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Summer 2002 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 37

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Peace Pilgrim's Message in Guatemala
Peace Pilgrim Statue in Her Home Town
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Terror, Love and the State of the World
Imagine Peace Coloring Book
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In Praise of Pacifism
Peaceful Tomorrows

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

We have now lived for a year on this beautiful ten acres in the foothills of the Sierras. Kathy Miller and Eton Simon made a STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE trail, up and down the hills, among the pine and oak trees. Other volunteers made 12 signs that are scattered along the trail. On each sign is a quote from the Steps booklet. As you walk midst the beauties of nature you may want to stop and think about the meaning of the message in your life. A dear friend contributed a bench placed near a sign where you can sit and contemplate the simple life. A field of lupine in front of the house and California poppy seeds strewn along a path, by a volunteer, adds to the beauty.

Even though we are in the backwoods, Peace's message has brought visitors from Singapore, England, Guatemala, France, Newfoundland, and many from this country. They are seeking refuge from the spirit of retaliation. Each volunteer is a delight to work with and to learn from.

by David Stewart

A visit with Ann, John, Kathy, and Eton at the Peace Pilgrim Center in Somerset cannot but lead to interesting
unforseen developments. In my case, it led to introducing Peace Pilgrim's message to international travelers. It all
started during a wood-splitting and sign making stint at the Center last Spring. John mentioned that they were looking for overseas distributors since new postal rates are inordinately high for small packages.

My search for simplicity and opportunities to lend a helping hand, had brought me to the western highlands of
Guatemala. It seemed natural to help with distributing the message of our North American Saint, to her international family.

So 200 Spanish STEPS and 200 English STEPS were sent from the Center, with a few of the larger Spanish books. Demand for Peace's books in Central America is low at present, but the idea to make STEPS available at a local hotel has scattered her wisdom to many lands. The hotel is owned by friends of mine and is frequented by Europeans and Locals.

THE HOTEL PEACE PILGRIM DISPLAY in Guatemala - A piece of blue construction paper, with PEACE printed in various languages, a Peace Pilgrim calendar in the center, 2 pockets holding STEPS in the two languages were all that was needed to let Peace Pilgrim speak again, inspiring and guiding others as her words had so beautifully touched my own life. Around 50 STEPS find a home each month, and it is not unusual to find a traveler, with their beans and tor-tillas already cold, completely arrested by the power of truth in Peace's words. Many travelers are seekers, and travel off the beaten path puts many in a reflective mood. How wonderful if they can find a message of eternal peace in a land recently ending 30 years of civil war. May they return home to share with friends and family the greatest of gifts, the hope and joy of universal truth.


Helene Young, Peace Pilgrim's sister, sent us the front page of the April 25 issue of EGG HARBOR NEWS. Here are quotes from an article in that paper by Nanette Galloway, Staff Writer:

The Egg Harbor City Historical Society has hired an artist, Sally Laird McInerney, to sculpt a terracotta
statue of Peace Pilgrim who grew up in Egg Harbor City. "It's a wonderful idea to erect a statue of someone who has touched so many lives," said Sandra Weber, president of the Historical Society. "Many people don't know about Peace Pilgrim. It's our job to educate the public and honor someone from the commu-nity who has done so much to promote peace."

The project is a collaborative one. Students in the city's public schools will design tiles that will be placed at the base of the statue. The tile project is being incorporated into the school's art and character education programs.

"We need peace in the world more than we ever did," said Boyle, principal of the Spragg School. "We need to teach our children to find a way to resolve their problems, other than through the use of violence."


A COLLEGE PROFESSOR - Some time ago I ordered 50 copies of the book, which I plan to pass to my college students in the Fall (and hopefully recycle them in future semesters). A few weeks ago 2 Jehovah Witnesses knocked on my door - a teenage boy and his grandfather. After some meaningful interchange of ideas, I felt that the 16-year old would benefit from reading the book and offered it to him after saying a few words about Peace. About two weeks later I got a note from the boy's mother who says how meaningful was the book to him and how he is connecting it to his own path. I feel that Peace is and will always be working through us.


