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A JOURNEY ENDS... On February 2nd, the Documentary crew ended a very special journey, arriving at Friends of Peace Pilgrim Center in Hemet, California with a completed copy of the Spirit of Peace documentary. It’s hard to believe that over two years of research, planning, organizing, driving about the country, interviewing, filming, transcribing, writing, editing, on-lining, composing, etc. — the efforts, time, talent, and donations of so many dedicated and hard-working volunteers were now encapsulated in one VHS cassette. Our filmmaking journey has finally ended, but another road stretches out before us all.

A DISTRIBUTION “JOURNEY” BEGINS... With almost 300 requests for the documentary in back orders, the Peace Center lost no time in ordering an initial 600 copies. We were amazed, however, at how quickly all 600 copies were snatched up. It seems that our Grassroots Network is off to a running start distributing the film. With each Documentary video we send the following list of Distribution ideas:

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Invite friends to watch the film in your home. Arrange a screening with your church, temple, school, college, university, peace group, nursing home, or any interested group in your own community. Keep extra PEACE PILGRIM BOOKS, STEPS booklets, and Newsletters available for friends to take home after viewing.

CABLE ACCESS STATIONS: Contact local cable stations and ask if they would run the video (71 minutes) or an entire series on Peace Pilgrim. The Peace Center has other videos of varying lengths available. If your local station requires Broadcast Release Forms or formats other than VHS, please let us know. Other formats may be available on loan.

CONFERENCES: Are you organizing or attending a religious or peace conference, peace walk, or any other conference dealing with human potential? Let us know and we may be able to make an entire presentation on Peace Pilgrim.

ARTICLES AND REVIEWS: We encourage anyone to review or write an article on the Documentary. Be sure to include our address and phone so we may be contacted for our free offerings. Submissions can be made to newsletters, newspapers, and magazines. Friends of Peace Pilgrim press kits are available. (By the way, we would love to have a copy of your review, published or unpublished)

KEEP THE DOCUMENTARY CIRCULATING: If you find your copy collecting dust on a shelf, you may want to donate it to your church, school or public library. Of course, if you can’t bear to give it away, then order more to donate to special groups. (The local psychologist, 12-step member, doctor, chiropractor, or holistic therapist may be thrilled to have a Documentary and hardcover edition of the PEACE PILGRIM BOOK to leave in their reception area or community room.)

ADDITIONAL COPIES: We recommend that you order additional copies from us because our copies are made from the original. Also we order in bulk; thus our reproduction costs are low.

SEND US YOUR IDEAS: These are just a few suggestions for spreading the message of peace to which PEACE PILGRIM dedicated her life. Please send us your ideas and other feedback about how the film is being received. We will keep all comments on file to help us with any new versions of the film.


VHS COPIES: All those interested in receiving their own copy of the film and joining the grassroots distribution network can request them from Friends of Peace Pilgrim free of charge.

FESTIVALS AND THEATRICAL RELEASE: As mentioned in the last newsletter, one of our goals is to transfer this documentary to 16mm film, (approximate cost $10,000) so it can be entered into film festivals. Anyone seeking more information, or helping with this project, please contact the Peace Pilgrim Center in Hemet, California.

BROADCAST AND PUBLICITY: Plans are in the works to make a shorter version (58-60 minute) of the Spirit of Peace for PBS and other television broadcast opportunities. If you want more information or wish to assist in getting the Documentary shown or publicized on network or public television stations, please contact the Peace Pilgrim Center in Hemet, California.

THE VIDEO ARCH1VE: The entire 120 hours of footage collected by the film crew is not yet available on VHS cassettes. About 50 hours need to be transferred from Hi-8 onto VHS and transcripts need to be made. We will announce it’s availability to the public when it is completed.

THANKS FOR THE DONATIONS! The filmmakers wish to thank everyone who generously contributed to cover the costs of duplicating and mailing the first 600 copies of the documentary. In keeping with Peace Pilgrim’s principles the Spirit of Peace documentary is available free of charge as are all our offerings. For those of you who wish to contribute, please send your gifts directly to the Center.

FROM ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY, THE “SPIRIT OF PEACE” REVIEWS ARE IN! ! ! The following are just a small sampling of reviews already received on the Documentary. We appreciate all those who took the time to write or phone in their impressions.

