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Summertime, 1992 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 16

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim 
Workshop in Germany 
These Things Shall Be! 
The Golden Rule Church 
Jim Wells, Peace Advocate 
The Nonviolent Czech Revolution 
Translations of Steps
Arthur Wadsworth 
Piggyback Steps 
Printing History of Steps 
Peace Pilgrim Carries $100 
Peace Pilgrim Book in Dutch 
Diet Education Institute 
Russian and Spanish Books 
The Spiritual Athlete 
Hardcover Library Books 
Peace Pilgrim Documentary 
Grand Canyon Retreat 
Book on Tape 
A Time for Nonviolence 
The Global Village 

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim, 

WHAT A BLESSING is normal rainfall on this high desert, bringing abundant flowers and rabbits, birds galore nesting at our front and back doors as well as in our trees. A few months ago a wandering chicken came by and decided to stay. Chick and our wild rabbits get along nicely, sometimes eating grain out of the same bowl until chick pecks rabbit, who leaps straight in the air. Sometimes Chick squawks very loudly if she is hungry or in trouble, and we all go running to her aid.

The magic that has created our Center and sent books around the world is Peace Pilgrim’s words. They seem to have the ability of reaching the hearts of the wealthy, the poor, the highly educated, professors and presidents of colleges, the uneducated, the atheists in Russia and China, Trappist monks in Gethsemani and cloistered Sisters who never leave their sanctuary. One Sister wrote they were reading PEACE PILGRIM every evening at supper and they were all wanting to become Peace Pilgrims.


From the Secretary General, International Association of Schools of Social Work, Vienna, Austria — I was very inspired by STEPS and decided to also commit part of my life in that direction. It was wonderful to read the principles and steps leading to a new world order. We could use STEPS for some curriculum development in schools of social work. I thank you for all you will be doing for us and for showing a new way for professional social workers and educators. I shall be happy to keep in touch with you.

SWITZERLAND — I asked for one copy of STEPS and one Peace Pilgrim book but instead I got six STEPS and two books! I thank you and your friends so much for your generosity and the encouraging and kind reply! I read STEPS and I marvelled at it’s message! I come across quite a lot of psychological and spiritual books in a year but I didn’t see anywhere lately in such a condensed form with so much insight and truth. I accept your gift with great joy and gratitude! I thank you also for the extra copies, and I take this as a message in itself, and I speak to my friends and to my patients of the eternal truth displayed in Peace Pilgrim’s life as well as in her words, and to some of them I offer the book and STEPS.

THE HAGUE - I wish you every success in your future endeavors for the spreading of the good message of peace, which alone can save this world from utter disaster.


Peace Pilgrim Workshop In Germany   (Back to TOC)

Henrik Meyer in Germany has presented a workshop on “Steps Toward Inner Peace,” based on the teachings of Peace Pilgrim and others, as part of a seminar about education for peace in English lessons. It was presented to 14 teachers of English as a hypothetical model of teaching peace in English lessons and was afterwards discussed as to its feasibility in the classroom situation.

The aims of the teaching unit are:

* to encourage the pupils to commit themselves to the cause of peace by showing them that they can in fact contribute to the peace spectrum,
* to convince them of the fact that the prerequisite for peace around us is peace within us,
* and to show them that peace within can only be attained by considerable changes of our conventional thinking and behavioral patterns.

This teaching unit is chiefly based on a compilation of newsletters, speeches, and conversations of Peace Pilgrim. She is frequently presented as a role model when discussing violence and the necessity of changing ones thought patterns as a first step towards becoming more peaceful and understanding. In the words of their brochure: “What makes Peace Pilgrim a unique and convincing model of peaceful ways of living is the fact that she actually lived her message and by putting it into practice discovered dimension of human existence that go far beyond our limited everyday experience, living consistently for love and peace, i.e. ‘in harmony with the laws that govern this universe.’ She was provided with endless energy, vitality, inner peace, wisdom, confidence, happiness, security and unfailing health. She radiated peace wherever she went, transforming the people she met on her way. She made people aware of the tremendous latent potential in every human being, that, if only developed in a few, would have a beneficial influence on the whole of mankind.”


