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Fall/Winter, 1996 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 26

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim
CYBERSPACE by Greg Konar
WISDOM RETREAT, Cheyenne Bear, speaks again!

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

We spent a week with our daughter, Erica and family in Quaker City, NH and it felt like a Latin American week. Our Pfister family is caring for a young man from Guatemala who has a severely burned face and most fingers burned off. They have a good friend next door who is recently married to a woman from Peru.

Several friends who live in cabins in the nearby woods came to Erica's to see a Peace Pilgrim video and share their lives. One had been on a peace walk protesting the land mines that Honeywell continues to sell around the world, others had been on walks protesting the SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS in Fort Benning, and left us a video that shows a little of what we have done, are still doing to our neighbors (for a copy see article on SOA). One friend had lived in Nicaragua for several years.

I met a woman at Friends (Quaker) Meeting on Sunday who told us that there are 5 Quaker Monthly Meetings in Cuba! Their representatives were to be at New England Yearly Meeting the next week. She asked for Spanish Peace Pilgrim books to give to them. We called home for Amirah and Marty to send 9 books with many PASOS (Spanish STEPS) for Quakers in Cuba. Later we sent more boxes of Spanish books to our Quaker friends in New Hampshire.

MEDFORD, OR -- It's with joy that I write about Peace Pilgrim for your newsletter. She was in my home at least seven times. We recall certain traits that made her the unforgettable person she was to all who knew her.

Peace was a totally focused person. When she arrived at our home, after cleaning up, she sat down at the typewriter to answer all letters that had come for her. Then it was a matter of getting her message to as many people as possible. My service to her was to take her to the radio stations where she could broadcast her message.

I found remarkable her absolute faith. She had a faith that nothing could happen to her when she was walking in isolated areas. A trait I will never forget was her Joy. She owned nothing, yet there was this radiant joy that made you so happy to have her as a guest. She had the ability to see through other people, yet she refrained from judging.

The last time she was my guest in Medford there were two gatherings. She was delighted for the opportunity to share her formula for inner peace. Truly I was blessed for knowing such a saint. Her picture is always in my home.


The following are excerpts from the journal of Walter Norman: Preparedness for war naturally gives the best prospect for war. The best preparedness for the danger of war is to use intelligence to avert it. I always found diplomacy worth about ten times as much as brutal strength.

At present, this country is owned by capitalists, but these capitalists are killing the goose which lays the golden eggs, by ruining the country...They are robbing this country of some of its most valuable resources on a large scale, while they are exporting them as munitions. The result is inevitable; much poverty and woe will be produced by the disgraceful, barbarous, and un-neutral trade with munitions.

Financial operations have a powerful influence on our government. It would be a great injustice if our country should be sacrificed for these financial operations.

I believe the greatest damage done by any war is caused by the degrading influence it has on humanity. War makes man cruel! And because it makes man cruel, it also makes man unjust...As cruelty and injustice furnish most causes for war, war always furnishes the cause for more war. We will never get real peace on earth by using brutal force to enforce it. Tyranny was never a success.

FAYETTEVILLE, AK -- I was fortunate enough to meet Peace Pilgrim in the 70's when she spoke at Fayetteville, Arkansas. Out of curiosity I joined a group of people gathered around an animated elderly woman & heard Peace tell us about her walk. We spent the day listening to her, and she never tired. Later that evening I went to someone's house to be able to hear more of her message. Getting there early I saw her waiting to speak to us. Peace looked terribly tired -- and after all she was old, had walked a long way to get there and then spent all day non-stop talking & relating. I was worried because she looked so very strained. Then someone was introducing her and she rose to address the full house. She was transformed as I watched. Every vestige of weariness and stress left her as she began to speak. She seemed to glow with light and vibrancy. She spoke for a long time with no evidence of the severe stress observed earlier. I believe I saw a miracle happen -- the healing transformative power of love at work. I feel heartened whenever I call my image of peace to mind -- and in that image she is always surrounded by light.


I first found and read Peace Pilgrim in a small town near La Paz, Bolivia in December of 1993. I was doing some volunteer work for a humanitarian organization called CHOICE (Center for Humanitarian Outreach and Inter-Cultural Exchange) which provides outreach opportunities for volunteers to live and work in a rural 3rd or 4th world village. We were working in a village called Chojnopujo, doing wells and pumps, and one of the volunteers let me read her Peace Pilgrim book. She knew how much I admired Mahatma Gandhi, so she thought I would enjoy reading Peace.

Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. I couldn't believe it. I was reading about a North American Gandhi who was even more Peaceful and Nonviolent than the Mahatma. I was moved to tears and read the entire book that first night, and then I read it again the next night. I knew that I had to get hold of some Peace Pilgrim books when, I returned home, and share Peace's life and message with family and friends. I have given away a few hundred since then and had some wonderful experiences sharing Peace with others. So I greatly appreciate the wonderful work that John and Ann Rush and others have done to put Peace Pilgrim into print and give her away.

On my last visit with John and Ann at the Center, I asked for some Spanish Peace Pilgrim books and Spanish Steps pamphlets for an upcoming trip to South America. As always, they gave me more than I asked for and tried to persuade me to take even more. I was used to sharing Peace in English, but I didn't have the same vocabulary to share Peace Pilgrim and her message in Spanish. That is something I learned to do on this trip. I found many people eager to receive the Spanish Steps -- it filled them with hope for the future.

On a bus trip from La Paz to Viacha I was sitting next to a blind girl. She had been blind since birth and was from a poor family. Somehow she was supporting herself while going to school and living away from home. She told me that her parents felt so badly about her being born blind, that she wanted to show them that she could take care of herself so they would not worry for her. What she was doing was truly extraordinary in Bolivia, because there are no special government programs for the poor or handicapped there. So I asked her how she was able to deal with such a big problem. She assured me that God was helping her through it all. I told her what Peace Pilgrim said when big problems come to us -- that it means we have the capacity to handle big problems. The bus ride was over an hour, so I started to read to Lucy out of the Steps pamphlet, and she was enthralled by Peace. She said that as soon as she got home she would have her brother read to her so that she could put it in braille and then read it anytime she wanted, and also share it with her non-seeing friends. I gave her several pamphlets, because I felt she would be able to share Peace's message and bring light to many of her countrymen. So now there is a Spanish braille edition of the Steps pamphlet in Bolivia at least.

While in Peru flying from Arequipa to Juliaca, I had some Steps pamphlets out on my tray. Before I could offer the man sitting next to me a booklet, he asked if he could have one. "With pleasure," I said, and we talked a little about Peace Pilgrim and her life and message. On the same plane I met one of the Mission Presidents of the Mormon Church who was over Southern Peru. I told him that as a young man I had worked as a Mormon missionary in his area. Then we started to talk about Peace Pilgrim. He was excited about it, so I gave him several pamphlets as well as a Spanish Peace Pilgrim book. I also suggested that he share these materials with his missionaries for inspiration and uplift.

While visiting the reed islands on Lake Titicaca high in the Andes mountains, I met a young Swiss banker named Ray. He was traveling and looking for a path of service. He had been left fatherless at a young age and he told me his growing up had been difficult. But he did have a wonderful mother, and now he was looking for a way to be of service and do some giving. He had read most of the Christian mystics, so he was ripe and ready for Peace Pilgrim. We walked to the top of a high mountain on the outskirts of the city that afternoon and talked about the spiritual growing up. Much of our discussion was about Peace Pilgrim and her message, and he was excited at what she had accomplished with her pilgrimage. Ray spoke better English than Spanish, so I gave him an English Peace Pilgrim.

La Paz means "the Peace" so it seemed fitting that Peace Pilgrim should be better known in a city named "PEACE". The Bolivians and Peruvians are a wonderful, good-hearted people. It was exhilarating to share Peace Pilgrim with them. I travel to South America regularly, and plan to share Peace Pilgrim there as well as here at home. It is such a nice way to do some giving, and as Peace Pilgrim said, we have to do a lot of giving to receive anything really worthwhile.

GUATEMALA -- In my past 20 years of activism I have heard Peace Pilgrim's name off and on. Last month I happened upon her book in the local library. I spent 8 years doing human rights work in Guatemala and have recently returned to the US where I've been struggling with how to live a life with integrity in this country. Peace Pilgrim's words served to reaffirm decisions I've already made my next steps. They come at a much needed time as I sort out my transition towards a simpler life and greater spiritual practices. I have been a tax resister for over 10 years and enjoyed reading her comments about that.