Chicago, IL — Thanks for sending the Spirit of Peace. It is a wonderful tribute to Peace Pilgrim and I’m sure she is smiling knowing how many people will receive her message.
Dubois, WY — The video was very well done — the message came across just the way it should. Although it was professionally done — it lost none of it’s warmth in achieving that...It spoke to me in a marvelous way.
Wellesle34 MA — I saw the new video (borrowed from the Peace Abbey,) and it’s wonderful!
Salt Lake City UT — The documentary is impressive. I think it achieves its aim brilliantly. I shall certainly want to put it to good use...It is very rewarding to be a part of promoting Peace’s message.
Pittsburgh, CA — The video is excellent, very professional. I missed subtitles — names of people interviewed, but realize that this was in the spirit of Peace Pilgrim.
Lancaster, PA — It shows high quality standards, professional work, and deep understanding about Peace Pilgrim, her life and work. May the Spirit of Peace continue spreading around the world.
Fort Wayne, IN — I received the film today — Loved it. Very beautiful and flowing. Deserves more than one “Oscar.”
Laramie, WY — I have so much enjoyed the Spirit of Peace tape and have already arranged several showings with friends and others who I know will want to experience the message.
Buffalo, NY — Just finished watching the Spirit of Peace documentary. What a fantastic job you did....! found it so moving and inspiring that I want to donate one to my church...
Willits, CA — We are so glad to be able to watch it whenever we want to.

OTHER COMMENTS... I am honored to be a part of the beautiful video. When I met the three traveling “filmers” I knew it would be a credit to and powerful exposition of the work of Peace Pilgrim. ** Mine will be busy out on loan regularly. I never met Peace Pilgrim, so it was especially fine to “see” and hear her in this way. ** My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed watching It and were especially struck by the photos and stories of her early life. I only wish there was more about those 15 years of “growing up.” ** Surely Peace would’ve approved of the way it was done, based on truth rather than fiction and carried out on faith. **. When told that the Documentary was to reach back into Peace’s early life I held some reservations. In review of the work I feel that it is a masterful presentation illustrating the struggle that we each know in seeking our enfoidment. ** A great video.

LAWYER’S COMMENTS IN THE SPIRIT OF PEACE... Steve Brutsche, a lawyer and certified specialist in Dallas, Texas, was inspired by the words of Peace Pilgrim to begin a program to use mediation for settling civil disputes. The documentary movie crew interviewed lawyers in Texas who are part of this mediation program. The following is a verbatim report of their taped words.
Lawyer #1— Courtenay Bass: I think Steve was totally influenced by Peace Pilgrim. Everything else he read and studied was built on those same principles. I think it was his Bible, if you will — Something he always went back to. And I think that Peace Pilgrim really affected him. I’m not sure the movement would have happened without the guidance Steve got from Peace Pilgrim. Because that was what inspired him to do everything else he did.
Lawyer #2 — Steve Brutshe: What is missing in the practice of law for the vast majority of people is the sense that what they’re doing contributes. The paradigm for mediating is that you’re peacemakers. There is a quality of doing good in mediating, of being a source of healing. Think “win win” or “no deal.” That’s a rule of interpersonal relationships. Peace Pilgrim says that its gotta be beneficial to everybody or it won’t last.
Lawyer #3 — Mike Amis: And how did Steve Brutsche find Peace Pilgrim, I have no idea. But I’m awfully glad he did. Because it is the foundation of what we do everyday as mediators.
Lawyer #4— Ross Hostetter: He pulled out this little brochure and said, “you need this, you need to read this. This is every thing you need to know.” He used this phrase all the time. “This is everything you need to know” and handed out the little Peace Pilgrim brochure.
Lawyer #1: And I thought it was wonderful that Steve would hand out something like that. That was a pretty bold step in the dog-eat-dog litigation days we were in, in the late 80’s.
Lawyer #3: Only HE could look at a group of tenacious trial lawyers and say, “you’ve been greedy pigs, you sold out; for winning and for money, and that’s not enough to sustain a life.”
Lawyer #5 — Peter Chantilis: Slowly but surely, as you start getting into it and understanding that there is another way of getting something done other than beating someone to death at the courthouse, it’s like a little light comes on one day, saying, “You know what, this is better.”
Lawyer #4: We had just observed my first mediation — the very first I had actually seen from start to finish. And I was highly relieved when I saw the process was not involving manipulation of the truth or deception, which the trial process does.
Lawyer #3: And after 25,000 cases we have a steady 80% of success rate regardless of who the mediator is. And that’s important. Because the miracle is not in the persona of the mediator. It’s in the process. It’s based on universal principles that Peace Pilgrim enunciated that were not original with her. The basic underlying principle is that there is a spark of divine goodness in us all and that there is an abiding desire to seek and achieve peace and harmony.
Lawyer #5: I’m not the same person today I was four or five years ago. Some people who haven’t seen me in all these years say, “You’ve changed, you are different,” and I think for the best. But that’s as a result of finding peace.

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