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Summer, 1999 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 31

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

There are many hopeful things happening -- like the HAGUE APPEAL FOR PEACE: TIME to ABOLISH WAR -- An international conference in Holland of 9,000 We hear from individuals and peace groups everywhere who are praying and working for an end to war, including former nuclear scientists.

But war is still raging! Serbian soldiers are killing Moslems in Kosovo, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee for their lives. Now we are bombing to save them, killing many Moslems as well as Serbians who retaliate by forcing many more to flee. An example of:"Returning violence for violence multiplies violence; hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that," as Martin Luther King taught.

Aeschylus, The Greek dramatist said, "IN WAR TRUTH IS THE FIRST CASUALTY." Yesterday we received a deeply felt letter from a teacher in Russia who tells how happy she is for the books and videos. Then writes: Events have taken place which may influence all of our future, and you maybe didn't even notice. I mean, the war in Europe which Americans unleashed. We may speak about personal peace as much as we want, but it doesn't prevent politicians from doing their war affairs. And what can we do?

I can't understand; how it can be at the very end of the 20th century?! After all the tragedies of this century? We Russians just began to think well about Americans. Now some children at school told me they don't want to learn English, because Americans speak it?! I explain that American people and politicians are not the same. But pain is inside of me in spite of good things I try to tell students.

Maybe Clinton would listen to Peace Pilgrim if she were alive? An Anti-Nuclear Vigil has been in front of the White House for 10 years giving out Peace Pilgrim books, other peace literature and now leaflets about stopping the bombing. Cry wants to come out of my throat at the thought that nobody can do anything and politicians don't ask. They simply do their black affairs. I feel such great pain inside. I think every sensible living being does. Please let me know if you got this letter. It can't be the end of our relationship. I can't believe it. I'm afraid to write about war to my American friends. I'm not sure they know about this war - it is so far from them. Do you know? What do you think?

You correspond with people from many countries. What do they think about the unleashed war? Do you have a new issue of Newsletter with their inspiring stories from around the globe? Reading them I feel I am not alone in this world. I am eager to communicate. From Natasha Evtihova, Rabotchaya St. House 36 Flat 66, Podolsk, Moscow Region 142116, Moscow.

You can call President Clinton at 202-456-1111 to stop the bombing. There are big demonstrations planned to protest bombing in Washington and San Francisco.

We and the American Friends Service Committee call upon NATO to stop the bombing, for Serbs to stop the ethnic cleansing, and to negotiate for an immediate ceasefire!


From Jean Gerard's ACTION NEWS, April 1999, 6124 Encinita Avenue, Temple City, CA 91780

The air strikes erased in one night the results of ten years of hard work of courageous people in non-governmental organizations and in the democratic opposition, who have not tried to topple anyone but to develop the institutions of civil society, to promote liberal and civic values, to teach non-violent conflict resolution. The Kosovo problem will remain unsolved and the future of democracy and human rights in Serbia uncertain for many years.


I will be happy to help you if I can. I also have a lot of friends taking steps for peace in this not very peaceful country these days. I am helping the organizers of Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in Yugoslavia. It is the world's longest relay run initiated in 1987. Next year it is expanding from 70 countries in 1997 to all countries in the world and it will last all 365 days of 1999. It started January 1st in Europe to go through all European countries and finishes December 31st joining the celebration of the New Millennium start. It will pass through Yugoslavia in October 1999 and the preparations have already started. Our ways of working for peace may be different, but we are after the same goal. The words of Peace Pilgrim are just like flowing from my own heart. It will be the greatest honor for me to help spread the inspiration.

GAITHERSBURG, MD -- These books are so very inspirational. Wouldn't it be great if the United Nations handed these out to all the member nations; instead of sending soldiers out with weapons to stop warfare. The soldiers, dressed in civilian clothes, could hand out these along with food, and hold meetings implementing these principles, rather than warfare strategy. NATO expects the new members to increase their military arsenals. I don't think this is the right way for peace on our planet.



The following letter was received on March 18th, a few weeks before NATO started bombing.

Dear Peace Lovers, Once more I greet you from the very depths of my heart. After traveling longer than a month, your first package of a book and STEPS booklet in Russian for Nada and a number of books and STEPS in English reached me. The other package with Serbo-Croatian STEPS is still traveling. I hope it will finish at my address in this war tension hanging around these days. Nada was deeply moved & sends you her warmest gratitude.

This weekend my friends from the whole Yugoslavia and Macedonia will visit me. Nish City Marathon is taking place here on March 21. We will run a half-marathon with the Peace Torch, symbolically taking 21,000 steps for peace. This will be the opportunity for me to spread Peace Pilgrim's message, and I will accept it with joy and gratitude. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the peace. For it is the greatest blessing from above.

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We received this letter months before the NATO bombings. I got the book and booklets. To say the truth I didn't even wait for it and didn't believe it would come someday. I was greatly surprised at getting it. And I'm so grateful to you for your care and attention! Really, such a gift proves your existence. I know about Moscow Peace Pilgrim Centre. They sent booklets in Russian that I asked for. I travelled around the Soviet Union then and spread the booklets. But yours are double value being in English. You see PEACE PILGRIM made a great impression on me when I first read it in Russian. To read it in English was my dream. There are not many around me who know English, but I find those who sincerely want to know the language and develop spiritually. I attend a kind of circle which American missionaries organized for Russians. Many are studying English. I brought them your booklets the very day I got them. They were greatly surprised to hear Peace Pilgrim's life story from me. Even the Americans who learn us spoken English didn't hear about her. So I gave the booklets to those who I know will read them by all means.

SLOVAK REPUBLIC -- I read STEPS two years ago and liked it very much. At first it seemed I would not do anything to follow her example...but I was not the same person as before. After reading it I began to change - very slowly, almost without even noticing it! As if a few words dropped into my soul as a mystical seed. First I stopped buying unnecessary things and became more modest in clothing. I stopped several useless activities which brought nothing to me and to others. I threw out old things from my flat, some I gave to charity. I began to live more simply and to appreciate good people around me -- animals, flowers and trees. In one word I started to live the present moment, the actual life.


ROMANIA -- I thank you very much for all Peace Pilgrim's literature, audio & video tapes. I was appointed Romanian Peace representative of the Peace Prayer Society. She tells about the many other peace groups she is involved with that she found addresses for in our Newsletters.

