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Summer 2005 - Number 45

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim - Placerville Update - Peace Dome and Archive Dedication

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim

The seasons have turned again. Spring blossoms fade into the luxuriant greens of summer. The scent of lilac hangs in the air and the first fireflies wink on and off in the quiet stillness of a June evening.

Much has transpired since our last newsletter. Our property in Somerset has been sold to an appreciative couple who fell in love with the beauty and peace-fulness of their new home in the Sierra foothills.

March was a month of intense activity with the closing on the property and two rounds of moving.

Our archives were transported to Copperopolis about 70 miles to the southeast where Friends of Peace Pilgrim board president Cheryl Canfield has established the “Peaceful Pathways” center at her home in the Peace Dome. Cheryl will be hosting our archives and study center. Cheryl also plans to host occasional Peace Pilgrim retreats. A dedication ceremony for Peaceful Pathways was held on April 17, 2005. The peace pole that had marked the entrance to the Somerset house was planted as part of that event.

Our inventory of books and order processing activities have been temporarily relocated to Placerville, California, while we continue our search for a permanent location for these activities. In the capable hands of long time volunteer Gary Guthrie and Placerville resident Mary Garman, we continue to answer the phone, open the mail, read your emails and package and ship our books and materials to friends all over the world. Mary and her husband John generously opened their home to us and have provided a comfortable office and environment for our work. An update from Gary and Mary can be found below.

Our search for a permanent long-term home for order processing has produced several possible locations. In May board members Richard Polese and Bruce Nichols traveled to Oklahoma City to meet with a very active and inspired group that would like us to relocate to this centrally located city. We toured office space that has been offered, attended National Day of Prayer events, visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial (site of the 1995 Murrah Federal Building bombing), and spoke about Peace Pilgrim at several venues including one in which we shared the stage with environmentalist and planet saver Julia Butterfly Hill. We also met many, many wonderful Oklahomans who made us feel very welcome. We offer special thanks to Sue Tarr who organized our visit and Lakshmi Ramgopal and her family who hosted us in their beautiful home.

Lakshmi had also visited the Somerset center just at the time of our March move and was an invaluable help in that endeavor.

Other offers have come from Massachusetts and Southern California and there may be one or two more in the works. We hope to be able to announce a new permanent home for our order processing in an upcoming edition of this newsletter.

For all those who have sent letters of concern and support for Kathy Miller we are pleased to report that she continues to make progress with her cancer treatments. A letter from Kathy can be found on page three.

John and Ann Rush continue to live in the small blue house on Quaker City Road in Charlestown, New Hampshire. They are active in their local Quaker Meeting which takes place in an 1820 meetinghouse about a half-mile down the gravel road that runs by their home. A couple of times a week they do some gentle weight lifting with a physical therapist. Karen, a lovely young woman from the community, helps with meals, and they have the loving support of daughter Erica and son-in-law Albert who live next door.

We continue to be reminded of Peace Pilgrim’s wonderful words, “Live in the present. Do the things you know need to be done. Do all the good you can each day. The future will unfold.”

In Peace,
Cheryl Canfield, Bruce Nichols, Richard Polese,
Jeff Blom, Kathy Miller, and John and Ann Rush
The Friends of Peace Pilgrim Board

An Update from Placerville         (top)
by Gary Guthrie and Mary Garman, our Center staff.

The Friends of Peace Pilgrim center moved on March 16, 2005 to a new and interim location in the home of Mary Garman and John Stokes at 2769 Boardwalk Avenue in Placerville, California. Here we have a small but efficient office, storage for operating quantities of our materials, and housing for our full-time volunteer, Gary Guthrie.

In 1969 Mary was a student in the school founded by John and Ann Rush in Argenta, British Columbia and has been an active volunteer at the Peace Pilgrim Center since our move to Northern California. Gary Guthrie relocated to Placerville to continue the important work of distributing our Peace Pilgrim materials.

At the end of March we had a special visitor. John Francis, known by many as “Planetwalker,“ visited our new Placerville office. In the early 1970s, in protest of an oil spill in San Francisco Bay, John gave up motorized transportation and began walking everywhere. Soon afterward, he began a 17-year period of silence communicating only through mime, sign language, and short written notes. During those years he walked across America, much in the spirit of Peace Pilgrim, as a silent witness in service to humankind and the environment, obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees in the process. He spoke again for the first time on Earth Day in 1990.

An open house for the interim Peace Pilgrim center was held on April 21, a week after Cheryl Canfield’s dedication of the Peace Dome and Peace Pilgrim library in Copperopolis. About 25 people attended the program. Rev. Richard Billings, in whose church Peace Pilgrim gave her last pubic talk, called and offered a blessing for our new location.

Long-time friends of Peace Pilgrim, Cheyenne Bear and Lukas Allen came up from Ojai in their van lending their special Middle Eastern touch to a candlelit meal. Ken and Christine held the starring guest in their laps – baby Gabriel Friedman who had been born the at the Somerset house in early January.

Our celebration included songs, readings, and wholesome food. The program concluded with an announcement from the Friedman family that they would be moving to Prescott, Arizona, a wooded university town this summer. Ken has accepted a teaching position at the Waldorf School in Prescott.

After the open house, we returned to the joyful work of answering your phone calls, letters, and email and filling numerous envelops and boxes with books, booklets, and other Peace Pilgrim materials bound for our friends all across America and around the world.

Peace Dome and Peace Pilgrim Archive Dedication         (top)
by Judy Jones

Writer, artist and Great Peace Marcher, Judy Jones attended the Peace Dome celebration held at Friends of Peace Pilgrim board president Cheryl Canfied’s “Peaceful Pathways” property in April. More of Judy’s work can be found on her website:

On Sunday, April 17th, 2005, a celebration and dedication for the newly relocated Peace Pilgrim archives and library was held at the Peace Dome in Copperopolis, California. The dome is located at Peaceful Pathways, the home of Cheryl Canfield, one of the original compilers of the Peace Pilgrim book. What a treat to meet her after carrying it with me for the past 12 years!

The celebration was in the spirit Peace Pilgrim would have chosen! Her life's work brought strangers together in love, peace and harmony as each of us spoke of what we individually were doing in our lives to promote peace.

A friend of mine, Laura Nimr, graciously offered me a ride to the event, and entertained us with her original music in Spanish and English. She had the whole room dancing and singing!

There was also a wonderful flute player at the gathering and the Peace Dome must be seen to be appreciated! Both of Cheryl's parents were there and I immediately understood why her life is dedicated to service.

It was good to reconnect with friends that had been on The Great Peace March with me, walking across the United States. I knew we truly were becoming an 'Inter-planetarian Family'.

My spirit soared into a flame!

For information on The Peace Pilgrim Archives and Library and the Peace Dome please contact:

Cheryl Canfield
Box 423, Copperopolis, CA 95228

“It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving.” – Mother Teresa


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