CHARLOTTE, NC -- I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found the little brochure, "Steps Toward Inner Peace." at one of my favorite shops in town, and shared it with family and friends. I appreciate the simple message, and am working to implement the "Steps" in my life.


Frank Noffke, a retired university planner, recently visited us for a few days. Since his retirement he has been active in peace work. He was recently given a special award by the Oceana, Michigan Peace Education Network in recognition of his untiring labor of love in making O.P.E.N. a viable organization dedicated to the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

When he visited us about three years ago he said that we are the more cost effective organization of which is aware. (Marcia Meyer, who worked with us for two weeks, reported that we don't waste a penny).

Frank saw that our facilities are very inadequate for the important work we do. He offered to contact foundations for funds to build or buy better facilities. He has spent many hours composing a prospectus for sending to foundations.

Frank has helped us to visualize the future of the Peace Pilgrim Center -- a place with adequate office space, storage space, housing for staff and volunteers, a library where visitors could read Peace Pilgrim publications and the many peace books that are given to us -- where they could view our tapes and meditate in quiet. Ideally the surroundings would be a place to walk in receptive silence, as Peace Pilgrim did, amidst the beauties of nature.

Many years ago the Beyond War group bought land in Palo Alto where members built houses near their center. The staff had the support of nearby neighbors who had jobs in the city. We would like to have a similar situation where special Friends of Peace Pilgrim would live near our center to give us support. Some might be retired people or those working part-time. Some would help us in the evening, or on weekends.

We are wondering if there is an individual or a couple who are retired and in very good health who would like to work with us, perhaps for the rest of their lives. There are several houses (mobile homes) for sale across the street from us. A house could be bought by a volunteer who could come over and work with us. We have received thousands of letters during the last 13 years, thanking us for our work, saying how much Peace Pilgrim's message has meant to them. The world needs Peace Pilgrim's inspiring message. We hope and pray it will continue into the indefinite future.

INDIA -- I am a retired professor of Philosophy and a journalist from India. I was touched to the depths of my heart by Peace Pilgrim's sincere teachings expressed in simple language - the noble truths expounded by the ancient sages of India - perhaps the prophets of all religions. It reminded me of the Sermon on the Mount and also of our great leader Mahatma Gandhi who used to say "do not hate the evil doer, hate the evil. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is the law of the jungle."

LAKESPORT, CA -- I've read the booklet STEPS, and it has honestly changed me. I can't say I'm a completely different person, but I approach situations differently now. I'm more in touch with others' feelings and take them into consideration before my own. The feeling of peace and helping other problems from escalating is really new for me. I'm not sure how to describe it, but love is probably the appropriate word to tell you or anyone else how this advice has made me feel.

P.S. I'm only 14 and I hope to remember these words of wisdom throughout my life.


Formerly "OUR MAN IN SAUDI ARABIA" teaching English. He arranged for a woman to translate STEPS into Arabic. More recently he taught in Vietnam and wrote: Greetings from NEW SAIGON. Vietnam was of extreme importance to Peace Pilgrim. It was also a great concern of mine. When I came to teach English I brought Peace Pilgrim videos and showed them to my classes. I prepared lessons around Peace Pilgrim's four preparations, relinquishments, etc. The response has been very positive. Fortunately, I was given advanced classes with students who can grasp the English vocabulary in her STEP's booklet. More importantly they are grasping the concepts! I feel like some of the seeds from her life and works are being sown here. I am happy to be a representative of her message. We are sorry for Gary to leave Vietnam but happy to have him helping us here at the Center. He puts your names & addresses in our computer, packages the books and tapes that you request. He also writes letters to prisoners, often expressing that it was in Vietnam, that he became more fully enlightened to the deeper message of Peace Pilgrim. From a recent student letter: "Teacher Gary, I'm very busy to learn English. The Peace Pilgrim book helps me a lot."

HILLSBORO, WI -- A friend of mine shared Peace Pilgrim's video and book with our "Life Philosophy" group recently and it inspired me to write to you for 20 Copies of Steps Toward Inner Peace to send with Christmas cards.


Our second Adult Forum last spring was based on The Spirit of Peace Documentary and her message in the STEPS and her book. We had four weeks devoted to her message. About 20 people attended. Many asked for her book and Steps for their relatives and friends. They liked the Documentary. The ones who attended last years Adult Forum on Peace commented on the way it made her look "human" again after our "build-up" of spiritual life and message. Many wish to have a third Forum soon.