I organized a celebration of the International Volunteer Day which was on two TV Stations, radio, and newspaper. I am really starting to run a Peace Center and an Educational Library. She asks if we have an old computer we could send (we cannot) and for more books and tapes for her Center. She asks us to put this prayer in our newsletter: O Thou that can make all things new, turn to spiritual purposes the money in the world, touch the hearts of men and women everywhere so they may give to the work of Peace Builders that which has hitherto been given to material satisfaction. May peace prevail on earth.


I went into the British Army believing that if you want peace you must prepare for war. I believe now that if you prepare for war you will get war.

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Thanks for the box of STEPS you sent on such short notice. I was glad to put them out at a concert of peace songs I recently gave with Tom Hansen, called, LIVING THE PEACE. The new newsletter is really inspiring to read of Peace's words being treasured in prisons and in many countries. More and more people are being encouraged by her words to devote themselves and their efforts to peace. Thank you for your faithfulness in this work. At Peace's suggestion we have had a Peace Prayer group for over a year and a half. It has brought many blessings to our personal lives as well as helping create the path for peace in the world.


It does feel good to write to such an uplifting organization -- to express our joy on learning about Peace Pilgrim and to obtain your assistance on how we can promote her understandings over here.

We are fully committed to the cause of awakening latent human spirituality and consciousness -- for an enlightened Social Awareness. It is in this context that we are requesting your permission to publish the PEACE PILGRIM book in India, and to price it at cost recovery basis. Most lovingly we offer ourselves to be your headquarters in India and ask you to make best use of our services for a common cause.

We have thousands of volunteers here working for making the world a better place to live in.

NIGERIA -- I wish to express my gratitude to your effort to seeing that world peace is achieved. Keep it up.


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In 1939, Joseph Rotblat a distinguished physicist was the first to work on the atom bomb. Today he believes that all nuclear weapons should be destroyed. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995. Then awarded the Peace Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997 from Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 1187 Coast Village Rd, Santa Barbara, 93108. Here are his words now, taken from two of his lectures:

I reasoned that if the bomb can be made and if Hitler acquired the bomb, the only way to prevent him from using it against us would be if we also had the bomb and threatened retaliation. Later I came to the conclusion that my reasoning about nuclear deterrence was flawed, for various reasons. One of them is that deterrence would only work with a rational person. It wouldn't work with an irrational person, with a madman.

When he realized the Germans would not succeed in creating one, he followed his conscience and resigned from the Manhattan Project. He was the only scientist to do so.

Perhaps the worst mistake I made was to believe that the military people, once they got hold of the weapon, would listen to the scientist. They had already in mind the target from the very beginning-not Germany but Russia, our ally. In 1944, General Groves came to dinner with us [in Los Alamos]. He said that the main purpose of the project was to subdue the Russians. That came as a terrible shock to me. I started work in order that the bomb should not be used, even against Germany and here I am told that we are preparing to use it to keep the Russians subdued!

The United States demonstrated to the Soviet Union the enormous new might it had acquired. Many people say that this was the main purpose of using these bombs on Japan, because the war was almost over at the time. The problem is the use of weapons of mass destruction, this means war. We must learn to resolve our disputes by means other than military confrontation.

For a long time we have been governed by the Roman dictum, Si vis pacem, para bellu, if you want peace, prepare for war. What I am saying now is that we should change this dictum to SI vis pacem, para pacem, if you want peace, prepare for peace.

The following article titled, "The Human Species is Endangered" is taken from a second lecture by Joseph Rotblat:

The quest for a war-free world has a basic purpose: survival. But if in the process we learn how to achieve it by love rather than by fear, by kindness rather than by compulsion; if in the process we learn to combine the essential with the enjoyable, the expedient with the benevolent, the practical with the beautiful, this will be an extra incentive to embark on this great task.

Above all, remember your humanity.


EISENHOWER -- I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than are governments. Indeed I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of their way and let them have it.


By Margaret Spilner, Editor of WALKING FIT

I took the time this morning to read your entire newsletter. It was quite uplifting to read about all the venues that Peace's message has entered. Sometimes when I read the newsletter, I think I am traveling into another time or another world.

I am interested in contacting the woman who does the Peace Pilgrim presentation, Jemila Ericson. I might possibly have the opportunity to present her to an audience.

I felt so privileged to write about Peace Pilgrim in the PREVENTION SPECIAL, WALKING FIT and in my newsletter for PREVENTION WALKING CLUB members. I would like to do more and am not sure how or what I can do. Reading your newsletter made me aware again of her presence and I will meditate on ways that I might be able to spread her message appropriately through the media I work with.


Peace Pilgrim's great nephew, Ken Elkner, is in charge of the Unity Bookstore in Puerto Rico. He sent us their yearly tithe and an article he wrote for their paper. Here's excerpts:

I recall her presence at family gatherings when I was a boy. Her energy and message has influenced my spiritual growth. It is part of the reason the principles of Unity are most appropriate for me. She spoke in many Unity Churches throughout the U.S., where her message was well received. (We have an audio tape of Peace speaking to two Unity Churches in Texas, available for anyone who asks.)

Her impact lives on through those lives she touched. She acknowledged that people grow spiritually in their own way, but the description of her path inspires people.

Many may consider the details of her pilgrimage to be extraordinary, but I feel that everyone can reach their own expression of the "extraordinary."

I am very glad to have had Peace Pilgrim as a part of my life. Through her book, PEACE PILGRIM, which Friends of Peace Pilgrim have sent me, I have been able to understand better the impact she had on me as a boy. I recommend the book to any who are working on their own spiritual growth.

AMEDZOFE, GHANA -- I begin to realize my position as a cell among many cells in humanity. The definition of life is now clear to me: Obey the divine law and there is peace within you, among your group and the nation as a whole.



In front of St. Paul's Anglican Church in Toronto, Canada is a war memorial, a large stone cross with a bronze sword fixed to it. This is a total denial of the person and message of Christ. Vigils have been held in front of the memorial. This statement by Bob Holmes & Len Desroches was read to the news media and printed in THE MUSTARD SEED:

We are seriously lost as mainline churches. We do not know our own Christian history of radical nonviolent resistance to war, including resistance to Nazi militarism. All the states, except Denmark did not take nonviolent resistance seriously.

