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Fall/Winter 2002 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 38

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim  
2002 Reunion
Human Rights
The Search for Peace Pilgrim Footage
Book Review of Peace Quest
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Voices in the Wilderness
Peace Village
Background of Support
The Healing Power of Peace Pilgrim's Words
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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

Fifty years ago, on January 1, 1953. Peace Pilgrim began her Pilgrimage in front of the Rose Parade in Pasadena,

Twenty years ago, In February, 1983 when we lived in Whittier, California we received a box of the first printing
of our Peace Pilgrim books, to our delight.

This year, Bruce Nichols, our web master, walked the Appalachian Trail to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of
Peace Pilgrim’s walk—she was the first woman to walk the complete trail in one year. In the next newsletter we expect to have Bruce’s report of his walk; he expects to soon have his report on the internet.

Lyudmila Androsova, a woman from St. Petersburg, Russia, is helping us with our Peace Pilgrim project until
January 2, 2003. This is a very interesting time for us— working, walking, talking, doing Yoga, with one who grew up in Communist Russia.

What a blessing for old “enemies” to become good friends! We are thankful she will be with us during the
Christmas rush of requests for Peace Pilgrim materials. Next time we plan to tell how much she loves Peace’s message and uses STEPS in her workshops.

Ken Lauer from Chicago, dropped by just when we needed someone to cut a huge fallen tree into fireplace size
pieces. We hope he will stay longer to help with numerous jobs and to package books, STEPS, tapes and calendars for Christmas gifts that are requested. He keeps us laughing.

Gary Guthrie, a long time periodic volunteer, has taught English in several countries. He taught English in Saudia
Arabia many years ago and returned with an Arabic translation of STEPS. Then he taught English in Vietnam and
returned with a manuscript of STEPS in Vietnamese, that is waiting to be edited and published. Recently Gary went to Russia to talk with Luda about translating into Russian the Coloring book he and Barbara Werner had compiled.

In Brazil, Gary spoke to groups about Peace Pilgrim and a publishing house became interested, They later published the Peace Pilgrim Coloring book in French, Portuguese and Spanish.


Hello, I just finished reading STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE and I must admit it is one of the most enlightening things I ever read. Thank you.

2002 REUNION      (Back to TOC)
Sharing in the Way of Inner Peace - by Mayte-Picco-Kline.

On July 19-2002 at the Peace Pilgrim Center in Somerset, California, United States about a dozen people came
together and joined in an INNER PEACE ADVENTURE in the company of our hosts Kathy Miller, and John and Ann Rush (part of the initial book compiling team and founders of Friends of Peace Pilgrim). We gathered each day and enjoyed the opportunity to share the love, humor and affection that inspires our souls in our contribution to inner peace.

We had sessions all days with these objectives in mind:

(1) bring people together for inspiration and support.
(2) Nuture growth for inner peace (including) ‘time alone’.
(3) Plant the seeds for expansion outward.

In the early mornings we initiated the day with beautiful moments of meditation and songs from Kathy Miller, yoga
with Cheryl Canfield or Tai-Chi with Bruce Nichols. Then we gathered in a circle and shared different sessions about the 12 Steps Toward Inner Peace (conducted by Cheryl Canfield), Friends of Peace Pilgrim around the world (lead by Mayte Picco-Kline and Kathy Miller), script for a film about the story of Peace Pilgrim (with Richard Roller, film script writer, and Jemila Ericson, actress), and the valuable contributions of all attendees about a variety of topics related with these areas that bring our inspiration alive.

Saturday evening, Bruce Nichols shared with us his experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail, precisely 50 years
after Peace Pilgrim did it. We enjoyed delicious vegetarian meals with a candle lit on the table and quiet moments
walking on the Peace Path or around the little pond by the Center. We closed our reunion with the lead of Jemila
Ericson, performing some Sufi Dances of Universal Peace. Other adjacent activities included lovely visits with Ann and John Rush.