Yucca Valley, Cal. — I was mailing a payment on an installment loan and decided to slip in a “Peace Pilgrim” booklet. When I was mailed my receipt back, there was a note enclosed that thanked me for the booklet. It seems the booklet had come just as their family was in the middle of a crisis, and the words of Peace Pilgrim gave them the strength they needed. — Madonna E. Newburg


These Things Shall Be   (Back to TOC)
by Peace Pilgrim (Taped in 1972 at a Unity Church in New Port Ritchie, Florida)

In every culture one discovers there are a few who are, you might say, ahead of their time. They realize that violence accomplishes nothing and they refuse to commit violence. I met a young man who was a Quaker. He could have been considered a conscientious objector [by his draft board], but he had two friends who didn't belong to any denomination and at that time could not be considered conscientious objectors. He would not take an exemption that they could not have so he was sentenced to prison also. [According to the law any one could receive a conscientious objector classification, but it was easier for members of peace churches to convince draft boards of their sincerity].

I heard him sentenced. He was a very fine young man who had worked in service in the ghetto areas, and everyone knew that. The judge who sentenced him did so very reluctantly. He said, “I know that nothing I could say would change you and I would not change you if I could. You are a man of the future and in you dwells the hope of a better world to come.”

I thought that was simply beautiful. You see, the judge also realized that in the future this is the way young men would think. We just hadn’t quite progressed that far yet. I have met some conscientious objectors. God bless them. I say also, these are men of the future, as in the song that says: “These things shall be. A loftier race than ever the world has known shall rise, with flame of freedom in their souls and light of courage in their eyes. They shall be gentle, kind and strong to spill no drop of blood.., but dare plant God’s Lordship firm in earth and fire and sea and air.” Don’t you know that song: “Nation to nation, land with land, unarmed shall live as comrades free, in every heart and soul shall throb the pulse of one divinity. These things shall be.”

At one time in the middle ages, out of the dark ages, came the renaissance. The tide turned. It can turn. Of course we have come through a dark age. We’re still in it but again the tide can turn. A new renaissance can come out of our dark age. And they are pioneers in this direction. I hope many of us are pioneers in this direction. That the conflict in the world today is between those who believe that you can overcome evil with more evil and are busy multiplying the evil and those who believe as I do that you can only overcome evil with good. It’s between those who believe that the end justifies the means and those who believe that the means shape the end. The means determines the end, and only a good means can accomplish a good end.

How many of you are with me on this? How many believe that only a good means can accomplish a good end?
Why God bless you! Practically everyone in the room. Wonderful! Put it into practice in all walks of life. It works!
It sure does.



is nestled in the wooded hills of Willits, California. Members live on Ridgewood Ranch, an estate comprising 6,000 acres, in a breath-taking setting of manzanita, oak, pine and redwood trees. This intentional community owns everything in common. Their daily work is “dedicated to the end is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Marion Huff, the senior elder, has been in touch with us from our beginning nine years ago. She loves Peace Pilgrim and duplicated our first video tape for us. Cheryl Canfield, a co-compiler of our Peace Pilgrim book, has visited them several times and spoke about Peace Pilgrim at one of their meetings. Everyone loved Cheryl.

The ranch is a working model of cooperation, hard work and faith. In their literature it says:

“At no time in human history has mankind been more in need of expressions of true brotherly love. Such an atmosphere within any group, be it ever so small — of kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration, fair play, full justice — would reach out into the atmosphere of the world and help to neutralize much of the poison that today permeates it. Mankind must be shown an example of the simplicity and goodness of such a way of life...”

They stress the economic democracy so desperately needed in our society where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Peace often spoke of this imbalance.

The community, which has been in existence since the depression, is a shining example of cooperative living inspired by the Golden Rule. No doubt we can all learn much from their demonstration in our own outreach in the world.


