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Spring/Summer, 1995 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 23

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim
Council Against A & H Bombs
Never Again Campaign
President Vaclav Havel
The Atom Bomb Wasn't Necessary
Sunday Peace Walks
Community Peace Fellowship
The Peace Run
Take a Step for Peace
Peace Run Maine Office
Peace Pilgrim Wilderness Retreats
Quaker Peace Testimony
Victim's Families for Reconciliation
Abolish the Death Penalty
Military Experience
Peace Brigades
Basic Training in Nonviolence
Panama and Haiti
Introduction to Peacemaking
Woman's Week
Paris Peace Pilgrim Center
Love is Stronger
Books from India
Moscow Friends Newsletter
Comparative Spiritual Traditions
Peacemakers Sharing
Faith Against the Death Penalty
Prison Inner Peace Program

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

Spring has delighted us this year with two Finch families taking turns nesting in our office window. A reminder of the ever renewal of life.

On the 6th of August is the 50th anniversary of our nation dropping the A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which changed the world forever. That summer John and I joined in marriage and began exploring what we might do to help save the world. Peace Pilgrim was in her 15 year preparation period and wrote in her very first little blue pilgrimage handout sheet, “My friends, the world situation is grave. Humanity, with fearful faltering steps, walks a knife-edge between complete chaos and a golden age, while strong forces push toward chaos. Unless we, the people of the world, awake from our lethargy and push firmly and quickly away from chaos, all that we cherish will be destroyed in the holocaust which will descend.”

We are daily blessed with opportunities to spread this urgent message through her books and tapes. Recently we showed the hour Peace Pilgrim video at Riverside Unitarian Church and had a lively round table discussion. On August 4 we have been invited to tell about Peace Pilgrim at a Hiroshima Memorial Peace Conference, DISCOVERING PEACE WITHIN at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, 67th St & Atlantic Aye, Virginia Beach, VA 23415. The newly released SPIRIT OF PEACE documentary will be shown by Gigi, a member of the film crew.


Nuclear weapons are still threatening the survival of humankind. Now that it is crystal clear that nuclear weapons and human beings cannot exist together, it is our urgent task to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

Kobe City, one of the biggest ports in Japan, is keeping its nuclear-free policy by refusing the entry of any warships of any nationality which have nuclear weapons. We call this the ‘Kobe Formula’, strongly supported by many people. But the Japanese national government does not refuse US nuclear weapons despite its Three Non-Nuclear Principles of not to manufacture, possess, or allow nuclear weapons.

If you want petition sheets for world disarmament write to Fellowship of Reconciliation, Box 271, Nyack,  NY 10960, 914-358-4601

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Yukai Ueki is a peace missionary with the Never Again Campaign. She was so delighted with the PEACE PILGRIM book she sent beautiful, tiny peace crane earrings she had made. She teaches how to make paper cranes, the symbol of peace in Japan. Yukai sent us the following:

The Never Again Campaign (NAC) is a volunteer people-to-people program. “Never again Pearl Harbor! Never again Hiroshima! Never again Nagasaki! Never again War!” It is strictly non-political, supporting only the abolition of war.

This program trains Japanese young people to tell the stories of the A-bomb survivors (the hibakusha), primarily in schools in the U.S. Since 1985, 31 volunteers have spoken over 6,200 times to over 225,000 people in 36 states.

NAC volunteers live with hosts, making it possible to reach many schools, church groups and camps. Origami, traditional songs, music and dance may be included. Recruitment of volunteers will take place this summer, so we need to find interested host families as soon as possible.

If you would like to be a 4-6 month host, providing room and board for a volunteer in the spring or fall of 1996 or the spring of 1997, please write for more details. We invite you to experience the aura of Japan in your own home and make a wonderful new friend while you promote international understanding and work for a safer, saner world!

For information contact Don and Marion Lathrop, Berkshire Community College, 1350 West Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201, or call 518-781-4681

Our own Peace Pilgrim Peace Crane folder, Elise Harvey, wrote: “I have been invited to teach ALL of the children in the local Lansing, Michigan inner-city school to fold paper peace cranes. Also the Chief of Police asked me to train Police Officers in Conflict Resolution!