As the Catholic monk Thomas Merton put it, "Denmark was not the only European nation which disagreed with Hitler...but it was one of the nations that offered explicit, formal and successful nonviolent resistance to Nazi power." Since nonviolence was not seriously applied by most other governments, it is not possible to scientifically or logically claim that nonviolence would never have worked in the face of the Nazis.

In fact, the one place where it was most intentionally applied -- in Le Chambon, a village in Nazi-occupied France -- nonviolence proved to be both dramatically effective and successful. Here approximately 5,000 Christians risked their lives and hid approximately 5,000 Jews -- all under the noses of the Nazis! In the end only two people lost their lives.

We should be as proud of this history of Christian resistance to war as of the Civil Rights Movement's resistance to racism. In both cases, the Christian community renounced the power of the gun and turned instead to the soul force of gospel nonviolence. But we don't know our own history. In fact, we have been lied to; we have been told that no such history exists. As Jesuit priest Max Josef Metzger put it just before he was executed by the Nazis, "War itself is a lie. We need to organize peace as men have organized war. Men of all peoples and nations, unite against this inhuman thing and declare that you will have no part in it." There was the Austrian farmer Franz Jagerstatter who wrote from a Nazi jail to his wife and children, "God gives a strength far greater than all the might of the world. The power of God cannot be overcome."

It has been estimated by Harold M. Schulweis, rabbi of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, CA that there were at least 50,000 (mainly Christian) rescuers of Jews all over Europe with the possibility that ten times that many took part in acts that involved risk. In other words: half a million Schindlers!

For the first three centuries the church community refused to participate in the state's wars. In 313 A.D. Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, making Christianity the state religion. Soon after, the 'Just War' doctrine was developed. Preaching to the second Crusade, St. Bernard of Clairvaux declared: "No doubt the death of a saint is always precious in the eyes of God, wherever it occurs. But doesn't it seem even more especially beautiful on a battlefield, where its glory is greater?"

In direct contrast to Bernard stands Francis of Assisi, who not only refused to participate in the so-called "Holy Wars, that St. Bernard preached about, but went to meet the enemy, the Sultan Melek Al Kamil. War for Francis was the foremost "obstacle to love." I believe that in the face of war we, the mainline churches, are still the profoundly divided community that we were at the time of St. Bernard and St. Francis. We have to face our festering division. The church will never grow to fullness until it takes seriously the practical implications of the love of enemy -- as seriously as did the early Christian community.

Hitler's chief propagandist declared "even if we lose, we will win, because our ideals will have penetrated the hearts of our enemies." The ideal of the permanent war needs the ideal of the permanent war economy, the globalization of greed. Both ideals have penetrated our hearts! Globally, we spend roughly 1.9 million on weapons every minute while every minute 15 children die of hunger and inadequate health care. There is no way that the Nazis lost the moral war; the sores of day-to-day militarism cover this sweet earth like cancer from some massive addiction. It is time for the church community to let itself be confronted and healed by the Spirit. It is time for the church to act beyond mere words, statements. It is time for the church to become more fully itself, to become a leaven, a sign of hope.

SEATTLE -- I read your wonderful newsletter Thanksgiving morning and felt blessed by peace throughout the world. I never met Peace Pilgrim personally but I've read her book and seen her videos and feel I've met her. The inspiring encounter is renewed each time I read your newsletter, because Peace Pilgrim is definitely alive and spreading peace through the hearts and souls of all those working for peace. She's a gift that all of us can bring to others. Thank you for all the good you are doing.

CALIFORNIA -- Having read STEPS three times I have become a captive. Albeit over the past two years have been spent reading the works of many of the spiritual thought provoking teachers of today and yesteryear. It amazes me how, in 32 pages so much is revealed to us, that others cannot equal her brevity and succinct writing. I have STEPS with me always so whenever I need an inspirational infusion, somewhere within the 32 pages it will be there.


by Tony Campolo

I preach quite regularly on the subject of war. I ask the simple question over and over again, "What would Jesus do?" and I conclude that he would not kill, even in battle. To be a follower of Jesus is to think like he thinks and to act like he would act if he were in our shoes. That leads me to a pacifist stand.


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From Francis and Helen Line's book, MAN WITH A SONG, HORIZONS PRESS, P.O. Box 1, Cima, CA 92323

Francis of Assisi's great prayer instructs us to replace hatred with love, anger with forgiveness, trouble with joy, discord with harmony, darkness with light. In producing a documentary motion picture on St. Francis, for use in public schools, we intended to use and illustrate those words, provided they were valid.

But how to know? Are they even possible? Are such options practical in our rough-hewn 9 to 5 business encounters? Were these just cloistered phrases, we wondered, or could they be relied on as living rules for people who work, sweat, and bleed when scratched?

"Let's put them to the test," one of us suggested; and for two months, every day, we started out with that prayer in our minds, seriously trying to adhere to its directives.

On the second day of the test, in a cafe parking lot, a man in a large Cadillac scraped the rear bumper of our Volkswagen, laying open a cruel gouge in the side of his car, but not even scratching ours.

He was clearly at fault, but jumping out of his car, he fumed at my husband as the two of them inspected the damage.

"Damn; look at that." The Cadillac driver's face was reddening and his voice was rising. "That's at least three or four hundred dollars to fix." His glare switched from the car damage to my husband.

We had repeated that prayer--two or three times--not over an hour before, and I wondered under these trying circumstances if its directive would be remembered by my husband. Its phrases were floating still undigested somewhere inside of me along with the eggs and toast.

In a quietness of voice and manner which was quite a marvel to hear, my husband explained that he had stopped, had honked, had even double-honked, and shouted as the crash became certain.

"Where there is discord, let me put harmony."

The St. Francis prayer tells what to do initially, but leaves one unprepared for results. Our adversary reddened deeper, swore harder, then suddenly slumped over with what proved to be a mild heart attack.

We summoned help. Responding to the emergency in every way we could we helped him into his car and did everything possible to render aid. When at last the crisis was over the man reached out his hand. He said: "That accident was completely my fault. I want to thank you for everything. My heart attack might have been a lot worse if you'd gotten mad too. You've revealed the most generous spirit of anyone I've ever met."

As we drove home, thanking God, both of us realized that it had been the spirit of St. Francis' prayer that had been revealed. We still try to let its spirit guide our lives and we meditate on its content every day.



