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Winter 2006 - Number 47

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim

The short days of winter have brought sleet and snow to the rough hills of New England, rain to the fertile valleys of California, and wind to the broad plains of Oklahoma. Our work continues in these locations and in the many other places around the world where our dedicated friends continue to share Peace Pilgrim’s message.

We begin 2006 with a mix of emotion.

On January 10 of this year, our dear friend and fellow Friends of Peace Pilgrim board member Kathy Miller made her “glorious transition to a freer life” at the home of her daughter Kristin in Willits, California. Kathy was at peace and embraced by the love of her family...

Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller

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Remembering Kathy Miller

Free to soar,
Our Love Goes with you, Kathy

By Cheryl Canfield,

Kathy Miller has graced our work and our lives with her strong and gentle spirit, her tireless service, and her inspiring songs. During the past year she has had a personal struggle with lung cancer, which she ap-proached with an amazing acceptance and peace. Family, friends, health care professionals, and hospice workers have been touched, inspired and captivated by her spirit. She made her departure in her decidedly “Kathy” way, quietly, her daughter by her side.

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Some Insights from Kathy

During the last year of her life, Kathy was interviewed by Judy Jones about her music, her work with Friends of Peace Pilgrim and how her illness had impacted her life. A short excerpt follows.

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Peaceful Pathways:
Spreading the Seeds of Peace
By Cheryl Canfield

It was my great fortune in life to meet Peace Pilgrim when I was a young woman, and to come to know her as a beloved friend and mentor. It was my further good fortune to accompany her on the only two inspirational and educational retreats she led before her death. The first was to Alaska in 1979 where 18 of us started out from Anchorage, traveling in three rented cars. We camped out and cooked vegetarian meals over a campfire...

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Update from
Oklahoma City

What has it been like to volunteer at the Friends of Peace Pilgrim Center? Board member Bruce Nichols posed this question to some of our Oklahoma City friends and asked them to write about their experiences during the last year of planning, preparation, and now working in our new office...

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Spirit of Peace Van Finds a New Home
By Bruce Nichols

One of the tasks left unfinished when the rental truck pulled out of Placerville bound for Oklahoma City was the disposition of the “Spirit of Peace” Volkswagen Bus.

In 1993 this 1977 vintage vehicle was used by filmmakers Clair Townsend, David Mueller, and Gigi Orlowski to cris-cross the United States interviewing people that had known Peace Pilgrim. The bus took its name from the “Spirit of Peace” documentary that would come out of this effort.

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John and Ann Rush

John and Ann Rush

Many of you know and love our senior board members John and Ann Rush. Two of the original compilers of our book, “Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words,” John and Ann met Peace Pilgrim in 1957 and were long-time directors of the Peace Pilgrim Center when it was located in Hemet, California.

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Peace Pilgrim
Returns from Space

In the early morning hours of January 15, 2006 parachutes opened over a 125 pound silver capsule and gently guided its descent into the Utah desert...

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Peace Pilgrim in History
Feb. 1956 - Nashville, TN

Nashville News Photo 1956

The "Peace Pilgrim" when She was in school, was "intrigued by the notion of making: money and getting ahead of everyone else."
"Fifteen years ago I saw the folly of that," she said here yesterday. "I dedicated myself to the service of mankind."...

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Peace Pilgrim Quote

"A time like this calls for much peace prayer and peace effort...


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