Hope is a state of the mind, not of the world...Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good, not just because it stands a chance to succeed.



It has been argued that the use of nuclear bombs saved American lives. The following indicates that the bombs were not needed to shorten the war:

Top military commanders urged Truman not to use the atomic bombs. Eisenhower said, “The Japanese were ready to surrender. It wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.” Admiral Leahy said, “The use of this barbarous weapon was not of material assistance. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender. After the bombs were dropped, they surrendered on the same terms that they had been willing to before the bombs.”

Taken from a letter to New Haven Register by Howard Frazier, director of Promoting Enduring Peace, POB 103, Woodmont, CT 06460, a source for important articles from many periodicals, sent for the cost of printing and mailing to any who ask A sort of readers digest of Peace articles on single sheets that can be copied or ordered in quantity.


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Peace Pilgrim Community Peace Fellowship
POB 632991, San Diego, CA 92163-2991
Diane Shea, 619-283-4212; Paul Best, 619-297-8319

On these Sunday Peace Walks, Diane and Paul wear blue tunics with PEACE let in white front and back, Statement of Purpose: We share an appreciation for Peace Pilgrim and her message. One of the main purposes of the Peace walks is to introduce her and distribute her message. We meet every Sunday at 2 pm at the fountain in Balboa Park. We also meet the first Tuesday of each month at 6 pm at the Better World Galena, 4010 Goldfinch in Mission Hills. We screen the 30 minute Peace Pilgrim video, discuss her, her work, peace in general and just get acquainted.

Both forums have been great vehicles to introduce Peace Pilgrim. We are listing our activities in local community publications, including The Peace Resource Center Newsletter and the main local newspaper.

They request many BOOKS and STEPS to give out. To our delight Diane appeared at a San Diego Quaker potluck one evening where we were showing our new documentary video the SPIRIT OF PEACE.



If you want to start a fellowship group with friends of Peace Pilgrim in your area, we will list your name, phone number and/or address. Peace Pilgrim suggested starting with a peace prayer group. (See BOOK p.123, STEPS p31). Following are friends who have asked to be listed:
Peace Pilgrim Discussion Group, 403-459-9636, c/o Bill Meade, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 ** Rose Shuler, 1530 West Madison, Starke FL 32091 ** Jean Bausch, 619-323-4433 ** Gretel Shanley, 310-455-0453, Topanga Canyon, CA.

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Robini Glass

Peace Pilgrim’s book has so often fed me; a cornerstone for my own spiritual journey, a way of life for me. It is time I pay my regards to fellow friends of Peace Pilgrim. I worked at the Red Victorian Global Family Inn in San Francisco with Cheryl Canfield — friend of Peace Pilgrim and one of the compilers of the book. In every room you will find a PEACE PILGRIM book. I felt at home, profoundly at home.

THE PEACE RUN first called to me while at the Red Victorian, and I ran the California coast. It is an international torch relay that takes place every two years in approximately 70 countries. I joined again in Maine and passed out PEACE PILGRIM books to several runners.

I invite all of you on this pilgrimage that is like an extension of Peace’s mission. I see this as Peace’s walk — expanded. The parallels between her walk and the Peace Run are many. The founder, Sri Chinmoy, has been offering Peace Meditations at the United Nations for 25 years and has dedicated his life to work for peace on this planet — a true brother of Peace Pilgrim in their mutual vision for both inner and outer peace.

The run is a chance to take a step for peace. There is no fee — just the inspiration to carry the torch — whether one walks or runs with it, or cheers the runners as they come — through your community — to pass it on and share in the ever-expanding vision for peace. EVERYONE is invited to add to this tapestry of oneness!

Join in the vision. Join in the action. Join heads of state, political and religious leaders, artists, musicians. Join the millions of people who share the dream for peace including torch-carriers such as the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, President Nelson Mandela, President Vaclav Havel, Michael Gorbachev, and Archbishop Tutu.


