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Winter 2009
Number 52

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

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Rush Memorial Service - Honoring Peace Pilgrim
Videos on DVD - How the Pilgrimage Continues

Memorial Service for John and Ann Rush at the Peace Abbey
by Bruce Nichols

     On June 21, 2008 family and friends from across America gathered at the Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA to celebrate the lives of John and Ann Rush.  For almost 20 years John and Ann ran the Peace Pilgrim center from their home in Hemet, California.  Their selfless service and dedication to sharing the story of Peace Pilgrim’s life and message were an inspiration to all who knew them.

     On the grounds of the Peace Abbey is a memorial stone dedicated to “Conscientious Objectors Who Walked the Earth Spreading the Tradition of Non-violence to Future Generations.”  Before their deaths, Peace Abbey director Lewis Randa had contacted the Rushes and their family to find out if John and Ann would accept the honor of having their names added to the stone and their cremated remains buried and scattered on “CO Hill.”  Among others who have been so honored are David Dellinger, a key member of the Chicago Seven and Wally Nelson, WW II conscientious objector and long time war tax resister. 

     The day began with a quiet Quaker service in the chapel of the main building.  Those gathered sat in silence and spoke when inspired to do so.  Wonderful memories were shared, as were words of peace and some favorite songs of John and Ann.

     After the service all went out and gathered around the monument on CO Hill.  Lewis Randa, director of the Peace Abbey, offered some words about the high regard in which he and others at the Abbey held John and Ann and how honored they were that the Rushes had chosen the Peace Abbey as the final resting place for their mortal remains.   

     The day concluded with the sharing of wholesome food, live music and contra dancing.   As Peace Pilgrim advised, the gathering was one to celebrate two lives of service, well lived.  John and Ann in their simple and steadfast way influenced the lives of people all over the world.  We are blessed to have known them.

Rush Family at the Peace Abbey
Relatives of John and Ann at the Peace Abbey

Honoring Peace Pilgrim         (top)
By Mayte Picco-Kline

     Peace Pilgrim became my inspiration from the very first time I had the privilege to hear about her, 17 years ago, and I wish to share my appreciation as I see her Light and Love shining eternally bright on Earth.
     Her dramatization of the way of Peace has transforming power and she continues to influence my own work for peace in expanding ways.  Thank you, Peace!  In the depths of my being I now know . . .

    • Peace is the sole and only source of happiness and resides within me.
    • A quiet, indwelling peace...
    • A perfect, satisfying peace...
    • A joyous celebration of life and of all that is!

     Life has a joyful outlook through the experience of a vibrantly alive inner peace.  In this gentle mood we know that even during the most difficult of times we have the spiritual resources to handle any situation we may encounter.  In the process of living in peace with ourselves and others we develop a basic poise that becomes instrumental in transcending illness, dealing with natural disasters and confronting challenging situations and relationships.  This approach to living lies in the understanding that all we experience has a purpose.

     Peace Pilgrim's words resonate in my soul, “When I awoke at dawn I was back on the spiritual mountaintop with a wonderful feeling.  I knew I would never need to descend again into the valley.  I knew that for me the struggle was over, that finally I had succeeded in giving my life, or finding inner peace.”

     I wish to share with you some of my affirmations to embrace peace:                  

    • My heart opens wide in a joyous embracing
      of all creation.
    • I recognize God’s purpose in each situation and all circumstances.
    • My heart has found the shrine where peace resides.
    • I am a part of all and choose peace.
Wholeness in Living


Mayte is a Friends of Peace Pilgrim board member and the translator of the Spanish edition of our book.  Find out more about Mayte's approach to living and how she honors Peace Pilgrim, in her book, Wholeness in Living: Kindling the Inner Light, found at her website: or write: or P.O. Box 4625, Lancaster, PA 17604

Peace Pilgrim Videos Now Available on DVD         (top)

     All of our video offerings are now available on DVD media. We had been talking about making the transition for a number of years and are happy that we can now bring Peace Pilgrim to you in this updated format.  This newer technology allows us to offer the contents of six video cassettes on three DVD disks.   Here are our new offerings:

Peace Pilgrim DVDs

PEACE PILGRIM DOCUMENTARIES – This DVD contains all of our documentaries on one disk.  Included are:
Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk – our popular, professional quality film about Peace Pilgrim’s life that includes much historical footage and interviews with friends and family.
American Sage with a Spanish language audio track – Identical to the English version but with a professional Spanish voice-over.
American Sage Intros – Two short introductions to Peace Pilgrim’s life and message in English and Spanish filmed at the United Nations University of Peace in Costa Rica
The Spirit of Peace – The original Peace Pilgrim documentary filmed in 1993.  This program includes many interviews with those who knew Peace Pilgrim and were inspired by her message.

PEACE PILGRIM LECTURES – This DVD has five selections to choose from:
Speaking to a College Class I & II – Two one-hour talks given by Peace Pilgrim to students at Cal State University in Los Angeles.
Answering Questions – Peace Pilgrim answers questions from students at the University of Georgia.
Pensacola Junior College Interview – A thirty-minute interview of Peace Pilgrim.
TV News Profile – A six-minute segment produced for the PM Magazine television program in the late 1970s.

PEACE PILGRIM INTERVIEWS – On this DVD you will find:
WIFR-TV Interview – A twenty-five-minute television interview filmed at a station in Rockford, IL.
Pensacola Junior College Interview – A thirty-minute interview of Peace Pilgrim. (also on the Lectures DVD)
Highlights Video – This introductory video includes clips from some of our other offerings and runs for twenty-four minutes.
TV News Profile – A six-minute segment produced for the PM Magazine television program in the late 1970s.

There are several additional features on the Lectures DVD.  All of the video programs can be viewed with sub-titles.  The languages included are French, Spanish, Russian, English (for hearing impaired), Portuguese, and two Chinese dialects, making this a truly international offering.  In addition to the video programs there are many DVD-ROM extras in PDF (Portable Document Format).  These include the entire text of our book, Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work In Her Own Words, our Steps Toward Inner Peace booklet in several languages, all of our past newsletters, and some music in mp3 format.

How the Pilgrimage Continues         (top)

     Peace Pilgrim walked the roads of North America for 28 years.  Over that time she personally interacted with many thousands of people through her lectures, radio and TV interviews, and in one-on-one conversations.
     Her life was her message.  She lived, breathed, and walked it for almost three decades.  While we miss her presence among us and often wonder how she might respond to the current world situation, it is obvious to us at Friends of Peace Pilgrim that the pilgrimage begun on the streets of Pasadena on January 1, 1953 is alive and well in the world today. 
     It continues through the hands and hearts of many of our friends around the world.  If you have ever told a friend about Peace Pilgrim, referred someone to our website, or shared a book, booklet, or video, you have been a continuation of the pilgrimage in the world. 
      A recent note from our friend Paul in Washington State included a lovely card that he created to share the “Steps” booklet.  Inside a note reads:

     “This card has been given to you along with the small booklet “Steps Toward Inner Peace” from the Peace Pilgrim.  I hope that you will read the booklet with an open heart.
     “When you are through reading the booklet please sign your name on the right side of this card and mail or give this card and booklet to another of your friends.  When the last line on the card is signed, please return the card to me.  I will then send that person another card so that they can pass that card and the booklet along to the next friend.”

This is just one example of how the pilgrimage continues.

Paul Nerge card

Paul’s Card


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