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Springtime, 1993 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 18

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim 
Portuguese & Serbo-Croatian Steps 
Southern Poverty Law Center 
Spirit of Peace Documentary 
Interview with the Filmmakers 
The Inner Peace Prison Program 
Walking Through Stress 
Another Story Peace Pilgrim Would Have Told 
The First Peace Studies 
Peace Pilgrim Summer Retreat 
The Russian Peace Capsule 
Findhorn in Scotland

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

FIFTY THOUSAND RUSSIAN STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE booklets have now been printed in Moscow! Sergei and Dinara Badayev, whose home has become the Russian Peace Pilgrim Center, were helped by more than 20 volunteers to send the first 30,000 Russian STEPS to people in the former Soviet Union who requested them. They recently needed more booklets and had 20,000 more Russian STEPS printed.

20,000 Russian books, PEACE PILGRIM, HER LIFE AND WORK IN HER OWN WORDS are being printed in Moscow. The organization “Project Hope” helped us get our camera-ready book to the Badayevs in Moscow. Sergei promised to send us some Russian Peace Pilgrim books. Let us know if you would like a copy.

JEFF BLOM has been working for more than five years on getting the Peace Pilgrim book and STEPS booklet translated into the Russian and Spanish languages. It took such a long time because he was devoted to getting the best possible translations of Peace Pilgrim’s message.

Jeff’s first project was to review the STEPS booklet that had been translated into Spanish by a Venezuelan. Jeff’s good friend, Claudio Zanelli, a Chilean who has a wide knowledge of Spanish dialects in different countries, offered to help. Together they meticulously went over each word in Spanish STEPS in an attempt to convey the same meaning as Peace Pilgrim’s English version.

MAYTE KLINE, a native of Mexico City, translated the Peace Pilgrim book into Spanish (see Newsletter 15). She devotedly spent many hours on each page to get the book translated correctly. 5000 Spanish Peace Pilgrim books just arrived from the printer. Friends and neighbors helped stack them in our garage. Let us know how many you want.

In our newsletter, Harvesttime 1987, we wrote, “We hope and pray the Peace Pilgrim books will someday be translated into Russian.” The story of the Russian translation really begins with Elizabeth Baker, wife of Dr. John Baker, president-emeritus of Ohio University. She loved Peace Pilgrim greatly. Six years ago she felt it was urgent to get it translated into Russian. Elizabeth put us in touch with Dr. George Dolnikowski, a Russian professor who volunteered to translate STEPS. He became so interested he offered to translate the book.

Jeff worked closely with George and several other Russian professors to get the best possible translation. He set up three professors with the Cyrillic alphabet on their computers and spent many days going over every word. With one of the professors Jeff read the English while she read the Russian, and when in doubt, they decided together which Russian word or phrase was the best translation.

After getting the Spanish and Russian Peace Pilgrim books finally translated, Jeff had the tremendous job of getting them camera-ready for the printer. Richard Polese designed the format of the Russian book, as he had so beautifully done the original Peace Pilgrim book. Our friend, Bryan Moucka, typeset and designed our very attractive Spanish edition. How thankful we are for the work of these good friends of Peace Pilgrim.



FORTY YEARS AGO, January 1, 1953, Peace Pilgrim took the first step of her Pilgrimage at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. Taking advantage of the captive audience along the curb waiting for the parade to start (and with nothing much to do), she talked to interested people and gave out her little blue introduction sheet.

TEN YEARS AGO, February 1, 1983, 6000 Peace Pilgrim books arrived at our home in Whittier, California. We were thrilled to see the cover picture with Peace Pilgrim walking down the highway. We had no idea how far
around the world she would walk.

TWO YEARS AGO, February 1st, we finished mailing hardcover books to 10,000 main libraries. We’ve received requests for about 2000 more books for libraries here, in Canada and several other countries. Friends of Peace Pilgrim all over this country and Canada are giving the hard-cover books to their local libraries. We still have many hard-cover books in our garage. We want to get them out of the garage and into libraries — all kinds of libraries. Let us know if you want one or many for your public, church, temple, high school, college or club libraries. Many write asking how they can help spread her message. What better way than giving them to libraries where people in all walks of life borrow books? And we often hear from library readers in great thankfulness — wanting more books to share with friends.

