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Winter 2003/2004 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Peace Pilgrim Number 41

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim  
An Interview with John Robbins
Current Walkers
Peace Activities in Guyana
Peace Pilgrim - A Reminiscence
Fufilling Mission for Peace

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

Frost dusted the hillsides this morning as I reminisced about my summer nights sleeping under the stars. Three times the full moon sailed the skies of Somerset while I nestled on the ground in slumber, feeling the solid earth beneath me. Blessings showered on me as I appreciated the cool refreshing air, the gentle breeze, the sweet music of the night and the soft colors of the dawn. Blessings in abundance.

Three years ago I came to Friends of Peace Pilgrim to be a full time volunteer. I heard it said that we needed to upgrade our computer database. Having no computer experience, I did not know what that meant. But, Martin Buchholtz, newly graduated from business school in Boston, knew. In the spring, Martin came to us as an enthusiastic volunteer. During his stay of several months, he purchased, designed and installed a new database. Then he trained me to use it and wrote an operating manual so that I can train others. Although he has moved on, he continues to stay in close touch and assist as needed. Thank you, Martin, you are a valued technical partner and a lot of fun.

A good database is vital to our work. Organization is also vital. Marie Benedetti, from New York, phoned me in June. “Do you need any help?” Marie, with a degree in library science and archiving, loves to organize. Yes, I needed that kind of help. In her three week stay at the center, she completely reorganized and catalogued our library and our video collection. She began to teach me the basics of archiving. We had a good time working together. Thank you, Marie, come again.

In August, David Stewart, our friend from Guatemala returned for the third time. In one week he cut and split wood for the winter, repaired the back door, replaced a defective smoke alarm, fixed the seal around the bathtub and helped me rearrange the shipping area. He also spent hours pulling out the star thistle weed, using the time to meditate and radiate love. Thank you, David. See you next year.

Without even asking, I received abundant help in three important areas. Martin, Marie and David also shared their unique life experiences. All are highly inspired and motivated by Peace Pilgrim’s steps toward inner peace. We spent many hours sharing stories of our personal growth.

Temporary volunteers bring the abundance of their skills, talents, energy and service to help in many ways, thus becoming a part of the foundation and spirit of the Peace Pilgrim Center. Your gifts are greatly appreciated.

Grace, Peace and Love, Kathy Miller

Peace Pilgrim Center
The Peace Pilgrim Center - Somerset, California

Reflections on Peace Pilgrim’s Life      (Back to TOC)
An Interview John Robbins

What follows is an excerpt of a 1998 interview conducted by the documentary film crew in filming material for the documentary about Peace Pilgrim’s life, Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk. Robbins shares some of his own insights on the importance of Peace Pilgrim to our life and times.

The state of peace in the world right now is not very peaceful. In the United States, we face these questions: How do you find inner peace? What is the meaning of self-realization, as a member of a society which produces most of the world’s weapons? How do you express your conscience, in the face of a war machine that spends a billion dollars every twenty-four hours on destruction—money that could have gone to basic human needs that are going unmet?

Peace Pilgrim’s example inspires everybody who contacts her because of the depth of her commitment and the depth of her inspiration. She was not in any way a shallow human being. We need people who live deeply, who live fully, who sense the predicament that the human race is in and recognize how dire it is; recognize that the violent aspect of our natures has now been amplified by a technology that can do so much damage, and that is doing so much damage, and could do even vastly more.

Now what she did was to go on a pilgrimage. That won’t be the form that the commitment to peace will take for most people—except as in so far as all of our lives are pilgrimages.

Peace Pilgrim’s life is of extraordinary importance to our times. She was in many ways ahead of the times. She was not recognized as widely as she certainly deserved to be, and as we would all benefit from if she was. I don’t think she needed to be recognized more widely for herself. But for the benefit of life, that we can acknowledge and honor her work, and her example; it’s very important.

She taught continually by example, and through her words and teachings as well, that the end does not justify the means. In that sense, it harkens back to Gandhi, who spoke continually about the means being the seed and the end being the tree—and, to Martin Luther King, Jr.