The new PEACE PILGRIM DOCUMENTARY is now ready for viewing, sharing with friends, and showing on PBS and Public Access TV. Khashyar Darvich and David Mueller, with the help of interns from Stanford and other nearby colleges, gathered together invaluable material of Peace Pilgrim being interviewed by reporters as she walked through the years, down the road, across the country.

Khashyar and David also made wonderful taped interviews of John Robbins, Maya Angelou, Dalai Lama, Dennis
Weaver and others who shared their thoughts about the Pilgrimage.

We are also very thankful for the superb editing by the devoted, professional editor, Sharon Janis. She edited the
material in such a way that Peace Pilgrim herself speaks her message and tells much of her own story.

The professional interviewing, combined with the professional editing, has produced an excellent documentary.
The devoted interviewing by Khashyar and David and their searching out archival shots from across the country
of Peace Pilgrim from the beginning of the Pilgrimage are deeply appreciated. We also equally deeply appreciate the professional editing by Sharon Janis.

We hear from many who say they love this outstanding documentary. There are those who want more copies to
share with others.



THANKS SO MUCH for the wondrous gift of the long awaited new Peace Pilgrim Documentary! It is a very moving, inspirational MASTER PIECE. I viewed it on the V.C.R. where I am house-sitting the evening it arrived, with a couple of friends gathered round to share in the "unveiling" of this monumental work!

I was totally engrossed from the very first moment of Peace's shoes pounding the pavement till her very last steps at the end of the video. I was riveted, and so were they! A job well done!

I laughed and shed a tear or more, too, at the sight of her dear face and her ever fresh and more timely than ever
message of hope for this oh so war-weary world.

Since then, I have viewed it twice more at other friend's homes (all to rave reviews) and intend to take it to
Meditation Mount. - Cheyene Bear


I just finished watching the new PEACE PILGRIM video. It was one of the most beauty----full, most wonder----full things I have ever watched - Mark Quire


VIRGINIA - I intend to share the book (PEACE PILGRIM) with others by donating it to the jail library for future readers.

by John Robbins

If we are serious about stopping terrorism, then our goal must be to reduce the level of pollution, fear, and poverty
in the world. If this is truly our goal, and if we devote our actions and resources to its accomplishment, the support of Bin Ladens of the world would inexorably evaporate. People who would have otherwise sided with the terrorists will be clamoring to tell us who and where they are, and to help us find and defeat them.

This goal is too costly, many say. But this is not true. The cost of our initial military response will easily top $100 billion (on top of our already enormous annual defense budget of $342 Billion). [This article says the United
Nations Development Program estimated that an additional $40 billion above current expenditures would provide
clean water and sanitation for everyone on earth, would cover reproductive health services for all women world-wide, would give every person on earth enough food to eat, basic health care and basic education for all.]

The bitter historical events that came to fruition on September 11, did not come from nowhere, but developed over decades and even centuries. Likewise the peace and understanding we seek, and which alone will make us truly safe, need to be nurtured and cultivated over generations of time.

Terrorists are viewed as not quite human, as something totally alien to us. To admit the humanity of a terrorist is to
admit that the terrorists has motives which may be grounded in a real history of suffering and injustice. Erasing the terrorist's humanity is necessary to establish our own innocence and righteousness, and to justify unbounded

Paradoxically, it is of course the very refusal to recognize the humanity of oppressed peoples that makes terrorism
seem like the only visible option to those who are otherwise helpless to challenge the ruling powers. If the sense
of pain, injustice, and desperation is strong enough, some of those whose voices are not heard will eventually resort to violence.

And so the "war on terrorism" perpetuates itself, recreating the threats it claims to protect us from, expanding infinitely.


NEW YORK - I have lost the tapes or given some away that I like to listen to when I am driving. She always makes me feel good. I need Peace Pilgrim now! Please send me a complete set of audiotapes.


UTAH - It's great to know there are still human beings out there that care about you.... - Louis, Draper, VT.

