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Fall 2004 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Peace Pilgrim Number 43

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim  
Peace Pilgrim's Sister at 89
Peace Pebbles
A Peace Pilgrim Memory
Current Walkers

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

My heart fills with gratitude when I think of the many ways you embrace Peace Pilgrim’s message of inner peace and lovingly send it out into your world. I also appreciate all your prayers and words of encouragement for me to continue sending out books and Steps Toward Inner Peace.
Kathy Miller
People write and ask how they can be of service to the Peace Pilgrim Center. Although I am sometimes at a loss to understand how to make use of their talents (especially if they are in a technical field), they make a great variety of contributions.

I would like to acknowledge a few of them.

Some of you send a donation of $10 - $50 each month. Thank you. Your commitment touches my heart. Others tithe – monthly, quarterly or yearly. A few people send a quarterly check and some donate once a year, year in and year out. And then there are those surprise, out of the blue, donations that range from $2 to $1,000 dollars.
Your thoughtfulness and generosity enable us to continue to send free books to prisoners, to charitable organizations and to people in other countries. Your contributions make a difference. Thank you.

There are many other ways people have been of service. Recently, Rahul Brown offered to make a DVD master of the documentary, Peace Pilgrim, An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk. His work is in progress.

Bob Heilman and Charles Delbridge have offered to help with repairs to the Spirit of Peace Van. The 1977 Volkswagon bus will be driven to the Peace Abbey in Sherbourn, Massachusetts. Lewis Randa, founder of the Life Experience School and the Peace Abbey, will refurbish the bus and use it as a shuttle for those who visit the Abbey.

Sue Tarr in Oklahoma completed the first draft of an Easy Reader revision of the Peace Pilgrim book for young readers and those learning English as a second language. Several people are now editing the text and offering suggestions. Sue will continue to co-ordinate the project.

A Chinese edition of our book has been translated by Jean Yu in Texas and was printed in Taiwan. Jean donated 100 books to us for U.S. distribution.

Some of you have commented on the notes and cards I send. The designs were donated by Regina Mantei and Julie Bennett. Julie also made me a couple of t-shirts ( at my request ) with her pink rose photo and Peace Pilgrim’s words, “There is within the hearts of people a deep desire for peace on earth.” I enjoy wearing this beautiful message of peace.

Thanks to each of you. Your contributions encourage, uplift and inspire me.

Now, I’d like to share one of my contributions.

Since I was a child, I have loved to sing and make up songs. As an adult, I learned to accompany myself on the Spanish guitar.

In the spring of 2000, I was talking with John and Ann on the telephone. Although, I was planning to volunteer at the Peace Pilgrim Center, I had to tell them that I was not ready yet. Ann quoted a message Peace Pilgrim had written to her: “Live the present. Do what you know needs to be done. Do all the good you can each day. The future will unfold.” I said “That sounds like a song”. And so began my journey to produce a CD, Walking the Path, Kathy Miller Honors Peace Pilgrim. The CD contains ten songs. Peace Pilgrim composed the words and music for I Am What Many Call God. Five songs including Restful Darkness, Peace and Freedom and Walking the Path are Peace’s words and my music. The remaining four were composed by me.

Recording in a studio was lots of fun. Although there was a huge sound board, only two tracks were used, one for my voice and one for my guitar. I arrived at the studio at 10 pm, after working my eight-hour shift in an office products store. I sat in front of the microphones where I played my guitar and sang until 1 am. It was a wonderful experience. This simple folk style musical expression is available on CD or cassette from Friends of Peace Pilgrim.
May we continue to contribute, according to our individual talents and resources to the cause of inner peace. May we assist the emergence of peace in our world and help the future unfold in miraculous ways.

Grace, Peace, Love, and Gratitude, Kathy Miller

Peace Pilgrim Center
The Peace Pilgrim Center - Somerset, California

Be the change you wish to see in the world... - Gandhi

Peace Pilgrim’s Sister at 89      (Back to TOC)
An Update by Bruce Nichols

For twenty-eight years, as Peace Pilgrim walked and spoke all over North America, her mail found its way to a small post office in Cologne, New Jersey. From a tidy frame house just a quarter mile down White Horse Pike, a woman would walk daily to pick up the mail, and faithfully forward it to Peace wherever she might be. That woman was Helene Young, Peace Pilgrim’s sister. (Shown at right with Peace Pilgrim's shoes.)
Helene with Peace's shoes
Today at a vibrant 89 years of age, Helene still lives in the same house. She rides a bicycle ten miles a day and tends her yard and a large organic garden. The same post office still stands down the road, though it has had a recent face-lift. Helene regularly walks (or bikes) over to pick up her mail and every now and then still finds a letter addressed to “Peace Pilgrim, Cologne, New Jersey.”