On May 18th, John Rush's truck was hit as he turned into our driveway. His truck was pushed into two volunteer's cars, pushing one to one side, knocking down a fence and demolishing all three cars. Agile John is sore, stiff and moving slowly. The insurance company of the driver that hit John has not been forth-coming with a rental car, and we have been greatly inconvenienced. John had to replace his vehicle right away to keep up with our delivery of Peace Pilgrim literature. The two other volunteers will replace their vehicles as soon as they can afford to. The driver is okay. We gave him a PEACE PILGRIM book.

A DOMINICAN CONVENT IN ZIMBABWE -- The books and STEPS have helped me to take some steps in making the people aware that they can do something to bring peace to our country. I have given some of the books to libraries -- I know they will be useful. Others to individuals after giving talks to groups about Peace Pilgrim. I en-courage them to share them with others so as to bring peace into our country and world. I pray that the work of spreading peace may continue till glorious transformation. We are trying to organize something like a Peace Pilgrim group. I will let you know whether we succeed. It has been very nice talking to different already established groups.

CEDARVILLE, CA -- In this busy world, I have a difficult time getting all my reading done. BUT I did read the Fall/Winter issue of the PEACE PILGRIM newsletter from cover to cover. I burst into tears as I marvelled at how many people are doing so many wonderful activities for peace. All of a sudden, I realized that I have little faith in myself... I just retired after teaching school for 32 years... I was elated while in Ketchikan, Alaska, July 4 to see the Youth Peace Group in the parade (See NL 30, Ketchikan Youth Peace Group). I thought what an excellent idea. I have a peace T-shirt with a quote from Gandhi, "If we are to have peace, we must begin with the children." Congratulations to the Group and their leader!! Please pass this on to the Youth Peace Group. And so we did.

MYSORE, INDIA -- I hope you still exist -- it's so worthwhile to spread Peace Pilgrim vibes around the world! I found her book in a Christian-Hindi Ashram in Pune and was so uplifted! Her following natural laws, living what light she received and continuously receiving more and more. An enlightened American woman! It's so special the life she led, the good effect on so many people -- beautiful. My heart fills with happiness. I would like to read everything you have published. I would like everyone to read PEACE PILGRIM and see how much good each one of us has, in potential to give this world.

AUSTRALIA - I am the Peace Pilgrim lover. She has give me incredible power, strength and inspiration for life.


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Sometimes we receive requests from prisoners about to be paroled, looking for services to help them. Often they have little money and face inhospitable communities who don't want them. The following illustrates their plight and how our wandering, wonder woman, Cheyenne Bear responded.

I see a young man in rags, limping, approaching. The image of a whipped dog came to mind. A spark of interest in his dark eyes as he peered into the van's open side door. He said rather dully, "I'm American Indian. I just got out of jail." He was released with only one shoe, a torn sock, ripped pants, and a tattered shirt. And 19-year-old Dalvin Delgarito was on the streets of Thoreau, NM.

He offers me a piece of juicy fruit gum and asks for nothing. We connect on some level which transcends race, sex, age or any other divisive barrier. Dalvin never knew his dad. He is alienated from his mother and his family was decimated by alcohol, drugs, and despair.

The system tangled him in it's spirit-breaking tentacles. He has been in and out of jail since his early teens. Yet there is a trace of pride in his ancient linage. His Navajo ancestors lie buried to the north in Castle Mountain.

Dalvin spills out his young life, his loneliness, the horrors of jail, shut away from the Earth, light of day and stars at night, stories of the "Beginning Times" when his People were free to BE. His gentle brown hands are so expressive. His false bravado and tough exterior begins to melt away, and I see a young man of sensitivity and intelligence who has a dream of someday being at peace with green forests to roam and most all, someone to love him.

I give him medjool dates and he tentatively tastes this strange fruit. I put my old hiking boots on his feet and they fit! I put my trusty thriftshop wind breaker on him. It fit just like it was made for him, which I guess it was!

I told him how I choose to travel alone and carry no weapons for protection. I just look for the good in people I meet, shoot them with the "LOVE BEAM" in the third eye and it totally disarms them - a whole new way of dealing with the more difficult folks in life. Delvin's brows knit together, now he is really thinking. We talked and laughed for a couple of hours - discussing FAITH in oneself and Trust in God. He taught me and I taught him.

We hugged and I said, "I'd be proud to have a son like him and he could call me `mom' if he wanted to." Tears filled his eyes and the last barrier came down between us. We decided to be pen pals and he said, "I don't think I'll ever see you again in this life but I'll never forget you as long as I live. I wish I had something to give you." And I said, "You have given me the priceless gift of your friendship." When I cut the jail id bracelet off, Dalvin said, "Keep it to remember me by" and he pressed two sticks of gum in my hand. I tucked a $5 bill and a Steps Booklet in his pocket. We hugged again and he trudged off - standing a little straighter, head a little higher.

After all these years I've been blessed with a son. I'll never forget you, Dalvin Delgarito!


A PRISONER IN BRIDGETON, NJ -- I can't begin to put into worlds how much love I felt while reading the Steps booklet. Her words of truth and warmth will comfort me all the days ahead... How I love her so.


A JOYFUL MONK IN PRISON -- PEACE PILGRIM is one of the best books I have ever read. I hope to develop the discipline to live as simply as she did. It is a great book.


CALIFORNIA -- Your newsletter 30 moved me very much, especially a letter from a prisoner on page 5. I put it on my desk as a reminder that good can prevail and that I need to continually choose peace. I found so much inspiration in this prisoner's courage, growth and determination to change and love. Reading it brought tears to my eyes.


A PRISONER -- Peace Pilgrim is part of my life. She lives in every step. She is the peace of every step. I appreciate your efforts to make her life known to everybody. It is a peace effort. It is a labor of love.

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Stonewalk, 2 North Main Street, Sherborn, MA 01770, Tel (508)652-1994, Fax (508)655-5031,, and

In 1994, a Memorial Stone engraved with the words, "Unknown Civilians Killed in War", was placed on the grounds of the Peace Abbey in Sherborn, Massachusetts. On July 4, it will be unearthed and moved by hand-pulled caisson to a site near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

Why a Civilian Memorial at Arlington? From the Peace Abbey Brochure: "Civilians die in action -- as surely and as finally as any soldier. All victims deserve to be remembered. By honoring slain civilians alongside our war dead, we understand and acknowledge the full gravity of war and the full extent of its cost. Soldier and civilian die together. Here, together, may we remember them." To make a contribution write to their address above.


