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Summer 2008
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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

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From our Correspondence

Letter from a prison chaplain in the Department of Homeland Security – El Paso. TX:

On behalf of the Office of the Chaplain we would like to thank you for your generous donation of 400 Spanish booklets “Pasos hacia la Paz Interior”, 200 English booklets “Steps Toward Inner Peace” and six Peace Pilgrim books, three in English and three in Spanish.  Our detainees are really happy to receive the booklets. They have been a source of inspiration and hope for them in the difficult situation in which they are living as they face deportation.  We put the copies of the Peace Pilgrim book in the library so all can benefit from them.  In the name of the detainees we thank you again.  May God bless your ministry.


An email from a traveler:

My name is Kirsten and I left my old way of life on first day of summer last year.  I didn't know then that I would not be going back again.  On my journey to finding my real purpose for being here (on earth) a friend mentioned Peace Pilgrim.  I just sat through the beautiful documentary and read much of the written material on line.  I cried through much of both.  I know that we all have a purpose, and I know God would not put me here just to wonder what it is without an answer.  I am much moved by Peace's journey and would be grateful for a copy of both your book, and her small wisdom booklet.  I am meeting many, many people from countries all over the world as I move into towns and into hostels and such.  It makes me very happy and I was thinking it would be really cool to find someone who speaks each of the languages of the books translated to give a copy to.  I would be happy with just one, and I can pass it on to others as I go : ).


An Email from Gayle in Webster, TX:

I found Peace Pilgrim in 1983 at Friendswood  United Methodist Church.  Her booklet was handed out after the service and it changed my life then and her message resonates more now than ever before.  I gave my pamphlet to a missionary.  It was all tattered but the message was there.  I would love to have another book to leave to my children and for me to reread.  I just re-read it on the website and it all came back to me.  When I was a 30-year old single mother of two in 1983, her light came into my life and she lit the way for me to follow, and I have, becoming much like her now in many ways.  She still calls to me. Thank you for maintaining this website to preserve her message.   Peace Pilgrim was truly an angel for our time.  Her message is as clear today as ever.   God Bless,


A letter from a prisoner:

My name is Matthew and I am writing from a prison in California.  I would like to request the book Peace Pilgrim and a copy of your newsletter.  Back in 1997 I was sitting in a protective custody cell in Merced County jail.  There were a couple of books available – Bibles and such.  I remember this one book about a woman who traveled all over the place spreading truth about peace.  Now, eleven years later, as I begin another year of this life sentence, I believe I am ready to not just read about her mission, but maybe to live it.


Email from a friend in Bolivia:

A JOY OF PEACE CAME AND MY GRATEFULNESS IS EXPRESSED!  I just received the book about Peace Pilgrim you sent to me by request of a friend.  I am grateful for this piece on the earth of the PEACE OF THE UNIVERSE.  For the piece of the peace that came to the earth from the PEACE OF GOD.  During the year 2000, in Bolivia, I got knowledge of Peace Pilgrim though a Spanish version of the book that today I am receiving in English.  I lent the book to many persons, and the last one did not give it back to me.  Today you are restoring my happiness. Many thanks for all of you. Let us go making known the PEACE that Peace wanted for all of us.


An email from Robin;

I have known about Peace Pilgrim for a few years now, through a great friend of mine.  Giving the book to me, she smiled and said, “You need to read this!”  Not understanding what she meant, I put the book aside for a while.  One day I looked at the cover and was intrigued. I have read, smiled, and passed on her peaceful message.
I have had a moment today that has regenerated my belief that one can make a HUGE difference in this world.  I am inspired even more to Stand Tall and Believe in PEACE!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


A letter from David in Clinton Iowa:

I remember the two times Peace Pilgrim spoke at the Unity Center in Bettendorf, Iowa in 1979.  The center overlooks the Mississippi River and was once a Carmelite monastery. The entire Sunday morning service was Peace Pilgrim’s story of her progress up to that time.  Her second talk was presented that evening, and we returned again to hear her speak.  My impression, that I still hold today, was that Peace appeared somewhat frail.  But I never saw anyone stand on a platform so absolutely erect and totally focused on her message.  To me she appeared as already 93% spiritual in human form.  My last memory of Peace was hearing of a retreat that was going to take place in Hawaii.  I found myself standing at the teller window in the bank getting ready to secure travel funds when I realized that I could not go at this time because I had not freed myself from smoking.


A letter from Kate in Midland, Michigan:

How can sorting through old papers point you in a new direction?  I found that at some point a friend had sent me a copy of  “Steps Toward Inner Peace” by Peace Pilgrim. I had ignored the booklet until now but made a decision to read it before discarding.  Oh, my goodness!  The message hit me right between the eyes.  I’ve come to the conclusion that “possessions” are only valuable because someone else says they are.  I am now downsizing from a seventy-foot mobile home to a travel trailer on my son’s property to regroup and establish a new direction for the remainder of my life.  I’m excited about the potential the future is showing me right now. 


A letter from Donita in Durham, North Carolina:

I wanted to thank you for your unconditional love for our beloved planet and its inhabitants.  The service you are performing is so important in these days when the light of peace seems so small and elusive.  Yet know that the light within your magnificent hearts shines forth and illuminates this world like the smile, that beautiful smile, that Peace Pilgrim gave the world.  The light of peace is stronger than the darkness and is always alive and strong as long as beings such as you stand as guardians to the hope that each of us will walk in faith and peace as Peace has shown through her life.  Blessings to everyone.


From Emily, a student in New York:

I recently learned of Peace Pilgrim in my Peace Studies class at my university.  I was awestruck and inspired by her love and dedication.  There have been few times in my life when I have been privileged enough to witness simple, unconditional love and acceptance, and it sounds like Peace Pilgrim was capable of such.  In a world where many focus so much on the negative, it was heartening to hear such a resounding positive message and to find such a role model. Thank you so much.  Her message and story have renewed my hope.  I’m so glad to see that her spirit continues through all of you.  May you have much peace and happiness in your lives.  I would like three or four copies of the book.  I want to spread Peace’s message to as many people as possible.

“It isn't enough just to do right things and say right things - you must also think right things before your life can come into harmony.”     Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim in History        (top)

'Peace' WandererVists
Mother Here After Long Trek

from the Atlantic City Press – November, 1953

     A solitary wanderer crusading and doing penance for peace took a “break” in her 5000-mile coast-to-coast march yesterday to visit her mother in this city.  The Peace Pilgrim who has attracted attention across the nation on her pilgrimage on behalf of the cause of peace, revealed herself as a native of Atlantic County on her arrival here, but, following her practice during her travels, would not tell her name.

     The lively, gray-haired woman, whose age could range anywhere from 36 to 52, has walked nearly 5000 miles since she began her individual pilgrimage in Los Angeles on Jan. 1.  She hiked to this resort from Philadelphia, pausing en route Thursday to see a girl friend she hadn’t seen in 15 years and Friday night at the home of her sister.

Peace Pilgrim in 1953
walking coast to coast

Peace Pilgrim Quote

“When love fills your life all limitations are gone. The medicine this sick world needs so badly is love.”     

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Works in Her Own Words - Page 12


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