EDITORA DE CULTURA ESPIRITUAL, a non-profit publishing company in Brazil sent five beautiful books and wrote, "We have printed only 700 books because we hadn't enough money to print more. They are being sold only to bookstores. For people who want the book we charge only if they want to pay for it." We are delighted and thankful for the publishing company and for Mrs. Tereza Pimentel who translated it." For a copy write to: Cladys Neri Blanes, Rua Urucu, 45, Cep 04562-010 Sao Paulo.


Just received two books from the Peace Pilgrim Translation Committee of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Tanzania. They were able to print only 1000 books. "We are distributing them amongst people in East and Central Africa. We hope they will play an important role in educating the ways of peace, more especially in the troubled countries like Rwanda, Burundi and even Somalia and Sudan. God bless all who will read it." For a copy write to: Tanzania Religious Society of Friends, PO Box 98, Mugumu-Serengeti, Tanzania.

They requested 50 more Peace Pilgrim books and 100 STEPS in English for friends in Uganda and Kenya. We can easily send the books in English because there are enough of you in affluent countries who send gifts to enable us to send books to third world countries. If anyone wishes to help more books be printed in Swahili you may send checks to us earmarked for that purpose.


I have read your booklet named "Steps Toward Inner Peace." Reading this book is a unique experience.

This experience has inspired me to translate this booklet in my own mother tongue, i.e. Gujarati language of Gujarat State of India. We are 50 million Gujarati people living in our state. This is the birth place of the greatest human being of this century. "Mahatma Gandhi."

The philosophy expressed by this peace pilgrim has a great scent of ancient Indian culture. The very reach and high thoughts of this peace pilgrim reflects the essence of "Bhagawat Geeta", our Hindu Bible. It has left the lifetime footprints on my mind and I decided to spread this humble message of peace to more and more people of my country.

I am working with a voluntary organization, "Rishi Sanskruti Vidya Kendra", popularly known as S.S.Y. (Siddha Samadhi Yoga). We are working on the same footpath.

This year we are printing 5000 copies of this translated Gujarati booklet and want to distribute without any charge. For a copy write to: Senhal Patel, 98, City Centre, C.G. Road, Navrangpua, Ahmedabad-9, Gujarat State,India

CYBERSPACE by Greg Konar       (return to TOC)

Throughout her pilgrimage, Peace Pilgrim did not hesitate to use the media to reach wide audiences with her timeless message of inner peace. In the 1990's many of us have been inspired to carry on this tradition via the internet. A number of people have even created Websites dedicated to Peace Pilgrim. Check out Bruce Nichols' site:,

Barefoot Bob's site at:,

Robin Armstrong's site at:, and

Wayne's site at:

This month Friends of Peace Pilgrim launched its own website at:

I like to think of it as a virtual Peace Pilgrim Center. At the center you can view and download copies of Peace Pilgrim's classic STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE, read information on her life, and find out more about the Peace Pilgrim Center in Hemet. The site also has a complete catalog of the Peace Pilgrim offerings, including books, audio tapes, and video tapes of her speaking.

As a volunteer, I will strive to keep the site up-to-date and maintain links to other Peace Pilgrim sites, peace action sites, etcetera. We will soon be adding the Spanish language version of STEPS to the site. Our goal is to eventually offer a complete translation of STEPS in every language directly from the web site. When you visit, please take a look at the translation chart on the Friends of Peace Pilgrim page. Translation opportunities still exist for those who wish to offer their service.

With our new Website and others like it, Peace Pilgrim's basic message is now instantaneously available around the world. Please help spread the word by sharing our Web address with others and creating links to your own Web pages where appropriate. Greg Konar, FOPP Webmaster, can be e-mailed at:

THANKS FOR THE MUGS! -- Bruce Nichols, our long-time friend and supporter, has sent us two boxes of mugs with Peace Pilgrim's message "This is the way of PEACE: Overcome evil with GOOD, falsehood with TRUTH, and hatred with LOVE" on them. We give them to volunteers.

ROBERT MULLER -- It took me 20 years to clear my own mind of [nationalism] before I could discover that I am a member of the human family on a beautiful planet in a vast universe....It is absolutely fundamental to peace and happiness. When you discover it, from that moment on, human life becomes sacred. From that moment on you cannot kill, you cannot have violence. From that moment on, nationalism is something subordinate. It cannot be supreme.

