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Winter 2007
Number 49

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim - Ann Rush Turns 90
Peace Pilgrim Pole Project - Successful Work Retreat Update

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim

The midwinter light is soft and casts long shadows as the days now slowly begin to lengthen.  A new year has recently turned and, at Friends of Peace Pilgrim, we are awaiting the delivery of a new printing of our standard book. 

It has been 24 years since the premier edition of Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words first rolled off the presses in January of 1983.   Much has changed in the world since then, but Peace’s life and message continue to inspire friends new and old.  In phone conversations and letters, through email messages and personal contacts, we are daily reminded of the relevance her words have carried into the 21st century.

Peace’s pilgrimage did not end in 1981.  It continues today in the lives of all our friends around the world who hope and pray and work for peace.  One way many of you do that is by sharing our books and booklets with family, friends, colleagues and strangers.  For this we are deeply grateful.

In this issue you will find an update on the work retreat that took place at Peaceful Pathways last October.  Three FoPP board members and a number of friends helped spruce up and organize our library and study center in Copperopolis, California.

We also want to introduce you to our newest board member, Mayte Picco-Kline.  Though she is new to the board, Mayte is a long time friend, and has contributed to our work in many ways.   Inside you will find the transcript of a recent radio interview where Mayte shared some insights on Peace Pilgrim’s life. 

Peace Pilgrim felt that it was not our knowledge of peace that was lacking, but rather it was the practice of it that could be improved.   Our friend Bo Lozoff offers some simple suggestions on how to manifest our ideals through a simple daily practice.

We also offer you our usual inspiring collection of letters from friends, a bit of Peace Pilgrim history, and a list of our current offerings. 

May our collective desires for peace move ever closer to being fully realized in our lives and in the world.

In Peace,

Cheryl Canfield, Richard Polese, Mayte Picco-Kline,
Jeff Blom, Bruce Nichols, and John and Ann Rush

The Friends of Peace Pilgrim Board

“All of us can work for peace.  We can work right where we are, right within ourselves, because the more peace we have within our own lives, the more we can reflect into our outer situation.”

Peace Pilgrim

Ann Rush Turns 90         (top)

Our dear friend Ann Rush, one of the compilers of the book, Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, celebrated her 90th birthday on January 30.   It was Ann’s profound insight that the only way to create a book about Peace Pilgrim was to do it in her own words, which provided the guiding light for the book’s format.

For almost 20 years, Ann and husband John ran the first Peace Pilgrim Center out of their home in Hemet, California.  Their unflagging enthusiasm and energy for sharing Peace Pilgrim’s message has been of great inspiration to all of us who are following in their sizable shadows.  Happy birthday, Ann, we love you so much!

Ann Rush at 90

Peace Pilgrim Pole Project         (top)

In our last issue we introduced our project that will place poles with Peace Pilgrim’s message in each of the 50 state capitals.  As this issue goes to press, our board is in the process of selecting the final design for the let-tering.  We have had inquiries from a number of states including California, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Maryland, Oregon, and New York.  

The first production plaques should be ready in late February or early March.   We are looking for your help in finding addiotional locations and making arrangements in the state capitals. If you can assist with this project, please send a written proposal to:

Friends of Peace Pilgrim
PO Box 2207
Shelton, CT 06484

You can call (203) 926-1581 for additional information.

Richard Polese and Margaret Willits at work

Update on Successful         (top)
Work Retreat at Peaceful Pathways
by Cheryl Canfield

Thanks to all, we had a productive work retreat and gathering of friends at Peaceful Pathways in October. The weather thankfully cooperated, making our outdoor work possible!

The first to arrive were Al and Lee Lane, who had enthusiastically contacted me as soon as they heard about the retreat: “We want to work!” they emailed. I first met Al and Lee while leading canoe retreats for FoPP with fellow board member Jeff Blom in 1989. How time flies. Al and Lee got busy as soon as they arrived – tackling and making lists of contents in the many boxes in the archives. I went into the trailer to see how they were doing and to my amazement, Al, without  glasses, was reading to Lee out of one of the boxes. Al is 89 years old!  

Board members Bruce Nichols and Richard Polese arrived next, followed by a wonderful film crew – Carla Grace, documentary filmmaker, Sovonto, camera man, and Hari, soundman. We spent many hours (indi-vidually and collectively, in front of the camera and off) speaking about the topic that inspires us all – peace, and Peace Pilgrim. We wish the film crew well on their proposed project, a film that looks at how Peace’s inspiration and life work continues to affect those who had the opportunity to know her.

Another documentary filmmaker, Tara Golden, also spent a few days with us, using the library and archives to learn more about Peace Pilgrim. The film she is working on, a docudrama, was inspired by Peace.  And, she painted the stairs and new handrail leading into the library and archives trailer. Bruce and Richard pitched in on many areas, painting, sanding, and making important advances on our leaking roof. More work is needed and we’re working on it!

     Margaret Willits, a forest service worker, joined the board on a day that was a work holiday for her and lent valuable advice to our fire safety issues, as well as joining us in work and lively conversation. With Margaret’s help we managed to paint and shellac all of the signs that had faded almost to non-existence since their arrival from the former Peace Pilgrim Center. Each sign spells out one of Peace’s steps toward inner peace, and will one day mark the “Peace Path” here we plan to create.

     Our final arrival, Carolisa, arrived from San Diego for the last days, pitching in with painting and pulling weeds. Her cheerful and willing presence was most welcome – and as those before her, when she departed we said goodbye to a dear new friend. Thank you all.

      Since the retreat Archie has built a deck that runs along the back of the peace trailer – adding a quiet space overlooking the oak trees for meditation, reading, and enjoying nature.

     Volunteers are welcome for brief work retreats in spring and fall. We love to show visitors the library and archives, located in the Peace Pilgrim trailer. Modest sleeping accommodations are available, and personal transportation is required. Check with Cheryl Canfield about current projects and visitor and volunteer guidelines. PO Box 423, Copperopolis, CA 95228. Email:

Peaceful Pathways
Peaceful Pathways - Copperopolis


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