In the early ‘90s the original “Spirit of Peace” documentary crew visited Helen to record an interview for the film. The following is an excerpt from that interview:

Q: So how did you hear about the pilgrimage? How did she tell you that she was doing it?

Helene: Well she would discuss it with me. I can remember one time. She must have come to our house and spoke of it then. It was in the woods back of the house where we are living now.

Q: And did she say, “Come for a walk, I want to tell you something?”

Helene: Well we were just out walking and we just started talking. She didn’t make a particular issue of it. We were discussing it and I just recall that I approved, I approved of what she was planning to do. I told her it was an excellent idea.

Q: Do you remember how she described it to you? What did she say she was going to do?

Helene: Well, she was going to do this walk. She had already done the Appalachian Trail and she thought that she could. And as to how she was going to accomplish it, she evidently hadn’t formulated the plan yet, you know. I mean it just sort of developed and grew.

Q: And did you know that she was going to begin in January of 1953?

Helene: Well she was in touch with us. I mean we knew where she would be and all… because right from the very beginning I was forwarding her mail. It wasn’t on a regular basis. She didn’t have a program established or anything… but periodically she would want her mail and so you know it just gradually developed.

Q: You also got some calls from reporters in the beginning.

Helene: Well in the very beginning I did, yes. I can remember that I got a call from the Newark Star Herald. It was some paper up in north Jersey. And, of course they wanted to know about her private life. So I got in touch with her. And I asked her what I should do about these people calling. She said, “Leave it to me.” and she would take care of it and she did.

Q: And then just a few weeks into her first pilgrimage she made a decision to drop her given name altogether and just become Peace Pilgrim. Do you remember that, getting that letter?

Helene: We have it in the scrap book. I don’t remember exactly when we got it. But I remember, yes. I don’t remember just when it was, how far into her pilgrimage I’m not sure.
(note: the letter was dated January 22, 1953)

Q: And now she’s Peace Pilgrim.

Helene: Right and I still call her Peace because she became Peace Pilgrim later. I never called her Mildred too much as a child anyway because we would always use some slang expression like “kid”. I never was accustomed to calling her Mildred too much. And when she became Peace Pilgrim I adopted that.

Q: Was it a burden to keep up with the correspondence?

Helene: I never thought it was because I just thought that I was doing her a service. And I believed in her cause. And I believed in her. I wanted to help her so it just wasn’t a burden. I am the type of person that will become dedicated as I am now with the March of Dimes. I become dedicated to something and it’s not a burden. And that’s the way she was. She devoted her whole life and didn’t consider it a burden.

Q: In the beginning she didn’t have the temperature thing worked out so she did ask for things.

Helene: Yes, we had a problem with clothing for a while because she needed gloves sometimes and she would need a scarf or a hat or a sweater or something because of the temperature. But later on she developed this plan of going south in the winter and north in the summer. And she also adjusted herself, mind over matter again, to temperatures because in the very hot weather she was still wearing that tunic. And there probably were times when there were cold spells unexpectedly, even in warm climates. But she didn’t seem to find it a problem. She was able to cope with it.

Q: Did you ever worry about her out there?

Helene: Yes I did. If I read somewhere that there was somebody, a body found in a trunk somewhere and they couldn’t identify it and all… if it was anywhere near where she was, I did worry. And she laughed at me for worrying. And our mother of course was always worrying about where she was. But she would write and reassure her, you know. She always wrote us very cheerful letters and all about all the things that she was doing. And my mother accepted it. She accepted everything. My mother was a very accepting person. And of course she would wonder where she was. And we would always reassure her that she was well taken care of.

Q: You ended up with that great collection of post cards. How did that come about?

Helene: Well, she sent me one when she was doing a hundred miles in each state. She sent me one from each state. And she would always give me a little write up on what she was doing there and what she saw there. And I finally got all 48 at that time. But of course she hadn’t gone to Alaska and Hawaii. So I had Mexico and Canada. Then when she went to Hawaii she wasn’t able to get a card the first time. But I said, “Oh when she goes back I am going to complete my collection.” So the next time that she went she saw that I got the card.