Not much happens without a dream, and for something great to happen, there must be a great dream. Behind every great achievement is a dreamer of great dreams. Much more than a dreamer is required to bring it to reality; but the dream must be there first.   -- Robert Greenleaf

ONE LITTLE PERSON giving all of her time to peace makes news. MANY PEOPLE giving some of their time can MAKE HISTORY. -- Peace Pilgrim


"This is a place where dreams come true," said Robert Muller, Chancellor. It's an amazing coincidence that the world's first University for Peace is on the very spot where an Indian legend predicts the beginning of a civilization of peace: "This hill will be a community of peace which will extend to the whole world." It was in these mountains that legendary three-time President Jose Figueres decided to abolish Costa Rica's army and is considered the architect of Costa Rica's modern democracy. The 400 acres of mountainside near Ciudad Colon on which the university was built were promised to former President Dr. Rodrigo Carazo before he took office, if he would establish the world's first university of peace there. By the time he was elected the land owner had died, but his family honored the promise and 10 years ago the university was built.

The campus now contains a monument to the unknown peacemaker. (Around the world there are plenty of monuments to the unknown soldier. On the campus of the Peace Abbey in Massachusetts is a monument to unknown civilians who have died in wars.) Around the tranquil grounds of the university are statues to history's great peacemakers like Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy.

Dr. Muller has suggested that a bust of Peace Pilgrim be placed beside the bust of Gandhi, as the first woman to be so recognized at the University. He suggests a memorial gathering at the dedication.


Robert Muller received a letter from Reverend Shirley Kinder of Kansas City in which she asked him to join her in making a commitment to promote the words "Yours in peace," as a replacement for "Yours sincerely." at the end of letters. She believes this phrase will ignite the light for peace. Here is the story, supplied by Robert Muller, of where the custom of using "yours truly" came from:

Each year in ancient Rome, a competition was held to select the best sculptors. Before the judges decided on the winners, someone went around to examine the marble sculptures to see if the artists had not covered any cracks or faults with wax. If he found none, he declared the sculptures to be "sine cera," without wax.


The following is Robert Muller's dream of the peaceful Bimillennium beginning in the year 2000, which is inspiring many people to give some of their time to peace:

I dream that on January 2000 the whole world will stand still in prayer and awe and gratitude for our beautiful heavenly Earth and for the miracle of human life.

I dream that young and old, rich and poor, black and white, peoples from North and South, from East and West, from all beliefs and cultures will join their hands, minds and hearts in an unprecedented, universal Bimillennium Celebration of Life. That the year 2000 will be Declared World Year of Thanksgiving.

I dream that during the year 2000 innumerable celebrations and events will take place all over the globe to gauge the long road covered by humanity, to study our mistakes and to plan the feats still to be accomplished for the full flowering of the human race in peace, justice & happiness.

I dream that the few remaining years to the Bimillennium be devoted by all humans, nations and institutions to unparalleled thinking, action, inspiration, elevation, determination and love to solve our remaining problems and to achieve a peaceful, united human family on earth.

I dream that the third millennium will be declared and made Humanity's First Millennium of Peace.

The above words are taken from his poem, MY DREAM 2000. For a copy write to the Peace Pilgrim Center.


Jim Goodnow, with the suggestion of Robert Muller, visited us. He had just embarked on a journey to spend the years until the year 2000 traveling around the world getting signatures on a petition for world peace. He is passing out a leaflet that describes his mission as follows:

As we approach the year 2000, a world-wide live televised, Bimillennium Celebration is being planned. Part of the celebration plan is the unravelling of a huge PEACE AFFIRMATION SCROLL calling for world peace, with signatures from around the world on varied colored papers tapes together. The different colors symbolically represent the various PEOPLES of this wondrous planet and the beauty of EARTH'S nature. The scroll will be an affirmation of world peace written in many languages.

If anyone wants to gather signatures let us know and we will send you a signature sheet and a copy of the leaflet describing their project. If you prefer you may get this signature sheet and leaflet from the internet by downloading from our Peace Pilgrim home page.

When the sheet is filled with signatures (on one side only please), send it to: Robert Muller, Apartado 138 -- 1250 Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica.

