Peace Pilgrim Children's Coloring Book
written by Gary Guthrie - illustrations by Barbara  Werner

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Even though she didn’t drink or smoke, she still had many friends and really enjoyed her life. She liked doing things such as swimming, diving and acting in plays. She received awards for not missing a day of school.

Some of her friends said that when they went swimming after school she had little fear about jumping off high places into a river or lake.

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coloring book picture 5 At school she became very curious about life and asked many people, "What is God?" When nobody gave her an answer that could satisfy her, she took a long walk with her dog and found her own answer.

The answer came when she looked at a beautiful tree and thought, "Trees cannot create themselves without seeds. A Higher spiritual and creative Power must exist that created the seeds and the trees." That night a still small voice within her told her that the spiritual and creative Power was God.

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It was this same 'still small voice’ within her that guided Peace Pilgrim’s life. When she finished school she worked at several jobs, married, divorced, and was active in efforts for world peace.

She often told people that it took 15 years for her spiritual growth by removing fear, anger and hatred from her life.

After she had made this change she decided she wanted to help others replace negative and harmful feelings in their lives with love and peacefulness.

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