I feel that she and I have been allies for a long time. I first came across her work in the very early 1980s. Someone gave me Steps. I could hardly believe that this little booklet carried so much power and potency and caused so much deep feeling in me. I felt that here was somebody who had really forged the trail that I was walking. I hadn’t even known about her until then, but I could feel that on some deep spiritual level, she had made it possible and easier for me. It took someone of her strength to do it, so that then those of us who aren’t so strong can also do it—because she had led. At workshops I’ve led I have often shown videos that were made of her speaking at various colleges or churches. In these videos, you get a sense of this older woman with white hair who spoke so passionately about something she clearly loved, with such gusto, that it absolutely shreds your idea of what aging is and of what peace is. Peace is not simply the absence of war. No, no, no! Peace is the presence of a power of Love, and it’s so vital, and it’s so joyful, and it’s so meaningful to people to contact that, that people just love it.

Peace Pilgrim loved the natural world; she loved life. She saw the connection between human life and the web of life. Her way of living was stunning in its lack of consumption of resources. In America, we have this distorted idea of success. We define success as the acquiring and consuming of material things. It really is “Shop ‘til the planet drops,” and it’s sad. It’s very destructive. But she showed another way. Peace Pilgrim lived in a different way where we minimize our material needs in order to maximize our spiritual richness and maximize our sense of heartfelt connection to life. There was nothing ascetic, in the sense of deprived, about her. She didn’t go around feeling sorry for herself, or feeling like she didn’t get to have what other people did. She gloried in the richness of her inner life and the richness of her connections with people—because that’s where true richness lives.

Peace Pilgrim led the way to understanding that by living more simply, others may live. By eating more simply, more others may eat. Not over consuming things. Just taking our fair share, and being happy with that and being grateful to share with others. Then we create a way of living that’s sustainable.

There’s enough on this Earth for us if we don’t get greedy and selfish—and all of us do at times get greedy and selfish. The funny thing is that when we get greedy and selfish, those are our least happy times. No one enjoys being greedy and selfish. No one enjoys being destructive. They may get short-term pleasure and release and compensation out of it. But there’s a great difference between short-term pleasure and abiding joy, fulfillment, and peace.

What impressed me about the Steps booklet was that this woman had lived so simply. She had stripped her life of all the distractions, and of all the amusements, and of all the conveniences, and placed herself in the hands of a higher power. She had a level of trust, a level of faith if you will, in life that was so inspiring and made me reflect on my own levels of anxiety and fear and defensiveness about life in a way that made it hard to perpetuate them. I saw how petty I was in so many ways, in contrast to her grandeur. For me, she was the epitome of a great human being. She wasn’t great in the sense of political power, or like some military general. She was the ‘inner general’ who, by virtue of her principles and her commitment to them, and her willingness to give of herself, was a leader on the inner plane. She was a leader for those of us who hunger for a way of living that is in harmonywith the greatest powers of life. So that was what touched me.

Peace Pilgrim promises, and her life exemplifies, a path that leads to true fellowship, reconciliation, forgiveness, and companionship—all the good things in life that we want. The way we lower the level of violence—in the world, in our culture, in our lives—is by reducing the amount of fear and by increasing the amount of trust. By choosing love, rather than fear. By choosing to support people, rather than put them down. By choosing to be honest, rather than withholding. By choosing to be creative and expressive, rather than stagnating and stifling of our energies. To be alive—with a sense of respect for life.

There is within us a power that is up to the challenge. It is greater than any of us can identify with, or comprehend or grasp. It is something so immense, that when we are filled with it we know. We know what our place in life is. We know what our role is in the unfolding of love on this planet. We know what we’re to do. We know how we’re to go about it. We know the next step—we may not know too far in advance—but we know what’s in front of us, and we know what we need to do. If we give ourselves joyfully to that step, then the next step, and the next, unfolds.

John Robbins
John Robbins

John Robbins is one of the world’s leading experts on the dietary link to the environment and health and is the founder of EarthSave International, a nonprofit organization that supports healthy food choices, preservation of the environment, and a more compassionate world. He is the author of Diet for A New America and other books. He is a recipient of the 1994 Rachel Carson Award.