IMAGINE PEACE COLORING BOOK       (Back to Table of Contents - TOC)

"My name is Shanti Rahim, I am in 4th grade and 9 years old. I created these coloring books to sell and donate the money to the Afghan refugees. I am glad to be helping children in the world who need our help. I hope that all
the people in the world will be treated equal someday. Thank you for buying the coloring book. I hope you enjoy
coloring in it."

Shanti has been drawing since she first picked up a pencil. Her 17-page coloring book is full of fun mystical and
magical drawings of ballerina angels, fire breathing dragons, fairies, unicorns, smiling suns and mermaids, peppered with peace signs.

Shanti's grandmother, who returned from a visit to Pakistan, told her about the refuge people from Afghanistan
starving, and homeless children begging in the streets. These stories moved Shanti to draw peace-theme pictures. The idea to put these drawings in a book was prompted by Shanti's mother who handbound the books that includes one drawing by Ariana, Shanti's 6 year old sister.

When asked if she had anything to say to the public about her coloring book, Shanti says she really hopes "people
donate money to the Afghan people because it will help save the world."

The coloring book is being sold for $5 each. Nokia, where Shanti's father works, has agreed to match 50 percent of the total funds raised. For a copy of her book, e-mail

by Gary Guthrie

I am working on a short biographical sketch of John and Ann Rush, founders of the Peace Pilgrim Center. This biological and historical booklet will include the history of the Peace Pilgrim Center from July 2, 1981 to the present time. It has been taken from past newsletters, interviews with John and Ann and the remembrances of those who visited the Peace Pilgrim Center.

This booklet will be part of the legacy Peace Pilgrim left behind, following her death, and hopefully will be a companion peace to "An Extraordinary Life".

If you have any memories that you would like to share and are willing to have inserted in the biographical or historical section, send your memories to the Peace Pilgrim Center by the end of August, Attention: New Biography and History.

It came to Ann, after reading the above, that a number of you are doing or have done very interesting things spreading Peace's message - walking across India, walking in front of the Rose Parade on New Years like Peace did, or tracing the slave trade across the Atlantic. We wish we had done a better job of reporting these adventures. You can help us now by reporting them. Wouldn't it be good to have such reports in the archives of the Peace Pilgrim Center?

GRANNY D, 90, WALKS ACROSS U.S.      (Back to TOC)

The U.S. House of Representatives presented election reformers with a nice valentine at 2:30 a.m. last night
(2/13/02) when they voted to approve the Shays-Meehan Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act. The vote went into the early hours of the morning because the antireform elements continued to push a series of failing amendments to scuttle the bill.

When the last "poison pill" amendment was defeated in the late hour, and the final vote was tallied to approve the
bill, many members of the House looked up from their celebration on the House floor to salute a little old lady in the gallery - Doris "Granny" Haddock, who walked 3,200 miles across the US to promote the necessity of campaign reform. Minority Leader Gerhardt led the members in saluting her from the floor. Minutes later she joined them in a hallway filled with laughter and cheering and got her share of hugs and kisses. All that day and the day before, Mrs. Haddock walked the halls of the House office buildings to talk to as many Members of Congress as possible urging them to vote for this bill.

Supporters, holding banners and signs, stood on the sidewalks between the House office buildings and the House
side of the Capitol building to intercept and urge their aye vote. The protestors were well received, especially by
Members and staff favoring the bill. At different points, Senators McCain and Feingold came out to visit the volunteers and encourage them on, as did Mr. Shays. Mrs. Haddock plans to be in Washington on Earth Day where she will try to promote the value of Publicly financed election campaigns as a tool of environmental defense. "Clean Elections for a Clean Planet" will be her theme.

In a book by Granny D she tells how Peace Pilgrim became her role model.


FLORIDA - I am incarcerated, and it is a daily struggle to find any peace at all. And that inner peace that your "Peace Pilgrim" speaks of, sometimes seems impossible. However, this little booklet (STEPS TO INNER PEACE) opened my eyes to some things I may not have seen before, or wasn't ready to see. That "inner peace," that release - it can be obtained no matter where you are or what your situation is. I catch myself saying often, 'when I get out.' I realize now there is no reason to wait to find what I'm searching for. Then when I do get out I can utilize the knowledge I've obtained.