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AMIRAH YATES, Los Angeles — Because Amirah found “Peace Pilgrim” in a yard sale in Ohio last summer, she is here with us today! She has been here most of the time since November, helping in many ways. Being an excellent organizer and a computer expert, the computer corner in our office is now in unusually great shape — various lists, such as all the translations of the Peace Pilgrim book and STEPS booklet, are beautifully organized and printed. She is a very great help to the documentary filmmakers (see center-fold) by going through our vast files of letters from friends of Peace Pilgrim to find people who knew Peace Pilgrim or have been deeply moved by her. Amirah wants to thank Janet Walser in Ohio who gave that Peace Pilgrim book to a friend who put it in her yard sale!

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Peace Pilgrim friends, Paul and Susana Jimenez, translated Steps into Portuguese. Amirah typed the booklet into our computer so that it could easily be edited. The Jimenezes and their Portuguese-speaking friends are now reviewing the translation for the common language of both Brazil and Portugal.

A Peace Pilgrim friend in Corpus Christi has started a group that studies Peace Pilgrim and spreads her message. They are interested in getting the Serbo-Croatian (the language of former Yugoslavia) STEPS booklet reprinted. It was translated in 1989 by Darko Zgaga, who published and distributed 500 booklets. After they were distributed he hoped to print another 500 booklets. We haven’t heard from him since 1990 when he wrote, “This my translation will be now useful more than ever, for now even here finally we have genuine steps towards true democracy and life will be better each day from now. The entire Eastern Europe turned toward true democracy now, toward peace, genuine INNER PEACE, for if we have not genuine INNER PEACE, no democracy could help.” How desperately they need Peace Pilgrim’s message right now! If you would like to send Serbo-Croatian STEPS to the former Yugoslavia, Amirah has prepared a camera-ready copy so you can easily reproduce as many as you like.


STEPS has also been translated into Chinese and Polish but they have not been printed. Amirah will have a copy of the Polish translation available for anyone who would like to proofread it. STEPS has been translated into the Eastern Indian languages of Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Malayam. The translators could use help printing them. The book has been translated into Bulgarian, but not published. Anatol Brunton, a Ukrainian now living in Claremont, California, teaches English in High School. He has translated and printed a few Ukrainian STEPS. If you feel drawn to a particular language, translating Peace Pilgrim’s message is a wonderful way to help spread it around the world.

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I got an idea some hours ago when I was driving back from my Granny’s house, listening to the news about former Yugoslavia. I heard that American planes had dropped hundreds of thousands of leaflets to people on an isolated section of Yugoslavia. Then I thought, “If we just had money, wouldn’t it be wise to print Steps Toward Inner Peace in Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian and other languages of Yugoslavia and spread tens of thousands of them to the people?” People in terror would get comfort and they would start to work for peace in their daily lives. The war would be over much sooner.

This idea can be used in other military conflicts, too. There are a hundred and one other places where some people, full of hate, are channeling their energy for hurting and hating other people — for instance, N. Ireland, many Soviet States, the Middle East, Somalia, Sri Lanka, some parts of India etc.

Someday it may be possible, when a war catches fire and people arm to hurt their neighbors, for friends to send a field worker to spread thousands of STEPS to the people
under hate and terror. — Oras Tynkkynen

I look for a peace force of unarmed people (maintained by the United Nations) which would go to places where trouble is brewing and find out what is the cause, help supply the needy, and nip the trouble in the bud.
— Peace Pilgrim 

[Look for info, about the Peace Brigade in future issues.]

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Spiritual seekers, servers, are invited to this breath-taking nature spot to help create a world community village. They use our Peace Pilgrim materials in their programs and articles in their newsletters. For more information write to:
New Humanity Centre, Eleonon Road, Akroyali Avias, Kalamata 241000, Greece (send $1 for postage)



I am a seminarian, a student preparing for priesthood. My deepest desire is to be God’s instrument of peace, hope, truth and love. Aside from Jesus Christ, there are many people who are giving me inspiration to go on and one of them is Peace Pilgrim. By chance I “met” her when, a few months ago, I read the book, “Peace Pilgrim,” handed to me by one of my friends. How good it is to know somebody living, praying and working for peace. I am very inspired by her simple, remarkable way of life and her way of spreading the message of peace. And how inspiring is the message — overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth and hatred with love. (The very same message
preached by Jesus Christ!) — Henry Bernardo

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Morris Dees, director, now publishes the educational magazine “Teaching Tolerance.” They sent out 150,000 free copies of their first issue to educators in public and private schools across America. Elsie Williams, the editorial assistant, has requested most of our materials. Here are excerpts from her letter to us:

I am a spiritual seeker/peacemaker and an educator working on a project designed to teach young people how to get along together. About 20 years ago I was honored to have heard Peace Pilgrim talk as she walked in Florida. Her message has always stayed in my mind and motivated me in my spiritual quest. I was recently reminded of her work when I received “Steps Toward Inner Peace” from Dr. Jim Wells, when he sent us a complimentary copy of his book TRUE SUCCESS.

