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Winter 2007
Number 49

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

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Letters and Email

From Florida:

Dear Friends,

     I have a new hero.  To me a hero is someone whom I admire, someone whom I aspire to be like - a woman named Mildred Norman, she was known as “Peace Pilgrim.”  I read her story in Dan Millman’s book, Divine Interventions.   Mildred was born in 1908 on a small chicken farm in New Jersey and she passed away over fifteen years ago. 
      I was inspired by this woman’s story to be even more of an instrument of peace!  The way I live my life everyday, how I interact with people and how I interact with myself is what matters.   I have decided to:

  1. Smile at everyone I see instead of waiting for them to smile at me first;
  2. Look for the sweetness inside of people instead of passing judgment;
  3. Have more patience with others (maybe telemarketers who are just trying to make a living) and my life;
  4. Have tolerance and put myself in their shoes;
  5. Show more understanding and sympathy to others acting in a way I may of labeled rude, slow, fake, controlling, selfish, self-absorbed, insecure, dishonest, spacey, or unconscious;
  6. Have patience with life if it doesn’t play out in my time frame or my exact picture.

Peace & love to you and your loved ones!    Laurie


An Email:


     I have been reading on your website and watching the documentary and listening to the songs over the last few days.
     I realized I was watching a real life saint and I've been so inspired by her.  I was already starting to simplify my life and planning to get rid of a lot of clothes and superfluous belongings so I came across Peace at just the right time.  She has really given direction and inspiration to my plans.  I would also like to dedicate myself to service like her, giving instead of getting, although in lots of respects I have a far way to go.  I love her simplicity and service, her radical response to life, her love, and above all she has shown me the truth of the spiritual teachings.
     Thank you so much for the website.  You are doing a great and important job and I'm sure you will be blessed for it.



From Belgium:

Hello Friends,

     Today something wonderful has happened… I am home from work because of a sore back problem. So I need to lay down a bit and was wondering what I would do while I was laying down… Read a book… watch TV or a video… I prefer to watch TV a little… But on TV there was nothing worthwhile going on… and I had no videos that I had not seen many times… Then my front door bell rings ! I open the door… and in front of me is the mailman with the video tapes you have sent me !  Wonderful !!! 
     And as they say… coincidence does not exist.  I am really feeling that the message of Peace Pilgrim is coming to me at exactly the right time and as I can feel every word she says also living inside of me… I hope I can also make it my message to the world… even if my body is not strong enough to do it the same way… I hope I find my way to live the message that Peace Pilgrim brings… It is already inside of me and maybe has always been there… But only now, at 46 years of age, I feel ready to bring it outside of me.  So, I thank you very much for sending me everything.  In the meantime… take care to enjoy life, keep smiling and let’s all together make Peace inside and outside of us!

Love - xox - Debby


Taking Action for Peace:

Dear Friends,
     I represent a newly forming women’s peace project called Heart2Heart PeaceWorks.  We would like to begin sending simple, but personal messages of love and support to women in countries who are now being challenged by the impact of war and poverty. It is our intention to reach out to as many countries as possible. These simple messages will be non-political, and non-denominational in nature; such as “I wish you and your family peace,” or “We remember you and your family in our hearts.”  I am collecting these messages through email and putting them on blank cards. I would like to send them to a humanitarian or peacemaking organization.  To learn more about our project, or to participate, please visit our website at:

     Thank you so much for the work that you do, and for any help you can give us with this project.
Peace, Karyn

“It isn't enough to talk about peace.  One must believe in it.  And it isn't enough to believe in it.  One must work at it.”             Eleanor Roosevelt

From Arkansas:        (top)

     I first heard of Peace when I moved to Burlington, KS in the early 1980's.  There was a newspaper article hanging in the lobby of the new high school I was to attend.  She had walked through this town on Highway 75.  I read the article, and, being a 'seeker' all my young life (and even today), was completely inspired to continue my journey of peace and truth.  I had the wonderful opportunity to be enrolled in a creative writing class.  We were assigned to write a haiku.  Mine was about Peace Pilgrim.  I have not shared it with anyone - except my creative writing teacher some 24 years ago.  Now, after all this time, the influence of Peace Pilgrim still resonates - and my journey - is one of redemption based upon her journey and her words of peace and love.
     So, in an attempt to 'thank' her - I wanted to share this humble homework assignment from a generation ago with her friends. Thank you for continuing her work.
Haiku for Peace Pilgrim