PRISONER -- STEPS booklet was sent to me by the Human Kindness Foundation. Often I read out of it for my daily meditation and it has given me the urge to do some similar work as described by Peace Pilgrim. Please put me on your mailing list and when I am finished with my time here and am deported to my country, EL SALVADOR, I would like to offer myself to any of your organizations who are doing the beautiful work of the Lord. I have awakened to the truth that love conquers hate, depression, anger, and resentment. I thank you with all my heart because without your peace work my life would continue to be meaningless, and full of sadness and unhappiness.


PRISONER -- I have been so inspired by Peace Pilgrim that I have turned my life around. I now wake with purpose (and a smile) because I have started a study group in my unit and am trying to start a meditation group as well. This message has grown from a few that saw the change in me and wanted it for themselves, to 15 people and growing all the time. I even have a few staff interested. My big problem is lack of materials. I have distributed all the STEPS booklets and copied mine so much its falling apart. I beg you for more STEPS so the message can go out to more lost and ill souls in this place of misery. You have brought light to an otherwise very dark place and thank you so much for that. I will keep you posted as to the progress of my little group. We suggested that she ask the chaplain if they will accept a box of books and 100 Steps.


By Ken Brown in the FELLOWSHIP, Box 271, Nyack, New York 10960.

The object of any rational foreign policy should be to m enhance our security. Practically anybody now can make deadly chemical or biological weapons and by U-Haul or UPS deliver them to our doorsteps.

The only real defense from cheap but deadly concoctions will come from making friends wherever we can. No other solution is anything but temporary. Friendship is what our Administration should be about. Instead, what we've been contemplating in the Middle East only makes more enemies.

Our resentment of Saddam has blinded us to moral considerations and led us into hypocrisy and double talk. We rightly fear his motives and his remaining capabilities for genocidal weapons, yet we collaborated with him in using chemical weapons against Iran. We fear his stock-piles, but remain number one stockpiler of genocidal weapons our-selves. We accuse Saddam of refusing total international inspection, but last May gave our President permission to refuse inspections of our own chemical stockpiles. We indict Hussein of violating UN resolutions, but veto them ourselves, threaten unilateral action, and overlook even more numerous violations on the part of our Middle East allies. Our government has even abetted invasions and genocide elsewhere.

If the United States attempts to find her destiny through threat and coercion, she undoubtedly will follow the parade of empires that briefly crawled on top of the heap and then declined into obscurity. I hope for more. I hope for our country and our ideals to endure beyond a handful of decades. But longevity will take the ability to make friends.

NEW JERSEY -- She will be known in ages to come.


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Review by Howard Zinn

Film critics of this movie who praise it generally fail to ask the most important question. Will this film help persuade the next generation that such a scene must never occur again? Will it make clear that we must resist wars, even if accompanied by the seductive speeches of political leaders saying that this latest war, unlike other bad wars will be another "good" one, like World War II?

All that bloodshed, all that pain, all those torn limbs and exposed intestines will not deter a brave people from going to war. They just need to believe that the cause is just. They need to be told it is a war to end all wars (Woodrow Wilson), or we need to stop communist (Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon), or aggression must not go unpunished (Bush), or international terrorists have declared war on us (Clinton).

In "Saving Private Ryan" there is never any doubt that the cause is just. Yes, getting rid of fascism was a good cause. But does that unquestionably make it a good war? The war corrupted us did it not? The hate it engendered was not confined to Nazis.

We put Japanese families in concentration camps. We killed hugh numbers of innocent people in our bombings of Dresdon, Hamburg, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And when the war ended, we and our Allies began preparing for another war, this time with nuclear weapons, which, if used, would make Hitler's Holocaust look puny.

The long-term effect of World War II on our thinking was pernicious and deep. It made war -- so thoroughly discredited by the senseless slaughter of World War I -- noble once again. The presumed absolute goodness of World War II created an aura of rightness around war itself, which only an adventure as monstrously evil and as soaked in official lies as Vietnam could dispel.

Now "Saving Private Ryan," draws on our deep feeling for the GIs in order to rescue, not just Private Ryan, but the good name of war.

Our culture is in deep trouble when a film like "Saving Private Ryan" can pass by, like a military parade, with nothing but a shower of confetti and hurrahs for its color and grandeur.

PRISONER -- Thanks for the thoughtful note and offer of materials. I will pass it on to the chaplain here at the jail. I was pleasantly surprised while reading the Fall/Winter Newsletter. Usually I jump around, reading articles depending upon the captions. I don't read it front to back, at least not right away. As I read one article I thought it sounded familiar and that I had already read it. About halfway through I was delighted to realize I had written the piece. You had taken it from the letter I had written last May. BEING STILL (a song of Peace) There is music just in being still/In silence we listen and find God's will.


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This Children's book has now been completed by two of our volunteers, Gary Guthrie and Barbara Werner. Gary types your names in our computer from the daily mail and packages your books. Barbara has been a volunteer for 10 years, helping with the weekly mail. She drew beautiful figures of young people of many countries following Peace Pilgrim and in different events in Peace's life.

For several years friends of Peace Pilgrim interested in writing a children's book, sent in rough drafts. Gary compiled all into one edition and sent the writers copies. Also to friends of Peace Pilgrim in New Zealand and the U.S. who have small children. He wanted their suggestions and most of them were followed. We have received many delighted responses such as this one from New Zealand:"A special word of thanks for the children's book. Our children have always loved Peace Pilgrim stories I tell them. Now they can read the stories themselves and they have begun coloring already. I will also be using the book as part of a Peace and Singing program I do at the school."

Financial backing was offered and these backers were included in the acknowledgement page in the final edition of the book.

We hope this book introduces Peace Pilgrim in a way that appeals to young children. Peace Pilgrim can be a wonderful role model along with Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Gandhi. The young policeman said it best to Peace Pilgrim on the Rose parade route in 1953, "What we need is thousands like you."

Like all Peace Pilgrim materials, it will be offered free. The printing and mailing cost for one book is $3.


This book by Susunaga Weeraperuma is published by Sunil Gupa for Sri Satguru Publications, 40/5 Shakri Nagar, Delhi-110 007, India. ISBN 81-7030-599-3. Price is 300 rupies.