To read the entire interview
Click Here

On the Road – Current Pilgrims    (Back to - TOC)

We like to keep our readers informed of walkers for various causes who are currently on pilgrimages both in the USA and around the world. If you know of someone who is walking in the spirit of Peace, please let us know.

Earth Walker: Paul Coleman walking and planting trees for peace and global environmental protection. Follow his current pilgrimage from England to China begun on November 2, 2000. Paul is currently in Africa having walked 18,000 kilometers to date. He has planted 25,000 trees in 350 tree planting ceremonies and events in 14 countries. Journal updates can be found on the website.

Rev. Ken Carroll - Peace Walker: Beginning an eight month pilgrimage on April 30, 2003 in San Diego and walking to the UN in NYC promoting the establish-ment of a Peace Department in every country. One of Peace Pilgrim's petitions on the 1953 pilgrimage was for the creation of such a department in the US government. Due to finish in NYC on December 7, 2003.

Don Vermilyea - Walking across America visiting every Church of the Brethren congregation that extends an invitation. Don's mission has a message—that we must continue the work of Jesus: peacefully, simply, together. He began walking in February 2002 and is currently in Kansas.

Peace Pilgrim Activities in Guyana    (Back to - TOC)

There are a number of autonomous Peace Pilgrim organizations in other countries, including India, Tanzania, Portugal and Brazil, that have been inspired by Peace Pilgrim’s message of inner peace and offer a variety of services.

Mrs. Ayesha McDoom Singh, president of a group in Georgetown, Guyana, South America recently wrote: “On Thursday November 6th at 10am we will be unveiling our first peace pole at Promenade Garden. It will be planted just next to Gandhi’s statue. This will be a great moment for us. We would have a simple ceremony. A few moments of silence then a universal prayer after which Dr. Simon and I will unveil the Pole.” On the eight foot pole are the words, “May Peace Prevail in our Hearts”. The plaque at the base of the pole reads,” Friends of Peace Pilgrim November 6, 2003”. The unveiling of the peace pole was covered by the press and carried on the local TV.

Other activities include an inaugural Tea for Peace event, attended by 75 guests and a six-week study course on the Steps Toward Inner Peace.

Peace Pilgrim – a Reminiscence       (Back to Table of Contents - TOC)
by Francis-Clair Fisher

Peace Pilgrim came through St. Cloud, Minnesota when I was about ten or eleven years old (I think). My mother heard Peace interviewed on the radio and called the station asking if she would like to come to dinner. Peace said yes, but that she did not eat any meat. This was unusual at that time and my mother had quite a time creating a vegetarian lasagna and desert. She made a special dash to the store to purchase some additional ingredients and also brought home a nondairy whipped topping.

I went with my father to pick Peace Pilgrim up across town. It was very hard to tell her age. She was so energetic and animated, her age could have been anywhere from the early 50's to the early 60's. Or that was my guess at that young age. The year must have been around 1966 or '67, but I'm not sure.

When she came to the house she sat and talked quietly with my sister and I about our garden and we tried to give her tomatoes, but she explained that she did not accept gifts. But she could eat them tomorrow we cried! She again explained that she carried nothing with her but what was in her pockets. With a well-stocked fridge and garden this really confused us. So Peace took two tomatoes. We were very pleased until we woke up the next morning to find them on the kitchen counter. It was some years later before I understood why she could not take those tomatoes.

At dinner Peace talked to us about her work. I don't remember much of what she said but I was totally engrossed by her. She was stern but loving. She was not like a grandmother, more like a teacher. But a teacher with a message that held my attention completely. I'm not sure if it was what she said, or how she said it. The fact that she had left all possessions was extremely powerful to my young mind. From that moment on I wanted to be like her. At night as I went to sleep I'd fantasize about walking like Peace Pilgrim.

My mother got quite a laugh out of Peace's comment about the nondairy whipped cream, "Don't give me any of that chemical cocktail!" We called it that from then on.