PEACE POLE PROJECT       (return to TOC)

About ten years ago we (John & Ann) participated in the first U.S. Peace Prayer Day Celebration held in Los Angeles, sponsored by The Society of Prayer For World Peace in Japan. While the national flag of each nation was presented on the stage, the audience joined in saying "May Peace Prevail on Earth -- I pray for the happiness of the people of...some nation -- May peace be in....the nation." It was a very moving experience.

The Society also sponsors the Peace Pole Project, the planting of a Peace Pole in front of churches, schools, parks, restaurants, private homes and city halls. Each pole is four-sided with the words MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH printed on plaques in four different languages, one language for each side. The planting in front of public buildings is usually accompanied by a public ceremony. The poles have been planted in more than 100 countries.

The PeacePrayer group of San Jacinto and Hemet sponsored a Peace Pole planting for an International Peace Day Celebration at Valley-wide Regional Park. Plaques are in English, Spanish, Luiseno (Native American) and "May Peace be in our Homes and Communities in English."

The celebration included a Native American Inter-tribal Bird Singer who made some of us get up and dance, a children's Folklorico de Colores and Japanese Divinity In. Prayers for peace were given periodically throughout the celebration by a Bahá'i, a Catholic Sister, a Quaker, a Mormon and a Lebanese.

We ended with the song "Let there be peace on earth" and the dropping of a handful of earth around the pole by each participant.

Two four-sided poles that hold up our Peace Pilgrim Center front porch have May Peace Prevail on Earth plaques in Spanish, Russian, French and English. If you would like these signs in different languages or want to plant a pole in your community, write to: Peace Pole Makers, 3534 Lanham Road, Maple City, MI 49664

LAND O'LAKES, FL -- Thank you most kindly for my first newsletter from you. It all started so beautifully on the front page with the column "Pray without Ceasing." It was a beautiful thought and I so much agree. To me it is so easy because I accept that gratitude is also prayer, perhaps more powerful than the pleading kind. I awaken to the beauty of the sunrise and close my day with the colors of the sunset and then the dancing radiance of moon-beams across rippling waters. The daylight beckons me to the fragrance and beauty of flowers and woodland trails and with inner-action of other pilgrims of earth, both in nature and in my business contacts. I am so grateful for all these seekers of truth and the Divine Plan. Some we may not understand, but I like Peace Pilgrim's answer, "That's fine dear, if that's what you need at this point in your life...We all have different needs." I even bless the Bill Gates of our society. Their contribution to life may make it easier for Cheyenne Bear, and even me. God bless them all.

DR. KITTU OF INDIA -- Peace Pilgrim has been in my heart in the days of stress and strain [while working on her Ph.D]. I treasure her words and feel that great emotional turbulences can be averted if one hearkens to her gentle words. I work as a lecturer. I have been forming a `Friendship Circle' with students who need emotional and friendly support. I thought of the uplifting effect of Peace Pilgrim's words and vision and have spoken of her.

I had a strange experience last week. After a traumatic fortnight with an old friend who tried to deceive us. I opened the Peace Pilgrim book as I hummed, "Love is flowing like a river," I was astounded to see that the page I opened had the same song along with her beautiful words not to harbour bitterness!


Several Peace Pilgrim friends have written for the book, "Prayer Without Ceasing," mentioned in our NL 25. We only have the quote. Perhaps the friend who sent us that story will let us know where it came from. Peace Pilgrim said: "[One reason for my walking] was as a prayer discipline. To keep me concentrated on my prayer for peace...After a few years I discovered that I no longer needed the prayer discipline. I pray without ceasing now. My personal prayer is: Make me and instrument through which only truth can speak."

NEW ZEALAND PEACE PILGRIM CENTRE by Graham and Angela Fitzpatrick

It is a great thrill to hear from this couple who have just become a Centre for spreading Peace Pilgrim's message. They are in touch with Gaye Brice who has been a Centre for many years. They are sharing New Zealand names and hoping to find a few people who will agree to hold audio and video evenings for new people. They have printed a beautiful introductory brochure. Angela will write an article about Chinese STEPS for the Chinese newspapers and feels there will be much interest in the Chinese community.

It is difficult to find adequate words to express the effect upon Angela and me from reading and re-reading Peace Pilgrim, Her Life and Work In Her own Words.