Surrounded by what appears to be such ugliness, one of the things I struggle with the most is how to keep a kind
and loving heart through this experience. There is a lot of hate and anger that I am forced to live with. I pray that it
doesn't rub of on me. I also know only I can control that!

IN PRAISE OF PACIFISM    (Back to Table of Contents - TOC)
by Susunaga Weeraperuma

Whenever the world is on the brink of war the protests of pacifists are rarely taken seriously. The religious standpoint is rejected by the vast majority.

We can ponder over the Buddha's famous words: "Let us live in love among those who hate, let us live without hate whilst others hate." This great religious teacher also declared that "all things tremble before danger, all fear
death. When a man takes this into account, he does not kill or cause to kill." Mahatma Gandhi's satyagraha necessarily involved nonviolence at all times.

Because of my Buddhist upbringing I have been a lifelong pacifist. Needless to say I am appalled at all the sabre rattling of world leaders. Why is there such a dearth of articles on the importance of genuine peace that necessarily involves the avoidance of force? It is all very well to denounce terrorism, but how many realize that the use of military power by any state is also a form of terrorism? War is state terrorism. War is legalized murder.

Unfortunately we have been conditioned to think that state terrorism is respectable and justifiable, whereas private
terrorism is reprehensible. The violent deeds of individual terrorists are considered morally wrong, but it is morally
right for sovereign states to engage in useless wars that inevitably bring death and destruction in their wake! This
double standard exists because our minds are confused. Many are suffering from a war psychosis. One wonders
whether the eloquent and noble words that form the epigraph to the UNESCO Constitution would ever be heeded: "Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of man that the defenses of peace must be constructed."

It doesn't make the slightest difference to someone who is killed, whether he was put to death by terrorists or by
paid solders in the employ of a state. Life is our most precious possession. Has the state a moral right even to kill its foes?

The real winners of war are the manufactures and sellers of weapons of destruction that stand to make vast profits.
Must they not render grateful thanks to their "peaceful" governments for having permitted this deadly trade? Have
not these same governments financially gained by involvement in this dirty business? Weapons manufacture is beastly and unworthy of civilized nations. One of the best ways of discouraging future wars is the imposition of a worldwide ban on the arms trade which, like the slave trade, ought to be regarded as an anachronism. This is not a mere idealistic dream but a very practical means of preventing militarized conflicts.

Both America and Britain are quite rightly proud of their rich Christian heritage. Christianity is the very foundation of western civilization. Although I am not a Christian, I sometimes turn to the Bible whenever I feel the need for some inspirational reading. Must we not take heed of Jesus' advice when he condemned all violence? "Put your sword back in its place." instructed Jesus, because "all who take the sword will die by the sword." Furthermore, Jesus asked his followers "not to take revenge on someone who wrongs you. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, let him slap your left cheek too." Does this not mean that retaliating against any attack is contrary to both the letter and the spirit of Christianity? Now is the time to forgive and forget. Instead of tit-for-tat let us engage ourselves in intense soul searching, sitting quietly and trying to discover why our enemies hate us. Americans should first of all probe within themselves and set their own houses in order.


The television program, THE GOOD WAR AND THOSE WHO REFUSED TO FIGHT IT was recently aired on PBS. I, John Rush, was one of those. I am not in this video, but some of my friends are. A video of this program may be obtained by writing:

The Good War Paradygm Productions
2600 Tenth Street, Suite 429
Berkeley, California 94710
Phone: (510) 843-0789


A Peace Pilgrim friend suggested that we put in our newsletter the quotation from Herman Goering at the
Nuremburg Trials. This quote was among the few notes about war that Peace Pilgrim carried in the pockets of her tunic. Here is a part of this quote.

It is the leaders of a country who determine the [war] policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.


MAINE - I have read the book, PEACE PILGRIM that you sent to me and my only word is, "WOW". This is the most inspirational book that I have ever read.