I never took to the road as Peace did, but I did become a Quaker, a Vegan and have spent my adult life working for peace and teaching nonviolence in prisons and schools. My husband and I found her book shortly after we were married and, much inspired by it, resolved to live as simply as we could in our harsh Minnesota climate. Because of that commitment we eventually put up a Mongolian Yurt, in which we have lived for nearly 14 years.

We have dog eared and passed on a great many copies of that book. One is sitting beside my chair right now as I prepare to teach about Peace Pilgrim in my State Prison class on nonviolence. It is a treasure which is always beside the bed or a comfortable chair. And after all these years, I still go to sleep fantasizing about taking to the road.

Fulfilling Mission for Peace        (Back to TOC)
By Mayte Picco-Kline

Mayte is the translator of the Spanish version of the Peace Pilgrim Book. She currently lives in Pennsylvania.

An encounter with Peace Pilgrim's life and work in 1990 when the “Desert Storm” war was about to begin marked the beginning of a transformation in the fulfilment of my mission. She became an inspiration at a time when I was deeply contemplating my next steps in a strong desire to work for Peace after a joyful career in the field of organizational psychology. What became most powerful about Peace Pilgrim's message was the idea that we will only have peace in the world when enough of us experience inner peace. She touched what was at the core of my own inner knowing, and my desire to expand from there brought new light for the road ahead.

My first step became to fulfill a dream… to see the book: Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words available for all Spanish-speaking people in the world. In that mood, I then visited Ann and John Rush at their home and place where they were fulfilling their mission in Hemet, California and the glorious peaceful experience with them and other volunteers for a few days
Mayte Picco-Kline
Mayte Picco-Kline
became an important sustaining element in my decision. While working on the I translation of the book, many times would feel the beautiful presence in Spirit of Peace Pilgrim lovingly and cheerfully supporting the task at hand. After three years of dedication and in collaboration with Friends of Peace Pilgrim, particularly with Jeff Blom, the book was published in Spanish by Richard Polese at Ocean Tree Books. Thanks to Bruce Nichols, the book is now also available on the Peace Pilgrim website The Peace Pilgrim Center in Somerset, CA is now offering the third edition, always happy to send copies by request.

All my goals and activities unfolded spontaneously from that initial identification with Peace Pilgrim's idea and for the next 13 years I have dedicated my life as a counselor in the international community with people of all educational levels, religions and social backgrounds, talking about inner peace and the exploration of inner potential. I created a newsletter, Enlace Internacional - Amigos de Peregrina de Paz - focusing on inner peace and ways to live in harmony - and expanded to giving personal counseling to those who ask for it, writing articles for several newsletters, newspapers and the Internet, including the Public Broadcasting Service website, and giving public presentations at homes, schools and churches, and via the radio and TV in several countries. Many themes have been explored through the years, including speaking about 'Finding our Mission in Life', 'The Power of Thought' and 'Peace and Social Responsibility'. It has always been a most joyful journey.

Enlace Internacional is now published both in English and Spanish and is shown at the Peace Pilgrim website and sent directly to people in 20 countries, three times a year. To receive it as an email attachment, send me a note at: I will be happy to share an example for you to review as you wish and decide about becoming part of our circle of friends.

Through my work I share my understanding of universal values, also sustained by my participation in the Sabian Assembly, a philosophical enterprise and co-operative project for expanding human capacities in every practical area of individual and group activity. My vision of the future includes the pursuit of actions for the creation of a culture of peace and living in wholeness. May PEACE reign supreme in your Heart each day!

A New Peace Pilgrim Song     (Back to TOC)

We recently were introduced to Jody Kessler, an incredibly talented singer/song writer from Ithaca, NY. Jody’s music speaks to many of life’s joys and challenges and resonates with the deepest levels of spirit and self-discovery. One of the tracks on her new CD “Bare Bones” is about Peace Pilgrim.

