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Fall 2005 - Number 46

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim

The months since our last newsletter have been busy ones for the Friends of Peace Pilgrim board of directors. At our June meeting at the home of our president Cheryl Canfield in Copperopolis, California we had a chance to see first hand the work being done to house our archives and study center at this beautiful location not far from our previous home in Somerset. A visitors’ trailer is already in position on a knoll on the fifteen-acre property and work is nearing completion on the rooms that will offer office space and accessible storage for our library, archives, and study center. Cheryl’s willingness to host this aspect of our work and offer the physical location necessary to maintain our California non-profit status has been a great and needed blessing. There is still a lot of work to be done but we feel we are well on the way to creating a harmonious and peaceful facility for our Peace Pilgrim study center and future retreats.

The big news of the summer is the upcoming move of our distribution activities from our temporary location in Placerville, California to Oklahoma City...

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Epworth Building in Oklahoma City
New Oklahoma City Office

Peace Pilgrim Library and Archive Update
By Cheryl Canfield,

Preparations are underway for the relocation of the Peace Pilgrim library and archives to Peaceful Path-ways Sanctuary, a 15-acre property with a seasonal lake and a geodesic dome that we affectionately call “the Peace Dome.” The dome is the new home of my parents, Archie and Alice Canfield and myself.

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Oklahoma City Update
by Bruce Nichols

In early May of this year, board members Richard Polese and I traveled to Oklahoma City, OK to meet with volunteers and tour the Epworth Building where we were being offered free office space for our distribution center.

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Translating Peace Pilgrim into French
By Daniel Simard

The online French version is a little example of the continuing inspiration that Peace Pilgrim is for people around the world, and especially for me. For this task, I constantly kept in mind one of her principles: set the priority on the really important things, over all those superficial activities that encumber our lives. So as soon as I had free time outside my work, in evenings, weekends, this was my priority. I also dedicated weeks of vacation to the process, and I would happily see the work progressing more rapidly in these full-time periods...

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Peace Pilgrim Honored in Her Home Town
from the Press of Atlantic City

EGG HARBOR CITY, NJ - In the nearly three decades she spent walking across the country to promote peace, few people knew the woman who called herself Peace Pilgrim was from Egg Harbor City. Even after her death, Peace Pilgrim's name and back-ground remained largely a mystery. But that all changed Tuesday, when a terra cotta statue of the 1926 Egg Harbor City High School valedictorian was erected in the London Avenue park across from the Roundhouse museum...

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Department of Peace Initiative

On September 14, 2005 a bill to create an executive branch Department of Peace was introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio with 56 co-sponsors...

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Lessons on the Path
by Brandon Wilson

Our friend Brandon Wilson has walked many of the traditional pilgrimage routes in Europe as well as from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal, a journey of 1000 kilometers.

Be trusting. Have faith that the path knows where it's going--even if you don't...

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Letters and Email

From the Ozarks

Since I've come across "Peace Pilgrim - Her Life and Work in Her Own Words" two summers ago I've been a big fan of Peace. Last summer I watched the Documentary from the website several times. I now live in an area where my only option is a poor modem connection on which viewing the documentary is no longer possible...

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Peace Pilgrim in History
Oct. 1955

Hutchinson was visited briefly Tuesday by a gray-haired, peace-minded woman who calls herself Peace Pilgrim, and is set on hiking 10,000 miles...

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Peace Pilgrim Quote

"There is a magic formula for resolving conflicts. .... more

Our New Addresses

After years of operating out of a single center, Friends of Peace Pilgrim will be spreading its wings and working from several locations. Here are our new mailing addresses... GO

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