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Fall 2005 - Number 46

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

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Letters and Email - Lessons from the Path - Peace Pilgrim in History

Letters and Email

From the Ozarks

Since I've come across "Peace Pilgrim - Her Life and Work in Her Own Words" two summers ago I've been a big fan of Peace. Last summer I watched the Documentary from the website several times. I now live in an area where my only option is a poor modem connection on which viewing the documentary is no longer possible.

The above-mentioned book is literally my most important business text, as I have recently opened a little general store in a tiny town in the Ozarks. Her life and spiritual example of living to the highest good has impacted my life greatly and still does. I have grown to feel so connected to her and regularly seek her counsel by reading her words.

The documentary is phenomenal and my heart and soul is longing to watch it again. I wish I knew her when she was alive ... but her spirit (in the context of her words and life) came to me at a perfect time.

Thank you, Tina

From Hubbard, Kentucky

I use to say, I heard about Peace Pilgrim by accident....but I have learned lately thru my searching and hunger for a different appreciation of each day and each present moment....all are divine appoint-ments.....for me to choose the right path......I have been touched so much by "Peace Pilgrim" and what she stood for and the struggle she had in choosing and hearing God's perfect design for her.......I really would like the book..... I have always felt a hunger for peace ....not knowing what is was......other than stillness and the absence of trouble and turmoil.....but I know it is often I've shared with those around me, and come home and say, "Molly, you can tell it, why don't you feel it" Feeling peace inside is good....but working for the common good of all, is peace, in your attitude, daily, your smile, your words, your thoughts. is a progression to bring us to peace....then and only then can you bring peace to the world.......I cannot walk as Peace Pilgrim was her calling, but as I walk daily.......the paths for each day, I will walk and talk peace......what a blessing.....thank you for your gift.

Blessings and Peace to all of you, Molly

From Florida

Thank you so much for sending this book to people. I had it years ago and now it is gone and I would so much love to read it as I had not finished it. Her words inspire me so deeply to go beyond my limiting thoughts to a much bigger and better and love-filled place. What a blessing her life continues to be for us all.

Please send the book to: Bobbye

From Northern Ireland

I have just read the amazing story for the first time about Peace Pilgrim. I was born and brought up in a war zone for over thirty years. I know so many people in my country who have needlessly died or been maimed by war. I would really love to learn more about Peace Pilgrim. She was a truly astonishing woman.

I am a pacifist and know that the only way forward for human kind is to realize that war only creates more war and heartache and unless stopped is an endless circle of destruction.


Lessons on the Path to Peace         (top)
by Brandon Wilson

Our friend Brandon Wilson has walked many of the traditional pilgrimage routes in Europe as well as from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal, a journey of 1000 kilometers. You can learn more about his travels at

Be trusting. Have faith that the path knows where it's going--even if you don't.

Be generous. Travel lightly. All in life is a gift. What you don't need, give away.

Be kind. On the path, even the smallest word of encouragement makes a difference.

Be humble. Walking on dirt is easier on the feet than walking on pavement.

Be human. There is no harm in getting lost--only in staying lost.

Be a friend. Folks along the way impact your life, if just for a moment. All too soon they leave to follow their own path. Don't resent this. Bid them good journey. Thank them for their gift.

Be content. Savor the small victories along the way.

Forrest Path by Bruce nichols
photograph by Bruce Nichols

Be grateful. Even the smallest things on the path are either a gift or lesson.

Be flexible. Sometimes trails just vanish. That doesn't mean you’ve lost your way or were on the wrong path – only that there's a different one now.

Be hopeful. Tomorrow is another day waiting with the possibility of success.

Be happy. Laughter and song are nature's tonic for adversity.

Be aware. It is the journey that ultimately matters, not the destination.

Above all else, love all living things on the path. Love God, your fellow travelers, and yourself.

Peace Pilgrim in History - 50 years ago        (top)

(From The News-Herald Oct. 19, 1955 Hutchinson, Kansas)


Hutchinson was visited briefly Tuesday by a gray-haired, peace-minded woman who calls herself Peace Pilgrim, and is set on hiking 10,000 miles.

The woman, who dresses in dark blue, says she carries nothing with her but a comb and toothbrush, some copies of her message plus at the moment some unanswered correspondence. All this goes in the pockets along her hand-sewn tunic, emblazoned across the back with the legend, "walking 10,000 miles for world disarmament," and across the front simply "Peace Pilgrim."

“Women always wonder if I have a change of clothes with me - I don't,” she said when asked by a man who also wondered. "I just wash out what I'm wearing and put it on to dry. That's the quickest way."

In 1953, when she became a pilgrim for the cause of world disarmament 15 years after finding "inner peace", she walked 5,000 miles.

In 1954 she walked such a little bit, she said, that she doesn't even count it. This year she's planning to walk 100 miles in every state - in Kansas it will be from Abilene to Topeka next weekend — plus a few miles to make up her 10,000 miles goal.

Peace Pilgrim, who said she never accepts money for the talks she gives, came into Hutchinson with a very pleasant truck driver and his son. She will speak Friday night at McPherson.


MAGIC FORMULAS: There is a magic formula for resolving con-flicts. It is this: Have as your objective the resolving of the conflict, not the gaining of advantage. There is a magic formula for avoiding conflicts. It is this: Be concerned that you do not offend, not that you are not offended.

Steps Toward Inner Peace – Page30


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