Q: Now you must have noticed as the years went by that the correspondence coming in got more and more.

Helene: Yes I did and a lot of names were becoming familiar you know, the people that wrote to her frequently. But I never really knew exactly what she was doing, what her connection was with these people, whether they were providing hospitality or speaking engagements or what. I mean what other people were doing for her I wasn’t aware of. And I learned later that she did have people performing other functions. And she seemed to have the ability to know people well enough to know what they were capable of doing. And she knew that’s where I fit in. She knew that she could count on me for something routine. Somebody else might have been bored with scratching out addresses. But it didn’t bother me as long as I knew I was accomplishing something important to me. And I didn’t care how many hours I worked at it.

Q: And your little post office cooperated.

Helene: The Post Office was great. By having a small post office, it was really a big plus for the Peace Pilgrim movement… because they were always cooperative. They always saw that her mail was forwarded and we never had any problems. And later on after she was gone, they kept on forwarding the mail. So I have the local Post Office personnel to thank for a lot of the Peace Pilgrim program.

Q: Now how often did she visit?

Helene: Whenever her pilgrimage brought her here she would stop. It varied, whatever it took for her to reach the East Coast. So whenever she was in this area of course she would come home.

Q: And what would that be like?

Helene: Well it, it was to me in a way sometimes a little disappointing because I never really got to talk to her too much. She was always busy with her mail. And the first thing she would ask for was the typewriter. And she would either work in our sun-room or she would be outside. And you know she was so busy that even on holidays… if she happened to be there on a holiday, we could be celebrating a holiday and she would come have dinner with us. But she would go immediately back to work. And we just didn’t ever get a chance to discuss her pilgrimage too much.

Q: What would you feed her?

Helene: Vegetarian food of course. We saw that she had a vegetarian diet. If we had meat she just wouldn’t eat it.

Q: Tell me how you heard that Peace Pilgrim had died?

Helene: Well I got a phone call from my husband. Uh, at work and he came to pick me up. And of course it was a shock. I just always felt that she was going to outlive me. I really never thought that I would ever survive her. Because to me I didn’t think that anything would ever happen to her at that point. I’d worried so much about her through the years and she always seemed to be able to take care of herself so well that I just felt that she was indestructible I guess a lot of people felt that way. A lot of people just couldn’t accept that she was mortal you know. (Laughter)

Q: Did you ever think that she would have the impact that she had? Did you ever conceive of her message going worldwide?

Helene: I would never have thought that, no. I mean I knew she was capable of doing what she did. But I didn’t realize that she would have that much impact. No.

The complete text of this and other interviews can be found on the Peace Pilgrim website.

Helen rides her bike no hands
Helene Rides Her Bike No-Hands

Peace Pebbles: A Great Grandma Takes Action for Peace     (Back to TOC)
by June Gallagher

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I’m a great-grandmother of ten, with number eleven on the way, a mother of five, and basically retired due of physical meltdown of the body. I could not accept the idea that there was nothing I could do. The physical melt down did not stop my brain from percolating with new ideas.

The subject of War had been approached in a sermon. Everyone was upset about the insecurity this brings. Especially the younger generation who are in the family raising process? To which I can relate quite well.
During the Holiday Season of 2002, while listening to the church choir rehearse for the Christmas special, I began to meditate on, “What can a great-grandma do about Peace?”

A divine inspiration struck me. What if we could all join hands and sing a song of peace. This goes along with my fascination of the word Universe - “Uni” meaning “one” and “verse” meaning “song”. Universe = one song. What if we all harmonized on the word Peace? Would this not harmonize in all the languages to form a universal peace concept?

My faith in God or the Universal Force has kept me sustained for more than seventy years. It is the energy that keeps all of us human beings breathing and our hearts beating. We all breathe the same air, drink water from the same source, and eat food that has been nourished by the same earth. So no matter what we believe we are all integrated and sustained by the same magnificent, miraculous universal force.

Through the power of positive or negative thinking we create our own individual universes where we exist and have our being. The choice is up to the individual.

Thinking along these lines as I listened to the choir, I contemplated "What can I do?"