I led a four-week Wednesday night study group at our Unity Church based on the teachings of Peace Pilgrim. I provided each participant with Peace Pilgrim’s book and STEPS and used the videotapes so all could hear her speak. Everyone was blessed by this sharing....! hope to get a mention of your. free book for libraries in our September issue of the magazine. You will probably get a big response since we send it to 200,000 teachers.

As the title implies we are trying to help teachers teach tolerance of all people, no matter how they might be different from others.

We have received three editions of their wonderful magazine, which we highly recommend to educators and parents who have a concern for children. We will be delighted to send our hard-cover book to educators for their school libraries.

One of her students sent us a very generous gift and wrote, “This is in honor of Elsie Williams, our book studies teacher at Unity. I have been blessed by God through this work.” For their Magazine, free to educators, write to:
TEACHING TOLERANCE, 400 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama 36104


BETHLEHEM, PA — Just browsing the library shelves not long ago, I was attracted to this little blue book, “Peace Pilgrim, In Her Own Words.” I read it in fact I read it twice. At first, I thought, “Oh, this is a nifty little story of a peace-seeking, idealistic-odd woman.” My critical academic mind (I’m an English literature professor) wouldn’t fully accept the “simplicity” of her message. I've been a spiritual pilgrim all of my adult life — from Roman Catholicism through Eastern philosophy, new age this’s and that’s; and Peace Pilgrim’s message seemed so open to — “Yes, but what about...?” scrutiny. However — studying this book’s real wisdom during my second reading — it all fell into place: The woman was/is a veritable saint. Simplicity, clarity, and determination were manifested so wonderfully in her actions.


NIGERIA— Peace be unto you for propagating her words and life. It’s the greatest legacy you can give to a close friend. I appreciate your every effort. I’m writing to signify that I have just completed reading the Peace Pilgrim book. I read every word from front to back. It’s quite un-putdown-able. Actually, I’m a born-again Christian and I follow the natural laws she buttressed and the Bible principle she clarified. The fact that she can uphold such laws to the letter and practice them makes her a saint. I respect her and I know she is blessed. God was her life and provider and shield. I did learn a lot from her. I felt strengthened that I have met with her — thanks to your effort. I have, through her book you sent to me, met with Peace Pilgrim. I thank God for that, for now I have added peace and joy. God bless you all abundantly.


IRELAND — I have just completed reading a photocopied article on the wonderful Peace Pilgrim, and it is the most inspiring, moving and loving story I have ever read. I have given the article to relations and friends, and we are all moved deeply.

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DIPLOMAT IN CLINICAL SOCIAL WORK — Thanks for all the STEPS. I mailed 400 STEPS to school social workers, school psychologists, administrators, counselors, special education teachers, etc. I have given copies to my clients I see for counseling and therapy. As I travel to schools to do programs I plan on giving out copies too. The books I have given to school libraries. Please keep up the most valuable, important work you are doing! The message of the Peace Pilgrim is a vital one for all living beings and the Earth! — Kevin Bubrow


SANTA CRUZ — I first came across Peace Pilgrim at the end of a six-week intensive Buddhist mediation retreat around 1986. We maintained silence during the retreat and on the last day, while leaving, I found that one of the participants had left on a table several Peace Pilgrim books, inviting each of us to take one. I was on the path of mental purification and felt there were too many words already. Reluctantly I picked up a book. I’m glad I did. Since then, Peace Pilgrim has been my constant companion. I continuously re-read the book for inspiration and guidance. I have had the happiness of doing what my unknown benefactor did — passing Peace Pilgrim on to others, not only in the U.S. but in other countries (Greece, France). On my travels I try to take a couple of Peace Pilgrim books along.


KENYA — Many people are very interested to know more about Peace Pilgrim, and due to that I have made a class. More than 50 people every Sunday attend the class to know more about Peace Pilgrim. After people attend the class I see that there is a change, because there is unity and trust among people.

