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Summertime, 1993 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 19

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim 
Congressman Tom Lantos 
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A Christian Perspective of Peace Pilgrim 
Training Community Leaders 
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Spirit of Peace Documentary
Documentary Itinerary 
The Positive Planet 
Christ by the River Hermitage 
International Peace Brigades
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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

BIRDS NESTING, PLEASE GO THRU THE GARAGE OR TO THE BACK DOOR — We had this sign on our front walk for several months while we raised four families of finch birdies on our front porch. One nest was in a flower pot of mint, and three families took turns in a year-old nest in a blooming rose vine. It has been such a rare and miraculous treat for both nests to be low enough for us to see four pale green eggs that finally hatched.

What a great privilege — watching the whole operation — mother sitting on the eggs, father sometimes feeding her, mother and father taking turns patiently keeping their eggs and then their babies warm, finally four pairs of eyes and necks stretching up, mouths wide open, parents poking in luscious morsels.

One day I saw Mother perched close by, chirping at her babies over and over again, and they would chirp back. Was she teaching them to chirp or to recognize her voice? Finally, an outstretched wing, and soon they were gone. We have an old nest high on back of the house that has been constantly in use, and now four birds are fighting over it.

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Saundra MacDonald, who has given out many Peace Pilgrim books to libraries, gave one to Annette. She wrote that Tom and Annette Lantos are an unusual couple with a deep concern and commitment to world peace. They both had been saved from the Holocaust by Wallenberg when they were young in Hungary.

Annette called and expressed her great enthusiasm for our book Later she wrote, “I’m very excited at the prospect of working with you on this project. I hope personally to distribute these books in Washington at the Capitol, and perhaps establish a ‘Peace Forum’, or Congressional Friends of Peace, whose purpose would be to study Peace Pilgrim’s writings and above all find ways to apply them in our own lives. It would be wonderful to have as many stories as possible of ‘life changing experiences’ that people shared with you as a result of being exposed to her.” Recently she called from Washington, DC for a box of 48 hardcover books and a stack of STEPS.


John Seiberling the director~ Akron University, Ohio writes:  “After a lifetime of focus on the practical approaches to making a better world (soldier, lawyer, World Federalist, and Congressman), I have a much deeper appreciation of the power of people-to-people approaches, especially when one of the people is as spiritually uplifted as Peace Pilgrim. Thanks for carrying on.

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Recently we received our first Swedish Peace Pilgrim book and our first Dutch STEPS booklet!

AMI HEDBERG had translated STEPS into Swedish a couple of years ago and then translated PEACE PILGRIM She writes, “To send the Swedish Peace Pilgrim book fills me with thankfulness and happiness! It was so much more work than I ever would have dreamt of. But many friends helped, and we succeeded in getting it printed at last. The book has met with great interest. I now and then talk to groups about Peace Pilgrim, and people are really open to her message.” For a copy of her STEPS or her book write to Ami Hedberg Skilhinadsgatan 60A, 41273, Goteborg Sweden.

DR. GLAUDEMANS and a friend had translated the PEACE PILGRIM book into Dutch and now, a year later, he sent us Dutch STEPS! and wrote: “We proudly present to you the Dutch STEPS....Our ‘Course in Miracles’ group published this booklet as a tribute to one of our members who died several months ago. It was her wish, before she died, to send STEPS to all her friends as a Christmas greeting. The translation and printing were not ready soon enough for her to do this. After her death we decided to print it anyway and to spread the message in this way.” For a copy of Dutch STEPS and books write to Dr. W.G.. Glaudemans Treek 22, 3524 TA Utrecht The Netherlands.


UKRAINIAN STEPS — Anatol Brunton, a native of Ukraine, teaches English in a Claremont, California him school. He has translated STEPS and has distributed 150 copies among Ukrainians in Los Angeles and the Ukraine. He writes, “When I retire in 7 weeks I’ll mail more STEPS to friends and publishers throughout the Ukraine. The second edition includes a great review and introduction by a friend who was a reporter for many, many years.” For a copy write to him at 2540 N. King Way, Claremont, California 91711.

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The following is a letter from Jose Troncoso to Rick Foster who plays traditional hymns and classical music on his guitar before many churches and gives out Peace Pilgrim STEPS. We heard him play his inspiring music at the Hemet Baptist Church.