Jim Wells, Peace Advocate   (Back to TOC)

In our last newsletter we had a short article about Jim Wells, a psychiatrist who wrote TRUE SUCCESS, a book about living and loving in an unbalanced world. Peace Pilgrim’s life and words are a constant inspiration to him. Today we received a letter from him about the responses he has received from our newsletter: “I have heard from people literally all over the United States and around the world. It has been exciting to see the interest generated by the Newsletter article.

“He has created a ‘campaign button’ — white on blue, which reads PEACE ADVOCATE and in smaller letters, A Friend of Peace Pilgrim. He writes, “For all who ask what it means, I will say that I am in favor of world peace, peace within communities and families, and inner peace, and will give them a copy of STEPS if they are interested. It seems like a gentle way of making contacts and in the tradition of Peace Pilgrim.” He sent us 1000 buttons for anyone who would like one or in quantity — let us know.


The following are excerpts from an article by Vincent and Jane Kovaloski called “Moral Power and the Czech Revolution” that appeared in the Fellowship magazine, January/February 1992:

In 1975 the playwright Vaclav Havel of Czechoslovakia felt that he could remain silent in face of the government’s repression only at the risk of “living a lie,” and destroying himself from within. He wrote an open letter to Gustav Husak, the Communist boss, in which he proclaimed the profound “spiritual and moral crisis” hidden by the superficially tranquil Czech society. As this was an open letter, people copied it by hand and passed it on; it became a kind of underground classic. The chord struck by Havel’s letter and by his subsequent essays, such as “The Power of the Powerless,” inspired a wave of “truth-force” that led to the nonviolent revolution of November, 1989.

When soldiers were ordered to go to Prague to crush what they were told was a counterrevolution they refused to go to shoot their own people. They just went home. So began the “velvet revolution” of 1989, so-called because of its peacefulness, its creativity and its playful good humor. The communist regime, which had seemed so impregnable, collapsed like a deck of cards in three weeks of demonstrations, negotiations and strikes. Shortly thereafter the cxpolitical prisoner, Vaclav Havel, became the first freely chosen president of Czechoslovakia in half a century.

The self-proclaimed “realists” on both sides of the Iron Curtain called the work of Havel and others “naive.” Communism, they said, could only be confronted by military force. And so, for forty years, we [the U.S.] spent ourselves into the ground, filling Europe with vast armies and weapons of unimaginable mass destruction.

Yet the indisputable fact is that the awesome military might of NATO and all our nuclear weapons were completely irrelevant to the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe. Primarily it was nonviolent people-power, inspired by the writings and witness of people like Havel, that defeated the assembled military and political edifice of authoritarianism. We have not even begun to comprehend the implications of this astounding fact. It was what Havel called “purely moral acts,” done with no hope of any visible political effect, that gradually awakened the conscience of thinking people and forged an unstoppable people’s movement all across Eastern Europe. One might say that the pen was indeed mightier than the sword, but we must add: only because those who wielded the pen lived the words they wrote. They “walked the talk.” Havel’s first book of essays, entitled “Living in Truth,” argues throughout that truth is not only what you say, but what you do with what you say.

Czechoslovakian STEPS — A friend of Peace Pilgrim just now called from Corpus Christi, Texas, to ask if it would be OK for her husband to translate STEPS into Czechoslovakian, his native language. He hopes to take copies back home next summer.

CZECHOSLOVAKIA (a letter from Greta Niskufova) — I just finished reading this lovely touching booklet of Peace Pilgrim. It is so close to the religion I’m devoted for and it is a very warm and sunny book, showing us the way of life without any strong words, without force or pretending.

Well, you certainly know this.

I’ve got the booklet as a gift. Later I gave it to my friend as a gift too. The copies can’t produce the copies forever, could you please send me the original of that other people here felt love coming from the words of Peace Pilgrim? I’m interested in the life of her as well. If is possible, I’d greet a book about Peace Pilgrim — veay much! Now a bit of introduction, even if it’s not so important....I’m 19 year old student in Czech...small part of land in Central Europe and since I’ve entered the University, my opinions has changed very much — ‘cos I’ve known real God’s children (I mean that who realize it). I’m grateful to God for giving me a chance to know them, to read one special booklet and other things. I’m grateful to you for keeping patience with me to the end.