I have a long background in Eastern teachings and much interest in Christian Mysticism. My wife has a background in Chinese Philosophy, being a graduate in Chinese literature and a journalist for a Chinese newspaper. Enclosed in such simple language, we are astonished at the profundity of thought and spiritual wisdom in this book.

In meeting Peace Pilgrim's work I don't feel that I have come to something new, but rather that I have "come home." I am doing what I am supposed to be doing at long last. All my previous interest and knowledge in spiritual -- philosophical areas just seems to have been in preparation for this. Angela feels exactly the same way. -- We are very happy to accept your invitation to "do Peace Pilgrim work." We have been busy with many preparations.

SCHOOL OF AMERICAS (SOA)       (return to TOC)

Several friends of Peace Pilgrim have fasted, vigiled, and prayed to close SOA in Fort Benning, GA. Peace Pilgrim was a constant demonstration for peace in Korea and Vietnam and would on occasion join others.

Maryknoll missionary, Rev. Roy Bourgeois, SOA Watch, (see NL 25) wrote to us from prison where he is for six months for a non-violent protest against the SOA. He says of his group of thirteen, including a Nun, "We will have served more time in jail for protesting the atrocities than most SOA graduates have for committing them." He writes: Greetings from the federal prison in Atlanta. The SOA trains hundreds of soldiers from Latin America each year with an annual budget of $20 million. In 1990 a group of clergy, veterans and peace activists opened the SOA Watch. We have been doing research on this School that has left a trail of suffering and death in every Latin America Country where its graduates have returned.

In 1993 the United Nations Truth Commission Report on El Salvador documented that 73% of the Salvadoran officers cited for massacres and atrocities were trained at U.S. taxpayers expense at the S.O.A.

Thousands around the country, including many peace and church groups, are now calling for its closure. Please write to your Congressman to support the Kennedy bill and join the action Nov 13-16 in front of SOA. As Archbishop Romero said before his assassination by a graduate, "We who have a voice should speak for the voiceless." I recommend [so do we] the Maryknoll video SCHOOL OF ASSASSINS, 1-800-227-8523. Please keep up all your good work and know that you give us hope as we work for peace.

COSTA RICA -- It is exciting to read in your newsletter how many, many people are now touched by her light. May we all join forces for the good of the whole.


Jack Morris is back from Uganda and wrote, It feels so very good -- life is tough there and malaria kept getting me. I loved the people, and it was, just in human terms, a wonderful adventure. I was very glad to receive the 1000 STEPS you sent and gave them out right and left. There is nothing for the refugees to read, so they are grateful for anything. And STEPS, of course, is a special gift, and I'm sure many will absorb its message.

I always enjoy your newsletter. Do take care of the outer journey of the work there, but also of the inner journey. We are at our best, it seems to me, when we put the two together.

Greet all of your co-workers for me. What may tend to turn into routine is, if one looks with the third eye of faith, a splendid and wonderful and holy work, pleasing to God, and a most prayerful activity. How blessed you all are to have been led to this Peace Pilgrim work.

SOUTH BEND, IN -- While visiting in India I asked the librarian of a famous ashram what I could bring him from America. He asked for information about Peace Pilgrim, saying that he honored and admired her -- and that he felt she was a true sanyassi.


Andy Zupko had recently been to Haiti (June 4, 1981) working with Mother Teresa's Sisters.

Greetings from Rockford, Illinois -- What a joy to hear from you...As to Haiti, isn't it sad that in their immaturity and greed some use farm land to produce sugar, which poisons their own people, while the native people starve for lack of farm land? I understand people would starve in Hawaii, too, if food were not shipped in from the Mainland.

Surely you understand, Andy, that being a pilgrim is my calling or mission -- and a pilgrim's job is to rouse people from their apathy and make them think. I have nothing against organizations, even though I understand their limitations. In fact, I encourage peace organizations -- as I realize that most people would not work for peace except through an organization. However, do not underestimate the power of a loosely knit group working for a good cause -- it was such a group that stopped the war in Vietnam. When enough of us find enough inner peace, our institutions will become more peaceful -- you can work for peace in your own life.