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A film production team plans on making a documentary about PEACE PILGRIM called “The Spirit of Peace.” They hope to start filming this summer, as soon as the necessary funds become available. They plan to make a pilgrimage across the country interviewing those who were greatly influenced by Peace Pilgrim’s message and/or knew her personally.

We are delighted to introduce the filmmaking team to you. They are an energetic and enthusiastic crew, with the experience and talent to make “The Spirit of Peace” a quality production. We anticipate it will be a beautiful extension of our effort to spread Peace Pilgrim’s message to the greatest number of people throughout the world. We feel that the time is right, and the right people have become involved:

Claire Townsend — (Executive Producer) Claire is a former production vice-president of both United Artists and 20th Century Fox, where she was responsible for initiating and/or supervising many projects such as “Awakenings,” “Sneakers,” “Splash”, and “Back to the Future.” In 1982 Claire took time off. "Although I didn’t know it at the time, I was on a spiritual sabbatical to recover my true self so that I could eventually come around to committing to my life’s true purpose.” This purpose turned out to be the making of films with heart, consciousness, and integrity. One of Claire’s other projects was the Academy Award nominated documentary film about the Apollo journey to the moon entitled “For All Mankind.” Claire was one of the first Nader’s Raiders back in 1970, and a charter member of Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute.

David Mueller — (Producer/Director) David has always chosen to pursue an understanding of the spiritual life through education or working on various projects. He co-founded two multi-national environmental projects, “Project Nepal” and the “World Service Project,” which brought volunteers together from five nations to work on International development projects. David holds a certificate in film from New York University, where his emphasis was on documentary film. He was project manager on the “Five Continent Spacebridge,” first-time satellite link between five continents. He is currently producing and directing, “The Bolsa Chica Land Trust," for cable TV in an effort to help save the Bolsa Chica wetlands on the southern California coast.

Gigi Orlowski — (Writer/Researcher/Sound) Gigi studied International Cinema at the University of Paris, and Screenwriting and Film Production at New York University. Film credits include Bilingual Production Assistant on “Jewel of the Nile” in Morocco, and Assistant Auditor on “Serpent and the Rainbow” in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Gigi discovered the book “Peace Pilgrim” in 1988. Reading the book, she felt “an immediate affinity for Peace Pilgrim. She seemed to embody all I believed.” Since that time, presenting Peace Pilgrim through film media has been a top priority.

In 1989, after a discussion with the Peace Pilgrim Center staff, Gigi launched an extensive research project for a possible movie or documentary. She has read through volumes of files and conducted interviews with people who were close to Peace Pilgrim.

Cathy Zheutlin—(Cameraperson) Cathy participated as producer/director/cameraperson on the cable TV series “After Sorrow Comes Joy.” She has been principal cameraperson on a number of award-winning documentaries. Cathy’s commitment to peace led her to produce, direct and shoot a documentary on the Great Peace March. She was then invited to shoot and co-produce a documentary on the International Peace Walk, with Russian Television. Cathy also co-directed and was cameraperson on a ten-hour series about world ecology. She was president of Iris Films, dedicated to promoting and producing films about women.

James Knight — (Editor) James worked in Hollywood as a feature film editor until 1986. He left the business to participate in the Great Peace March across the United States. It was during this walk that James was introduced to Peace Pilgrim’s writings. Upon completion of the march he returned to edit Cathy Zheutlin’s “Just One Step,” the documentary about the Great Peace March. Since that time, he has edited numerous educational films for PBS. “The spiritual work I’ve done has made me more open to the profound spiritual message of Peace Pilgrim. This project finds me rested and ready.”

Jan Haag — Jan directed a series of forty-two films for the John Tracy Clinic for the Profoundly Deaf. In 1971 she joined the staff of the American Film Institute, where she administered their independent filmmakers program and founded the Directing Workshop for Women.

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Here are some questions for our filmmakers and their responses that grew out of discussions that took place between some of the filmmakers and the Peace Pilgrim Center staff in Hemet, California.

Q: I’m sure our readers would like to know how this project came about and what drew this team together.

Claire: We all feel that we were drawn together by something greater than ourselves. After reading and being moved by the book in 1988, I began developing ideas for a film on Peace Pilgrim. The seed was planted, but few ideas seemed to do justice to Peace’s message. During this time, and independently, Gigi was hard at work researching and writing a feature script based on Peace’s first pilgrimage across the country.

