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Winter 2005 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Peace Pilgrim Number 44

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim  
A Birth at the Center
A Gift of Peace
Reflections on Stone Walk
Superhero's on a Roll
Walking for Peace

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

As we move forward in 2005, a year of change for the Peace Pilgrim Center, our hearts, prayers and gratitude go out to Kathy Miller.

If you have received our recent newsletters, you know that they always started with Kathy’s comments on the Center and the work she so dearly loves: answering your emails and letters, sending out books, working with volunteers. It has been her passion.

Those of us who have the honor of working with Kathy are touched deeply by her selfless dedication and devotion – and her beautiful songs. Waking up in the morning to Kathy softly strumming her guitar and moving from one inspiring song to another with her heartfelt singing, was a delight.

The Center misses Kathy’s songs and her calm and reassuring presence. For now, her energy and focus are much needed to see her through a healing process. She is facing the personal challenge of lung cancer. It’s a hard one, as she admits – and not to our surprise, she is touching her doctors, caregivers, loved ones, and friends, in her very special way. Her rich insights, acceptance, and compassion, are helping to heal us all.

Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller

Kathy was not only managing the Center, but helping to support it financially as well. She organized our library and archive, welcomed volunteers, and shared daily activities with compilers and founders John and Ann Rush until their move to New Hampshire. The Center is leaving the beautiful property that has been housing the work these past five years. It is a time of change.

We appreciate so much the volunteers who have taken care of operations at the Center since Kathy began treatment last fall: especially Gary Guthrie, Ken and Christine Friedman, Mary Garman, Shirley Schildman, and Gail Muskovich.
In amazing ways, things are starting to come together. When the Center property was put on the market a buyer was found almost immediately. The Friends of Peace Pilgrim mission, providing books, tapes and information about Peace and her inspiring life and message, will continue.

We are moving the books, tapes and shipping to an interim location, also in the Placerville area. The next task is to find a long-term home for our primary work. We have some time to consider options for a permanent home for the distribution. We are looking at some possibilities and invite your suggestions.

We are pleased to tell you that the Peace Pilgrim research archive will be located at Peaceful Pathways, the new home of Cheryl Canfield, president of Friends of Peace Pilgrim and one of the original compilers of the book. It is in Copperopolis, also in the Sierra foothills.

For now, Mary Garman and Gary Guthrie are handling your mail and email requests from Mary’s home in Placerville, not far from Somerset. Mail sent to our current address will be forwarded to our temporary location. The (530) 620-0333 phone number will continue in service, and of course you can reach us by email,

Since 1982 we have flourished as a volunteer non-profit, relying as Peace Pilgrim did on the help and goodness of our many friends to manifest the resources for this work.

We are all friends of Peace Pilgrim. Together, with you, we will find a new long-term home for responding to the requests that come in from all over the world. Together, for peace in the world and with peace within, let us work, and hope, and pray.

In Peace,
Cheryl Canfield, Bruce Nichols, Richard Polese,
Jeff Blom, Kathy Miller, and John and Ann Rush
The Friends of Peace Pilgrim Board

Peace Pilgrim Center
For Sale Sold
The Peace Pilgrim Center - Somerset, California

A Birth at the Peace Pilgrim Center

Gabriel Isaac Boston-Friedman, the first child of Ken and Christine Friedman, came into this life at 4:30 am on January 2, 2005 at the Peace Pilgrim Center in Somerset, California. He is a beautiful being, as are both his parents. Ken and Christine, who have been helping us with their time and energy in our transition period, began their life as a family in the little barn apartment that was John and Ann Rush’s residence.
christine, ken, and gabriel
Christine, Ken, and Gabriel


A Gift of Peace       (Back to TOC)
by Cheryl Canfield, FoPP Board Member and Peace Pilgrim book compiler.

These are critical times – different, but in some ways similar to the period in history when Peace Pilgrim set out as a wandering pilgrim during the Korean War in 1953, speaking her message of peace. I was only a child then, but I consider it a blessing to have met her and found a beloved friend and mentor in 1976. From then until her death in 1981 I felt an urgency to be with her as much as possible, and to learn all that I could from her.