Dear Rick, I held off sending letter #1 because I had failed to include some very important comments regarding the Peace Pilgrim. First of all, THANK YOU! I needed to read the message of this little booklet and at precisely the very moment that you sent it. I was flabbergasted & speechless. HOW did you know that I have been struggling with some issues addressed in the booklet? I was dumbfounded by the timing, as if someone knew I needed it. So thank you for being obedient to the spirit of God and sending the booklet. Rick, I know not how the Peace Pilgrim classifies herself and I don’t really care how others classify her. Let me give you my perspective:

We can judge people by what they say.
We can judge people by what others say.
Or we can judge people by what they do.
We can speak righteous words & live sinful lives.

We can call ourselves Christians because of our Sunday activities, yet during the week it’s business as usual in everything we say and do. Like Paul’s epistles, our very lives are like letters that are written on the tabloids of other people’s hearts.

I am not as interested in a person’s words or title as I am in his/her life and deeds. The latter gives a much more accurate testimony.

Back to the Peace Pilgrim. Whether she was aware of it or not (and I would hope that she was) she was practicing what Christ modeled for us. The Peace Pilgrim’s life was a living testimony of Christ, of Christianity. I do not know enough about the Peace Pilgrim, other than what I learned in the booklet. But I do know that no one measures up to the perfect example of Christ. We are all imperfect. No doubt the Peace Pilgrim has her share of imperfections, as we all do. Maybe she fails to call herself what she should. I don’t know. But consider the alternatives. How many people call themselves but fail to live a Christian life? I’ll take the Peace Pilgrim, thank you. I love what I see in her. Her message reached me “pronto.” It’s been about a week since I received the booklet, and I still feel the difference from the message she brought me. In her, I see a little bit, a “touch” of Christ. And much more of a “touch” than most people have. The most significant part of her message was, in my opinion, the part that says that true happiness is reached only when we give ourselves away to others by serving them without any condition, by loving them unconditionally. If this message is not Christian, then what is?

Thank you for bringing the Peace Pilgrim to my attention. Because of her I have actually come a little closer to Christ. Yes, my goals or purpose in life are now a little clearer. — Your brother in Christ, Jose

If you would like to purchase Rick Foster’s audio tapes and a beautiful video tape of his family farm with his music and his children or invite him to your church, write to him at 276 Corn Creek Road, Days Creek, Oregon 97429.

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The following is from a letter by Jennifer St. John. a long time friend of Peace Pilgrim, having first seen the Peace Pilgrim book in Henri Nowan’s class at Harvard Divinity school. She has since given out many boxes of books. She is now Program Coordinator for LEADERSHIP SEACOAST In the last four years, area residents from all walks of life have participated in a six-month program of one-day seminars featuring topics such as criminal justice, education, arts and culture, health and human resources, and economic development. Leadership Seacoast is one of more than 1,000 such programs nationwide affiliated with the Nat. Association of Community Organizations. You’re welcome to contact her at 320 South Street, Portsmouth NH 03801. Jennifer writes:

I have worked hard to teach consensus building and peaceful dialogue with people who are at the opposite sides of our political and social spectrum. The retired Commander of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard talked me into going through the program over four years ago — even though he knows I get arrested each year in witness to an end to testing at the Nevada Test Site. We are able to work together to improve the Portsmouth Community - that is our common bond. And through this bond of service, we are able to unite at a deep and healing level.

For the past three years I have given a Peace Pilgrim book to every person who graduates from my program. Many have told me that it has had profound effects on their lives. Some keep it right by their beds. This past weekend I attended a Relationship Workshop in Massachusetts. When I gave the leaders the Peace Pilgrim book at the end of the retreat, Joyce, one of the leaders, said, “OH! That is my favorite book.” So I told her to pass it on. Does everyone in the world own a copy by now?


BANGALORE, INDIA — I was at a workshop in the Buddhist monastery in the South of Thailand and was given your little STEPS booklet which touched me very much [asks for a book]. I cannot wait to read it.


LITHUANIA — Quite by chance I got acquainted with your STEPS booklet. The ideas are very important to me and my world outlook. We have rather hard times here in Lithuania at the moment with all the uncertainty and turmoil around. In my opinion, the most important thing for human beings now is mutual understanding and love. Because love is the essential thing and because “love can move mountains” my impression that you are trying to pave the path towards this understanding with love. That is why I should like to get your book and some booklets so as to share these beautiful ideas with my students.”