It wasn’t until I met David at a retreat at the Sundance Institute in Utah that the present crew began to take shape.
After discovering that David had also read the book in 1988, and was deeply inspired by it, we began discussing the possibility of a filmmaking pilgrimage. By chance, shortly afterwards, I met Gigi at the home of a close friend. The three of us met and realized there was tremendous synergy. Within weeks we learned of James and Cathy while visiting the Peace Pilgrim Center in Hemet. Both were responsible for a documentary on the Great Peace March. It was on that march that they both learned of Peace Pilgrim. They were immediately enthusiastic about this documentary.

The idea which excited us all was that the filmmakers would not only make a film about Peace Pilgrim but at the same time, make a pilgrimage of their own. The culmination of this journey would be the presentation of a message of peace from the American people to President Clinton and another to the United Nations, much like the petitions Peace Pilgrim delivered to President Eisenhower and the United Nations at the end of her first pilgrimage in 1953.

Q: Exactly what form would this Peace Message take?

David: We’re not yet sure what form it will take, but the focus of our message will be how Americans practice peace today.

Claire: Because Peace Pilgrim herself said there was nothing new about her message except the practice of it, we want to demonstrate our own practice in the motive and the manner in which we create and distribute this film. We will also be asking those we interview how they practice peace in their own lives.

Q: Tell us more about your pilgrimage. How will you travel?

David: We are undertaking this filmmaking pilgrimage in the spirit of Peace Pilgrim — with a lot of faith! We are looking into the possibility of donated vehicles — a motor home or some sort of recreational vehicle that can accommodate all of us and our film equipment. We do not yet know where this will come from, but we have faith that the appropriate vehicle will find us. Unfortunately, filmmakers can’t travel as lightly as pilgrims!

Q: Do you have your route mapped out?

Gigi: We plan to roughly trace Peace Pilgrim’s first pilgrimage route from Los Angeles to New York. However, since we’ll be interviewing people who were influenced by Peace and her message, we will be taking lots of long detours! Wherever there are those willing to share how Peace changed or influenced their lives, we will try to get there.

Q: How long do you think this will take?

David: It could take anywhere from one to three months. We hope to be on the road sometime this summer, provided we raise the necessary funds by then.

Q: Where do you plan to stay?

Gigi: We want to make sure that the funds we raise go to the best possible use — the film itself, so we’ll most likely be camping out many nights. But since this filmmaking pilgrimage will be in the spirit of Peace Pilgrim, we’ll leave a lot to faith and serendipity. We will accept hospitality as she did — a place to park our vehicle, etc.

Q: How are you contacting people?

Gigi: Anyone interested in sharing their experiences, being interviewed, or just becoming involved in some way, can write to me at the address listed below. We will contact people who show interest and make arrangements in advance. Like Peace Pilgrim, we also hope people will approach us. We plan to have a Peace Pilgrim banner on our vehicle that will call people’s attention to our filmmaking pilgrimage, just like Peace Pilgrim’s tunic did for her.

Q: This seems like quite an undertaking. Once the film is made, how will people be able to see it?

Claire: Because Peace Pilgrim felt that spiritual truth should not be bought or sold, it is our hope to make the video of the film available free of charge — the same way the book is distributed. For this reason, we are looking into financing the film through grants and donations. Spreading Peace Pilgrim’s message is our motive — not profit. We will consider all possible avenues of distribution, including network and cable TV, theatrical distribution, as well as broad-based grassroots efforts which we hope will extend worldwide.

Gigi: We greatly appreciate the help of everyone who has pitched in to help us in pre-production. Already people have volunteered their time, services, office supplies, legal advice — all sorts of wonderful help.

David: This project truly has a life of its own. We’re looking forward to seeing you this summer on the road.

If you want to help the documentary really happen you can send a tax-deductible gift to us at the PEACE PILGRIM CENTER in Hemet. Please specify that your gift is for the documentary. The filmmaker’s address is “Spirit of Peace” c/o Gigi Orlowski, 4450 Murietta Ave #6, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423. Telephone (818)990-1709. Please feel free to share your ideas and anything you feel may be useful for the documentary.


APTOS, CA — Her words are as liquid gold or diamonds that sparkle and reflect the light so beautifully.


LACUNA BEACH, CA — One day, an opera singer visited us because he had heard a short Peace Pilgrim message on KPFK Los Angeles radio in the middle of the night.


