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Summer 2005 - Number 45

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"Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" -- Peace Pilgrim

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim

The seasons have turned again. Spring blossoms fade into the luxuriant greens of summer. The scent of lilac hangs in the air and the first fireflies wink on and off in the quiet stillness of a June evening.

Much has transpired since our last newsletter. Our property in Somerset has been sold to an appreciative couple who fell in love with the beauty and peacefulness of their new home in the Sierra foothills.

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An Update From Placerville
By Gary Guthrie and Mary Garman,
Our Center Staff

The Friends of Peace Pilgrim center moved on March 16, 2005 to a new and interim location in the home of Mary Garman and John Stokes at 2769 Boardwalk Avenue in Placerville, California. Here we have a small but efficient office, storage for operating quantities of our materials, and housing for our full-time volunteer, Gary Guthrie.

In 1969 Mary was a student in the school founded by John and Ann Rush in Argenta, British Columbia and has been an active volunteer at the Peace Pilgrim Center since our move to Northern California. Gary Guthrie relocated to Placerville to continue the important work of distributing our Peace Pilgrim materials.

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Peace Dome and Peace Pilgrim
Archive Dedication

by Judy Jones

On Sunday, April 17th, 2005, a celebration and dedication for the newly relocated Peace Pilgrim archives and library was held at the Peace Dome in Copperopolis, California. The dome is located at Peaceful Pathways, the home of Cheryl Canfield, one of the original compilers of the Peace Pilgrim book. What a treat to meet her after carrying it with me for the past 12 years!

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In Her Footsteps
By Vicki Hurst

Though Peace Pilgrim was the inspiration for my 10,000-Mile World Peace Tour last year, I was always fully aware during that spectacular journey that my own adventure could hardly hold a candle to the challenge Peace Pilgrim set for herself. Six months on the road in a brand new motor home doesn’t come close to a nearly 30-year walking pilgrimage without even a sleeping bag or umbrella.

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Peacewalker's Dream
by Derek "Walker" Youngs

Do you have dreams? I don't mean the ones you have at night, but the ones when you're awake. Looking back I can see I have spent a fair amount of my lifetime dreaming, as it's the first step I take before venturing out into the unknown. For almost twenty years now I have dreamed of walking in Japan, and now that dream is about to come true.

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Stonewalk Japan 2005

A journey from Nagasaki to Hiroshima - July 2 to Aug 4.

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On the Road

Jack Sibbald - Peaceful Steps

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A Letter from Kathy Miller

Dear Friends,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for your cards, phone calls and email. Your kind thoughts, prayers and encouragement mean a lot to me. They are an important part of my healing.

In October I was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to leave the Peace Pilgrim Center in Somerset. All three of my adult children showered me with love, support and the day to day help that is necessary in the face of a life threatening illness. I chose to live with one of my daughters, her husband and their year old daughter. It is a wonderful loving place to be.

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Letters and Email

In 1966/67 I was driving north in southern Illinois when I spotted this old lady in a blue top walking along the road. As I went by I saw the letters on her shirt spelling out "Peace Pilgrim." I was curious enough to stop, back up, and offer her a ride to the next town.

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Peace Pilgrim in History

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Peace Pilgrim Quote

"We seem always ready to pay the price for war. Almost gladly we give our time and our treasure -- our limbs and even our lives -- for war. But we expect to get peace for nothing. We expect to be able to flagrantly disobey God's laws and get peace as a result. .... more

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