This book, published in India, was written by a Doctor of Letters who was born in Sri Lanka where he was raised in the Buddhist religion. It contains essays on the lives and teachings of ten remarkable spiritual masters: Gandhi, Yodaswami, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, Swami Ramdas, Swami Sivananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Srila Prabhupada, Bishrul Hafi and Peace Pilgrim.

The inclusion of Peace Pilgrim is an example of the universality of her message and the high esteem in which she is held among people around the world. Ten pages of well-chosen quotes and passages from her PEACE PILGRIM book are a delight to read.

OHIO -- Peace Pilgrim is changing my life - it feels as though my heart is being worked on from the inside out.



I was asked to teach junior-high math. One Friday, things just didn't feel right. We had worked hard on a new concept all week. I sensed that the students were frowning, frustrated with themselves and edgy with one another. I had to stop the crankiness before it got out of hand.

So I asked them to list the names of the other students on two sheets of paper, leaving a space between each name. Then I told them to think of the nicest thing they could say about each and write it down. It took the remainder of the class period to finish their assignment, and as they left the room each one handed me the papers.

That Saturday, I wrote down the name of each student on a separate sheet of paper, and I listed what everyone else had said about that individual. On Monday, I gave each student his or her list. Before long, the entire class was smiling. "Really." I heard whispered. "I never knew that meant anything to anyone!" "I didn't know others liked me so much." No one ever mentioned those papers in class again. I never knew if they discussed them after class or with their parents, but it didn't matter. The exercise had accomplished its purpose. The students were happy with one another again. That group of students moved on.

Several years later I was at the funeral of Mark, one of the students who was killed in Vietnam. As I stood there [by the coffin] one of the soldiers who acted as pallbearer came up to me. "Were you Mark's math teacher?" he asked. I nodded as I continued to stare at the coffin. "Mark talked about you a lot," he said.

After the funeral, most of Mark's former classmates headed to Chuck's farmhouse for lunch. Mark's mother and father were there, obviously waiting for me. "We want to show you something." his father said, taking a wallet out of his pocket. "They found this on Mark when he was killed. We thought you might recognize it." Opening the billfold, he carefully removed two worn pieces of paper that had obviously been taped, folded and refolded many times.

I knew without looking that the papers were the ones on which I had listed all the good things each of Mark's classmates had said about him. "Thank you so much for doing that, Mark's mother said, "As you can see, Mark treasured it."

Mark's classmates started to gather around. Charlie smiled rather sheepishly and said. "I still have my list. It's in the top drawer of my desk at home." Chuck's wife said, "Chuck asked me to put his in our wedding album." "I have mine too," Marilyn said. "It"s in my diary." Then Vicki, another classmate, reached unto her pocketbook, took out her wallet and showed her worn and frazzled list to the group. "I carry this with me at all times." Vicki said without batting an eyelash. "I think we all saved our lists."

That's when I finally sat down and cried. I cried for Mark and all his friends who would never see him again.


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This article, written by John K. Stoner, was in NEW CALL TO PEACEMAKING, a program of the Peace Churches, Brethren, Mennonites and Friends (Quakers). For a complete copy write to PO Box 500, Akron, PA 17501.

The causes of domestic violence in America, from school yard shootings to wife-beating, are much debated. Too little attention has been paid to forces at work on a deep level, where moral failures in the historical record are lodged but denied conscious attention.

While the theft of America from Native Peoples, and the colonization of Africa for slavery loom large in any calculus of American morality, the prevailing acquiescence to the possession and use of nuclear weapons in American culture bids fair to be the most egregious case of moral depravity with which our society is afflicted. A nation that has chosen to produce an atomic cloud and live under a nuclear umbrella is in no position to complain that the sunshine of truth and compassion is not beaming through its society.

Our newspapers carry reports of horrendous murders, and people respond by asking, "How could anyone do such a thing to another human being?" The assumption behind this is that there should be an internal mechanism, or voice, which would restrain a person from such behavior. Something must have gone wrong with that inner voice. What went wrong?

Lifton and Mitchell authors of the book, HIROSHIMA IN AMERICA: FIFTY YEARS OF DENIAL describe the problem as "psychic numbing." This happens when by either the sheer intensity or the repetition of experiences or scenes of horror, an individual's inner voice is numbed or anesthetized. They cease to feel as a normal person would feel. They become able not only to witness, but to inflict, massive pain or death on others without hesitation or remorse. Decades of living with the memory, however vague, of Hiroshima, and the willed preparation for future Hiroshimas as the centerpiece of national policy, inevitably produce a psychic numbing of the entire population and the cultural ethos.

What the nation has done and is willing to do to thousands of people as a matter of official policy, the individual becomes willing to do to one or a few as a matter of personal behavior.

IRELAND -- I glanced through Peace Pilgrim's booklet on peace and I am so excited -- it is so inspirational and for me directional. Having left convent life some years ago, after MANY. years, I have since felt directionless -- like a ship without a rudder at times and often spiritually lost. Peace Pilgrim appears to me as a way of living, of being. Simply put are such profound truths. I will carry it in my pocket and hopefully in time in my heart. Thanks to all who have made it possible. Asks for 100 STEPS. Peace's message is akin to that of the prophets of old. Act Justly, Love tenderly, Walk Humbly with your God.


 IDAHO -- I have just recently shared the little steps booklets with two different men that I work with. Both men are troubled with Manic-Depression. One of them told me that after reading Peace Pilgrim's words he was able to sleep good for the first time in ages. The other man had deteriorated to a delusionary state, but he says reading the steps pulled him through and he is back to leading a happier life.


MARTIN LUTHER KING SAID, "US is the greatest purveyor of violence the world has ever seen." And yet Peace Pilgrim walked across this affluent country seven times and still said, "Aren't people good!" There are enough peaceful people who want Peace's words spread, who send us gifts to cover more than their requests for books,Steps,and tapes. Though we send everything out free everything is paid for before we send them out. And we send out thousands of materials to Africa, India, Latin Countries, Prisons. They are unable to send any money.


PRISONER IN ELYRIA, OHIO -- This book has taught me to forgive everyone, to treat others with love and respect. No one could have ever thought I would find peace in prison, but now after reading PEACE PILGRIM I'm at peace more than ever before. I'm a 19 year old male who only planned to hurt people when I got out of prison, but now, after reading Peace's words, I want to love those who I wanted to hurt. My spelling and writing are not so good. If I could only find the right words to express how this book has changed me. Thank you for sending me this wonderful book!!


