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Winter 2009
Number 52

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim

As February stretches into March and the days begin to noticeably lengthen, we are reminded of the cycles of life and the constant river of change that washes through the midst of all things.... 

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Peace Pilgrim's
100th Birthday

So many memories of Peace Pilgrim remain fresh and clear in my mind. When I saw her for the last time just before she made her “glorious transition to a freer life” she was so full of vitality it seemed she might actually outlive me - and I had yet to reach 40! Despite the fact that she was silver-haired and weathered, she exuded an ageless energy. During one of our last talks she said she would take a sabbatical after her seventh pilgrimage route, and that following that the form of her pilgrimage was going to change. She wasn’t sure yet what that change would be, but it’s clear now.

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Memorial Service for
John and Ann Rush

On June 21, 2008 family and friends from across America gathered at the Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA to celebrate the lives of John and Ann Rush.  For almost 20 years John and Ann ran the Peace Pilgrim center from their home in Hemet, California.  Their selfless service and dedication to sharing the story of Peace Pilgrim’s life and message were an inspiration to all who knew them.

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Honoring Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim became my inspiration from the very first time I had the privilege to hear about her, 17 years ago, and I wish to share my appreciation as I see her Light and Love shining eternally bright on Earth....

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New DVDs Available

All of our video offerings are now available on DVD media. We had been talking about making the transition for a number of years and are happy that we can now bring Peace Pilgrim to you in this updated format.  This newer technology allows us to offer the contents of six video cassettes on three DVD disks.  

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How the Pilgrimage Continues

Peace Pilgrim walked the roads of North America for 28 years.  Over that time she personally interacted with many thousands of people through her lectures, radio and TV interviews, and in one-on-one conversations.

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From our Correspondence

     I’ve heard it said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  And that has certainly been the case in my lifetime.  Just last month I heard about Peace Pilgrim for the first time. 

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Peace Pilgrim in History

Peace Pilgrim is back – more optimistic than on her last cross-America hike to Seattle three years ago.
     “I used to feel like a voice in the  wilderness.  Now I’m on the popular side,” she told a circle of silver-haired women at the Des Moines United Methodist Church....

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