You brought us new hope
One day - perhaps you were an
Angel passing through
Peace be with you,  Shawna
Fayetteville, Arkansas


An Email:

Hello Friends,
     The Steps booklet and the book have been such a huge part of my life for the last 15 years that I feel the need to share them with others. The booklet is so easy to carry a handful of and just hand them to someone who may be interested. It has been years since I have done this but I feel the impulse to begin again. I still get thanks now from people I gave them to over a decade ago! I am 34 now and my spiritual teaching is so deeply inspired by Peace Pilgrim, as is my Life and my willingness and ability to "be peace" and to Love and live fully. Any audio or video would also be greatly appreciated! I thank you DEEPLY and wholly for your support of the vision of such a beautiful human being!
Many, Many Blessings and Eternal Love,  Dale Allen


From Colorado:

     I am writing in gratitude for the Peace Pilgrim Books and Videos.  I was able to use them in our program for our gathering of SPIRITKEEPERS – AN INTERFAITH FELLOWSHIP.  We gather each Sunday morning to listen and partake of a presenter of some aspect of the spiritual path.  This group is an outgrowth of the Dances of Universal Peace so in each session we have two or three spiritual dances as well.
     The program I presented was entitled WHEN THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD FOR PEACE.  We traced a brief history of nonviolent peace walks from Gandhi to Peace Pilgrim to The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament of 1968.  We had three people who had been on the March and they remembered other marchers’ comments about Peace Pilgrim and what an inspiration she was to them.
     After all these years I'm still impressed not only with her actions of "Walking her Talk" but that her message, as simple and basic as it is, still is most needed in today's world.  One of the former marchers when asked if it produced any results to walk for peace, quoted Pete Seeger as saying that on the balance scale of peace and war -- the military has big rocks that they place on one side of the scale while we, on the other side have only little stones that we each can place on the other.  But if enough little stones are put on the scale we can out balance the military.

Thanks again, John


An Email:

 Dear FoPP,
     I read the Peace Pilgrim pamphlet years ago.  I wrote down in my journal her quote:  "This is the way of peace: overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth and hatred with love."  I recently received a letter from Billy, a prisoner. He broke into my home 10 years ago and was writing asking to be forgiven. I wrote back with my forgiveness and included the above quote. He wrote again asking who Peace Pilgrim is so I looked her up online to see if I could order a pamphlet for him. I read the entire website today and I am inspired all over again! Thank you for keeping her message alive and thank you for sending the literature to Billy.
Sincerely,  Melanie


An Email:

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

     During my journey to India I visited the ashram of Vinoba Bhave in Paunar.  It is a little community of women who dedicate their life to the practice of non-violence in the purest tradition of Mahatma Gandhi.  One day, Gitaben, a lovely old sister, gave me a tiny booklet called Steps Toward Inner Peace.   It was a revelation.  She said to me: “You know, Peace Pilgrim was on her long pilgrimage exacty in the same time that we were walking beside Vinoba across India in order to collect land for the poor.”  Gitaben would be happy to have some additional copies of Steps Toward Inner Peace as she gave me her last copy.

Thank you,  Zsuzsa

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Peace Pilgrim in History        (top)

Moose Jaw Times-Herald
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan - June 24, 1957

Moose Jaw text


Peace Pilgrim in Canada

Peace Pilgrim
In Canada

Peace Pilgrim Quote

“ I no longer become angry. I not only do not say angry words, I do not even think angry thoughts! If someone does an unkind thing to me I feel only compassion instead of resentment. Even upon those who cause suffering I look with deep compassion, knowing the harvest of sorrow that lies in store for them. If there were those who hated me, I would love them in return, knowing that hatred can only be overcome by love, and knowing that there is good in all human beings which can be reached by a loving approach.”

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Works in Her Own Words - Page 112


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