This book has changed my life forever and I will honor Peace Pilgrim's message of love and peace by doing what I can in my own way of giving love and service. I read this book three days ago; I hadn't even completed it until yesterday, but I have already started to feel the wonderful change that starts to take place when you live by your
highest light. I have a long way to go but thank you for putting Peace Pilgrim's words in a book and thank God I
was able to find you.

PEACEFUL TOMORROWS    (Back to Table of Contents - TOC)
by Jordan Moss

Family members of victims, about seventeen so far, have joined under the banner "Sept. 11 Families for Peaceful
" to encourage discussion of alternatives to war and to bring aid to families affected by the US bombing campaign in Afghanistan.

A smooth Valentine's Day press conference in New York announcing the organization's formation illustrated the
group's strengths and the challenges ahead. The packed room at the Church Center for the United Nations across
from the UN included several reporters. They speak the same simple language of grief as the thousands of others
who have lost loved ones in the attacks.

Even before they formally launched their joint effort, the members of Peaceful Tomorrows have shown a knack for
getting their messages across. They've gotten local press in their hometowns and several have written powerful essays that have circulated widely on the internet. In perhaps their most compelling gestures so far, some even traveled to Afghanistan to meet with families devastated by the bombing, CNN covered their call for the US government to provide aid for the war victims they encountered on their trip, both people like themselves and grape farmers forced to abandon their land for fear of harvesting unexploded cluster bombs, as well as new Afghan widows who send their children to beg.

Robin Theurkauf, a mother of three boys who lost her husband at the trade center, believes military retaliation is
only going to exacerbate US insecurity, "We're making recruiting for the next wave of terrorists easier, I think," she
said. She resents being invoked as an excuse for war. "It seemed like such a horrified thing, the idea that someone
would do this for me to someone else."

"We just want to give the American people a dialogue that they've been denied in this rush to war," said Potorti,
whose brother, Jim, died at the Trade Center, "because we really haven't had a chance to explore alternatives and
other ways of speaking to each other aside from dropping bombs."


I think the case is perfectly clear that - as with any major world religion, as with Christianity and Judaism, the basic
thrust of Islam is toward justice and compassion, and the ultimate goal of Islamic practice is peace.
- Michael Nagler, teacher of courses on nonviolence and meditation


Criticism is more than a right, it is an act of patriotism - a higher form of patriotism, I believe, than the familiar ritual of national adulation. - former Senator J. William Fullbright of Arkansas


THE PEACE PILGRIM STORY        (Back to Table of Contents - TOC)
The Movie Project Report #1

This is the first of a series of reports intended to chronicle the progress of a feature film or TV movie project about
Peace Pilgrim. The story reveals how Mildred Ryder grew into Peace Pilgrim, what she does as Peace Pilgrim and
how her life affected and continues to affect our human family.

The research and development that has gone into the project to date has taken well over a year. We recently completed the first draft of the screenplay. From the beginning we have involved a team of film industry professionals as well as persons who knew Peace. With the input of our supporters and board members of the Friends of Peace Pilgrim, we anticipate completing a producible script by mid summer.

The movie will seek to faithfully weave fact and fiction in a way that is true to the Spirit of Peace. We are on the
verge of having a compelling screen story that will challenge the way of war and hopefully inspire audiences, individually and collectively, to seek the way of peace as a practical alternative. We feel the importance of this message has never been more timely!

We are seeking the money needed to produce Peace Pilgrim as an independent film, developed in association
with the friends of Peace Pilgrim. If you agree with us regarding the importance of this project and feel called to work with us in order to attract the people and funding needed to bring the story to the screen, please give us a call. We will keep everyone up with our progress in future newsletter updates.

Richard Roller & Gregory Bell
(818) 994-9318


WASHINGTON - The Peace Pilgrim has been one of my teachers since I first found her in 1990. I picked up one of her books and pamphlets at a peace symposium and I was hooked. I have since then picked up copies when I find them to give to friends.