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by Rev. Dick Harding author of” Walking Through Stress” - 290 Berlin #45, Clinton, MA 01510

Fifteen years ago President Jimmy Carter visited my hometown, Clinton, Massachusetts. He came to launch America’s first worldwide televised Town Meeting program.

On March 16, 1977, I found myself standing in front of a floor microphone. World TV crews were there, and I got the opportunity to ask Jimmy Carter what he would do to bring peace to the Middle East. [Prior to Carter's appearance in Clinton, the Worcester Telegram called Dick Harding to inquire what question would he like to ask Jimmy Carter on worldwide television if he should get the opportunity at Tow Hall.] One person with one question about a search for peace was instrumental in stimulating the format for the first Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty between Jews and Arabs in 4,000 years. The story became history. At the time of my question, these two nations were still in a stage of war. Yet, PEACE IN THE DESERT became a deed fulfilled and has been described as one of the 'most joyous conflict resolutions in all human history."

believe that people with the right principles (The Carter formula — secure borders for Israel, free trade among all area nations, and a homeland for the Palestinian refugees)...and the right purpose (Seek Peace and Pursue it!!!) can bring miracles into reality.

The ultimate outcome from my simple question and President Jimmy Carter’s complex answer culminated in Washington, D.C. in 1979 with the signing of a Middle East Peace Treaty. It’s still valid in 1993!

[Clinton Daily News Item - The President's comments came Wednesday night in response to Dick Harding's question on the Middle East. And according to last night's NBC Nightly News report, Carter's answer to Rev. Dick Harding COULD EFFECT U.S. POLICY IN THE MIDEAST.]

So, whenever you feel your SOLITARY EFFORTS FOR PEACE are not important or are of little value, remember my SOLITARY QUESTION ABOUT PEACE to a new president, which stopped the killing of innocent children and brought bitter enemies to the peace table. Or think of Peace Pilgrim whose journeys across America changed lives for bountiful good.

I am continually amazed at Peace Pilgrim. Year after year, mile after mile, she shared her warm, loving countenance and message of hope and happiness with an endless procession of people. They came from every walk of life. And, today like myself, these countless individuals can freely testify to the rich fruit and priceless treasures from Pilgrim’s SOLITARY JOURNEY of one person with a mission of peace. Her spirit is making dramatic inroads through the printed page, the audio soundtrack, the videotape film, plus the glowing lifestyles of people who now can reflect love, life and laughter. Thanks to one person of peace who found she could change the world.

You can never tell what your loving efforts and energies can accomplish, if you only will T-R-Y.

Richard Harding’s story is confirmed by Jimmy Carter’s Statement as he was being interviewed on a national telecast by Jack Nelson of the Los Angeles Time:

“One of the major goals I had in mind when I was inaugurated, even long before I was inaugurated president.. .was to bring peace to Israel and her major neighbors. About two months after I was elected president...! went to Massachusetts for one of my overnight stays in a town meeting there (Clinton, March 16, 1977)...and in response to Rev. Dick Harding’s question on the Middle East, I called for a Palestinian homeland, implying self-determination was justified for the Palestinians. And there was an uproar in the country among the supporters of Israel, because I would dare to mention a Palestinian Homeland.

“But....! think by taking only that sort of position, which I still maintain by the way, was I able to bring the Egyptian leader (Sadat) and the Israeli leader (Begin) Camp conclude the accords — and then, six months later, to finally negotiate the Peace Treaty (Middle East Egyptian-Israeli Treaty).”


SUNNINGDALE, BERKS, ENGLAND — I have just finished reading the Peace Pilgrim book and am so impressed and inspired that I feel I must write to you. I have read many books on the lives of great people but found this one excelled them all. Once I started to read it I could not put it down and felt almost riveted to it — such an inspiration and spiritual uplift. I would like to send a copy to the BBC and ask Woman’s Hour if they would make a serial of it. A daily reading of it would reach so many thousands of women in England who listen to this program. I feel sure very many women would be thrilled and inspired by it. — Dorothy Walters


BOULDER, CO — One of my clients has had agoraphobia for 23 years. I have been treating her for a year and a half. She has been making good progress the past few months. She recently identified her three greatest fears, and one of them is to drive alone far from home. About the same time I received some books from you with the suggestion of giving them to libraries. As I was driving across Colorado it occurred to me that she could deliver books to small-town libraries, going progressively farther from home. She shares my affection for Peace Pilgrim. She agreed and today took the book you sent me for her to distribute. She will begin to journey out from Boulder giving Peace Pilgrim books to libraries around the state.