We shared our perspectives about events in the world; the recently created documentary; the extensive peace
library at the Center; the newly created newsletter and the collection of Peace Pilgrim books and booklets translated into more than 25 languages and distributed in over one hundred countries.

All in all, we became inspired by our time together and look forward to new opportunities to meet again in the

HUMAN RIGHTS     (Back to TOC)

When Mary Robinson took over as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in September 1997,
she declared that she would be a voice for the voiceless, speaking for the neglected victims of human rights abuse.
She kept her promise, and now it has cost her job. She left on September 11.

Robinson came to the U.N. after completing her term as president of Ireland, the first woman to hold that job. She
was taking over the office of High Commissioner that had suffered years of mismanagement and neglect. She soon
undertook a profound reorganization of the office, making it better able to respond to often urgent and deploring
demands. She became a strong, often passionate voice on behalf of human rights and against their abusers.

Some governments, accustomed to be being left alone by high-level U.N. officials, were shocked and they retaliated in turn. She particularly infuriated the United States when she issued a statement regretting the U.S. decision to walk out of the Durban race conference, jointly with Israel.

Following the terrorist attack on September 11, Robinson issued a strong condemnatory statement in which she also expressed condolences to the families of victims and pleaded for justice, not revenge in the aftermath of the
attacks. And she was among the first public figures to express concerns about the potential threats to civil liberties
and human rights posed by the U.S. war on terrorism. When the U.S. offensive started in Afghanistan, she often
expressed concern for the civilian population and called for a humanitarian cease-fire.

This obviously did not further endear her within the Bush administration. And following her statements questioning
the detention of captured Taliban prisoners held by the U.S. in Quantanamo Bay, Cuba, Washington embarked on
a campaign to make sure that her term would not be extended.

She had ruffled many feathers, including those of several major players. Russia had never been her fan, and that
country had been further stung by her highly critical statements about Russian military action in Chechnya.

The new High Commissioner of Human Rights faces a huge challenge. He is not only taking on a job that is, by
definition, among the most difficult in the public arena, he is also succeeding a woman who made the job very visible worldwide, and who raised his expectations very high. – Excerpts from an article by Joanna Weschler in the Washington Spectator, October 1, 2002.


Almost by definition, and certainly according to its charter, the United Nations exists to promote human rights. Somewhere along the way many in the United Nations have lost this plot and allowed their work to answer to other imperatives. This is the root cause of much of the criticism that is leveled at the organization. There is an opportunity now to recapture the lost purpose of the United Nations.
– From a speech delivered by Mary Robinson

by Judy Lum

Seeing the new documentary with the original footage of Peace Pilgrim was both inspiring and gratifying. We wish to thank all of the volunteers across the U.S. for their hard work in locating video footage of Peace Pilgrim taken from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

To Start our search for original footage, we first determined all the states and dates Peace Pilgrim visited on her
various walks across the U.S. With this information we contacted as many state and local historical societies, universities and TV stations as possible.

Locating footage was a challenge because we were looking as far back as the 1950’s. Archives were often not well catalogued and Peace Pilgrim did not use her real name. We asked people to review their archives for someone named Peace Pilgrim or “a woman walking for peace.” Once we explained who she was and what she stood for, people became intrigued by her story and were willing to take the time to thoroughly comb their archives.

We also sent Peace Pilgrim’s book to everyone who was interested so they could learn more about her message of peace.

When a video clip was found we waited eagerly for the postman to deliver it, anticipating like a child a gift on
Christmas. All told we found 18 separate video clips. In many cases we were allowed to use her footage without
charge in our documentary, and we are grateful to those individuals and institutions.

How powerful and inspiring to see Peace Pilgrim in the new documentary “walk her talk” and deliver her message
of peace across the US!


I received the six books you sent me. They are already distributed and I hope that the efforts of Peace Pilgrim and yours will multiply. I know that other lives will be touched as well as mine has been. The visions, the experience and wisdom of Peace Pilgrim is already strengthening in me the seed of happiness that I wish in all my friends and enemies.