I am a teen-sponsor at our church and work with teens ages 14-19, and I use Peace Pilgrim's book a lot in creating lessons for the kids. I have several kids graduating this year and would love to give them their own copy of the Peace Pilgrim at a special graduation ceremony at our church on June 9th. I'd also like to give them the Steps Toward Inner Peace. I would need 20 of each.


ERROR - In newsletter 36 we listed Oscar Arias Sanchez as president of Costa Rica when their army was abolished. Thanks to Mary Newswanger and Gerardo Budowski, the following is the correct version.

Oscar Arias Sanchez received the Nobel Peace Prize for engineering peace in Central America in the late eighties when there was considerable unrest in Northern Central America and the U.S was supporting the Contras in Nicaragua. President R. Reagan called the Arias scheme "fatally flawed," but Arias persisted and the Esquipulas agreement brought peace to the region, and for this he was awarded the Nobel Prize.

The army was abolished in 1948 after a military coup. In both, President Jose ("Pepe") Figueres was the driving force. Figueres later was often interviewed because of this, and when asked why he abolished the army one of his favorite answers was: "Why Not?"


A panel of 30 judges from across the country scored the nominations into the National Women's Hall of Fame and
selected six outstanding American women to be inducted.

Billie Luisi-Potts, the Executive Director, writes:

"Although your nomination of Mildred Norman Rider [Peace Pilgrim] was not selected for induction...we strongly encourage you to resubmit a nomination for consideration of induction in 2003. To be considered for 2003, the new nomination must be received by September 1, 2002. Several of the Hall's most well known inductees were nominated many times by many people before actually being selected for induction and the judging. The judging process is very rigorous."

Write to: National Women's Hall of Fame, 76 Fall Street, PO Box 3335, Seneca Falls, New York 13148. Phone: (315)568-8060.


FLORIDA - Dear Gary, It was a pleasure speaking with you today. I cannot thank you enough for introducing the "Peace Pilgrim" book into my life. It has had quite an impact on me. I do believe she (Peace Pilgrim) is a modern day saint. That which she professed is parallel to what is in the Bible. It is, however, written in layman's terms and therefore easy to understand in our modern-day world.

I am ordering more books in the hope that my friends (a Methodist minister included) will find the inspiration, hope, and peace of mind that I have found from reading her words. I refer to my copy often and find comfort in her divinely inspired words. She truly was an "appointed" one in perpetuating Christ's message.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Helena Morrissey


The following is taken from a letter by Mary Newswanger to Cheryl Canfield, one of our board members and a compiler of the PEACE PILGRIM book.

I wanted to tell you about the wonderful event [the rededication ceremony] that was held at the University for Peace on March 21, 2002. You would have loved it. It was a very inspiring, beautiful and moving occasion and it was such a privilege for our family to be there for it. You might be interested to know that a few days prior to this event, Koffi Annan and his wife visited the University for Peace for several hours. It was the first time the University has ever been visited by the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Robert Muller [former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations] and Barbara Muller were there when I arrived at 2 pm, sitting on the new bench that has been permanently placed beside the statue. Robert spoke beautifully and rose to the occasion fully, which was wonderful to behold. Then he asked David and Amos to unveil the plaque which he and Barbara personally donated to be placed by the statue.

The plaque is lovely. It's on a concrete monument several feet high, about one square foot, angled down
from the top. The green marble is smooth and flat with gold lettering. It's simple and very beautiful. The
plaque says, Peace Pilgrim with 1908-1981 underneath. Then three lines with "This is the way of
peace...Ending with a beautiful sentence Robert and Barbara chose."

At the end, I gave the first copy of the new Peace Pilgrim video in its golden box, as a gift of honor to Robert Muller. No one had seen it, so this was a very moving moment when they were presented with it in front of the group.


I had a show on WBAI FM radio, New York City on international Women's Day, March 8, 2002 at 12 noon. I
opened the show with the story of Peace Pilgrim and dedicated the show to her. Since then we have formed a
women's collective at the station and will continue with an ongoing show. We hope to have a show with the theme for peace and to feature her again. Also I will be attending the Fellowship of Reconciliation's National Conference in June, in which I intend to take some Peace Pilgrim pamphlets.