Jody Comments: “I first learned about Peace Pilgrim from an audio version of her biography. I became fascinated with her life, and deeply inspired by her unwavering connection to Spirit. What is especially uplifting to me is how she had complete faith in the God of her own understanding, and how she allowed herself to be guided by a Divine Presence without being constrained by the conditioning of any one particular religion. Her unwavering trust that she would be taken care of, her ability to feel the fullness and abundance of life without material possessions, her equanimous acceptance of what each day offered her, and her kindness and compassion for all beings are all qualities that I aspire to cultivate in my own life.”

You can listen her song on the Peace Pilgrim Website.

Visit and click on the link to the song. You will need to have a Real Audio player installed on your computer to listen. Listen Here.

If you would like to hear more of Jody’s music, visit the music page at her website. Jody has offered to donate 10% of CD sales from those who identify themselves as visitors from the Peace Pilgrim website or as readers of this newsletter.

Jody Kessler
Jody Kessler
photo - Kathy Morris

a song by Jody Kessler

step by step, one mile at a time
Seattle to Atlanta, New York to Anaheim *
state by state and town by town,
she'd walk across America
'til they lay those weapons down

no one knew just what her age was
but her hair was silver grey
if you asked her what her name was
"Peace Pilgrim," she would say
townspeople gathered 'round her
as she talked about her mission
in churches, schools, on streetcorners
wherever folks would listen


a bed of forest leaves, a canopy of stars
so simple were her needs
though she journeyed far
she carried no possessions
but a toothbrush and a comb
with the love of God surrounding her,
everywhere was home

she fasted until given food, walked 'til given shelter
touched the hearts and changed the lives
of everyone who met her
In the days of Joe McCarthy and the Korean War
Cuban missiles, Vietnam, and El Salvador
she said, "I'll remain a pilgrim 'til all fighting will cease
twenty-five thousand miles I shall walk for peace."


*2) Texas to Montana, Utah to Caroline
*3) across the Mississippi, and the Mason-Dixon line

© 2003 In The Moment Productions. Words and Music by Jody Kessler (BMI)

Jody can be reached at:
In The Moment Productions
PO Box 4054
Ithaca, NY 14852

Letters and Email     (Back to TOC)

Dear John and Ann,
    A number of years ago, my husband Maury and I, Lucille Rice, had the pleasure of connecting with you both through Dr. Loomis. Visiting your home, we were introduced to your devotion to having the Peace Pilgrim and her words shared out in the world.
    This connection with you both resulted in your being invited to our Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science to share of yourselves and of Peace Pilgrim and her words and work.
    Our connection and our appreciation of much that has happened has continued through your newsletters.
    Thank you both for your caring and determined efforts to further peace.
    Enjoy your well-deserved retirement. Thank you for moving the world to a more loving place than you found it! For enriching Maury’s and my life along with “Never to be know how many other lives.”
May your retirement be with continuous good health and wonderment!

With our love, thanks and appreciation,
Lucille Rice


Hello Kathy et al,
    What a surprise and delight to find out in the current newsletter that John & Ann have actually retired. I'm so happy that they'll be able to spend some concentrated time with their family. I have emailed them a huge thanks for their years of dedication and for the impact on the world that their work has made. Now, I want to thank you for taking over the reins. I know you have already done so much and am thrilled that the center is in such competent and caring hands.

With much love and appreciation,
Sydney J. Reuben
Menlo Park, CA


Dear Ann & John,
    I just received the newsletter today and want to wish you well in this next phase of your life. Encountering you among a million other people in New York at the great peace march over 20 years ago was one of the great synchronicities of my life--and I have had a few. I had just learned about Peace Pilgrim through the article in Fellowship magazine and was seeking ways of learning more about her work when you manifested before my very eyes.
    I'm still trying to do my bit as a peace worker by publishing Both Sides Now, and also by hopefully developing a small peace center on 29 acres I have here in East Texas. The latter project is mostly in the thinking stage yet, but it is being worked on. My best to you and your family.

Love & Peace,
Elihu Edelson


Dear Friends,
    I recently came across Peace Pilgrim - just two days ago in fact and I feel like I have come home to the place I have been searching all my life -- to the teacher I have been looking for all my life.
    Thank you so much and God bless you for carrying on her life in this way.