MADRAS, INDIA — I was fortunate enough to go through the Peace Pilgrim book for 15 minutes at random, some pages only from a co-passenger during my bus travel (Bangalore to Puttaparthi). It thrilled me to read word by word in pages.

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CLAIRE TOWNSEND — During my tenure as a studio executive in Hollywood, I noticed that no matter how noble a film’s intentions, no matter how well manipulated afterwards in the editing room, the finished product was inevitably infused with the consciousness with which it had been made. A film made with fear and anger vibrated with fear and anger, subtly affecting all who viewed it. I vowed to make a film one day in as close to a state of grace as I was able to muster in myself and inspire in others. This documentary about Peace Pilgrim is that film. Each time the three of us are faced with a decision, we turn to Peace Pilgrim’s own principles to guide us. Answers and resources have come in the most simple and beautiful and startling of ways. We’re learning how limitations are good, how needs differ from desires, and how good people are. We look forward to meeting with as many of you as possible — and then sharing the finished film with you.

DAVID MUELLER — Here we are just months after we began discussing the possibility of making a documentary about Peace Pilgrim. We are now on the road. Our journey will take us across this country. Our mission is to gather stories...stories of inspiration, stories of beauty, truth, goodness, humor and peace. Through these stories and through the visual beauty of this land, we will try to make Peace Pilgrim’s message available to an even greater number of people. We hope to inspire people to think ab6ut peace on all levels. Like the ripples of a pebble dropped into still water, the spirit of Peace has spread around the world. Like seeds, it has been well planted. We now go forth to find and make apparent this harvest.

GIG! ORLOWSKI — From the moment I first read the book PEACE PILGRIM, I knew it had to be a film — but I also knew that it could not be made in the manner most films are made. Somehow, it only seemed appropriate that the making of this film be approached in the same manner that Peace Pilgrim set out on her pilgrimage — with pure motives, a lot of faith, and great love.

We feel, as Peace Pilgrim felt, that spiritual truth must never be sold. So we intend to make the film available for free to all who ask. But this presented us with what seemed to be a “problem” (otherwise known as an “opportunity in disguise”). How were we going to finance an undertaking as expensive as a film?

Yet, no sooner had we announced our intentions to make this documentary, than the money started rolling in. It almost took me by surprise at first. And as generous donors gave of their time, money, and services, we learned to simplify our filmmaking desires down to need level, so that by our departure date we were ready to set out on our filmmaking pilgrimage.

I feel very privileged and thankful to contribute my small part to the making of this documentary. But this film is truly a collaboration of many thoughtful, generous, and hard-working people from around the world, who I regretfully don’t have the space to name. However, each has helped to confirm the belief that the desire for peace is universal and an idea whose time has come.

AMIRAH YATES — I came to the center originally to fill the role as computer person, i.e., typeset our newsletters, maintain the database, etc. I spoke with David Mueller the day he called to express his interest in producing a film on Peace Pilgrim. Reading letters Peace Pilgrim had written, and letters friends wrote her during her pilgrimage was my initiation into the process of compiling reference material for her documentary. I have typed over half of her original “Peace Pilgrim’s Progress” newsletters into the computer so that I may typeset them. Soon I will typeset the audio cassette transcriptions. This serves two purposes. One is to add them to our ever growing display of literature that reflect her work. The second is to make it easier to search for her sayings and comments on specific subjects.

The film crew has scaled down to just three people after our retreat in Santa Cruz. In that weekend we realized how difficult it would be for a large crew to travel light and in an unhurried manner. Small as we are you will not find a more sincere and dedicated group. Although I stay behind as production coordinator I am with them in spirit. So if you happen to see a 1977 Volkswagen bus, all white with blue lettering “filming coast to coast for peace” be sure to visit with them.

On July 7th, They were feeling very optimistic about locating the Texas lawyers who apply Peace Pilgrims principles in their mediation work. You can refer to newsletters 11, 12 and 15 for more information about these very special lawyers. There were many people we tried to contact but we were unable. At this point we have faith that what we have is exactly what we need for the best and broadest perspective of Peace Pilgrims life and work. It is an honor to be a part of this project. I feel I’m playing a part in history!