I gratefully learned about Peace Pilgrim at the Blue Mountain Center in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. The [books] have been distributed carefully to peace activists, socialists, artists, pastors, writers. Many have been
placed in many library collections here.


What an inspiration Peace Pilgrim has been to me! I share her story with everyone I meet and hope that they too are filled with the brilliance of her life. - Katherine Arnolddoc


From our Guest Book             (Back to TOC)

A woman stopped here for a few days. She is walking to the United Nations from San Francisco. Here are the words she wrote in our Guest Comment book:

"Hello All, My name is Joyous Rainbow. i am currently on a peace walk and was guided to this marvelous, wonderful Center. The philosophy of my journey: is humans free to love, animals free to roam, plants free to grow, spirit free to soar. This is a philosophy of joy with compassion and respect for all life.

"My eventual destination is the United Nations in New York City. i was spiritually guided & called to do this walk in August 2001, in accordance with the wisdom shared with me when i did a vision quest to verify this call.

"i began walking on March 20, 2002. It's a powerfully guided journey, and i enjoy a huge amount of protection & love at every moment. i walk in peace, joy & gratitude. Part of this journey is about reconnecting with our true earth heritage, so i stay & sleep on the blessed earth. i was offered a bed here, which i considered, but chose to sleep on the earth, which is my true home. i have been enjoying several nights here, sleeping among boulders that are millions of years old. i feel so cradled by this earth & these stones. It is a tremendous blessing for me to be here, sharing joyful, loving energy with these delightful friends: human, critters, stone & plant.

"Peace is a choice. We all have choices, and as more of us choose peaceful ways, we will create peace among all. Our time is now, peace is our destiny! We can get to peace by annihilating each other & this planet, or we can get to peace by honoring & respecting all our relations. This is the wise & joyful way to choose peace, refuse war, learn to recognize all the many wars against humans, other roving and all non-roving beings and all manner of life on earth. We don't all have to agree at every moment; we can choose to accept and learn from each other.

"One more thing - a great teacher of love walked this earth 2000 years ago. He was not the only such teacher, but one very wise & loving one. As i see it, his teachings can be condensed into "love all, judge none, & treat all as we would like to be treated." Let us honor the teachings of love & compassion for all life. This is how we create true peace on earth. i love you all."

(The use of the lowercase "i" has been the request of the writer and not the typographically error of the editor.)


OUR WEB MASTER, BRUCE NICHOLS, is now walking the Appalachian Trail, to celebrate 50 years since Peace (Mildred Ryder then) walked it. Next Newsletter and our Web page will have reports from Bruce.


by Bruce Nichols

In each Newsletter we like to share a few links to other sites of interest. Two are listed below. A comprehensive collection of sites we have found valuable can be found on the Peace Pilgrim "Links" page at <>.

Promoting Change for a Sustainable Future
"As the world becomes increasingly interdependent and fragile, the future at once holds great peril and great promise. To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny." Visit the site. Read the Charter.

TYRIAN PEACE FORUM           (Back to TOC)

On Monday, June 17th 2002 @ 7 PM in the Lakewood civic auditorium [Ohio] Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire, founder of The Peace People & author of The Vision of Peace Faith and Hope in Northern Ireland, will be the main speaker for our first annual Tyrian Peace Forum. Tyrian is a non-profit 501-C-3 educational network dedicated to promoting peace, creativity and the arts. We hold an annual Feile Bridie: Bridget Arts & Peace Festival and workshops throughout the summer at Himmelblau House on Kelley's Island. For more information contact: Dagmar Celeste, @ or call (216)226-2912.

In travels, as former First Lady of Ohio, I encountered many ordinary folks who remembered the Peace Pilgrim
fondly. Following the spirit of her message we created the Ohio Peacemaking Education Network (OPEN) out of
which grew an innovative Holocaust curriculum entitled "Prejudice Unleashed" and the creation of the first state
sponsored Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management in the country. For more information you can read my recently published book, WE CAN DO TOGETHER.