CZECHOSLOVAKIA (From AMONG FRIENDS, a Quaker paper in Luxembourg) — Our main concern is to keep our heads above water and make ends meet, not just personally but the nation as a whole, with the exception of those who now become suddenly very rich, either thanks to the law on restitution of confiscated property...or by shady financial practices, taking advantage of the fact that new laws and controls are being created some time after the old ones cease to be valid...

It’s obvious that there were aspects of the totalitarian system that we are extremely glad to be rid of. On the other hand, there were aspects that were positive — the streets were safe, even at night, everyone had a right to free health were guaranteed a job, which although it made for inefficient working, did keep people busy. There was little scope for prostitution, drug taking, burgling people’s houses. With so many people unemployed nowadays crime is increasing at an alarming rate. Don’t think I’m advocating a return to Communism...! know if we take the good from the western system, we’ll inevitably get some of the bad. What the West could do, though, is to stop putting on its hypocritical pose of “our system is absolutely right, yours was absolutely wrong.” Yesterday! was listening to a radio program about a new law...making firearms available to the public, “to protect themselves” — like in America. Heaven help us! This is not what our revolution was for. If the West wants to help us, it could try to understand what was positive in this society and admit they’d like to have it too, so that it can be saved here before it’s rejected simply because it’s not to be found in Western Europe or America. Try to understand our position...An exchange of visitors, personal contacts in general, are always invaluable to help people understand the problems and way of thinking of others from different backgrounds...



Many in other countries who want to share STEPS with their friends and families write for permission to translate, and others just translate and send us a copy — taking seriously our last two sentences in the booklet: "It has been translated into a few languages. We hope it will be translated into many more and published in every country in the world.” We thank all of you who spread Peace Pilgrim’s message wherever you are.

In our last newsletter we told of receiving Hebrew STEPS from Israel and in the same week an announcement from Morocco that STEPS has been translated into Arabic! In response to our article we received a letter from the Hebrew translator, Moshe Boas Berg: “I was as much surprised and delighted as you, to find out about Morocco and my Arabic brother. I would appreciate it if you could send me his address, so that we can contact each other as an Arab and Jew in Peace and even Love for each other, like Peace Pilgrim so many times said in her inspiring books. As a Yoga teacher for me she was one of the greatest yogis although she never spoke about yoga. But what is more she was a mature human, and for me in this way an example of Divine-Life.”

A few years ago Ami Hed berg wrote from Sweden: “PEACE PILGRIM is the most inspiring book I have ever read.” Recently she sent us 12 beautifully printed Swedish STEPS and wrote:

It is so wonderful how people work to spread the message. At last wc have Swedish STEPS. When I started I had no idea how much work it is to translate.

Some friends helped me working with the text and getting it typed, another friend had connections in the printing business and helped me with the layout. And finally another friend who is an author worked again together with me for a final survey of the text. The result is very good and people are enthusiastic.

The PEACE PILGRIM book will also come in Swedish, hopefully by the end of this year! It is translated by a woman who got very inspired when she read it. She felt how her life changed and she really wanted Swedish people to he able to learn about Peace Pilgrim. I have succeeded in getting money from a foundation to print it and the manuscript is now taken care of by a friend who works with editing books. Hopefully it will be possible to give away a Swedish Peace Pilgrim book for Christmas! We are enjoying summer with a beautiful weather!


A Trappist monk from St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, MA - “Steps is a masterpiece, divinely inspired - The whole message is there in all its simplicity. It is the most powerful message of holiness I’ve ever read - it is just what I need.”

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A group in Japan publishes a journal called LIVE GREEN, “an organic harvest of our family of three, Jun, Kayoka & Futa Hoshikawa.” (Address: Onoaida Juenchi, Yakushima, Kagoshima-ken, Japan.) In their second issue they printed in English Peace Pilgrim’s radio talk, which is the first part of STEPS. They wrote, “We are asking readers to send in Japanese translation of the article to put in the next issue. Let’s stay in touch for a peaceful world.”