Peace Runs International, 61-20 Grand Central Parkway, Suite B-408, Forest Hills, NY 11375

Although tens of thousands of people carried the 80 peace torches in 1993, it’s not surprising if you haven’t heard about it. Since the run does not seek to raise money or promote any political organization, there was no corporate sponsor, no national press coverage or recognition.


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I feel such a oneness between our "missions" [Peace Run and Peace Pilgrim]. Few causes are of a pure essence. These two initiatives have that purity. All of us who work on The Peace Run have gotten back ten, one hundred and a thousand fold what we have put in - love, happiness, true well-being. I know you understand. -- Polly Goodyear 



We received the following from Cheryl Canfield:
Experience the wilderness by canoe along the spectacular Green River in Utah. In Peace Pilgrim fashion, the meals are vegetarian, simple and nourishing. The scenic canyonlands become home as you join with others in a beautiful experience of simple living and group sharing. Canoes will put in for six days on the Green River where we will enjoy sandbar camping, river swimming, hiking and exploring that will include Anasazi Indian ruins and petroglyphs. On the sixth day we will come to the confluence of the Colorado River where we will be picked up and transported by jet boat up the scenic Colorado River. The following morning we will tour and hike through the exquisite beauty of Arches National Park. Though the trip is not arduous, a certain amount of physical stamina and conditioning is necessary.

This year’s offerings begin with the first retreat on August 26 to September 1. Richard Polese and Cheryl Canfield, two of the compilers of the PEACE PILGRIM book, look forward to coordinating this trip.

The second, a women’s retreat, will be from September 3 to September 9. This will be a special opportunity to share deeply and enjoy a safe and supportive environment.

The third, a wellness retreat, will be from September 11 to September 17. This joyous nature adventure will provide the opportunity to re-vitalize body, mind and spirit, with a special focus on healing.

Each of the three retreats are sponsored and organized by Cheryl and cost $450. She will lead exercises, meditations and discussions. The group will share experiences with Peace Pilgrim’s philosophy, healing, relationships, and other relevant topics. There are still spaces available on all three trips, so if you are interested in more information or an application, please send your name and address to Cheryl Canfield, 1589 B East Avenue, Napa, CA 94559, or call (707) 254-1202 and leave a message with your name and address. A $100 deposit will confirm your reservation.



John Woolman, an eighteenth-century American Quaker, is best known for his opposition to slavery. Woolman lived at a time when many Quakers had become prosperous and complacent about the peace testimony. He addressed these well-to-do Quakers: “Oh that we who declare against wars, and acknowledge our trust to be in God only, may walk in the light, and therein examine our foundation and motives in holding great estates! May we look upon our treasures, the furniture of our houses, and our garments, and try whether the seeds of war have nourishment in these our possessions.”


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The March/April issue of the Rural Southern Voice for Peace contains stories from grassroots organizations continuing the struggle to eliminate the death penalty. The JOURNAL OF HOPE, sponsored by Murder Victim’s Families for Reconciliation is an example of the power of forgiveness and love. In this journey, murder victim’s families travel around the country speaking out against the death penalty. Many organizations co-sponsored the 1994 effort.



An alert reader sent a clipping from the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper dated March 6, 1995. This article is about Sam Sheppard, a 46 years old man who was walking from Plymouth, Massachusetts to New Orleans, which he intends to reach by August in time to attend the annual meeting of the National Coalition to abolish the Death Penalty. Sheppard’s abhorrence of capital punishment is longstanding. When he was 7 years old his father was convicted of killing his mother and the state asked for the death penalty. The fear that his father might go to the electric chair filled him with a terror that remains a vivid memory today.

Eventually, convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, his father served 10 years before the U.S. Supreme Court threw out the conviction. At his second trial he was acquitted. He died a broken man a few years later.

Recently, Sheppard realized that his father’s experience gave him a platform from which to espouse his views to the media. In January he got the idea of walking to the conference in New Orleans, stopping along the way to speak out against the death penalty at colleges and schools, as well as to the ordinary individuals he meets on America’s back roads. Newspapers along his route have been reporting on his walk, and the coverage has led to a number of people recognizing him out on the road.