Kelly Johnson
Richmond, Virginia


Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,
    Thank you so much for sending me the audio tapes! I have been listening to them quite often, and even though I have read the same stories and teachings many times, it has helped me so much. To wake up and press play and listen to Peace Pilgrim makes me realize what a wonderful day it’s going to be. Then I get on the subway, and I look at all of these people going to work, I just want to be of service to them. To HEAR Peace Pilgrim tell these stories; to look at my "problems" and declare, "Thank you, these problems are helping me get closer to YOU!" To listen to a woman who, through her teachings and example, has helped me LIVE LIFE! I can go on and on. But most of all thank you, for spreading this message in such a wonderful way.

With appreciation and gratitude,
Jason Handelsman, New York


Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,
    In Peace Pilgrim and you I have found for the first time in my life - it's going to be 35 years old tomorrow, what a nice day to celebrate birthday - someone who puts into practice what I have always believed. Spiritual truth cannot be sold for money! During my process of seeking and growing spiritually, I have met many people - including my spouse - who strongly believe that giving and receiving need to be in balance, which is accomplished when you demand payment for what you give. I never agreed with that and I have never demanded a penny for anything I've done for another person.
    I'm so happy that there is someone like You out in the world who carries that message as well and stands behind it in every aspect. I'm certain Peace Pilgrim is eternally proud of all of you! It is such a wonderful gift she left the world and thanks to you it is preserved for long and accessible for everyone who seeks it !
    I would like to give out Peace Pilgrim's message in all the places I work and intend to order the German translation for my German family and friends.
    All my best wishes to you wonderful people!

With Love and Light,
Petra Neumueller
St.Cloud, MN

We love hearing from friends of Peace Pilgrim all over the world. Write to us at:
Friends of Peace Pilgrim
7350 Dorado Canyon Road
Somerset, CA, 95684 USA

Email –

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim: Here are the publications we offer. While we do not charge for these,many inquire about sending a donation. You wil find the approximate cost for materials and postage after each item. This does not include our operating expenses. Friends of Peace Pilgrim is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations and bequests are welcomed and tax-deductible. All money goes directly to our work, helping us to continue producing and distributing materials to all who ask.

PEACE PILGRIM: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words (Standard Edition), 224 pages. Compiled by five of her friends after her transition in 1981. Our printing and postage cost: $3 for one book. $2.25 for each additional book. Full Carton (currently 40 books) $80.
PEACE PILGRIM (Compact Edition), 224 pages. This book is the same as the Standard Edition except it is smaller. Our cost: $2.25 for one book, $1.50 for each additional book. Full Carton (currently 48 books) $60.
PEREGRINA DE PAZ: Su Vida Y Obra en Sus Propias Palabras, 216 pages. (Spanish edition of the Peace Pilgrim book) Our cost: $3.50 for one book, $3 for each additional book.
STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE, 32 pages. Peace Pilgrim relates her own steps toward inner peace and gives ideas about working for world peace. Our cost: 1-4 copies, 50 cents each. Each additional copy, 30 cents. Box of 100, $27. Box of 500, $125.
(Steps Toward Inner Peace is also available from the Center in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. Please call or write for further information.)
PEACE PILGRIM’S WISDOM: A Very Simple Guide by Cheryl Canfield, 224 pages. Includes 365 quotes from Peace Pilgrim – one for every day – and a study guide by Cheryl offering suggestions to help integrate these simple spiritual truths into your life. Our cost: $5 each.
PEACE PILGRIM, An Extraordinary Life by Ann Rush, 16 pages. Peace Pilgrim’s life is traced from her ordinary beginnings through a transformation to a life of unusual commitment. Our costs: $1.50 each.
THE PEACE PILGRIM COLORING BOOK. 26 large pages by our two volunteers, Barbara Werner and Gary Guthrie. Our cost: $3 each.