I really appreciate your help and your love and I hope to continue helping with the search of peace in our souls.
– Elena R Carlson.


A co-worker gave me a copy of Peace’s book and I have worn it out. The back is off part of it and the binding is torn and worn. May I please have another copy.
–Sally Cooke Christian

BOOK REVIEW of PEACE QUEST       (Back to Table of Contents - TOC)
written by Kelly Guinan and illustrated by Dorothia Rohner

From the chapters “Your Story” and “Peace for the Planet,” PEACE QUEST provides 148 pages of information
and inspiration for teaching peace to children. There are many pages of simple projects dealing with subjects from
personal feelings to community action. Lessons can be photocopied for class work. The text is interesting and
clear. Pictures are delightful and insightful. I highly recommend this beautiful book published in the United States
by Kind Regards LLC. Box 33, Blair NE 68008 402-533-2615 ,
– Reviewed by Kathy Miller.


Juliana Howard and Shelly Koffler deserve special appreciation for their original songs which enhance the documentary, “Peace Pilgrim, An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk.” Juliana wrote, “Peace Walk,” which is performed by the Crayons on the CD, “Here I am God,” (World Library Publications, 3825 N. Willow Road, Schiller Park, IL 60100).

Shelley wrote and performed, “Peace Pilgrim” and, “Breath of Life” from her CD, “I Become the Eagle,” (Spotted Fawn Music, PO Box 65274, Mt. Washington MD 21209). We apologize for omitting this information from the credits on the documentary. Many have told us how much they like the songs.

Thank you, Juliana and Shelly.


PRISONER – I am currently incarcerated at Wasco State Prison and I have made a few wrong turns in life which found me in prison. I too have decided to change my life, and this little stay in prison has become a stepping stone to better myself. A fellow inmate has a copy of STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE. I have read it over a couple of times and found myself applying it to my daily practice and
found it very helpful. I would like very much to read PEACE PILGRIM and begin to put that into my life.


WHITE MOUNTAINS – I just returned with my wife from a 4 day hike in the White Mountains and was thinking of our beloved Peace Pilgrim who walked in that area, since it is part of the Appalachian Trail. She was the first woman to be a through hiker on the A.T. While staying in the A.M.C. huts we met several people who were open to hear about Peace Pilgrim, and I promised that I will try to
arrange for them to receive the book.


UTAH – I’m 21 years old and searching for enlightenment. I had read “Steps Toward Inner Peace” and I must say, there is a lot of spiritual enlightenment in that 32 page book. It helped me to look at life in a whole other light, and I will like to learn more about inner peace to help me with the hard times I must face in learning life’s lesson.


PENNSYLVANIA – Unbelievable! Simply amazing sometimes, and yet quite believable, because I see my good friend Jim living it! Lately he’s really in tune spiritually and it shows.

I’m loyal to my ways of life and I enjoy just seeing others of different beliefs really at peace in here. Since I’m an egotistical odd-ball I search all paths for solid foundations and in doing so I may incorporate some methods so I can deal with life’s “downs” in here.

Well, your books are really working and I’ve seen this first hand! PEACE IN PRISON is a rare thing, but sure enough your people are making an impression. Let Peace Rule.


Thanks for sending the booklets. There was much interest in them and the video at the Pax Christi convention. I’m anxious to distribute the other video to the local schools and churches. Peace’s message is so needed TODAY!! Her STEPS speak in a gentle powerful way to all seekers.


On Sunday, November 3 some of us went to the Federated Church in Placerville, CA to hear David Smith-
Feri tell of his trip to Iraq to learn what life is and has been like for Iraqi citizens under the threat of a mass invasion, and what it might mean to them if this invasion occurs. He met with UN program directors, doctors, hospital patients, religious leaders, survivors of bombings, teachers, artists, merchants and ordinary Iraqis in their homes and on the streets. He showed slides of sufferings caused by the sanctions imposed on Iraq after the Gulf war. It is disheartening to think that our country is contemplating military action that will cause further widespread suffering. We are encouraged that some churches are opposed to a war with Iraq.