The reaction from the public has been largely positive. Sheppard is aware that opinion polls show overwhelming support for the death penalty, and that it has become a rabble-rousing issue for ambitious politicians, but so far the people he has met have been very receptive to his message that violence begets violence, and state-sponsored killing only ups the ante.

When asked what he will do after the conference he replied, “There was a woman in the ‘50s who walked all over the country for peace. After a while, she didn’t even carry a backpack . She just depended on the kindness of others. Maybe I’ll do something like that.”


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We received a letter from a young woman who, because of financial hardships and trouble getting educational money, entered the Air Force Reserves in hopes of obtaining the “high quality education” they promised. She wrote:

I am in the Air Force and presently trying to be discharged as a conscientious objector. I feel strongly that Peace Pilgrim was completely right in her ways of peace. I am living in pain — out of harmony with God and my spiritual longing. It’s so hard on me, and at times I feel I can’t go on, but I take comfort in Peace’s teachings.

It’s taking long for the military to discharge me. I don’t even know if they will. The waiting is horrible, but I know it is up to me to “feel God” here as Peace did when she was in jail. All I do is keep trying.

In another letter she wrote: They never mentioned the degrading treatment I would receive, the violence I would be taught, the freedom I would give up, or the poor technical schooling. I was barely in boot camp when I realized I wanted out of there very much and that the military training and philosophy was against my moral convictions.

Her letter gives details of her degrading and brutalizing treatment, which we will spare our readers. After a long struggle she was finally released by the Air Force. Her letter ends with this paragraph:

I have been a vegetarian for over three years now and try my best not to contribute to harming other beings. The God I believe in loves all equally, and we all have an equal right to live. I hope you are all happy and well and I’m thankful for the message that you give. It was a comfort to me during my time in the military, and even now. One time, when I was very sad and feeling very isolated in the military, I had a dream of the Peace Pilgrim. I dreamed I was talking with her, and the immense love and guidance I felt from her in that dream has always stayed with me. My life now is so much happier, and I feel a sense of inner peace that I never knew when I was younger.


CARSON CITY NV -- I’ve read PEACE PILGRIM 100 times and listen to her tapes often. She has made an incredible change in my life. I now have a real purpose in life. I feel that I am willing to do God’s work. I have changed my attitude about my job and family and am able to give unconditional love. I have far fewer negative thoughts. I feel excited every day to do God’s work and offer service to others. As a physical therapist in a nursing home I have such wonderful opportunities. I’m learning to have integrity, to stand up for things I believe in. I am learning not to judge others. I know the faults I see in others are my thoughts also. I feel stronger and have deeper understanding of issues related to death and dying.



John Lindsay Poland, a member, describes the following episode which occurred when five Peace Brigades International (FBI) volunteers were arrested by the Salvadoran National Guard in November 1989:

Three of the volunteers, Spaniards, were released within a couple of hours and told to leave the country. The other two were Canadian Karen Ridd and Colombian Marcela Rodrigues-Dias. They were blindfolded and interrogated. Both were aware that as a Colombian Marcela was more likely to be mistreated or even tortured.

The Canadian government, in response to PBI’s urgent pleas, applied all-out pressure for Karen’s release. In the late afternoon she was brought out into a courtyard and told she was free. She realized that Marcela was still inside and was likely to be held overnight.

She walked back into the barracks and announced that the she wouldn’t leave until her friend was released. The soldiers stared at her, incredulous...She said they must understand how it is to be separated from a companion. A few minutes later, Marcela was released.

From GARDENIA, FOB 183, Tomales, CA 94971, reprinted from the Fellowship of Reconciliation


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From The Netherlands — We were very happy to hear and see Peace Pilgrim. She is very impressive!

We used one of the video tapes in our program “Basic Training Active Nonviolence.” Inner peace was felt to be very important by our participants.

In our magazine, NONVIOLENT ACTION, I regularly give information about the Peace Pilgrim activities, in our country and abroad.


CANADA — There aren’t enough words available in any language to explain or express Peace Pilgrim.. .Peace has stated that “those of us who have found the way to peace should be shouting it from the housetops,” and this is how I and the participants feel each time I give a program.