DONNA GRABEL called from San Diego to tell us she had seen an hour cable TV show of Peace Pilgrim. She has become a most enthusiastic friend of Peace Pilgrim. She called over 30 libraries in the San Diego area, and the librarians were enthusiastic about receiving our library book. Donna sent us their addresses typed on labels, which was of great help. Every day she stops at a library on her way to work, where there is a table for people to put things on and take things off. On this table she keeps a small box of STEPS that has a picture postcard of Peace Pilgrim on the front. She replenishes it with 15 STEPS every day!

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The following are two letters about this program from a prisoner, Michael Todd, Tucson Federal Prison. In the first letter he writes:

Three years ago, an inmate requested help from the Friends of Peace Pilgrim. A rapid response followed, with books, audio tapes, and video tapes.

An inmate by the name of Richard Wirta developed the Inner Peace Program from his own spiritual development.
Richard works in the Behavioral Health Services Unit (Psychology Department). The Peace Pilgrim materials were shipped directly to this department.

Enclosed is a copy of a brochure for our Inner Peace Program and a copy of the Peace Pilgrim certificate that inmates receive upon completion. This is a copy of mine. I had the privilege of being the first inmate ever to complete the Peace Pilgrim Program.

In order to receive a certificate, the inmate must first study the materials and write a detailed report on each (the audio tapes, videos and book). We are looking for specific points that were learned and how the inmate can incorporate what he has learned into his everyday activities. The time to begin making change is now, not on the day he leaves prison. There is a skill level to rise to, and it comes only with practice.

Initially, the prison staff in general, as well as many inmates, thought such a program would never work — that inmates didn’t want, let alone care about the subject of peace at any level, in any form. They were wrong! The program keeps us very busy. It has been ongoing since it began and shows no sign of slowing down. I am not at liberty to disclose how many inmates have successfully completed it, but I will say the number has been significant.

By the way, no inmate so far who has completed the program has to date re-offended. In Arizona we have a recidivism rate (by some estimates 87%). I think the experts could learn a thing or two from what we have here.
It goes without saying, that my boss, Mr. Thomas L. Magnuson, Psych Associate II, of the Echo Behavioral Health Unit, deserves much credit for being foresighted and courageous enough to approve this program for our positive rehabilitation.

In another letter Michael tells us more of his personal experiences with the Peace Pilgrim Program:

It was almost three years ago that I joined a new program offered by the psychology department on my prison yard. It was called “The Inner Peace Program” and would last ten weeks. Intrigued, I joined.... To date this has been the most successful, continuing program on the yard.

This is where “Friends Of Peace Pilgrim” impacted my life as well as many other lives. Learning inner peace filled the empty void inside of me. I learned (or rather, relearned) to love myself and all others. I learned the difference between reality verses illusion, and so much more. In dealing with my issues I found that the absence of fear produces the feeling of joy. With inner peace this comes naturally. That’s the beauty of joy — it’s always there. We cover it with many layers of fear. When fear is dealt with for what it really is (an illusion) joy flows through us. In my essence I believe I am an eternal spirit of love. As is my creator. Love cannot grow old, become sick, or die, because it’s eternal — as we all are in our essence. Therefore, there is nothing to fear.

Learning the teachings of the Peace Pilgrim helped me to develop the spiritual insights with the aid of a human role model who lived during my lifetime, was of the same nationality, developed in the same society, and rose to spiritual growth that many will not experience in several lifetimes.

I am not alone in deciding to live a spiritual lifestyle. Some who have gone through The Peace Pilgrim Program have also made this decision. Many others have made healthy changes in their lives by making changes based on what was learned in the program.

I am fortunate in that I am now working in the Psych department along with the man that developed the inner Peace Program. He is yet another role model for me. Working here, I feel more fulfillment than at any time.

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WALKING THROUGH STRESS - Meditation in Motion by Dick Harding

This book presents a long-term, self-health plan to prevent or reverse threatening lifestyle diseases of the 1990s. Dick has been a stress management and health center director for 20 years.

After receiving our PEACE PILGRIM book and videos he wrote, “I am putting the video-tapes on cable TV in our area and hope to share Peace Pilgrim’s message with many searching people in the day’s ahead. I am excited as ‘continuum’ of Peace Pilgrim’s message and story needs to be shared around the world. Her story is so relevant at these crises years of history. Hopefully we can get the message into every earth-language. The videotapes which you were so kind to send are a real part of our Cable Broadcast family here in the Boston area.” Another letter, “Peace Pilgrim Cable Broadcasts arc getting only positive comments. The world needs inner and outer peace. Peace Pilgrim is that in personification.”