Excerpts from an article by Sergei Bedayev

For the last decade of the former century there were some meaningful events marking a significant change in
the life of humanity. The means of communications, globalization, planetary changes of the environment, war conflicts and natural disasters push humanity to realize interrelation and interconnection of everyone and everything on this planet. The idea of one human family can’t be any longer an idea of some idealistic thinkers. It becomes a
reality of our daily life.

Here is the list of those events:

Parliament of the World Religions (August 28 – September 5, 1993, Chicago, U.S.A.) with its declaration “Towards a Global Ethics” (

Parliament of the World Religions (December 1-8, 1999, Cape Town, South Africa) with its “Call to Our Guiding Institutions” (

Millenium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders (August 28-31, 2000, New York, U.S.A.) with its “Commitment to Global Peace” (

Millenium Summit of UN (September 6-8, 2000, New York, U.S.A.) with its “United Nations Declaration of Millenium” (

The main ideas of those events may be summarized as follows:

A cardinal cause for humanity’s numerous problems does not lie in the outside world, it lies inside human

Humanity will not be able to solve those problems unless individuals identify themselves as members of
one global family and build their relationships upon global ethical principles;

Religious and spiritual people should be inspiring examples of this trend.

Here we come to Peace Pilgrim who formally has no relation to those international forums. But in fact, she anticipated on a grassroots level what has been declared as international viewpoints.

She believed that world peace would come only when enough people attain inner peace. She called us to look for
peace inside.

She used simple and universal language. It was not a language of doctrines and dogmas. It was a language of
heart and experience. Her principles of life are not based on some particular community customs and traditions.
They are principles of Creation and are in full correspondence with the outlines of Global Ethics.

She showed us that we need not necessarily join any church or organization if we are to follow a spiritual path.
Does it mean that churches and organizations are useless? Not at all. Rather this is a demonstration that there are
numerous ways to the same Reality like many paths leading to the same mountain top. Rather this is another way
for those who do not feel comfortable joining a church. After Peace Pilgrim they can’t have excuses for stepping

Peace Pilgrim is an outstanding example of global spirituality. Does it mean that inspired with her example we
should leave our homes and daily routines and start walking along highways? Not at all. In spite of her specific mission she was not separate from us. She was a part of us, as we are parts of this wonderful universe, which in many spiritual traditions is considered as a Body of God.

I think everyone could benefit from her example taking it as an appeal to internal pilgrimage. To continue her mission, inspired with her life and her words, we can go along the roads of our souls from south to north and back overcoming evil with good, falsehood with truth and hatred with love.

PEACE VILLAGE    (Back to Table of Contents - TOC)

This summer, [2002] in Portland Oregon, our church where I work, is offering a PEACE VILLAGE, an interfaith,
multicultural educational program organized as a summer camp aimed at helping young people create lives of peace. Our goals are for the children to learn how to use non-violent solving skills with peers and adults. The purpose of this program is to encourage young people to find a sense of inner peace and self-confidence from which to handle life in a more peaceful and non-violent way. They will also explore other elements of peaceful living. The children will study the lives of men and women who have led lives as peacemakers, such as the Peace Pilgrim and Gandhi. This program is designed as a summer day camp experience. We hope to have 60 children, many of whom come from low income families.

I am offering a workshop on the Peace Pilgrim. Since Peace Village is designed for children who have completed
Kindergarten through Eighth Grades, I am looking for ideas on how best to share her story and inspire these younger children. – Sue Nuhn, Oregon

BACKGROUND OF SUPPORT        (Back to Table of Contents - TOC)

We continue to receive the Peace Pilgrim materials sent to our facility. They have been made available to our
detainee population and received with much appreciation. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Please keep us on your mailing list. Your reading material is very much the backbone of support for those seeking help and inspiration at this time of their life. It gives me great pleasure to make it available. Keep up the good work, it is much needed and very much appreciated. – C. Bery, Chaplain at the San Diego Correctional Facility.