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The “Spirit of Peace” Production Team will try to keep as close to this schedule as possible. Please understand we need a little flexibility to account for weather, etc. We regret that we are not able to interview all the people we feel could make an important contribution to this film. If you would like to contact the filmmakers, call Amirah Yates at the Center. Amirah is our Production Coordinator and will be able to contact us at any time.

6/29/93 Leave Los Angeles
6/29 - 7/2 Friends of Peace Pilgrim
*Film arrival of the shipment containing one
millionth “Steps Toward Inner Peace”
7/3 - 7/6 Travel East to Dallas, Texas
7/6—7/11 Dallas, TX
7/12—7/15 Cedar, KS
7/16—7/18 Burlington, KS
7/20 - 7/25 Chicago, IL
7/26—7/31 Carol & Paul Burkett (219) 244-7200 Area Coordinator — Indiana
8/1 Elyria, OH
8/2 - 8/3 Pittsburgh, PA
8/4—8/9 Marceline Murphy (301) 421-9562 Area Coordinator — Wash. DC / Maryland
8/10—8/14 Egg Harbor, NJ (Peace Pilgrim’s Sister)
8/15—9/6 New York/New England Area
8/15—8/16 Lil & Gene Orlowski (203) 426-6280 Area Coordinator — New England
8/16—8/17 Lyme, CF
8/17 - 8/20 Mattapoisett, MA
8/20—8/21 Lincoln, MA
8/22—8/24 Richmond, NH
8/24—8/25 New Ashford, MA
8/26—8/27 Buskirk, NY
8/28—8/30 Albany, NY
8131—9/6 Lil & Gene Orlowski (rest stop)
9/8—9/13 Pennsylvania
9/8 Swarthmore Library—Peace Collection
9/9—9/10 Lancaster, PA
9/10—9/11 Spring Grove, PA
9/13 Washington, DC
9/15 Huntington, PA
9/15—9/20 Niles, MI; Larwill, IN; Fort Wayne, IN
Peace Studies Inst—Manchester College, IN
9/20 - 9/23 1st Congregational Church, Sycamore, IL
9/23—9/25 Route 80 West through Des Moines & Omaha
9/25 - 9/26 Cedar, KS
9/27 - 9/28 Rte 36 W. to Denver; Rte 87 N. to Cheyenne
9/28 - 10/1 Laramie, WY
10/2—10/4 Dubois and Crowheart, WY
10/5—10/7 Salt Lake City, UT
10/8—10/11 Ivins, UT (Near St. George)
10/12 Return to Los Angeles
“Spirit of Peace” (213) 650-7347
c/o Claire Townsend
2348 Hermits Glen, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Oct—Nov To be announced: Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, California

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This book published in England and sent to us by the author, shows how to use our talents in our daily lives. It offers practical tools which we can use to encourage future generations and puts forward practical suggestions for transforming anger and hurt into healing and self-confidence.

Three pages of the chapter called “They Build A Positive Planet” is devoted to Peace Pilgrim. She is given as an example of a dedicated person who had an impact on people. It shows how Peace Pilgrim started by doing good and eventually found her vocation.

You can order this book through Enhance Ltd., The Hall, Radford Hall, Southam Road, Radford Semete, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV31 1FH.


COSTA RICA — On my first visit to Costa Rica, in 1991,! took several Peace Pilgrim books and many Spanish STEPS. The books were thankfully received by the Friends Peace Center in San Jose and the school library at Monteverde. The latter is a wonderful, large cloud forest reserve, started by a group of Quakers from Fairhope, Alabama in the 1950s.

I handed out the 25 Pasos to various Ticos (native Costa Ricans) whom I met. When I was staying in a remote rural area on the southern Atlantic Coast, I gave a STEPS booklet to a friendly woman who had served me meals. Upon departure she asked me if I had anymore of those “Peace booklets,” because the young chef saw hers and really wanted one. I found one more, which I took to the kitchen. His face lit up as I handed it to him, and he graciously thanked me. What a wonderful ending to my first visit to the only substantial country in the world
without a military. — Shoshana Suellio


SALT LAKE CITY — I would like three books sent to me, one for the Mill Creek Library, one for the Rape Crisis Center and one for the Family Mental Health Center. These three public organizations have helped me greatly through some bad times when I was in search of self. I would like to share the help, love and this alternative way of thinking and living that Peace has given me. Thank you! This book has changed my life.

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The following are excerpts from a letter from Father Douglas Conlan at the hermitage:

I have greatly appreciated having Peace Pilgrim books as adjuncts to my work in retreat direction and school camps and staff development seminars. They also make wonderful and inspiring enclosures to all my mail, which amounts to several thousand each year. Your work is now reaching out to people everywhere.