Peace confirmed so many things for me in the short time that I knew her. She gave me confidence in trusting my own inner voice, although it wasn’t until she was gone that I fully realized that connection we all have to our inner teacher. “Don’t look to me – look to your own inner teacher,” she used to counsel. Her words struck an instant confirmation within me. And yet when I felt confused or unsure about something I found myself seeking out Peace for the answers.

It was a tremendous blow to lose her so suddenly. At first it seemed inconceivable, the way difficult and unexpected things can seem in the moment. I needed time to sort out all I had learned from her. My thoughts kept going back to the Hawaiian islands, where I had accompanied Peace on an educational and inspirational tour only a year or so earlier. I felt compelled to travel to Maui for a time of retreat. I spent a month in a little cabin, mostly in solitude, learning lessons and deepening my understanding in ways I would never have anticipated.
cheryl and peace
Cheryl and Peace Pilgrim in Hawaii

One of the first lessons came as I sat at a picnic table on a beach, enjoying the shade underneath a tree. I noticed an injured bird. Its wing was twisted and it sat awkwardly on the ground. It seemed heartless to just leave it there but I resisted taking on the responsibility of caring for it. "I can't take it with me, I don't have anything to carry it in," I said to myself. Then I noticed a cardboard box nearby. "Well, cardboard is so smooth and slippery and there's nothing to cover the bottom with." As soon as I finished the thought I saw a patch of grass in the sand that would make good bedding.

Still resisting, I thought, "I have no idea what the bird eats. It would starve if I took it home." On cue, the bird struggled to reach one of the many pods full of seeds that had fallen from the tree and were scattered in profusion on the ground.
Recognizing that I was out of excuses I started to accept the idea of taking the little bird home with me. As I surrendered my resistance the bird looked at me, stood on its feet, and gracefully straightening its crumpled wing, flew away.

As I watched in surprise, I was reminded of a story Peace had told. It had taken place during a period of prayer and fasting that she had undertaken for 40 days. While in a state between wakefulness and sleep, she had a vision of a dismal cross above her and knew someone had to take up the burden. When she reached up to accept it she was lifted above the cross where all was beauty and light. All that had been needed was her willingness to accept the burden, and she was raised above it. I knew there was a big lesson here.

Each day I walked along the beach for miles, enjoying the warmth of the sand under my feet and mulling over the principles and ideals Peace had talked about and demonstrated, knowing how powerful they were and also knowing how challenging it was to really live my beliefs. Part of me was still a doubting Thomas, thinking that these higher spiritual laws only worked if one was a saint or a sage, and while I struggled to understand intellectually, the universe moved in its own way, bringing the experiences I needed and forcing me to confront my fears.

One was a fairly simple test. As I walked on a quiet stretch of beach a barking dog came out of the trees in the distance, charging at me. All I could do was stand my ground, using the commanding attitude Peace had demonstrated with wild dogs on a trip to Alaska (admittedly I did so with less authority) but the dog stopped in his tracks and walked away. This small feat perhaps gave me the courage to confront my next and biggest test.

As I walked along a remote dirt road early one morning I noticed three large native men moving towards me. They were walking with the kind of swagger a friend laughingly called "the macho walk" and they were speaking loudly. Their voices carried in the breeze. With a sick feeling I realized they were talking about molesting me. I knew I couldn't run away and even if I tried they would easily overtake me. Fear rose up in my chest. At the same time I heard the words Peace had spoken when talking about the little girl she had defended: "I knew she was in great danger because of her fear."

Immediately I began to imagine lifting the fear up out of my body. Then I imagined lifting myself and the three men into God's hands. As I let go, knowing I couldn't control the situation or outcome, a calmness took over. When the men were close enough I made eye contact with each of them and in the cheeriest voice I could muster, I said, "Good morning!" The scary looking men suddenly looked like three schoolboys. Their eyes dropped to the ground and they stumbled over their feet, mumbling "Good morning," in response. Their reaction took me totally by surprise and I walked by without looking back. I hadn't expected to walk away unharmed. "No one walks more safely than one who walks humbly and lovingly," Peace's voice echoed, "for they reach the good in the other person and the person is disarmed." And then a great realization came. In dying, Peace had left the greatest gift of all. It was the reminder to look within. All the questions I had been waiting to ask her I was now asking inside, and listening in the stillness, the answers were coming. Now that she was gone I was reconnecting to that inner source.