I encountered the life of Peace Pilgrim in 1988. I had been given the book by my brother a couple of years
before, but was not intrigued enough to read it. I do remember flipping through it and thinking. “who IS this
woman?” Still though, the book sat on the shelf for the next couple of years.

At this time, I was working in Northern Mexico on a project training local health promoters in a squatter settlement outside of Mexicali. I had started a non-profit corporation and believed that a life of service was my calling. Though I believed this intellectually, many things in my life were out of balance (as I would soon find out).

In the midst of trying to help others, I was ignoring my own needs, both physically and emotionally. During one
stretch in Mexicli, I was living almost entirely on the sugar and coffee I was offered during my home visits, justifying this unhealthy indulgence by saying I was being polite. Truth was, I loved coffee and sweets. And here I was teaching people about nutrition, hardly a balance.

Shortly after returning home that time, I became sick with viral meningitis and was hospitalized for a few days. I was then pretty much bedridden. For several weeks I would try to get up and walk around but I would feel disoriented, dizzy, basically like I had jet-lag. I was starting to get depressed, thinking I might never get well. After all, some people did have permanent problems from meningitis.

About three weeks into this infirmity, I picked up the Peace Pilgrim book our of boredom. I was immediately
captivated. I read nearly half the book in that first sitting, full of wonder and joy and excitement at this remarkable
woman and her simple informed message. It felt as though as I had been waiting my entire life to meet this woman.

I remember getting up from my bed that afternoon and noticing that I felt considerably better, for me the first time
in weeks within a couple of days I was nearly recovered. This was my first meeting with Peace Pilgrim and her message. She has remained a near constant companion in my heart as I seek to learn about and integrate her simple message into my life. – Paul Astin


PRISONER – Peace Pilgrim’s book was just one of the books that started a new way of living. Although I’ve moved into a comparative religions area of study, it would not have been possible to draw my own conclusion, spiritually, without inspiring books such as Peace Pilgrim’s. This and your volunteers touched this new life in a BIG way. Know that you are all responsible for opening doors that I thought were shut. It took prison to get my spiritual attention, and well worth the painful journey.

PUBLICATIONS WE OFFER            (Back to TOC)
(we depend on donations to cover our costs)

Peace Pilgrim, Her Life and Work in Her Own Words.
Standard, Hard Cover, Compact and Spanish.

Steps Toward Inner Peace
English, Spanish and Large Print

Peace Pilgrim, An Extraordinary Life

Peace Pilgrim Book and Steps Album (audio tapes)

Audio Cassettes
Campbell House, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Spiritual Growth.

Special 30 minute,
The Spirit of Peace Documentary, An American Sage,
Speaking To A College Class, Answering Questions,
Interviews of Peace Pilgrim, All videos in the PAL system

The Peace Pilgrim Coloring Book
English, Spanish, Portuguese & French

The 2003 Calendar

Some Back Issues of our Newsletter

Addresses of Our Books in Other Languages

Songs using Peace Pilgrim’s words on CD or Cassette

For further information see our offering sheet and check the web site.


UTAH – Hello. I am serving a 30-yr sentence here at the Utah St. prison.

I’ve served 3 years already and in that time I’ve caused many problems. I was always getting write-ups, fines and locked-down. Nothing seemed to bother me.

Until one day, last Dec. an inmate who I picked on and tried to hurt came to me and told me God loves me. We wrote letters to each other because I didn’t want my socalled friends to know I was associating with him. I do believe in the Lord, but at that time I was drifting apart. When this inmate told me to let the Lord solve my problems and said he prayed for me. I really felt loved. For a long, long time. We’ve become good friends now.

I asked him, “why are you always smiling and cheerful? This is prison. You’re here for punishment, not to be happy.” He said he read a book about some peace pilgrim. It gave him joy and happiness all the time. He’s been like that for 5 months now. Every one thinks he has mental problems. But I know the truth.