When out Christmas shopping the same afternoon, I was magnetically attracted to some very beautiful polished river rocks from China. I could not leave the store without some of them. I had no idea what I was going to do with them. But they were beautiful and polished to a shine. Each time I would pick one up and caress it between my fingers or with both hands I would feel a special energy. Each one had an energy of it's own which felt good, almost indescribable. This set me to thinking of the creation of these stones.

The energy it took to create them originally. The number of miles they must have tumbled with the current of the river to hone sharp edges from where ever they had begun: volcanoes, big bang, chaos or cosmos, etc., etc. It didn't matter. They still held a lot of energy. These various energies I related to different personalities of my acquaintances. They were all different colors shapes and sizes. But each one was unique.

Thinking along these lines, if these beautiful polished stones sprang from the close proximity of rolling along the river of their existence, experiencing tumultuous storms, floods, trials, miles they had rolled along together. Why, then, could not the human race absorb some of this positive energy and create universal peace.

As bit of an experiment I loaded up my pockets with pebbles and proceeded to pass them out to my fellow church members, informed them they were peace pebbles. With these instructions: When they came upon a challenge in their life just to caress the stone and think peace. Then pass it on to the person causing the chaos with the words Love and Peace.

"What a great Idea!" " Divinely inspired" These are just a two of the many responses to the idea.

I was still toying around with the question "What can I do toward world Peace?” The reaction was so great that I thought "I must move this along beyond this church."

I visited other churches on the Oregon Coast. Each congregation agreed it was a divine idea. Then it hit me like a bolt of lighting; this is what spirit had been trying to convey to me, Duh! How thick can one skull be?
Consequently, the Peace Pebble Project was born.

I passed along many pebbles in exploring the idea - all with a positive reaction. The goal is global distribution. One by one, person to person, creating a universal Peace movement that cannot be stopped.
The next inspiration was to take the idea world wide on the internet. With my youngest son's help, the web site was born.
Operating on the Principal of Divine Order, I expect this project will take a gigantic leap until there is a universal force creating a peaceful spirit among all the races, religions and countries of the world.

What this world needs now is a healthy prescription for Peace and Love. I see the Peace Pebbles as that conduit.
Rx: Take one Peace Pebble. Caress it gently. Pass it along with the words “Peace and Love” to everyone one you meet.

Blessings and Love,

Great Grandma June.
(((((((0000)))))) Peace Pebbles to you.

Visit Grandma June’s website:


Featured Offering

Walking the Path
Songs Honoring Peace Pilgrim
by Kathy Miller

Our full time director of the Peace Pilgrim Center and board member, Kathy Miller, has been making music for most of her adult life. In 2000 she produced a ten song CD. One of the songs, I Am, was composed by Peace Pilgrim. Five others are words of Peace Pilgrim set to music by Kathy, and the final four are Kathy’s own creations. Kathy’s version of I Am can be heard and downloaded from the Peace Pilgrim website - here.

A Peace Pilgrim Memory   (Back to - TOC)
by Elise Harvey

Thank you for encouraging me to tell you about my meeting Peace Pilgrim.

In 1956, Peace visited the University of Delaware. I was 18, a student there. She spent the night and ate her simple meals at the home of my favorite teacher, Dr. Bernard Phillips. He was a Zen Buddhist, my philosophy professor. I always loved visiting his home because of the PEACE he personified, and the peaceful atmosphere.

It was truly thrilling to meet Peace Pilgrim and listen to her message. I wanted to go with her. But she said "No, you have to do your own thing." I told her I didn't know what my "own thing" was -- not yet, anyway.

"Well," she said, "You have to find that out."

Now, approaching the age of 66, I can better understand what she meant. For 15 years I've been Chair and Co-chair of our local Peace Education Center. I am now busy learning how to train people in Conscientious Objection. A dear friend in Vets for Peace is telling us there will be a draft, so we'll have lots of work to do in this area. Especially since [as we're told] there will be no student deferment, and the ages called will be between 18 and 35. Whew! I live in East Lansing, Michigan, where Michigan State University teaches 40,000 undergraduates.

I remember sitting next to Peace at the table, and asking her what she was eating: a bowl of "natural" cereal, she said. It was like the granola I eat today. But back then, I was accustomed to Corn Flakes and Cheerios and Rice Krispies.

My memories of Peace are very clear. She was gentle, and simple and straightforward. There wasn't a speck of doubt in her presentation. She was probably the first person I ever met who totally spoke the Truth. That's why I wanted to go with her, to be with her, to live with her. But of course she wasn't looking to adopt a daughter, to build a family at that time.