STEPS in Japanese was in the next issue they sent us! Both are beautifully printed with pictures of Peace Pilgrim.

Last July the Theosophical Society in the Philippines wrote to us, “STEPS has been translated into Chinese and published in the largest Chinese newspaper in the Philippines in three parts.” They sent us a copy, which we xeroxed for a few who have requested them. They also sent their December, 1990 THEOSOPHICAL DIGEST with a condensation of the PEACE PILGRIM book. We are thankful for the Theosophical Society in this country, in the Philippines and in India for spreading Peace Pilgrim’s message.

were printed in Moscow in March and are being mailed to 21,000 who requested them. Sergei and Dinara Badayev and about 20 volunteers are working on this monumental task. By September we plan on having the Russian book printed in Moscow. The Russian STEPS and books may be obtained from us or from the Badayevs if you happen to be in Russia. (Their Moscow phone number is 095-146-7552.) The PEACE PILGRIM Spanish book is also ready to be printed in the Fall in this country.

Steps in Many Languages
STEPS has now been translated and in print in French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Serbo-Croation, Russian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Tamil, Malayam and Kannada. STEPS has been translated but not yet printed in booklets in Arabic, Polish, Chinese and Japanese.

Russian, Spanish and English are the only languages in which we publish and distribute STEPS at the Friends of Peace Pilgrim Center.

Braille STEPS and STEPS on Computer Disk
The largest and smallest STEPS were received in one week from Ojai, California — STEPS in braille, and STEPS on a computer disk!

Both of these wonderful gifts were complete surprises. The Theosophical Book Association For The Blind (54 Krotona Hill, Ojai, California 93023) wrote: “Enclosed are five copies of STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE that we have reproduced in braille. We will be offering STEPS in our international press-braille catalog...We (TBAB) will send STEPS free to braille readers.”

They also wrote that they will reproduce our Peace Pilgrim book in braille if we send them our book on a computer disk! (This we did today, June 11, 1992). What a wonderful service they perform!”

COMPUTER DISK STEPS came later that week from Larry Davis who wrote, “I’ve made STEPS into a computer file and sent it to several Computer Bulletin Boards where callers can transfer it to their computers for the cost of a phone call. The file is formatted to print on any printer. The bulletin board method of distribution is about the most cost-free method of distribution, the only expense being the phone call and the paper to optionally print the file (one can still read it without printing). So far, the number of people transferring (downloading) the file is above average and indicates more interest than the run-of-the-mill computer program that is usually transferred.


Compiler of Steps

Since there is so much interest in STEPS we thought you might like a little background history: We have Arthur Wadsworth to thank for putting together the little classic, STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE, that has gone around the world to at least 105 countries. The other day we stacked 100,000 STEPS in our garage, which makes almost 800,000 English STEPS in print.

In 1966 Arthur was a volunteer at radio station KPFK in Los Angeles. He was so inspired by Peace Pilgrim he asked her to speak on KPFK without mentioning God since he was an agnostic at that time. He transcribed her talk and put it into a booklet. Later he must have changed because he added several beautiful passages mentioning God from her PEACE PILGRIM PROGRESS NEWSLE1TERS. He made it into a small square booklet that could be sent without an envelope for one 13-cent stamp.

Peace would leave a booklet with her hostesses. When I received one I was so thrilled I wanted to send one to all our friends for Christmas. I wrote to Arthur for copies but he didn’t have them in quantity. I asked if we could help with the printing but he suggested some other volunteer work I might do. Eventually he found out from Peace Pilgrim that we were reliable people and it would be OK for us to help. We have been printing them ever since. At long last my dream of sending them to all our friends came true. And now we have the wonderful privilege of sending them around the world to those who ask for Peace Pilgrim’s message!