Could you please send me and my other friend a copy of your book! That book must be special because that inmate always keeps reading it.

Thank you so much and God bless.


Peace Pilgrim was first introduced in November 1993 to Mugumu Serengue, Tanzania by Rev. Christopher
Nyamuma. He formed a translation committee. The purpose of a committee was to help in translating Peace
Pilgrim Books and Steps into Kiswahili, the common language used in most countries in Africa. The translation
group was chosen and I was among the translators in 1994. We started translating those books by volunteering ourselves. Friends of Peace Center granted us translation materials and funds for printing books. In 1996 we printed the first Kiswahili edition. 1000 copies of Peace Pilgrim book and 1500 of Steps were printed. We distributed these books in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

It was a wonderful experience in my life. Peace Pilgrim’s message transformed my soul and mind while I was translating the books. The message teaches me how to live a simple life, love and care for others, and build community based on honesty, respect and inner peace.

Peace Pilgrim’s book in Kiswahili (Msafiri wa Amani) did wonderfully since it was translated into Kiswahili, and
many people could read and understand it. Many people wrote to me requesting copies of the book in Kiswahili.
This is the fact that proves that inner peace is an idea whose Time has Come.

Actually, I need more Kiswahili to distribute them to other African countries who use Kiswahili. These are
Burundi, Malawi, Madagascar, Congo, Kenya, Somalia, and the islands of Comoros.
– By Emmanuel C. Karaka, Tanzania Religious Society of Friends.


Loving Greetings. It is wonderful to keep in touch. Your recent edition, number 35, is indeed wonderful. The idea
of A Peace Pilgrim Statue on the university grounds is indeed remarkable. The words of Robert Muller are quite

No doubt peace is the fount of truth and peace is the answer to all our problems. With peace many things could
be transformed positively.

I am indeed grateful for the privilege of getting in touch with your Peace Pilgrim publications.

God bless you and success to the work of your hands.


GREECE – Thank you so much for sending me the newsletter; the info is a highlight in my life. Next to Gandhi and Albert Schweitzer, Peace Pilgrim and her work are the most inspiring people to me....I wish that every prison in the world would have the PEACE PILGRIM material available and all schools would have it and offer it as teaching. Perhaps one day!!!.

by Bruce Nichols

In each Newsletter we like to share a few links to other sites of interest. Two are listed below. A comprehensive collection of sites we have found valuable can be found on the Peace Pilgrim "Links" page at <>.

Peace Action
Peace Action (formerly SANE/Freeze) works to achieve the abolition of nuclear weapons, the development of a peace-oriented economy, an end to the international weapons trade, and promotes non-military solutions to international conflicts.

Excerpts from a speech by Thich Nhat Hanh

When you come to a negotiation table you want peace, you have hope for peace. But if you do not master the art
of compassionate listening and loving speech it is very difficult for you to get concrete results.

I remember a number of years ago when I went to India and had the opportunity to meet with the chairperson of
the Indian parliament, Mr. Narayan. We discussed the practice of compassionate listening and kind speech in the congress. He was very attentive to what I had to say. I said, “A few lines could be read to bring awareness into everyone’s mind, such as ‘Dear colleagues’. The people who have elected us expect that we will communicate with each other deeply using kind and respectful speech and deep listening in order to share our insight. This will enable the congress to make the best decisions for the benefit of the nation and the people. Everytime the debate is too hot, if people are insulting each other and condemning each other, then the chairperson may invite the bell of mindfulness inviting everyone to breathe in and out-breathing in calming, breathing out smiling—until the atmosphere of the congress becomes calm. Then the one who is speaking is invited to continue his or her speech.”

Mr. Narayan was very attentive to what I said. He invited me to come back and address the Indian parliament on that issue. Ten days later there was an article in a newspaper that the President had set up a committee on communication for the parliament to develop the practice of deep listening and loving speech in the congress.