I have raised three children and been a "word wizard" much of my life. I've also been given the challenging gift of a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis [for the past 45 years]. Fortunately I find my favorite activity to be on my hands and knees out in the garden. I've changed the LAWN to a butterfly garden, with native plants and flowers.

I attend a church called FELLOWSHIP FOR TODAY. Their School of Ministry is training me to be a Minister. I expect to become the local Minister of the Garden. One of my present assignments is to share a favorite "prayer" book with my fellow students. In this context, I am going to give them each a copy of Steps Toward Inner Peace at our next weekend gathering.

Sincerely, in Peace, Elise Harvey

Do you have a personal memory of meeting Peace Pilgrim during her pilgrimage? Your narratives can add greatly to our understanding of the impact of Peace’s life and message. Please consider sharing your experience for our archives and possible inclusion in our newsletter.

On the Road – Current and Recent Pilgrims    (Back to - TOC)

We like to keep our readers informed of walkers for various causes who are currently on pilgrimages both in the USA and around the world. If you know of someone who is walking in the spirit of Peace, please let us know.

Vicki Hurst – 10,000 Mile Peace Tour

With the words “Driving 10,000 Miles for Word Peace” on a big sign on the back of her small motor home, Vicki Hurst set off from San Diego in May of this year. Spreading her peace message, “Let It Begin With You” which is also the title of her new book, she has been talking to groups about peace, distributing copies of “Steps Toward Inner Peace”, and showing a sixteen minute version of the Peace Pilgrim Documentary as she journeys across America. Vicki was in Georgia on September 12 and will be in New England later in the fall. For the latest on the journey visit her website:

Derek Youngs and Carolyn Affleck “Just One Step” across Canada

In early September Derek (Peace Walker) and Carolyn began a journey across Canada. Walking at least some of every day and then driving a bit, they are continuing a journey that brought them together on a pilgrimage route in Spain (The Camino de Santiago) in the spring of this year. Derek is the founder of The Peace Walker Society and has walked over 23,000 kilometers in sixteen countries on various peace journeys. As they travel across Canada. Derek will be presenting his “Just One Step” program at events enroute.
For more information visit:

Stonewalk 2004

Sponsored by our long-time friends at the Peace Abbey in Sherbourn, MA and September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, Stonewalk 2004 began in Boston on July 25th and concluded in New York City on September 12th, 2004. Pulling a 5000-pound caisson which carries a memorial stone for “UNKNOWN CIVILIANS KILLED IN WAR”, the purpose of the walk was to bear witness to the tragic reality that civilian casualties constitute 80% of the deaths in war. In speaking events and public forums along the way the following issues were presented:

Remember and honor those who have died as a result of terrorism and war.
Bring civilian casualties to the forefront of public perception and discussion.
Connect the issue of US civilian casualties with those of others around the world.
Call on all political candidates to consider the human costs of war in policymaking decisions.

To learn more about Stonewalk 2004 visit:

Letters and Email     (Back to TOC)

An email sent from India to the Rushes:

Dear John & Ann,

I am Pearl Kittu from Namakkal (Salem district...India). I trust this will find you strong in spirit as you have always been. I have recd the 42nd newsletter. They have featured you in it in different ways. I am proud to read so much about you both. The lovely description given about your early home in Argenta makes me long to see it!! You have traversed a long & difficult path. That is why your lives continue to inspire. God bless you both for all your service for the cause of peace.

I have also been personally touched by you. You answered my first letter to Friends, and both of you had jointly sent me my first parcel of books! I treasure those memories & the encouragement that has strengthened my ties with the Friends of Peace Pilgrim. Thank you so much for this. In my darkest moments the Steps booklet kept inspiring me & filling me with the strength I needed. It is now over 10 years since my first contact with you.

Two years ago my beloved husband went to God, it was so sudden that it took away my equilibrium. Reading Steps & keeping in touch with Friends was very comforting & strengthening. I have to thank you for that also.

Gary Guthrie. Bruce Nichols & Kathy Miller have helped us to know so many wonderful things about you in this newsletter. Your lives inspire us. I am here in India & awaiting my retirement from my teaching post in the college in 2005. I really wish I could join the volunteers of the Peace Pilgrim org. because I have been helped & I have helped so many through the books you have sent me. Thank you for being what you are. May God be your strength in the days to come.