I am sharing all the above to help you decide to join OPEN [and 10 organizations devoted to peace and justice]
and partner with us Now for the upcoming event in June and possible beyond. Please respond to me or LEATRICE TOLLS AT 216-374-2547.

We would be honored to just be able to add you to the list of Peace Partners but would also gratefully accept any advise, message to be read at the event, or financial contribution.


Richard Polese, one of the five compilers of our PEACE PILGRIM book and a board member, is co-publishing with Sunlit Press, the book, THE WOUND OF DISPOSSESSION, Telling the Palestinian Story by Kathleen Christison.

SOUTHWEST BOOK VIEWS reviews this book as "a profoundly revealing work. It can help lead us out of a half-century of darkness and delusion about the realities of the Middle East. To remain ignorant of these realities is to invite almost certain future catastrophes."

Several commercial publishers rejected the book because, as one said, the Palestinian perspective was not "the path to commercial success." Direct inquires to Sunlit Hills Press Santa Fe, NM (505)983-2883)


MARYLAND - I just have read the booklet, "Steps Toward Inner Peace." It has brought me the answers to questions as well as reminders of the way to live with peacefulness.

by Michael Ventura,
newspaper columnist in Austin, Texas.

November 16, 2001

It's already ancient history - Madison Square Garden, October 20. Richard Gere booed off the stage by Ground
Zero's firefighters and police officers for suggesting that Americans view September 11 with "love, compassion and understanding." Both his live audience and those who criticized Gere during the ensuing commotion viewed him as a preposterous figure saying something outrageously inappropriate to the wrong people at the wrong time. I wonder what the reaction would have been if poor Richard had expressed the same thoughts in these words, "You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I say to you, Do not resist an evildoer. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also. You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy' But I say to you, Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of your Father in heaven" (Matthew 5: 38 - 45, New Revised Standard Version).

Had Richard Gere read these words...well, it would have been quite a moment. Would those (mostly Christian) firefighters and police have booed him anyway? Perhaps. Would the (mostly Christian) commentators have been as vicious? Maybe. But they would have found themselves confronting a dilemma that they were not honest enough to admit in their reaction to Gere's own words - words which after all meant the same thing. Had Gere quoted Jesus, his audience would have had to face the gap between their need for defense, security, and revenge, and the clear uncompromising instruction of Jesus.


NEW JERSEY - A very good friend of mine has become very centered and calm and is as awe stricken as I at this phenomenal message. Another friend is starting a study at his church. And this is truly a non-coincidence. I am a member of a Unity church and when I read that Peace had spoken at many Unity Churches, well, I just had to tell the church. Our Unity is in the process of moving into a permanent home and wanted to start a library.

There are now several books available, thanks to you. An old friend was struggling with some problems, and I pray this book gives him the peace I am finding. I'm on my 5th reading, and it amazes me how blessed we are to be touched by this book. I hope to order more materials soon and to start a study of my own. Oh funny too. I was reading our local educational offerings and noticed a meditation class that grabbed my attention as it is based on
Peace's spiritual ideas. Thank you, Ann, for carrying on her work and to all there who enable the literature to find its way to all.


Within the hearts and minds of many people is the hunger to fully live our most basic human values. One of these hungers is to share the experience that comes at the end of our earth life. In her new book, our friend, Nancy
Jewel Poer, tells her experiences doing "threshold work". The book "Living Into Dying" is "A journal of Spiritual and Practical Deathcare for Family and Community". It includes sharing our humanness, knowing the local laws and even building a casket. Beautifully written, the book tells personal stories that touch the heart with truth, joy and humor. For more information, contact: Nancy Jewel Poer, 5595 White Feather Way, Placerville, CA 95667. Reviewed by Kathy Miller

Death is a beautiful liberation into a freer life - Peace Pilgrim.


MASSACHUSETTS - I read Peace Pilgrim a few days ago. I checked it out from the library here at Sivananda
Ashram. I am still feeling its transformative effects, and I hope they keep right on going! Peace Pilgrim will definitely be one of my dear companion-books from now on.



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