I think that we may like to write our senators and representatives so that in the U.S. Congress they may try to practice deep listening and loving speech.


SOUTH AFRICA – It is so heartwarming that Peace Pilgrim’s message continues to spread in so many directions and in so many ways, radiating outward from your home which is the centre of Peace Pilgrim’s world wide mission.

I received a long interesting and loving letter from Natasha in Russia in response to my letter to her after reading your newsletter and a card on which she had written— “As cold water is to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”

FROM PORTUGAL         (Back to TOC)
by Ana Sousa

It was only 3 days ago that I came across your website and heard for the first time in my life about Peace Pilgrim
and what she did to sow peace in everyone’s heart and to bring peace to the whole world.

For 3 days I did nothing else but read every text I could find on the net about her. I am overwhelmed for I did not
know that such a person had existed.

I am so impressed with everything I read that I am facing the possibility of opening a small space to welcome
whoever in Portugal wants to become a Friend of Peace Pilgrim.

Last evening I invited 3 friends for supper to tell them about Peace Pilgrim. They were very excited and very interested. It was decided to create on the spot the AMIGOS DE PEACE PILGRIM (PORTUGAL) which will be legalized shortly.

In due time we will face the possibility of writing to the newspapers about her life and her writings.


The Luther College campus in Ohio will soon (10-12-02) host monthly global silent peace walks, inspired by Peace Pilgrim. Starting Oct. 20, the peace walks will be held the third Sunday of every month. Participants will meet at the Pole on the Bell Green at 2 pm, The group will walk to the Decorah Courthouse and back to the pole in silence in order to focus on thoughts about peace.

“It is a slow peace walk in silence, with no banners, no chanting and no polarizing confrontations to practice
peace” explains Nora Vincent. “Its a walk to show that peace is every step and that the voice of peacemaking and
peace building is alive and steady step-by-step.”


PENNSYLVANIA – Since discovering the “Steps” booklet last January I continue to be inspired and uplifted by Peace Pilgrim. Last year I ordered 100 booklets and I give them out to friends, family and people I don’t know but who I meet when I travel. I also ordered one copy of her book, PEACE PILGRIM. In my opinion, there’s no need for any other book on spirituality. It’s my Bible.

by Mayte Kline

Children learn what they live. In my experience giving Peace talks to children in Mexico junior high, and Costa Rica elementary to high school, I have these suggestions:

1. Invite children to be involved from the beginning — find an interesting question for them, according to their age level, to bring alive their curiosity and enthusiasm. It can be as simple as...What do you think PEACE is?

2. Use plenty of examples from the PEACE PILGRIM book.

3. Kids love to ‘touch’ so if you have a PEACE PILGRIM tunic—let them experience it!

4. Show pictures and whatever you may have so children obtain a visual image of PEACE PILGRIM — which later on will become a symbol of peace for them. Sing a song from the PEACE PROGRAM CD.

5. In some occasions, groups of kids greeted me with pretty hand-made posters in which they selected their favorite phrase from the PEACE PILGRIM materials and pasted along a photo of her. The posters were going to be a present for their parents.

6. Make copies of PEACE PILGRIM book and select good PEACE PILGRIM sentences. Cut them in individual pieces and put them in a basket. Let each child ‘select’ a piece of paper from the basket, read it to the group, and share how that sentence relates to him/her. I have found this to be a powerful exercise to raise consciousness. In many cases they read exactly what they need to know to solve a personal situation. Many children have been deeply affected by this exercise. They love it!

7. Let them consider how can they apply what they’ve experienced in the session in their own life. Ask them to share it with the whole group as they feel comfortable doing so.

8. Invite the children to make as many questions as they wish. I have had sessions in which more than twenty hands wanted to have their turn to talk at the same time.