SAN DIEGO -- Thank you for all the great materials, above and beyond what I expected. They came at a perfect time. Our car stopped working and the repairs are very costly but our number one priority was to keep a positive frame of mind to focus on solutions, not lose our peace of mind. Nothing was more welcome, at the end of a day like today than your package of materials. It gave me immediate energy. I am helping a friend organize a Gandhi day. We might show a video and give out materials. Next week I am going to Florida for Americorps & Youth Volunteer training. lt will be a great opportunity to reach people from all over & give them Peace Pilgrim materials.

PRISONER IN DANIELSON, CT -- Being behind these walls I experienced all sorts of negativity toward life, others and mostly toward myself. The glimmer of hope still shines brightly in me and no matter how difficult times may become I never forget how much others endured for the struggle of peace and love (in their lives). She is an inspiration to all who desire as strongly as she did about what lengths one would go to, to get the message of a better way across.


 ZIMBABWE -- Thanks for spreading peace. May God continue to assist you with all the graces you need to continue this vital mission which He has entrusted to you. I do realize that each of us, in his or her own way, is called to be an instrument of peace, "to be peacemakers."

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4204 Sorrento Valley Boulevard, #K San Diego, CA 92121. tel. 619-623-3330, or e-mail

Peace Pilgrim said, "How diverse the many [spiritual] paths seem to be at times, but, do they not all come together eventually upon the same mountain top? Are they not all striving for the same thing? Religion is not an end in itself. One's union with God is the ultimate goal."

Peace Pilgrim's words are the guiding principle behind Blue Dove Foundation, a non-profit organization. It is devoted to promoting the messages, examples and works of saints and sages of all religions and spiritual traditions. The goal is to aid seekers in their own path to God.

The foundation is the work of Jeff Blom and Gigi Orlowski. Jeff was a four year full time volunteer here at the Peace Pilgrim Center who insisted we needed a newsletter. Gigi was one of the three film makers who produced the Spirit of Peace documentary.

Jeff left the Peace Pilgrim Center in 1993 to found BLUE DOVE PRESS. He and Gigi have since joined forces to continue to publish and distribute spiritual books. Their LIGHTS OF GRACE CATALOG contains hundreds of offerings from Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, and other traditions, including saints with no religious affiliation such as Peace Pilgrim. Many titles are not easily available, such as numerous hard to find works from India.

In addition, the Blue Dove Foundation has published nearly 20 titles. Among them is a book compiled by Andy Zubko, (one of the five compilers of the Peace Pilgrim book,) titled Treasury of Spiritual Wisdom, which contains over 10,000 sayings by saints, sages and others. Twelve new books are currently in development including titles on St. Teresa of Avila, Sunyata (a Danish mystic), Sri Chinmoy (who leads the regular meditations at the United Nations,) and Sri Ramakrishna.

The Blue Dove foundation also has a "books to prisoners" program, which offers free or low cost spiritual books to prisoners in the U.S. In addition, the foundation offers internships in book publishing and currently has six interns as part of the program. Write to above address for more information and their free 68 page catalog.

CUBA -- I think the PEACE PILGRIM book is very important. Many people can learn the great lessons of this wonderful lady.



Bill Hamilton was a devoted volunteer for a year ten years ago. He contributed many valuable ideas and later office furniture, tables, filing cabinets. It was his idea to publish a compact Peace Pilgrim book that many prefer. We send thousands to poor countries and to prisoners who cannot send a gift in return. We read our book and STEPS on audio tape in his studio and he was responsible for making it into a beautiful album.

Many years ago Bill introduced us to Mary Jo Meadow, a college professor of psychology (now retired), a Buddhist nun and a Catholic sister. She frequently teaches with Catholic priests. She also teaches PEACE PILGRIM workshops. On February 4-6, 2000 there is planned an Insight Meditation Retreat in Chicago with the theme centered on Peace Pilgrim's life experience. Jim Ferolo will be the teacher. Bill occasionally stopped for a visit. Bill made his glorious transition on April 16. We miss him.

JERUSALEM -- I am an American, living in Jerusalem, Israel. I first came across the STEPS booklet while travelling through Mt. Shasta. I took STEPS to Israel and lent it out to a few people and lost track of it. This year while spending time in New York City I participated in a walk in Central Park sponsored by the New York Open Center, dedicated to Peace Pilgrim. This time I contacted Friends of Peace Pilgrim and now I have given out copies to friends in the US and Israel. I plan to take books and tapes back home. There are many wonderful spiritual-minded people in Israel who I hope will be inspired & uplifted by Peace Pilgrim's message as I was.


By Guy DeMallac. Published by CoNexus Press, 6264 Grand River Drive North, Ada, MI 49301.

This book of Leo Tolstoy's was translated, condensed and introduced by our dear friend, Guy de Mallac who writes, "It is the ultimate expression of Tolstoy's insights. It was a summation of a lifetime of thought and reflection. The Wisdom of Humankind may rightly be viewed as Tolstoy's last will and testament."

Guy first published this book in Russia, then India and recently in U.S.A.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA -- I go to a Zen Temple. The Master and 4 other Monks live there. The Master was born in 1934 in the Village of Mei Lei. There is absolutely no blaming anyone. The Buddhists live from the heart of compassion and kindness. Total forgiveness. I would like to do something for peace in my area. I'm talking with others about holding a Peace Picnic or gathering. We told her about the Orange County Catholic Workers.


COLORADO -- This last newsletter is a really special joy. I love how Peace's message has touched so many lives and hearts all around the world. I keep PEACE PILGRIM on my desk along with other very special books that inspire (Gandhi, Tolstoy, Course in Miracles, etc.) for frequent re-reading and inspiration.


INDIA, ASRANI -- I had occasion to read the book PEACE PILGRIM. Words fail me, to express the direct lucidness and import of the message contained therein. It could well have been a distilled summarized extract of the messages contained in the Scriptures of all the religions of the world, Hindu, Chinese, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, etc., written in a style so direct and useful to the layman that it could be a way of life for everybody.

I am keen on distributing free of charge copies of this book to all friends and associates and spread the message contained.