Now more than ever the lessons that Peace and all the peacemakers before her and since have taught, need to be put into practice by as many of us as possible. Current times are perhaps the most challenging we have faced collectively in the United States since the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the advent of the Vietnam conflict. The repercussions of recent policies will continue to affect not only the US but the world for a long time to come.

As peacemakers we must not falter or lose courage. As Peace said, “There is hope. I see hope in the tireless work of a few devoted people and in humanity’s heartfelt desire for peace. Our world is in a tragic situation today. My pilgrimage is a prayer that this war weary world of ours will somehow find the way to peace before a holocaust happens. My mission is to help promote peace by helping others to find inner peace. Peace is an idea whose time has come.

profound healing (More of Cheryl’s stories with Peace are told in her book, Profound Healing: The Power of Acceptance on the Path to Wellness, found in book stores or through

Reflections on Stone Walk 2004     (Back to TOC)
During August and September of 2004 The Peace Abbey in conjunction with September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows moved by human power a 1500 pound memorial stone bearing the inscription “Unknown Civilians Killed in War” from Boston to New York City. Our webmaster and board member Bruce Nichols participated in this peace walk. Here he shares some thoughts written near the end of the journey. Learn more at

A Stone With Heart

During the last week when we gathered around the stone before our morning departure or after breaks along the road, I often found myself thinking of its origins. The hard, enduring granite monument we pull was born deep within the heart of the earth. Forged in molten magma it cooled slowly into the grey-white stone now mounted on the caisson. Within its crystalline structure is recorded a bit of the history of our planet.

When I place my hand on its coarse surface I feel a connection with the earth and with the vast stretch of time that has brought this monument to its present form. As I look around its margins and see all the other hands I also feel a deep connection to those who have chosen to yoke themselves to this task. Moving this stone is a labor of love, it is work of the heart – the work of our collective hearts. For, more than our bodies, it is our “hearts” that propel this stone on its journey toward a “peaceful tomorrow.”

And there are also the many hearts that this stone represents. Hearts silenced by the untimely intervention of conflict and war. Hearts full of hope and aspiration. Millions of hearts and their stories, now mostly unknown and lost when they were prematurely stilled. In its silence and simplicity, this monument to “Unknown Civilians Killed in War” has become a custodian of those hearts.

In those moments around the stone, standing in silence, I can imagine our living heart beats pulsing outward like the circles spreading around pebbles dropped in a still pool. They flow out of our hands upon the granite surface and silently unite in the heart of this monument with the myriad silent hearts residing there and with the heart of the earth from which this stone was forged. In that communal heart our hopes and dreams and prayers are amplified; yoked to a common task and purpose – the replacing of violence with peaceful methods of conflict resolution – the end of war and its terrible costs to both civilians and combatants alike.

stone walk


"We who work for peace must not falter. We must continue to pray for peace and to act for peace in whatever way we can, we must continue to speak for peace and to live the way of peace; to inspire others, we must continue to think of peace and to know that peace is possible."
Peace Pilgrim

Working for Peace

“One little person, giving all of her time to peace, makes news. Many people, giving some of their time, can make history.” Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim encouraged people not only to think about peace, but to put their beliefs into action. It is through “practice” that peace can be realized. What have you been doing for peace lately? Here are some inspiring stories from a few of our Friends.

Superheros on a Roll
        (Back to TOC)
by Christian Shearer – Bellingham, WA

Don your capes. Don your boots. Get your bike out of the garage, and get ready to ride into the unknown. Join the Superhero Ride for a month of selfless service. We ride into communities dressed as our Superhero aliases, open to whatever service opportunities present themselves.

We come willing to serve individuals, communities, organizations, and habitats in need. We will do whatever it seems we have been called to do.

We try to make every aspect of the trip mindful - organic meals, truthful and sincere interactions, human-powered transportation (bicycles and bike carts for gear), supporting local businesses and small farms, and leaving all our judgments at home.