He requested a computer disk of STEPS and wrote, “1 would so enjoy putting this on our local Community BB which has a global audience in many countries.” Later, “I am deeply involved in getting Peace Pilgrim on the BBS screens (Bulletin Boards Services) here in the Boston area and hopefully across the globe. I feel this is a wonderful way to take her message ‘inside’ the homes and hearts domestically and overseas via the PC.”

This book is published by the Cassandra Press in San Rafael, CA 94915.

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Another Story Peace Pilgrim Would Have Told

The following is from a letter by Michelle Gordon. It is so similar to one of Peace Pilgrim ‘s stories we wanted to share it with you.

In 1987 I found myself a married woman of five years with a two-year-old son. Somehow, I came upon a copy of Peace Pilgrim’s book and read it quickly from cover to cover. I knew that in it was a message for me, but I was unsure of what it was. I felt as though Peace was talking directly to me and telling me that my life had more meaning than I had previously imagined. It wasn’t until much later that I realized just what this meant for my life.

I was in a job I had held for ten years. I had previously enjoyed my job as a secretary, but with the birth of my son I found that perhaps this was not the best place for me to be. After he was born I spent my three-month maternity leave in tears, knowing that I would have to leave my precious child in another’s care while I went to work. My husband works, but we need two incomes.

My supervisor did not like me taking time off to be with Nicholas when he was sick, or when he wanted to spend the day with me and did not want to go to day care. There was that beautiful boy wanting me, and I was stuck behind a desk. I decided I had to make a change.

I talked to the woman who was Nick’s baby-sitter and found out that as a State-licensed Family Day Care Provider she was able to be at home and care for other people’s children. It was then I realized that I had a choice. I could do the same thing. I quit my job and took children into my home. I felt wonderful.

I did day care for three years. Toward the end, my daughter Holly was born and my energies were not up to a newborn and three to four other three-year-olds. I no longer truly enjoyed caring for other people’s children and I felt badly about this. I kept re-reading parts of Peace Pilgrim’s book that talked of service. I suddenly had a tremendous urge to begin teaching piano again — something I had not done in many years. Within a year my piano lessons had grown from four students to 25 (and growing still!). I found that I could give up day care and provide for our household by just teaching piano and organ.

I re-read a section of Peace’s book which always seemed wonderful to me. It was about a woman whom she had taken by the hand and helped to find the perfect job and then her path of service. I knew that now I had to find my path of service.

Then one day while cleaning my daughter’s bedroom, I found a lot of old yarn which I decided to take to a local nursing home. I talked to the activities director about coming to play piano for the residents — an idea she was very excited about. I have been doing this as my path of service to the community and have found it to be a great source of inspiration. What is incredible is that among the residents are those who are silent. They never speak with
anyone. But when I come in and play old songs, sometimes they actually sing along!! They remember something deep inside and remember all the old words. The director was amazed that this was happening. Peace Pilgrim has shown me that my work can also be my path of service. I have found such great wonderment in my life and have let go of trying to control everything. Now I know that even the smallest step in the direction of peace will send it rushing towards you in ways you have never expected.

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THE FIRST PEACE STUDIES program in the U.S. began in 1948 in a small Brethren College in Manchester, Indiana. It was the forerunner of the formal study of peace that became the model and inspiration for other colleges, universities and seminaries. Manchester College offers a Bachelor’s degree and a minor in Peace Studies. Many institutions now have Masters and Doctoral programs as well. It’s wonderful that the formal study of peace has been accepted as important by so many of our institutions of higher learning.

Mark Roccaforte and Daniel Smith, two students in Peace Studies at Manchester College, have been working on a Peace Pilgrim display to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her pilgrimage. The display is now located in their Peace Studies library on the upper level of Funderburg Library. Daniel writes, “It would be a delight to have anyone visit. I could probably meet with visitors personally if I knew they were coming. I work in the Peace Studies office and would happily respond to any inquiries as well as send brochures which describe our program.” They can be contacted by phone or through letters at the Peace Studies Institute, Manchester College, Box 27, North Manchester, Indiana 46962. Telephone (219) 982-5343


NEW ZEALAND — The important thing is for us all to find the passion within to live closer — no, to live dedicated to the love and truth that is in our own hearts. I bow to that dedication in Peace Pilgrim. She is quite right — it is the truth that is important, not who brings the truth.


NANAPEGE, HI — For Halloween, my six-year old daughter Sarah Lee chose to be Peace Pilgrim, Princess of
Peace. She wore a princess outfit and handed out a Peace Pilgrim booklet to each neighbor she trick-or-treated.