The challenge is that I am an ordinary human being living in a seemingly ordinary life. I work and maintain a household just like every one else. To incorporate the life style of Peace Pilgrim is something that I have been striving for. When I read about Peace Pilgrim and her path, it gives me an immense strength that she has walked this path.

She is the modern day guiding light. Each of us can see a part of us in her and identify ourselves with her. She has made God realization a visible factor. I keep introducing her from day one in my programs and quote her all the time — an ordinary person can be extraordinary and whole.


Global Demilitarization, 42 Maple Aye, Troy, NY 12180

After President Endara was installed to office in Panama in December 1989 by U.S. troops, no Latin American country was willing to recognize him, even though he had won a democratic election. Latin Americans, for good historical reasons, have a strong aversion to U.S. intervention in their internal affairs. Endara desperately sought recognition from some Latin American governments. Arias, then Pres. of Costa Rica and a recipient of the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in ending the wars in Nicaragua and ultimately all of Central America, promised recognition to Endara if he agreed to abolish the military. Endara agreed. The Arias Foundation for Peace and Reconciliation in San Jose, Costa Rica, then invited some Panamanian legislators to Costa Rica to show them a countiy without military is possible and functions normally. Some initial contacts with Panamanian voluntary organizations helped them launch a campaign to abolish the military. In 1994, a provision was enshrined in the Panamanian constitution that the country will have no military.

The Arias Foundation for Peace and Reconciliation believes that the outright abolition of armies is an essential step that developing countries must take to guarantee democracy and future prosperity. This statement applies very strongly to the case of Haiti, the poorest country in the hemisphere and the scene of twenty-six military coups since independence in 1804. The Foundation is currently organizing an effort to bring the question of military abolition to the center of Haiti’s national debate.

The Foundation will contract with an independent, internationally credible polling agency to perform an exhaustive, across-the-board survey of Haitians’ views on various demilitarization options. By most estimates, a very significant majority of Haitians would support the abolition of their country’s armed forces. An accurate assessment of popular opinion on this subject could play a crucial role in bringing discussion of radical demilitarization to the political mainstream.


SAN DIEGO, CA — I wanted to let you know of the enthusiastic response I received when I delivered the Spanish STEPS to several families, churches and to the old mission in Ensenada.

The best response was from three professors who each received a hard cover edition of the book. I first gave one of the professors at the Spanish Institute a Spanish Step to look over during my three-week stay in Mexico. He read it overnight! lie then asked me the next day if he could have more for his friends and families in the surrounding area, including half a box for the mission.

I am also going to discuss a program for giving away STEPS in English at one of our most ecological and peaceminded vegetarian restaurants in the San Diego area. Also, I have suggested that People’s Good, a vegetarian co-op, write up a story for their February newsletter.


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Colman McCarthy

If you put your focus on things the way you would like things to be, or the good aspects of those things you don’t particularly like, that’s what you strengthen and in a sense legitimize; on the contrary, if you keep putting your attention on and resisting what you don’t like, you weaken yourself and strengthen it, because energy flows where attention goes. And the more active and intense the resistance to it, the more power you give it.

Everything that you are aware of in the outer world that you like, that you praise, that you admire, that you compliment, strengthens you.

So peace will come from those who love peace, not those who merely hate war. Because the more you love peace, the more creative you will be. It’s these creative works that will in time replace the destructive works that you oppose.

From the leaflet “Introduction to Peacemaking As A Way of Life” by Colman McCarthy, including quotes from Serge King, an Hawaiian psychologist. Colman is director of the Center for Teaching Peace, 4501 Van Ness Street NW Washington, DC 20016. The Center offers an eight-week home study course on the principles, methods and practitioners of peacemaking. For more on TEACHING PEACE see NL 9, page 6.


LAKECENEVA, FL — I am at a critical point in my life at this time, and it is a good thing indeed for me to have betore me the example of how to live an awakened life as a focus.

