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Summer/Fall 2006
Number 48

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim

The warm breath of summer has settled on the earth. Flowers blossom in our gardens and in the wild places graced by sun and rain and the richness of our planet. We hope you have had the time to get out and enjoy the “beauties of nature” that were such an inspiration to Peace Pilgrim.

July 7 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of Peace’s “glorious transition to a freer life.” This spring a new printing of 10,000 our compact books arrived at our Oklahoma City distribution center...

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Library and Archives Update
Work Retreat, October 1 - 14

A lot of remodeling work was completed last year on the old trailer that houses the library and archives at Peaceful Pathways – including the addition of a bathroom and completion of sleeping spaces. Most of the books are unpacked and displayed and the basics are in place. We also went through some harsh winter storms that caused damage in walls and ceilings which we hope to assess and repair before winter comes again...

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The Peace Dome at Peaceful Pathways

All The Good Things - Revisited

During the past few months Public Television has been airing a program featurning inspirational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer. During the program Dr. Dyer talks briefly about the impact Peace Pilgrim made on his life. He also mentions a story that appeard in the fall 1998 issue of our newsletter. This reference lead to a host of inquiries...

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Peace Pilgrim
Pole Project

One of our long time friends has been inspired to make a donation that would help us place similar poles in the capital cities of each of the fifty states. We would like to solicit the help of our many friends around the country to facilitate this project...

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Gandhi's Pencil

When Peace Pilgrim was awarded theCourage of Conscience award by the Peace Abbey of Sherborn, MA, another of that year's recipients was Arun Gandhi the granson of the great Indian peacemaker Mohandas Gandhi...

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Living with Peace

Our European friend Marjorie Agoston currently lives in Spain. she previously lived in France where, for a time, she helped distribut the French version of the Peace Pigrim book. Marjorie has recently written a book of her own...

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Letters and Email

Our friends share their experiences with Peace Pilgrim's message and how it has influenced their lives.

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A Letter from Hagit Raanan

Massive destruction in Lebanon cannot diminish the pain of the destruction in Israel, children getting killed on both sides - is forbidden to be the answer! It is not the solution! Wars are not the way out as history taught us already - no one ever won a war...

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Earth Trustees

Many people are familiar with Earth Day, an event that is celebrated on April 22. Perhaps fewer are aware that John McConnell, who celebrated his 91st bithday this year, was the brainchild of the original event that took place on March 21, 1970 in San Francisco...

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Peace Pilgrim in History
July, 1981 - Knox, IN

KNOX - The blue eyes will never make contact with another individual again. The voice which carried across a room so stilled...

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Peace Pilgrim Quote

"Death is a beautiful liberation into a freer life... "


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