Some write that they would like to give one to everyone in the world — so would we! Imagine the thrill of sending thousands to Africa, China, Russia, Sri Lanka, Greenland, and throughout Latin America. It is beyond our ability to comprehend the vastness of it. How can one little old woman’s words touch so many diverse hearts? — Ann



Some of you may have wondered why you almost always find STEPS booklets in your packages no matter what you request. STEPS is our only advertisement. We do not advertise in any other way. Mostly we send extra STEPS “piggyback,” (no extra postage).



In the beginning we had a local printer print a small number of STEPS booklets, usually 500, which was enough for a year. The number of requests slowly increased so that we had one thousand printed at a time, and then two thousand. Each time we collated and stapled them by hand. The cost per booklet was high for these small printings, so we decided to have a large number printed. About this time Brother Mark, a printer at the New Mellory Trappist Abbey in Dubuque, Iowa, volunteered to typeset Steps, using his old linotype printer.

Because some STEPS were getting damaged in the mail we designed the new STEPS to fit into a small envelope. We located a printer in Memphis to print on light-weight paper, so one booklet and a letter can be sent in a standard small envelope for one first-class stamp.

In 1981, a few months before her glorious transition, Peace Pilgrim sent us a revised version of STEPS with the gender specific language replaced. She had discovered that if she used masculine terminology, such as the pronoun he for God, some women would stop listening.

In the fall of 1986 the first 50,000 of our new STEPS arrived. We sent copies to 3,000 of our readers and soon received requests for over 20,000 STEPS. Now we order a hundred thousand every year. — John



When Peace Pilgrim came back from her last inspirational tour to Hawaii, some friends brought her to our home in Whittier to spend the night. When they got out of the car she put an orchid lei around my neck and gave me a $100 bill. What in the world is going on I thought — a penniless pilgrim giving us $100! “It is for printing more STEPS,” she explained. And then they told us this story:

On the plane she sat next to a man who was smoking. He was fascinated talking with her but unconsciously kept blowing smoke in her face as they talked. Finally she kindly asked him if he would stop smoking, which he did and they went on talking amicably. When they were about to leave he offered her a $100 bill which she refused. He kept insisting so she suggested one of her friends take it, but he also refused. The man was so insistent that she decided to take it and give it to us for printing and mailing STEPS. — Ann



A few days ago another beautiful book came to us — PEACE PILGRIM in Dutch! We had put together two friends of Peace Pilgrim who wanted to translate it. One wrote, “Our cooperation works out fine, and we have a lot of fun together. We had to laugh about the differences between the Dutch and Flemish way of saying things, but we chose the solution which fits best both our linguistic feelings.”


Diet Educational Institute for Doctors

“When I was in medical school I was taught that heart disease is largely irreversible, that cancer is mainly due to factors beyond our control, and that diabetes was to be treated with drugs and little else. Welt we were wrong.” — Neil Barnard, M.D., faculty member of the I.A.N.E.R.

Family doctors, internists, cardiologists and other practicing physicians in America receive on average 4 hours in total of nutritional training in medical school. Yet the medical journals have reported numerous studies showing that food choices are a major factor in a number of diseases.

To help remedy this, Dr. Michael Kiaper, a past Scientific Director of EarthSave, has started the “The Institute for the Advancement of Nutrition Education and Research,” which provides postdoctoral training for physicians in the area of diet and health. The organization is accredited by the American Academy of Family Physicians to provide continuing medical education in applied nutrition. Their primary course provides 25 of the 50 hours of continuing education that most states require physicians to take in order to maintain their licenses. The training is given around the country.

We at the Peace Pilgrim Center especially approve of Dr. Kiaper’s diet suggestions as given in his books and articles. As a long time volunteer at the Peace Pilgrim Center I have marvelled at the radiant health of the founders of Friends of Peace Pilgrim, John and Ann Rush, who are both 75 years and who often work twelve and fourteen hours days at the center, who are living testimonies to the health-giving benefits of a good diet and daily exercise.