LITHUANIA — My name is Babija. Now I am reading a wonderful book of Peace Pilgrim. I have borrowed the book from my friend, and I must give it back sometime, Yet I wish to have it with me and to be able to reread while having such need. Also, I have told about the book to many of my friends, and they are looking forward to read it. Therefore, I will be very happy to receive Peace Pilgrim’s literature and to share with many interested people the joy of dwelling on it. Besides, I want to appreciate very much the work you do spreading Peace’s message!

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You still have time for the Peace Pilgrim wilderness Retreat in Utah’s beautiful Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Up to sixteen friends of Peace Pilgrim will take a large houseboat out on Lake Powell and explore the serene and fascinating sandstone side canyons of this natural wonderland from July 23-29. The cost of this trip is $375. Call Richard at (505) 983-1412 as soon as possible!

Two of the original compilers of the Peace Pilgrim book, Cheryl Canfield and Richard Polese, are coordinating this summer’s retreat. "As we cruise and walk this ancient landscape, Cheryl will conduct morning meditations and brief evening talks and discussions of Peace’s principles and ways of living,” Richard said. “We will enjoy hearty and wholesome vegetarian meals during the trip.”

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The following is from a letter by Sharon & Stanley Bertsch in Seattle, long-time friends of Peace Pilgrim who have been spreading her message for many years. This is about an exciting post-cold-war event they witnessed and wanted to share with all of us:

We are thinking about Peace Pilgrim’s wonderful mission and want to share what has been going on here in the Northwest. In November a Soyuz rocket with a space capsule was launched from the former “top-secret” military base in Plesetsk, Russia. This was the first civilian space capsule to be launched in the former Soviet Union. What an historic breakthrough! — a clear showing that Peace’s message is being heard and that the cold war is over.

The capsule was a “missile” of LOVE from the people of Russia. After orbiting the earth for a week it splashed down 120 miles off the Washington coast. It was retrieved by the former Russian intelligence spy ship, Marshal Krylov, now an oceanographic and research vessel. When the ship was open for tours thousands viewed the ship that had been used for tracking spacecraft. Its crew of 450 Russian sailors and officers was given a grand welcome by many Seattle dignitaries and thousands of welcoming Seattlites. Tours of the city and Thanksgiving in American homes were included.

To help celebrate this historic occasion, over 300 Russian guests arrived, including engineers who built the spacecraft and a cosmonaut. Seattle opened its doors and welcomed all of the guests into their homes, with love and good wishes to all.

The 3,000-pound capsule, named Resurs 500, was displayed on board the ship and became the main attraction in a parade through the main streets of Seattle. It contained 19 sealed containers, which were opened at the Boeing Museum of Flight. Inside were letters and proclamations from major leaders in Russia, including Boris Yeltsin, as well as letters from children wishing Peace and Joy to the United States. The Sheraton Hotel set up a
friendship center, with entertainment provided by both countries. A table was set up for pamphlets and writings on Peace and Friendship. Peace Pilgrim books and Steps in both Russian and English were handed out. At the opening of the capsule, a table with Peace Pilgrim’s books and Steps was also set up. These were received with much enthusiasm and many expressions of peace.


FINDHORN in SCOTLAND I wanted to tell you how frequently people ask to borrow our Peace Pilgrim videos. We continue to give workshops at Findhorn Foundation and in other countries and we always carry the video with us and show it during a workshop. Peace Pilgrim is a wonderful example of what we teach about healing, forgiveness and “going home to God.” We also carry a supply of the STEPS booklets and offer them in workshops — usually the day after we have shown the video.. ..Here in Findhorn, Michael and I have become known as the source of Peace Pilgrim information. We often have school teachers who are inspired to obtain a PEACE PILGRIM video to show in their schools. Isn’t that a wonderful way to reach children? — Salice & Michael Dawson


DON & VESTAL DEAN BAILEY of Indiana, dropped by the Peace Pilgrim Center one evening. In addition to farming more than 200 acres, each year they plant one acre in popcorn. At harvest time they invite their church young people to their home for a gala harvest party to help package the corn for sale, with the proceeds going to their church. These friends have given many Peace Pilgrim books to their friends and church members. They gave us a bag of their wonderful popcorn for our Sunday night popcorn binge. They tell us it is even better than the popcorn of their famous friend, Orville Redenbacher.

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