are doing will not benefit others besides yourself it is not worth doing.

Judging others will avail you nothing and Injure you spiritually. Only if you can inspire others to judge themselves will anything worth while have been accomplished.

When will we learn to try to help instead of hurt? Insofar as we hurt others we hurt ourselves, and insofar as we help others we help ourselves.

In our spiritual development we are often required to pull up roots many times and to close many chapters in our lives, until we are no longer attached to any material thing and can love all people without any attachment to them.

If you want to teach people, young or old, you must start where they are — at their level of understanding. If you perceive that they are already beyond your level of understanding, let them teach you. Since steps toward spiritual advancement are taken In such varied order, most of us can teach one another.

The trend in the world is toward togetherness - toward cooperation - and youth feels this trend. For instance, I know of a religious gorup which was divided tnto two parts. To the young folks this seemed most unfriendly, and they began to meet together. As a result the division no longer exists.

The number of peacemakers is increasing - and we are always together in spirit - praying and working together for peace across the miles between.

Love and peace to you,


I would like to emphasize again that right prayer leads to right action - that “faith without works is dead”. An excellent way to put thoughts into action is to write a letter - to congressmen or other officials, to the editor of your local newspaper, to friends and relations. Below are a few of the letters I wrote recently.

Letter to Henry Cabot Lodge, our Representative to the United Nations:

The miracles of modern communication and transportation are making the world seem smaller and smaller - and the time has surely come for the people of the world to be speaking a common tongue.

Let us ask the United Nations to establish a world language to be taught as a second language In all schools in the world.

I believe this would be the biggest single step toward world understanding, and a long stride toward world peace.

Letter to Eisenhower and Khrushchev:

I do a lot of speaking in the United States, and when I am asked what I would do with Germany I say “Send In a United Nations group of neutrals, withdraw all national forces, disarm Germany, unite Germany, and bring the united Germany into the United Nations.”

Everyone I have discussed this with has felt it was sensible and just. Why could not the U. S. A. and the U. S. S. R. agree on such a simple solution?

Letter to Dr. Edwin T. Dahlberg, President National Council of Churches:

I do not expect you to remember me, but the enclosed will identify me. I have had the privilege of meeting you and of speaking in your church at St. Louis.

I write to suggest a step toward peace which I should think the National Council of Churches would be interested in. Many steps toward peace are for the distant future, but this step could be taken right now. It is the establishment of a Peace Department In our government to do extensive research on peaceful ways of resolving conflicts. Let us pioneer this constructive measure, and then we will be in a position to ask every other nation to establish a similar department. Let us do some realistic research for the nuclear age in which we live!

Knowing your real interest in peace, I feel sure you will give this suggestion prayerful consideration.

Answer from Dr. Dahlberg:

It was such a joy to receive your welcome letter of August 3rd. I remember you well, particularly In connection with your last visit to the Delmar Baptist Church, when you gave such a fine testimony. May God bless you in your continuing testimony. I appreciated especially your suggestion about the National Council of Churches taking steps towards recommending the establishment of a Peace Department in our government. I am not sure but what this suggestion has already been made by our Department of International Relations, but I will look into the matter, and if It has not been done I shall suggest it to Dr. Maxwell, Secretary of the Department.

May God bless you in all your journeying around the nation. I am sure that our Father in Heaven is looking down upon you with tenderness and blessing as you go on your way.


  • Nuclear weapons must be controlled - this demon of destruction that we have unleashed must be harnessed - that men may live!
  • Wisdom demands that we stop preparing to wage a war which would eliminate mankind and start preparing to wage a war which would eliminate the enemies of mankind.
  • We have now reached a point in human history when all nations will need to give up one right to the United Nations, the right to make war - just as all of our states once gave up that one right to the United States.
  • Problems shuld be handled as near to the grassroots as they can be fairly and efficiently dealt with, so the main job of the United Nations would be to maintain a peaceful situation in the world.
  • The United Nations will undoubtedly have a Police Force to deal with individual offenders against the peace of the world, but I velieve it should also have an unarmed Peace Force to go into trouble spots and remedy the cause of the trouble before strife begins.
  • What we suffer from is immaturity. If we were mature people war would not be a problem - it would be impossible.

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