We ride first and foremost for the benefit of all we serve. Secondary to that, we ride for laughter, human connection, world peace, creativity change, sustainability, and we ride to discover in our own hearts the POWER OF LOVE!
Everyone is welcome!!! Put on your cape and join us!!

Over the past few years we have seen Superhero rides in Maine, North Carolina, and Arizona, with the idea that we would do one state per year, but during this past year, one wasn't enough. Through the month of August we rode our bikes through Washington State, and then in November we had a group in Louisiana and another in the UK. These journeys are inexpressibly wonderful. Not only do we get to help many communities in our very small way, we also get taught wonderful lessons as we go.

Being able to see my country this way has opened my eyes and my heart to those around me. I have learned completely and honestly that PEOPLE ARE GREAT!

Everywhere we go, from the big cities in Arizona to the rural logging communities of Washington State, to the conservative south, we have been treated with nothing but open arms and loving response.

The concept of the Superheroes was started by a man named Ethan Hughes (aka The Blazing Echidna) from Cottage Grove, Oregon. Now in its fifth year, it is going stronger than ever with an estimated 100 riders over the years. This grassroots, integral adventure that sees men and women (and children) of all ages (8-59) dress up in superhero outfits to ride their bikes for weeks at a time, has deeply touched the lives of everyone involved. We try to raise ourselves, through our superhero personas to the highest means of being that we can. The journey is one that is focused on outward service, but inevitably leads to deep, personal transformation as well.

We all ride our bikes, with bike carts and panniers packed full of organic produce and the necessities of life on the road (tents, sleeping bags, etc). We ride into communities, having given them no notice that we are coming. We have no idea what we will do each day, where we will sleep, or who we will meet. Inevitably we run into someone, who knows someone else, who may or may not be in need of some service work. We have ended up spending a day or two doing a whole gamut of things: bucking hay for an organic cheese farm, playing music in elders homes, cooking burritos to give away to all who are hungry, digging tires out of the sand, serving food at a church picnic, helping out at women's shelters, stuffing envelopes for the mission, building bikes for various community bike shops, among many other activities.

Each and every opportunity we have to serve is also an opportunity for us to connect deeply with those we are working with; to share our excitement for life, and to learn the lessons that they have to share with us.

Our morning starts with "Readings of the Great," which is a chance for a single superhero to share an inspirational reading with the group. (This is where I discovered Peace Pilgrim). Then we eat a breakfast of bulk organic oats with whatever toppings we may have available. We open all our meals to anyone who may want to join us. We either start our service
project at this point or ride our bikes on to the next town. Either way, we make sure the day is full of adventure and ample opportunity for growth. We challenge each other to take steps into the unknown; to do things that would otherwise be out of the box. We constantly encourage each other to grow and to open up to greater and greater possibilities. This is the hero's journey: a journey of infinite possibilities!

After our day of work we circle up for song and dinner. And in the evening we have our "Thanking and Sharing" circle, which allows all of us a chance to reflect on the day and share any experiences that we felt moved to share, or thank anyone (present or not) for what they have done. After that we have good night hugs and retire for some of the best sleep you can imagine.

If there is one message that I could share with the world, it would be the following: We all have the opportunity in every moment to choose love. No matter what the situation holds, love is the best response. Patience, Understanding, Compassion, Joy and Love!

The world is changing at every moment. Lets help it towards positivity! Come join us, all are welcome!

My deep love to all of you,
“Compash Man”
Christian Shearer

Walking for Peace
by Elsa Potter – Cayo, Belize

Inspired by the immortal Peace Pilgrim who walked 25000 miles before she stopped counting, all in the cause of world peace, truth, and love; I have taken it upon myself to start a walk in her honored memory.

Each and every day, I walk a five-mile round trip from my digs in the outback of Cayo, Belize; and when I get to town I walk another three to five miles, easily, every day of the week. This is just going about my mundane duties as I promote the peace process through meaningful contacts with the infrastructure of Cayo and Beyond - to other cities by bus, of course...I now calculate that in a month's time, I walked 250 miles. I know that in these four months I can have walked 1000 miles.

The terrain is steep grade with powdered limestone and rocky roads to move on. The rocks like to slide in the dry dust and the mud is slippery now, as we are in rainy season. I carry a bag of handouts, documents, and raw material for word processing that weighs from five to seven pounds. I ask for nothing; when a well known friend offers, I do take a lift. It is always for a relatively short distance, but well appreciated.