I am a student from Taiwan and studying in California. It is so lucky that I had a chance to read the book, PEACE PILGRIM, HER LIFE AND WORK IN HER OWN WORDS. Her behavior deeply touches me and I do appreciate these words. I decided to introduce her spirit to more people by spreading the book, PEACE PILGRIM. Please send a printers box of standard edition PEACE PILGRIM.

by Richard Roller

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

We are happy to report on the progress in developing a feature film portrayal of the life of Peace Pilgrim.

From the beginning, we have worked with a circle of friends and industry professionals to produce a screen story
that would speak not only to those who already consider themselves Friends of Peace Pilgrim, but to the people of
the world who long for peace.

Our greatest hope is that Peace Pilgrim will go beyond mere entertainment and serve to inspire a global renaissance of the eternal principles of peace, as taught and lived by Peace Pilgrim and other great souls who came before her and who will follow.

Recently, Jemila Ericson was auditioning for a role in an ABC Hallmark Hall of Fame movie special. Karen Arthur, the director, in looking over Jemila’s resume, noticed she had performed a one-woman show as Peace Pilgrim. She told Jemila that she had worked with Paramount Pictures on some ideas for a Peace Pilgrim movie a few years before Peace passed away. At that time there was no script. Jemila, having read and been moved by our version, recommended us to Karen. Jemila got the part in Karen’s film, The Locket, and since then, Karen has gotten involved with us and will possibly direct the film.

As a result of that fateful meeting between Jemila and Karen, we now have another mentor who feels this is an
important movie. She is actively guiding the projects development. Once we are finished processing Karen’s wonderful suggestions, she has offered to connect us with film industry people who may be instrumental in helping to get the Peace Pilgrim story told.

As the initiators of this project, we work on an almost daily basis to absorb and put into action the message we
get from Peace’s life. Which is to take the right action and then turn over the results to God. This is not easy, because we want so much to see this movie happen. God willing, it will come to pass—and soon.

In the meantime, we will continue to keep everyone informed of our progress. If you are inspired to help us
find the people and funds needed to make this vision come true, please contact us. At the very least, keep us in your prayers.

Richard Roller, Gregory Bell (818)994-9318


UTAH– I’m 21 years old and searching for enlightenment. I had read “Steps Toward Inner Peace” and I must say, there is a lot of spiritual enlightenment in that 32 page book. It helped me to look at life in a whole other light, and I will like to learn more about inner peace to help me with the hard times I must face in learning life’s lesson.

by Kathy Miller

A generous monetary gift from a long time supporter is enabling us to print the Arabic and Hebrew “Steps Toward
Inner Peace” in the United States. This will make them available to more people. We were also able to assist
Friends in Tanzania reprint both “Steps” and the Peace Pilgrim book in Kiswahili.

Other translations of the book in progress are: Chinese, Korean, Danish, Japanese, Greek and Thai. French “Steps” is being revised and reprinted. Monk Krishna Man, from Nepal, plans to come to our Center to translate “Steps” into Neopali. We received manuscripts for the Arabic and the children’s book in Russian.

Most translations are printed and distributed in the country where they have been translated. Manuscripts that are
sent to us are held until we have the funding to publish them.

There is a new Peace Pilgrim Center in Lisbon, Portugal. Ana Sousa Amigos de Peregrina da Paz, Pia Principe da
Beira, 8-8 Esq, 2735-523 S. Marcos, Portugal. Email:

If you know of any other translations in progress or would like to help in any way, please contact Kathy at the
Peace Pilgrim Center. We greatly appreciate the dedication, support and inspiration of our friends around the world.


MAINE – I have read the book, PEACE PILGRIM that you sent to me and my only word is “wow”. I thank you all so much. This is the most inspirational book that I have ever read.


If you want free peace materials write us. Please give your address changes promptly to help avoid costly postal fees. For a subscription, all you need to do is ask. By requesting, we know we are sending newsletters only to those who truly want them. All our newsletters, past and present, are on our website. Our website also has transcripts of all our audios, videos, and newsletters written by Peace Pilgrim during her 28 1/2-year pilgrimage.

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