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Summer 2008
Number 51

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim

In the last issue of our newsletter we let you know of the “glorious transition” of our dear Ann Rush in November of 2007.  We now also need to inform you of the “beautiful liberation into a freer life” of her husband John on March 28th of this year.... 

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Memories of John and Ann

John and Ann Rush, Partners in Peace
John and Ann Rush
Partners in Peace

Ann met John Rush at a YMCA dance in Whittier, CA.   While most young people of the time were swinging to fox trots, jazz and the Charleston, John and Ann both managed to find one of the few places where folk dances were held...

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Thoughts about John and Ann
from Friends

“You’ve done a wondrous miraculous work with your lives!! Thank You!  We have distributed many pamphlets, books, and tapes.  Love the video, which always touches those who watch it.  All thanks to your dedication, vision and love! Yes, there are still remarkable beings on our planet and you two head the list!”
Jack and Eulaua (Honolulu) ...

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Rush Family 1952
Rush Family

This photo shows the Rush Family; John, Ann and children Erica, Heath, and Chava (Pam) in 1952, the year they relocated to Argenta, British Columbia.


Peace Pilgrim Drawing
drawing by Missy Washington




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Peace Pilgrim's
100th Birthday Celebration

July 18, 2008 will mark the 100th anniversary of Peace Pilgrim’s birth in Egg Harbor City, NJ.  She said of her early years growing up in that community:

I had a very favorable beginning, although many of you might not think so. I was born poor on a small farm on the outskirts of a small town, and I'm thankful for that. I was happy in my childhood. I had a woods to play in and a creek to swim in and room to grow...

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From our Correspondence

On behalf of the Office of the Chaplain we would like to thank you for your generous donation of 400 Spanish booklets “Pasos hacia la Paz Interior”, 200 English booklets “Steps Toward Inner Peace” and six Peace Pilgrim books, three in English and three in Spanish.  Our detainees are really happy to receive the booklets...

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Peace Pilgrim in History

A solitary wanderer crusading and doing penance for peace took a “break” in her 5000-mile coast-to-coast march yesterday to visit her mother in this city...

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