In simplicity of life and voluntary poverty, I am eating a diet comprised of 80 percent beans, 10 percent bread including corn tortillas and plantains, and 10 percent fruit.

I haven't experienced this much personal happiness in 25 years!!! I can't tell you how happy I feel at this little attempt for peace and brotherhood.

I don't expect anyone else to literally do this peacewalk. But everyone has something to do that can be done out of the ordinary to promote and maintain a more peaceful, friendly society. Therefore, and therein, I invite you to join this peacewalk. It represents just what one little person can do....

Only Love Prevails!

“Those who wish to choose peace must act meaningfully for peace. And become a part of the stirring and awakening which has begun and is accelerating. And help to accelerate it sufficiently to turn the tide. In this crisis situation peace is certainly everybody’s business. The time to work for peace is now.”

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Works in Her Own Words – page 98

A few "Things you can do for peace"
from Board Member and Peace Pilgrim book compiler Richard Polese

1.) Work with your church to set up a Peace Shrine on church property, or make one yourself for your own front lawn. (Inexpensive statues of St. Francis are available everywhere!)

2.) When you stay at a hotel or motel, leave a copy of "Steps" in the drawer by the bedside. Better yet, tuck it inside the pages of the Gideon Bible that you'll always find there.

3.) Let friends and neighbors know you are an active person for peace by writing a short letter to the editor of the local newspaper. If you keep to under 200 words and focus on one peace subject, and you're almost certain to see it printed. Include your phone number with your name so the editor can verify it is from you. It works best if you write about a specific article or issue that recently appeared in the paper.

What are you doing to create a more peaceful world. Please share your stories with us for possible inclusion in future newsletters.

Email to:

On the Road – Current and Recent Pilgrims    (Back to TOC)

We like to keep our readers informed of walkers for various causes who are currently on pilgrimages both in the USA and around the world. If you know of someone who is walking in the spirit of Peace, please let us know.

Walk Across Canada - Derek Walker Youngs and Carolyn Affleck

Derek and Carolyn completed their tran-Canadian journey last fall. More at www, Derek shared these thoughts:

"Sometimes people see Peace as the opposite of War. For me, Peace is love, harmony, compassion, human dignity, and justice. Peace is not a banner or a cause for me to win or lose. It is who I am, it is life itself. And the walking part, well, I never really was in much of a hurry to get anywhere, everything always seemed to be wherever I was. I did hear once that walking was the true speed of the human soul, and that just about says it all for me." - Walker Youngs

Jean Béliveau: Walk for the Children of the World

Jean Béliveau continues on his walk around the planet to promote "Peace and nonviolence to the profit of the children of the world". He is currently in the last stages of his journey through Africa. Still to go are Europe, the Middle East, South and Eastern Asia, Australia, New Zealand and finally back to Canada where he began in 2001. The journey will take 10 years to complete. More at


Letters and Email     (Back to TOC)

Dear Kathy and Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

In 1990 I made a pilgrimage across the country from Alabama to California to volunteer with John Robbins at EarthSave International. While there we included a Peace Pilgrim pamphlet to all orders of John's book "A Diet for a New America".

Gradually, I became interested in this dear lady that gave her life walking across the country with her message of Peace. I gathered all the information I could find and even visited John and Ann in Hemet to get more acquainted with "Friends of Peace Pilgrim".

Later, as I traveled across the country as the EarthSave Ambassador, I carried many copies of all of Peace Pilgrim's material to make available to all I persons I met. Also, most people know me as Peas Pilgrim as I carry a similar message but my identify is with food choices and the impact on the environment (and I drive, not walk)!

The life of Peace Pilgrim has made a great impresssion on my life. At 80 years of age I am no longer traveling and have a 25-pound box of Peace Pilgrim's material that I am returning to you by the U.S. Postal Service for your future use. However, I am keeping a sizable amount for my own future use.

Many blessings to you in keeping this dear woman and her message alive throughout the world. I enjoy my newsletters that I receive and always look forward to keeping in touch. I was very pleased to see a copy of an interview with John Robbins in a recent Friends of Peace Pilgrim newsletter.