Love & peace! Pearl Kittu

From Virginia

Thank you so much for making Peace Pilgrim's words available online. I just read a transcript of a talk she gave that helped me very much. Your work is tremendously valuable. Thank you.

Sarah Hillegass

Alexandria, VA

Those Old Blue Shoes

Peace Pilgrim is still walking....
how could such a journey ever be complete?
Now she is a flower or a raindrop,
a hillside or a smiling eye.
She is everywhere at once now--that is all.
Those old blue shoes are marching on.

Vicki Woodyard

From Algeria

Hello, dear Peace Pilgrim friends.

I'm a girl aged of 18 from Algeria (North Africa). I got your email from my brother who is too much interested in peace all over the world. He showed me a book in the name is STEPS TOWARDS INNER PEACE. This book pleased me so much and I want to have a copy of it if it is possible.
I will have you to know that many of my friends were really touched by the words written in this book. So please let me have a copy of it.

This is an occasion for me to express my exaltation to the noble message that THE PEACE PILGRIM wanted to convey through her walk of life.


Abbassi Karima, Algeria

From Maine

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

Early this morning, as I was thinking about writing my monthly column on peace for my church's newsletter, Peace Pilgrim came to my mind. I hadn't thought of her for a long time, although I've been involved and continue to be actively involved in peace work for many years.

I became acquainted with Peace Pilgrim through a peace organization (Women's Int'l League for Peace and Freedom) years ago -- in the late nineteen-eighties -- in Tampa, Florida. At that time someone had received a large box of her books which we shared and distributed among many people.

Reading the book was an overwhelming experience -- such love, such courage, such an unswerving dedication to peace was and remains remarkable.

This morning I am suddenly aware that I want to acquaint friends and members of our congregation (United Methodist Church in Brunswick, ME) with Peace Pilgrim and I wonder why I haven't thought about her and her book before.

I know that I have Peace Pilgrim's book on one of my bookshelves, but I can't seem to put my hand on it.

Therefore, I would like to request two or more copies of her book, as well as the small booklet "Steps Toward Inner Peace". I know that Friends of Peace Pilgrim needs donations to continue to make her books available and I will send a donation.

Peace and Love.
Christine A. DeTroy
Brunswick, ME

We love hearing from friends of Peace Pilgrim all over the world. Write to us at:
Friends of Peace Pilgrim
7350 Dorado Canyon Road
Somerset, CA, 95684 USA

Email –

"Anything that you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions. We are not free."

Peace Pilgrim

Offerings from Friends of Peace Pilgrim           (Back to TOC)

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim: Here are the publications we offer. While we do not charge for these,many inquire about sending a donation. You wil find the approximate cost for materials and postage after each item. This does not include our operating expenses. Friends of Peace Pilgrim is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations and bequests are welcomed and tax-deductible. All money goes directly to our work, helping us to continue producing and distributing materials to all who ask.

PEACE PILGRIM: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words (Standard Edition), 224 pages. Compiled by five of her friends after her transition in 1981. Our printing and postage cost: $3 for one book. $2.25 for each additional book. Full Carton (currently 40 books) $80.
PEACE PILGRIM (Compact Edition), 224 pages. This book is the same as the Standard Edition except it is smaller. Our cost: $2.25 for one book, $1.50 for each additional book. Full Carton (currently 48 books) $60.
PEREGRINA DE PAZ: Su Vida Y Obra en Sus Propias Palabras, 216 pages. (Spanish edition of the Peace Pilgrim book) Our cost: $3.50 for one book, $3 for each additional book.
STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE, 32 pages. Peace Pilgrim relates her own steps toward inner peace and gives ideas about working for world peace. Our cost: 1-4 copies, 50 cents each. Each additional copy, 30 cents. Box of 100, $27. Box of 500, $125.
(Steps Toward Inner Peace is also available from the Center in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. Please call or write for further information.)
PEACE PILGRIM’S WISDOM: A Very Simple Guide by Cheryl Canfield, 224 pages. Includes 365 quotes from Peace Pilgrim – one for every day – and a study guide by Cheryl offering suggestions to help integrate these simple spiritual truths into your life. Our cost: $5 each.
PEACE PILGRIM, An Extraordinary Life by Ann Rush, 16 pages. Peace Pilgrim’s life is traced from her ordinary beginnings through a transformation to a life of unusual commitment. Our costs: $1.50 each.
THE PEACE PILGRIM COLORING BOOK. 26 large pages by our two volunteers, Barbara Werner and Gary Guthrie. Our cost: $3 each.