CAMPBELL HOUSE, 1959 (90 minutes). A talk that is representative of her message. It also has a brief radio interview the day before she died. Our duplicating and postage costs: $3 each.
SALT LAKE CITY, 1955 (60 minutes). Recorded two years after her pilgrimage began. A gentle talk to a small group in a friend’s home. Another friend, Sue Millard, sings a song composed by Peace Pilgrim. Our cost: $3 each.
DALLAS CHURCHES, 1979 (60 minutes). Two talks which are representative of her vigor, joy, and audience rapport. It also has a song composed by Peace Pilgrim, sung by Don Wittig, and Peace Pilgrim’s energizing song, “The Fountain of Love.” Our cost: $3 each.
PEACE PILGRIM’S SPIRITUAL GROWTH (67 minutes). The sound track of the first hour of the “Speaking to a College Class” video (described under Videos Cassetts). At the end of Side B, Peace Pilgrim relates one of her prison experiences. Our cost: $3 each.
STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE. Available for the first time as a separate audio tape! Narrated by Ann Rush. Our cost $3 each
PEACE PILGRIM BOOK AND STEPS ALBUM. Eight audio cassette series narrated by Ann Rush. Our cost: $18.


INTERVIEWS OF PEACE PILGRIM (62 minutes). Includes a short TV program, from PM Magazine, an interview for FUSION on WIFR-TV in Rockford, Illinois, and a 30-minute interview conducted at Pensacola Junior College in Florida. Our cost: $6 each.
ANSWERING QUESTIONS (55 minutes). Peace Pilgrim in an interesting question and answer session with students in Applied Psychology at the University of Georgia, 1977. Our cost: $6 each.
SPEAKING TO A COLLEGE CLASS (2 hours). Peace Pilgrim speaking at California State University in Los Angeles. A good tape for those who want to make a more in-depth study of Peace Pilgrim's message. Our cost: $8 each.
SPECIAL 30 MINUTE VIDEO. Highlights of other videos selected for showing to new audiences. Peace Pilgrim tells a few of her most interesting experiences. Our cost: $5 each.
THE SPIRIT OF PEACE. (71 minute documentary). Interviews of those who knew Peace Pilgrim and those who were inspired by her message. Our cost: $8 each.
PEACE PILGRIM: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk (approximately one hour). A recent professional quality documentary film on video, about Peace Pilgrim. Includes much new historical footage and important new interviews. Our cost: $8 each.

All videos are available in the PAL system, which is compatible with European television. Our duplicating and postage costs: 62 minute and 55 minute videos $11; two hour video $12; 30-minute video $10; documentaries $10.


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50 Years Ago - December 1953         (Back to TOC)

THE PEACE PILGRIM displays the blue tunic with the lettering “Walking Coast to Coast for Peace” which is her only garb on her 5000-mile transcontinental trek she hopes to end late this year with peace pleas to President Eisenhower and the United Nations.---Globe-Democrat Photo

Peace Pilgrim Nears Washington;
To Present Petition to Eisenhower

    Peace Pilgrim is nearing Washington, D.C. where she expects to present to President Eisehower a petition for the establishment of a Peace Department in the presidential cabinet. The petition is signed by men and women all the way across America from Los Angeles, California to New York.
    Peace Pilgrim started walking across the United States on January 1 at Los Angeles. She has traveled at the rate of about 25 miles a day on foot fasting until someone offers her food, sleeping out-of-doors when no shelter is offered. She has stopped at cities, villages, and crossroads when given the opportunity to speak for peace. Always her message is, “The way to peace is to overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.” She amplifies this plea with a call to disarmament and a peace department in government.
    On the 5000 mile jaunt through Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and connecting states Peace Pilgrim has worn out four pairs of shoes which have been replaced by friends along the way.
    After presenting the Peace Department petition to President Eisenhower, Peace Pilgrim will go to New York City to present a petition for disarmament to the United Nations.

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“The price of peace is to abandon fear and replace it with faith - faith that if we obey God's laws we will receive God's blessings. The price of peace is to abandon hate and allow love to reign supreme in our hearts - love for all our fellow human beings over the world. The price of peace is to aban-don arrogance and replace it with re-pentance and humility, remembering that the way of peace is the way of love. The price of peace is to abandon greed and replace it with giving, so that none will be spiritually injured by having more than they need while others in the world still have less than they need.”
Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Works in Her Own Words - Page 110


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