In Spirit, Peace, and Love
Earle G. Harris

Dear Kathy Miller,

Thank you for your kindness in sending me the book Peace Pilgrim; Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, for which I am so eternally grateful.

She really was a saint and just how much we need her and others like her in this very troubled world.
You are beautiful people to be such spiritually rich human beings. Would you pass on my words to those others that are involved in order that they may know just how important their work is.

I live in Australia and am saddened by our government's attitude in its foreign policy.

So that you may know a little about me I am now 66 years old and am continuously looking for spiritual growth and I believe you have helped me enormously.

Thank You Once again.
Bill Slattery

Dearest Kathy

Peace's book is very simple and beautiful selfexplanatory guide to inner peace. I think in life's simplicities and experience she could achieve it. Every night I unite my soul with hers and ask her for guidance. The world today is direly in need of peace. I just know that she is much united with the divine lord and will surely guide my journey.

Thanking you for your kind reply. God bless you in your endeavor of spreading peace.

Bangalore, India

Dear Ones, (who spread such beautiful ideas of a Peace Pilgrim,)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart to have sent the books "Peace Pilgrim" as requested by me. How can I thank you through words, I am not understand. We are poor monks and except our heartfelt Prayers, what can we do for you, who are doing such a marvelous work of spreading such beautiful ideas in the form of Print. Indeed, you people are great and May God shower all love and grace on.

I once again thank you on behalf of brothers of the Monastic Order who will derive much inspiration from the books you have sent.

With earnest prayers and good wishes.
Yours in God,
Swami Urukramananda
Advaita Ashram
Kolkata, India

Dear Friend of Peace Pilgrim,

I am a new friend of Peace Pilgrim. I've been spreading the word about her since reading a borrowed copy of her book. I'd love to have my very own copy of her book as well as the other literature that you are offering. I would also like to purchase many more copies to give to my other friends.

Peace's amazing story has changed my life. I feel truly freed from anger, fear, and hopelessness for the first time in 4 years! I can now look upon the "leaders" of the world with sympathy and compassion instead of anger and rage. They desperately need to hear Peace Pilgrim's simple message showing the way to peace.

Thank you so very much for carrying on her pilgrimage. I feel that my peace pilgrimage has only just begun!
Be the PEACE that's missing,

Chris Luster

We love hearing from friends of Peace Pilgrim all over the world. Write to us at:
Friends of Peace Pilgrim
7350 Dorado Canyon Road
Somerset, CA, 95684 USA

Email –

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim: Here are the publications we offer. While we do not charge for these,many inquire about sending a donation. You wil find the approximate cost for materials and postage after each item. This does not include our operating expenses. Friends of Peace Pilgrim is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations and bequests are welcomed and tax deductible. All money goes directly to our work, helping us to continue producing and distributing materials to all who ask.


PEACE PILGRIM: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words (Standard Edition), 224 pages. Compiled by five of her friends after her transition in 1981. Our printing and postage cost: $3 for one book. $2.25 for each additional book. Full Carton (currently 40 books) $80.
PEACE PILGRIM (Compact Edition), 224 pages. This book is the same as the Standard Edition except it is smaller. Our cost: $2.25 for one book, $1.50 for each additional book. Full Carton (currently 48 books) $60.
PEREGRINA DE PAZ: Su Vida Y Obra en Sus Propias Palabras, 216 pages. (Spanish edition of the Peace Pilgrim book) Our cost: $3.50 for one book, $3 for each additional book.
STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE, 32 pages. Peace Pilgrim relates her own steps toward inner peace and gives ideas about working for world peace. Our cost: 1-4 copies, 50 cents each. Each additional copy, 30 cents. Box of 100, $27. Box of 500, $125.
(Steps Toward Inner Peace is also available from the Center in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. Please call or write for further information.)
PEACE PILGRIM’S WISDOM: A Very Simple Guide by Cheryl Canfield, 224 pages. Includes 365 quotes from Peace Pilgrim – one for every day – and a study guide by Cheryl offering suggestions to help integrate these simple spiritual truths into your life. Our cost: $5 each.
PEACE PILGRIM, An Extraordinary Life by Ann Rush, 16 pages. Peace Pilgrim’s life is traced from her ordinary beginnings through a transformation to a life of unusual commitment. Our costs: $1.50 each.
THE PEACE PILGRIM COLORING BOOK. 26 large pages by our two volunteers, Barbara Werner and Gary Guthrie. Our cost: $3 each.