My dearest husband of five years was killed in a traffic accident late in August, and my world was shattered seemingly beyond recovery. Losing him has been the deepest sorrow and greatest shock of my life, and I have desperately sought for whatever I could find to help me keep my head above water. Peace’s story is one beyond compare — it brings me such a deep sense of calm to read her words and gaze at her photograph.



Thank you, Ann, for suggesting to Carmelita that she ask me to make the presentation of Peace Pilgrim at Cal Poty’s Women’s Week. My first reaction was — At my age? With my aids: hearing, sight, etc? No way! But the request came via letter rather than phone. My daughter saw it when it was still being debated. She made me sit down and fill out the requested data and took it and mailed it so that I would not change my mind. Well, as for me it was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. And I hope it was what you wanted said. I came to feel that God wanted me to do it.

My regard was that two of the young students — each in different words — made a special effort to express their gratitude. It was a rewarding day in so many ways. I have been asked to give it again for a Quaker gathering.


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GESTALT INSTITUTE, NEW ORLEANS — I want to make this wonderful material available to the students I am training to be psychotherapists.

THE WHOLE CHILD CLINIC, AUSTIN, TX — I need 100 more STEPS for my medical office. People take them so fast, it is really amazing. They report it does them a lot of good. I have found Peace’s message personally very helpful.

BOISE, ID — The counseling clients with whom I’m sharing the Peace Pilgrim books continue to share the ways in which their lives have been affected and changed.

I work with the 400 most dangerous, angry prisoners in the state of Michigan. By teaching the principles of peace I have observed a significant change in some of those I have worked with, as well as a change in the atmosphere among staff and prisoners who had contact with these men. Because of this I am requesting a case of the small paperback version of the book PEACE PILGRIM.

SHELTON, CT — I recently had the opportunity to lead a worship service at my local church and used Peace Pilgrim as the subject of my message. It was very well received and I passed out Steps to all who were interested. I am hoping to start a “Peace Group” this spring. We will read the book in sections and also listen to the audio tapes, focusing on how to make peace a more vital part of our personal lives and extend that out to the community.

WALKERTON, IN — When my children were in their middle/late teens and I had the PEACE PILGRIM books on hand, they would give copies to their friends. A friend of my daughter’s, now thirty years old, was unhappy during her teens. (She recently received a Ph.D in psychology). She told me that 11 or 12 years ago, when she read PEACE PILGRIM, it changed her life.

I have just completed an adult forum on Peace Pilgrim [at the Good Shepherd Church in Coatesville, PA]. Her message went well. We had 17 who heard her tapes and read her books one hour a week on Sundays for four Sundays. A friend from Norway stopped by our last session, and I gave her my own hardcover book — so I’m without a book now — I need one. I cannot be without one because I’m always referring to it in the other forums we have on other Sundays.

Saskatchewan, Canada
I am Co-Director of the School of Lay Ministry. I have never, never read another book (STEPS) that said EXACTLY what I know and feel on every page, as this one does. Our lives have been lived in and for peace, and here I have found what we have been trying to say, said so simply, so beautifully, so clearly that it has to be read by many. We have 25 students, all adults who are already deeply involved in the church, but some not so involved in the inner life. This little book is exactly what is needed to speak to them, and to many, many others who are trapped in fears of all kinds.

ROCKFORD, IL —from Karale, a counselor: A friend gave me PEACE PILGRIM and I read it in one sitting, cover to cover. I could feel the spirit of this gentle wise woman breathe new life into my soul. As was said by Einstein of Gandhi, “Generations to come will scarcely believe that such a one as this walked the earth in flesh and blood.”From a later letter: I routinely give PEACE PILGRIM books to clients at an appropriate place in their journey toward health and wholeness.

A PRISONER — I have seen beneficial effects within this prison because of the little STEPS booklets. These little 32 page wonders appear to be quite effective. They don’t seem to make it back, although I ask for their return. Nonetheless I see the effect. I am surprised I had not heard of such a fine lady as Peace Pilgrim while she walked in the flesh. I am deeply appreciative for your fine book about her work of excellence. I pray that I can make a dent in some way myself that may aid world peace also. This effort of pilgrimage I now have knowledge of has encouraged me to have hope. I now have also quite amazingly awakened to these inner forces of strength in understanding just what life really is about. I haven’t stopped reading and sharing since I received your book.