CAMPBELL HOUSE, 1959 (90 minutes). A talk that is representative of her message. It also has a brief radio interview the day before she died. Our duplicating and postage costs: $3 each.
SALT LAKE CITY, 1955 (60 minutes). Recorded two years after her pilgrimage began. A gentle talk to a small group in a friend’s home. Another friend, Sue Millard, sings a song composed by Peace Pilgrim. Our cost: $3 each.
DALLAS CHURCHES, 1979 (60 minutes). Two talks which are representative of her vigor, joy, and audience rapport. It also has a song composed by Peace Pilgrim, sung by Don Wittig, and Peace Pilgrim’s energizing song, “The Fountain of Love.” Our cost: $3 each.
PEACE PILGRIM’S SPIRITUAL GROWTH (67 minutes). The sound track of the first hour of the “Speaking to a College Class” video (described under Videos Cassetts). At the end of Side B, Peace Pilgrim relates one of her prison experiences. Our cost: $3 each.
STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE. Available for the first time as a separate audio tape! Narrated by Ann Rush. Our cost $3 each
PEACE PILGRIM BOOK AND STEPS ALBUM. Eight audio cassette series narrated by Ann Rush. Our cost: $18.


INTERVIEWS OF PEACE PILGRIM (62 minutes). Includes a short TV program, from PM Magazine, an interview for FUSION on WIFR-TV in Rockford, Illinois, and a 30-minute interview conducted at Pensacola Junior College in Florida. Our cost: $6 each.
ANSWERING QUESTIONS (55 minutes). Peace Pilgrim in an interesting question and answer session with students in Applied Psychology at the University of Georgia, 1977. Our cost: $6 each.
SPEAKING TO A COLLEGE CLASS (2 hours). Peace Pilgrim speaking at California State University in Los Angeles. A good tape for those who want to make a more in-depth study of Peace Pilgrim's message. Our cost: $8 each.
SPECIAL 30 MINUTE VIDEO. Highlights of other videos selected for showing to new audiences. Peace Pilgrim tells a few of her most interesting experiences. Our cost: $5 each.
THE SPIRIT OF PEACE. (71 minute documentary). Interviews of those who knew Peace Pilgrim and those who were inspired by her message. Our cost: $8 each.
PEACE PILGRIM: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk (approximately one hour). A recent professional quality documentary film on video, about Peace Pilgrim. Includes much new historical footage and important new interviews. Our cost: $8 each.

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40 Years Ago - Peace Pilgrim Completes
25,000 Miles On Foot for Peace

At the end of October, 1964 Peace Pilgrim arrived in Washington, DC hoping to see President Lyndon Johnson. She had planned her arrival to coincide with the completion of 25,000 pilgrimage miles for inner and outer peace. From this point on she stopped counting miles.

A clipping (at right) garnered from the San Jose Mercury-News chronicles her visit. In the months leading up to this event a number of other papers mentioned the impending milestone.

On May 5th the Times Herald of Newport News, Virginia reported:

“At least one penniless woman in this country finds poverty no problem. She calls herself Peace Pilgrim. She is dressed in navy slacks and shirt, and a short light blue tunic with pockets all around the bottom in which she carries her only worldly possessions. It says “Peace Pilgrim” in white letters on the front of the tunic and “Walking 25,000 Miles for World Peace” on the back.

She has almost finished walking those miles. Her vow is, “ I shall remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food.”

Peace Pilgrim expects to walk into Washington this October, completing her 25,000 miles, and she hopes to talk to some administration officials about the peace department, perhaps even the President, she said.

Some good signs of approaching world peace, says Peace Pilgrim, were the signing of the nuclear test ban treaty, the Peace Corps, and university research into ways of resolving conflicts peaceably.
She gives here address as: Peace Pilgrim, Cologne, N. J.”

News article

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"The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create an inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one’s life. For me this began with a discovery of the meaninglessness of possessions beyond my actual and immediate needs. As soon as I had brought myself down to need level, I began to feel a wonderful harmony in my life between inner and outer well-being, between spiritual and material well-being."

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Works in Her Own Words - Page 51


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