CAMPBELL HOUSE, 1959 (90 minutes). A talk that is representative of her message. It also has a brief radio interview the day before she died. Our duplicating and postage costs: $3 each.
SALT LAKE CITY, 1955 (60 minutes). Recorded two years after her pilgrimage began. A gentle talk to a small group in a friend’s home. Another friend, Sue Millard, sings a song composed by Peace Pilgrim. Our cost: $3 each.
DALLAS CHURCHES, 1979 (60 minutes). Two talks which are representative of her vigor, joy, and audience rapport. It also has a song composed by Peace Pilgrim, sung by Don Wittig, and Peace Pilgrim’s energizing song, “The Fountain of Love.” Our cost: $3 each.
PEACE PILGRIM’S SPIRITUAL GROWTH (67 minutes). The sound track of the first hour of the “Speaking to a College Class” video (described under Videos Cassetts). At the end of Side B, Peace Pilgrim relates one of her prison experiences. Our cost: $3 each.
STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE. Available for the first time as a separate audio tape! Narrated by Ann Rush. Our cost $3 each
PEACE PILGRIM BOOK AND STEPS ALBUM. Eight audio cassette series narrated by Ann Rush. Our cost: $18.



INTERVIEWS OF PEACE PILGRIM (62 minutes). Includes a short TV program, from PM Magazine, an interview for FUSION on WIFR-TV in Rockford, Illinois, and a 30-minute interview conducted at Pensacola Junior College in Florida. Our cost: $6 each.
ANSWERING QUESTIONS (55 minutes). Peace Pilgrim in an interesting question and answer session with students in Applied Psychology at the University of Georgia, 1977. Our cost: $6 each.
SPEAKING TO A COLLEGE CLASS (2 hours). Peace Pilgrim speaking at California State University in Los Angeles. A good tape for those who want to make a more in-depth study of Peace Pilgrim's message. Our cost: $8 each.
SPECIAL 30 MINUTE VIDEO. Highlights of other videos selected for showing to new audiences. Peace Pilgrim tells a few of her most interesting experiences. Our cost: $5 each.
THE SPIRIT OF PEACE. (71 minute documentary). Interviews of those who knew Peace Pilgrim and those who were inspired by her message. Our cost: $8 each.
PEACE PILGRIM: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk (approximately one hour). A recent professional quality documentary film on video, about Peace Pilgrim. Includes much new historical footage and important new interviews. Our cost: $8 each.


BACK ISSUES OF OUR NEWSLETTER. Printing and postage cost per issue, 50 cents. Inquire about availability.

Send Requests to:
Friends of Peace Pilgrim
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Miami News Headline

A white-haired woman will walk into Miami tomorrow on a pilgrimage for peace to complete a tour of Florida's major population centers which began in Pensacola last December.

The woman, who gives no name, has set a goal of 25,000 walked miles and already claims to have covered every state, all of Canada's provinces and Mexico for a total of 12,000 miles.

The woman is easily identified as she wears a Navy blue tunic with the words "peace pilgrim" on the front and "10,000 miles on foot for world peace” on the back. Her clothes are her sole possessions.

She carries no money, eats when she's offered food and sleeps where lodging is given. She asks for nothing but says that she has never missed more than four meals in a row and sleeps more in beds than outdoors.

She began her walk five years ago in Los Angeles and her schedule calls for a l,000 miles every winter in the south and a like number every summer in the north.

The long walk will come to an end in 1964 in Washington. D.C., at which time she believes that world peace will be a reality.



Peace Pilgrim 1958

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"Walk with me, but don’t follow me blindly. Hold fast to the truth, not to my garments. My body is merely a clay structure; today it is here, tomorrow it shall be gone. If you attach yourself to me today, what are you going to do tomorrow when I am not with you? Attach yourself to God, attach yourself to humanity, only then will you be closer to me."

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Works in Her Own Words - Page 130


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