A Vietnam vet from Blythe, California writes: I am an avid reader and have found no other material (religious or “self-help”) that just spoke plainly about a subject of such importance. The concepts are clear, and the simplistic way Ms. Pilgrim “talks” makes them applicable to everyday life without a major “conversion” or a degree in psychology. I am a Vietnam veteran, and have been diagnosed as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS). I know something about violence and how it effects lives. I think your pamphlet would be a helpful aid in PTSS programs everywhere.

MASSACHUSETTS — God works in mysterious ways! One of the priests I gave a book to has occasion to work at Covenant House in New York City. It is a shelter for runaway and abandoned children. I saw him last Sunday and said, “Do you remember the PEACE PILGRIM book I gave you?” He said, “Remember it! I am using it in my adult education courses!” I handed him the hard copy for the library and STEPS booklets for the teenagers. His eyes got big with excitement, “Can you get more,” he asked. I told him I can get as many as he wants. He wants 200 STEPS that my mother offered to pay for. And she wants five more hard covers for several more priests. I want to send a book to a beautiful Bishop in India and the newly elected Bishop in Massachusetts. My life has entered into a new phase. Through this sharing of Peace, God is filling my life with an incredible peace and overflowing love.

From a niece of Webster Cotton who made our wonderful two hour video, Peace Pilgrim SPEAKING TO A COLLEGE CLASS, that so many of us love.



Marjorie Agoston, distributer of French PEACE PILGRIM books and STEPS, writes: The highlights of my year have been the first year of PELERIN de PAIX  [Peace Pilgrim]. One outcome was 410 of the stock of 1400 books were sold at cost price or given away. Other outcomes are the simple joy of working in this way and all the interesting people that I meet on the way. The snowball effect in the US doesn’t appear to be happening here for the moment, but I am sure the Prince of Peace is at work in His own way. In the meantime the brown cardboard cartons full of books line one wall of our small living/bedroom/studio/office, adding to the “cozy” effect.



Eliana Gilad, Rambam 22, Tel Aviv 65254, Israel, received books and many STEPS when she lived in Paris. She wrote: In France I found my calling as a singer. I sing for the highest truth. I began by singing in the trains. I made little stickers “Love is Stronger Than Fear or Hate” in French. I placed them on top of every swastika and hate graffiti I saw in the trains and in the streets. It was a wonderful job; many miracles happened as a result. Now I am happy to be in Israel. I would be pleased to have my name and address given out to other peace lovers — those working on inner peace as a solution to world peace. There is much going on in Israel and much to do. You are welcome to print this letter.


AUSTIN, TX — When I was 16 a friend recommended I read PEACE PILGRIM. I did, and it changed my life. That was the first book I had shown interest in. After reading it I was a bookworm. I have not seen the book since and I would love to own a copy to share with my friends. It’s a beautiful book to read to get you back on the right track.

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The PEACE PILGRIM book was translated into Tamil under the supervision of Dr. Jeyapragasam, Department of Gandhian Studies Madurai University, India.

WORLD WITHOUT VIOLENCE was published to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Gandhi’s birthday, edited by Dr. Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson. Arun compiled this book of 85 commentaries on peace and justice. We felt deeply privileged to contribute a few pages expressing our love for Gandhi and honored that so many in the land of Gandhi love Peace Pilgrim.

For copies write to Dr. Arun Gandhi Institute for nonviolence, 650 East Parkway South, Memphis, TN 38104.


MT. HOLLY, NJ — When I was in India, my landlady wanted to borrow my copy of PEACE PILGRIM which I had taken with me. She was enthralled by it, saying it was the most important book she had ever read. As she shared it with others interest grew.


Sergei Badayev

Last month we distributed more than 700 copies of the first issue of our Newsletter. The distribution was done only inside Russia because of the high postal cost outside. The first issue is free. Every next issue is charged with a very low price. We published 1000 copies and we enclose one.