I wonder if I might be able to explore the possibility of utilizing the excellent and deeply practical framework contained in Peace Pilgrim’s little book — the 12 points as a basic framework for a daily readings book that I am working on — building in quotes from Father Bede Griffiths, non-Christian Scriptures and readings from poets, writers and other contemporary religious scriptures and wise sayings. It does seem to me that the Peace Pilgrim 12point plan is so down to earth and without sectarianism that it is able to speak to all manner of people.

I would not change Peace Pilgrim’s words in any way or change her intentions in what she has said.

I shall be attending the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in August and thence on to the Trust meeting in New Hampshire. It may be possible for me to come and visit with you if I were nearby — or at least I hope so.

Gandhi called for peace armies, made up of courageous; idealistic people who would respond constructively to diverse emergencies in all parts of the world. In our last newsletter we quoted Peace Pilgrim, “I look for a peace force of unarmed people (maintained by the United Nations) which would go to places where trouble is brewing and find out what is the cause, help supply the needs and nip the trouble in the bud.” Here are two recent articles about peace armies:

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The following is excerpted from an article by Len Capozzi, printed in “Gardenia, a Journal for Peace Through Nonviolence,” P.O. Box 183, Tomalese, CA 94971.

What is the United Nation’s proper role in responding to global conflicts? UN Secretary General Boutros-Ghali has called on the UN to find ways to promote “peacemaking” as well as peacekeeping. The UN’s traditional role of peacekeeper too often resembles that of armed combatant. So what is peacemaking and what form should it take in the UN?

Michael Nagler, the president of our board, generated enthusiasm for his proposal that the UN establish nonviolent peacemaking teams. “Nonviolent peacemaking is an idea whose time has come, but it is no longer just an idea. It is an idea with a track record.” He outlined a way by which the UN could shift over to nonviolent “rapid response teams.” First would be to consult with people who know how “peace armies” work. Next would come recruitment and training. “As a professor with twenty years’ experience teaching nonviolence at a major research university I give you my absolute personal assurance that idealistic volunteers are available.” Finally, interventions would be selected. The first operations would be small scale, but with experience the international teams could go into situations like Somalia and the former Yugoslavia.

The advantages of nonviolent peacemaking are striking. “You get much more non-bang for the buck.” The idea of a standing peace army is much less problematic than a standing UN military force.” By voluntarily using nonviolent means as private groups around the world have done, the reluctance of the UN to use force — at present its greatest weakness — could be turned into its greatest strength.

People will argue that such peacemaking is dangerous. So is war. Nonviolent peacemaking offers no magical guarantee against injury, or even death. Significantly though, the experiences of such groups as Peace Brigades International, Witness for Peace in Central America, and a recent expedition into Sarajevo, indicate that nonviolent peacemaking may be less dangerous than armed peacekeeping. After a decade of nonviolent action by these groups there have been very few injuries and no deaths. These nonviolent actions have certainly saved many lives.

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In December, 1992, an Italian Peacemakers group sponsored a trip of approximately 500 people to Sarajevo in Yugoslavia. The purpose was to express solidarity with the people of Sarajevo and call upon all to cease from military action and seek a solution to their disagreements. They met with ordinary citizens and peace groups. There was considerable physical risk but all returned without injury.

Now this peace group is sponsoring a second peace project from at least June 25, 1993 until September 13, 1993. It involves establishing three camps in and near Sarajevo, each camp involving 60-80 people. Each participant will work, according to his or her capacity, in projects with women, children, ill people, elderly people, and refugees and commissions set up for political/diplomatic work. Efforts will be made to bring large numbers of people to the Sarajevo area for August 7-15, which will include an ecumenical celebration, and a meeting on “Peace from the point of view of citizens.”

It is hoped that participants will have had prior experience in nonviolent action projects. All encampment participants will be required to take a training course in nonviolence.

The United States’ WE SHARE ONE PEACE WORKING COMMITTEE is asking that every person from the U.S. who wishes to participate submit two letters of recommendation from people with whom he or she has worked in peace and justice movements. Participants will be expected to pay their own way, plus a surcharge of approximately $350 for other costs. For further information write to: We Share One Peace Working Comm., 1460 W Carmen Ave., Chicago, IL 60640. Tel: 312-784-8065.

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