ST. CLOUD, MINNESOTA -- I never will forget the times when she visited our city, and I was able to arrange for her radio and speaking events. When she stayed at our home, I had the opportunity to extensively discuss how public policy and the development of personal behavior occurs. She was really a gem; focused on exemplary mind, spirit, and behavior. I was left with a continuing challenge to my integrity and a resolve to trust and be brace in the search for truth and its practice. -- Will Mische.


INDIA -- A Peace Activist from USA told many great things about your noble service to humanity through Peace Pilgrim. We have a little Peace Ashram and we work through non-violence and Peace Activities. We conduct long and short Peace Camps to village peasants and youth -all based on spiritual and non-violence. I am a Yoga and Meditation teacher in Village Schools and Universities. I met Gandhi in 1947 and trained by him about Non-violence system of life.


MICHIGAN -- I met Peace Pilgrim in Detroit when she stopped to lecture to anyone who cared to listen -- all unannounced (University of Detroit). As we walked on campus she asked where the Psych, Sociology building was, so I took her and stayed for the great talk -- to a full room of students in 1968


BANGALORE, INDIA -- I have never read anything like it before and I was amazed that someone like Peace Pilgrim actually existed (in America!). I can't see how anyone could come away from meeting her without being transformed, strengthened and healed. That's what's been happening with me.



In our last newsletter, number 30, we published an article about the Bambema Tribe. Several asked for the source. It is in the book: "Contact, The First Four Minutes" by Leonard Sunin.

MAINE -- Thank you very much for your important work! I love reading your newsletter. I have much more to read and reread. Please send me a surprise package of Peace Pilgrim materials. I feel very grateful for Peace Pilgrim's influence on my life. Thank you for making this possible.

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I am happy to announce that your books have restored a lot of peace to people in my country. They have helped many who have psychological and spiritual problems. Many men and women are initiating dialogue instead of violence.

1999 is my ten years of using your books to spread peace in Nigeria, including many remote villages. I am happy to be spreading peace to both religious and non-religious, both Christian and non-Christian. I can now boast of 467 agents of peace out of 36 states of Nigeria. We are gradually organizing seminars, using your books. He requests PEACE PILGRIM tunics (which we do not have) and 2,000 books and STEPS. We sent a box of 48 compact books. Anyone want to help send more?

INDIA -- Peace Pilgrim has changed my life style. Being a Doctor in alternative systems of Medicine (Naturopathy and Yoga) I have found the Peace Pilgrim book a helping hand in my profession. I am a medical officer in Rural Health working with tribal and rural people is a difficult thing. I need a lot of patience. I have found my patience has increased after going through Peace's books. Overcome Evil with Good, Falsehood with Truth, Hatred with LOVE -- these words always bring a friendly sound to my ears. I have made these words into my service motto. It is really a great thing to follow Peace's words. One friend of mine after going through the book is planning a post graduate studies on peace. I will be speaking to large numbers of people and Peace Pilgrim will be spread to all of them.


ILLINOIS -- Many thanks for so strongly contributing to our lives on this globe we call Earth. It is getting to be a more sharply defined home for us each year. May the year 2000 begin to see us giving up land mines, nuclear weapons, etc.


PHOENIX -- On behalf of the women of the Arizona Center for Women, I thank you for your wonderful response to our request for one of your books. We never expected an entire box. The literature is being passed out to all. The women will greatly benefit from your donations. They are already being widely read.


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By Khashyar Darvish of Wakan Films, P.O. Box 610119, Redwood City, CA 94061,

We film makers, Khashyar Darvich and David Mueller of Wakan Films, feel a loving hand at work as we enter the editing phase. We have been amazed where Peace Pilgrim's spiritual adventure has taken us. We are simply trying to follow the Highest Will every step of the way and not have expectations. But surprises continue to unfold.

The Dalai Lama has granted us an interview. We interviewed Dr. Evarts Loomis who invited Peace Pilgrim to speak several times at Meadowlark, the First Holistic Health Center in this country. And here are a few of the others we interviewed who have been moved by the Peace Pilgrim book: Dennis Weaver, John Robbins (Diet for a New America) Robert Muller (Chancellor of UN University for Peace, Costa Rica), Gerald Jampolsky (Love is Letting Go of Fear), Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior), Dr. Vincent Harding (friend of Martin Luther King and a civil rights scholar).

A variety of world-class musicians have offered their music free, including composer Philip Glass. He is perhaps America's most well-known living composer and has written scores for several films including,"A Brief History in Time," The owner of Sounds True Music has known about Peace Pilgrim for years and has offered his entire collection of international spiritual music -- without cost. Musicians like world-renowned percussionist Zakir Hussain and the very talented Native American flutist Kevin Locke have also offered their music freely because they resonate with Peace Pilgrim and her message.

Another blessing is 18 newly found TV newsreel clips of Peace Pilgrim from 1953 to the late 1970s -- her first week in Los Angeles in January, 1953 and crossing the George Washington bridge in New York in December, 1953!

A tireless all-volunteer research team searched for several months and contacted nearly every historical society and film library to find these treasures.

We expect the editing to be completed by the end of the summer. We are thankful to have absorbed ourselves in Peace Pilgrim's life and message. She has changed our lives and the lives of everyone who has worked on the film.

Some time ago, a Tibetan Buddhist nun wrote from India to tell us that she found the PEACE PILGRIM book in their retreat library. She said that although Peace did not study their texts, she found the same principles from within. She asked us to send a book to the Dalai Lama and to several people in the United States. She grew up in New York City.


BIRMINGHAM, AL -- Her message is so simple and yet concise and cuts through all the superficialities of this earthly life and puts everything in perspective. Her compassion and love to all beings who crossed her path is an inspiration and example to all people. The truth of her message crosses all barriers of time, place and person. I feel compelled to share her message with the many people I come in contact in my daily life.


By Amirah Yates

For 13 years a solar water distiller has been providing us with purified water for the cost of tap water! Distilling is one of the best ways to decontaminant water.

Now we have a solar oven, another energy-independent tool. It's used for cooking breads, vegetables and soups. We have only just begun using it and we're pleased with the yummy results.

For free building instructions and some truly inspiring stories from people whose lives are much improved because of these solar solutions write Solar Cookers International, 1919 21st Street #101, Sacramento, CA 95814; telephone: 916-455-4499;

If you want free Peace Pilgrim materials write us and send change of address notices promptly! Contributions make the free distribution possible.

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