On March 8 the March of Compassion started from Red Square in Moscow. It was initiated by some Buddhist monks and supported by Moscow Quakers, Committee of Soldier Mothers and some anti-war organizations. The March is going to Grozny, Chechen. Its aim to promote anti-war public opinion and to appeal for the peaceful resolution of the war in Chechen. The participants agreed to take 1200 Russian STEPS booklets for free distribution.


GERRARO, PA — St. Francis of Assisi and Peace Pilgrim were unique children of God. People like them come only once in a thousand years and we now have two since Christ’s birth.

Both were simple people. Both lovers of peace who gave up everything. Both loved God intensely. Both were stubborn in their search for truth. Both were humble and both loved humanity. Both St. Francis and Peace Pilgrim sang songs of joy, peace and love. Both wrote poems of praise, peace and love.

St. Francis transformed his age and Peace Pilgrim will bring love and peace to ages through the grace of God.


SRI LANKA — I recently returned from Sri Lanka and was surprised that PEACE PILGRIM was popular there too.

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Virginia Hoyt Centralia, WA

Just last night I finished moderating a six-part seminar on comparative spiritual traditions, stretched over six weeks. We covered Native American Spirituality, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism, the Tao Te Ching, great world literature, and Western psychology.

It went extremely well. I saved the Peace Pilgrim until the fifth session, and I introduced her by saying that the tradition she represents in the series is that she is not part of any tradition. The messages under the surface of all the traditions are truly identical, and it was really spectacular to see her videos and see her saying over again the same simple truths we found in all the other traditions.

And by that time also, everyone was really hungry to see one of these wonderful people who is truly healed and has completed the psychological growing up. So I used the 32minute introductory tape you just sent, and also the one of her speaking to a college class. Two of the women took one of the tapes to show at their Unitarian Woman’s seminar coming up in a couple of weeks.


TUCSON, AZ — I was introduced to Peace Pilgrim through a program called “Inner Peace” during my incarceration at the Arizona State Prison. The program provided an eclectic approach to spirituality and, as did Peace Pilgrim, changed my life.


164 Middle Creek Road, Cosby, TN 37722, 615-487-2256

A beautiful new magazine with only good news in it! It is full of inspiring articles about some of the most important peaceful movements of our time.

The first article in this premier edition is a page of quotes from PEACE PILGRIM, followed by an article about our Peace Pilgrim Center.

One article is about ECHO, a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to resolving the world hunger issue. The staff operates a 12 acre farm in Florida on which they grow a variety of plants. They gather and share knowledge which helps Third World farmers grow their own food while coping with draught and pestilence.

Another article is about Habit for Humanity. They build houses for and with the poor. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have helped them build houses around the world.

We strongly recommend that you send for this first edition. You will be inspired by the dedication of those who are working to serve others.


GANDHI — "Each of us must be the change we want to see in the world."

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Leigh Eason, director of this new project of the North Carolina Council of Churches, writes: When people put themselves in God’s shoes, they cannot fill them. We are all inadequate for this task. At some point in time we have all held hate or anger in our hearts for someone. We all have within our own spirits experienced a time when we may not see clearly. This is human. That alone makes us unfit to carry out any death penalty.


PEACE PILGRIM — "The death penalty should be outlawed. It is a relic of barbarism."



SPRIT-E, 7049 East Tanque Verde Road, #319, Tucson,
AZ 85715. The following has been transcribed from the
SPIRIT OF PEACE documentary. A former prisoner relates
his involvement with the Prison Inner Peace Program at the
Tucson Federal Prison:

I first heard about Peace Pilgrim when I was still incarcerated in the Echo Unit. I was going through Phase I of the inner peace program. There was a simplicity about her that I admired. There was a directness, an honesty and a courage to say the truth. This book gave me the most positive female role model I've ever come across.

With this inner peace program during the years since 1989 when it first began, to my knowledge not one inmate has been re-arrested for any crime committed after learning inner peace — not a single one.

There is only one phrase that comes to mind that is the summation of Peace Pilgrim’s message. That phrase is, “you can do it too.”

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