I am going to include in my pilgrimage more and more educational and inspirational tours -- not only those in Alaska and Hawaii in 1984 -- but many others throughout the country, which would be much less expensive. Also don't forget that I'm talking to groups constantly, and they're becoming bigger and bigger. This area is considered ultra-conservative and ultra-war-minded, but the response has been wonderful

....We must never forget that God's laws are working for good -- since disobedience to them brings disaster, and eventually people learn by their mistakes. I try to teach people what God's laws are -- so they can be inspired to live in harmony with them and avoid disaster. Evil contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction -- only good can endure. We can help evil to fade away more quickly by bringing good influences to bear upon it -- and the most powerful influences are constant positive thoughts, a constant knowing that eventually good(or God) will prevail.

Andy, all of us who work for peace work together -- all of us who pray for peace pray together. We are a small minority, but a powerful spiritual fellowship -- our power is way beyond our numbers.

WISCONSIN -- Keep up the good work..I love to hear how Peace Pilgrim's ideas are floating here, floating there like down seeds in the wind and finding fertile grounds around the globe.


Hope you are doing well in your mission to spread peace to the whole world. Thanks a lot for the audios and videos. They are really inspiring for us and are all in circulation... We can only help you with our prayers and our work to spread the idea of peace. I am director of HOPE, an Anti-addiction Action Group. -- Father Joshy

WISDOM RETREAT Wander Woman, Cheyenne Bear, speaks again!

Over the long Labor Day Weekend a Peace Pilgrim's Wisdom Retreat was led by Cheryl Canfield, the compiler of PEACE PILGRIM'S WISDOM and one of the compilers of the PEACE PILGRIM book, a book that had literally turned my life around. An immediate inner confirmation was received! "I'll be there!" I told Cheryl.

The Retreat was held amidst the beauties of nature at Spring Lake in Northern, California. We spent four days living Peace Pilgrim style, simple, close to the earth in open receptiveness.

I was one of 14 kindred spirits who gathered at the campground that warm sunny afternoon. A sense of camaraderie quickly developed as we set up our tents under live oak branches. I spread my sleeping bag under the stars. Deer wandered through our camp and owls softly hooted a lullaby. I was complete, in the moment.

By day we walked the trails around the pristine lake and sampled sweet blackberries along the forest paths. Cheryl shared many fond memories of her transformational talks and experiences with Peace Pilgrim.

By night we could feel Peace Pilgrim's presence as we sat in a circle around the campfire, sharing our inner most dreams, insights, hopes and prayers for Peace. We spoke of the changes in our lives that had led us to this Retreat. Cheryl stretched our minds and imaginations to create our own inner vision of how we could become more effective instruments for peace.

The rough hewn picnic table graced with a bouquet of wildflowers was our place to come together for hearty vegetarian meals and conversation. Unconditional Love seemed to flow free all around us. There was time for quiet reflection and introspection and for birthing plans to work together for Peace within our hearts and outward.

As a Wanderer and Solo Traveler I welcomed coming in contact with people who had known Peace Pilgrim, the mystic teacher who has been an ongoing inspiration and guiding light on my own journey.

On departing I joined with my new friends in their enthusiasm to carry on the work of Peace each in her own special way and then I was back out ON THE ROAD ONCE AGAIN. PEACE TO YOU ALL!

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Mayte Picco-Kline, a former executive of the Ford Motor Company in Mexico City translated the PEACE PILGRIM book into Spanish. She also edited Pasos (Spanish STEPS) that had been translated in Venezuela by Amado Seba. Now she answers correspondence in Spanish and publishes Enlace Internacional, a newsletter for Spanish speaking Friends of Peace Pilgrim. For comments or information please write to her at: 22 Bentley Lane, Lancaster, PA 17603

Aquiles Serdan, is a representative of Friends of Peace Pilgrim at the Quaker Meeting House in Mexico City "Casa de Los Amigos." He and Mayte organized a series of five 3 1/2 hour workshops on "Inner peace: Its relation to personal and social wellness." Mayte writes:

It was a great opportunity to share the life and message of Peace Pilgrim. For the last talk, people from different circles of influence, including government officers, writers and managers for non-profit organizations were invited.

In my home town, Toluca, a friend planned another session with people working mainly for the State.

Introducing Peace Pilgrim was my first task. As I told what the Golden Rule had meant to her, about her preparation period and attaining inner peace, I found myself deeply immersed in the life of one of the most influential persons in my life. We discussed: The power of thought, bringing our lives into harmony with the laws that govern the universe, solving life's problems, and finding our place in the life pattern.

After questions and answers, we talked about how to enhance our personal contribution to society.


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