For more information and a brochure: Institute for the Advancement of Nutrition Education and Research, 2611
Vanderbilt Lane, #2, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 tel.:310- 379-8187. — Jeff



In Newsletter number 15 we printed an article from Earthsave, an organization started by John Robbins, author of the popular book, “Diet For A New America.” We neglected to publish their address. Here it is: 706 Frederick St., Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

We greatly appreciate their devotion to saving our environment and highly recommend their publications and newsletter.

Earthsave has requested thousands of STEPS booklets to send to every new member. Bill Stokes, one of their early members, was living in Hemet when he received his copy of STEPS. He asked to visit us and wrote, “Franidy, I had never heard of Peace Pilgrim, but I was absolutely knocked out by her insights and perceptions.” He began helping us with our mailing, putting your names in the computer and packaging your books for two and half years until he recently moved to Leisure World. He told us it was the most important work he has ever done. We feel the same way. We miss his devotion and delightful, dry sense of humor and wish him well as he goes on his journey.


Russian, Spanish Peace Pilgrim Book   (Back to TOC)

The Russian edition of the Peace Pilgrim book is in the final stages of editing, and we expect it to be ready for the printer in August. We plan to print the first edition in Moscow through Russian Friends of Peace Pilgrim and also in this country. The 21,000 Russians who have received the Russian edition of STEPS have all been notified that the Russian book will be available later this year. We expect a large initial distribution.

The Spanish edition of Peace Pilgrim, “Peregrina de Paz — Su Vida y Obra en sus Propias Palabras” is in the final stages of typesetting and is expected to be available in early Fall. We are planning to contact major media throughout Latin America to let people know of its availability, If you have any ideas about appropriate Spanish publications in Latin America, Spain or this country, we would be glad to hear from you.

Both of these books are available from us now in manuscript form.



Ray Berry, a visitor to our Peace Pilgrim Center, has published a new book, “The Spiritual Athlete.” In this book are essays about twenty-two individuals. Among them are Thoreau, Sojourner Truth, Brother Lawrence, and (of special interest to us) Peace Pilgrim.

George Feuerstein writes in the Foreword, “The twenty two essays are brief portrayals, giving the reader valuable glimpses into the life and work of many beloved individuals from the East and the West who have accomplished extraordinary things.”

Fathcr Thomas Keating, Trappist Monk, St. Benedict’s Monastery, Snowmass, Colorado writes, “This book is much more than an ordinary anthology. The wisdom of extraordinary seekers of the Ultimate Reality is presented here for ordinary people.”


Wheat Ridge, CO, Dr. Ward Anthony — I put the last set of books out in my waiting room with the message that I considered Peace Pilgrim to be one of the greatest people of the 20th century. I think it is uniquely fortuitous that she was religiously unaffiiated. Everyone can embrace her, without ideology getting in the way....The books are gone — into the hands of good people who will take to heart her message. I did give the book to some who were in need, but most books were just picked up.


ONE DAY RECENTLY a Peace Pilgrim friend phoned for 525 hardcover Peace Pilgrim books and 500 STEPS to give to guests at a reception for his newlywed son. That night at midnight we received a call from Dr. Lee in Taiwan for a thousand copies of our compact Peace Pilgrim book.



A special gift last year enabled us to send a hardcover Peace Pilgrim book to the 10,000 main public libraries. We sent a letter with each book, asking the librarian to let us know if they could use more books for their branches. We were disappointed that we received requests for only a thousand books, although there are approximately 10,000 branch libraries. New York City library requested 100 more books; Los Angeles did not request any.

Also some main libraries have not added PEACE PILGRIM to their collection, so we are asking those who want to help to check libraries to sec if they and their branches have our book. If they do not, try gently to persuade them to accept it by pointing out that it is highly recommended by the American Library Journal and is free, which should be a boon to financially strapped libraries. If librarians agree to accept it let us know how many you will need. We are eager to get them out of our garage and into libraries.

Many friends of Peace Pilgrim are already taking books to their local libraries. They may be given to any library — college, high school, church, Meeting House, and hospital. Some doctors, therapists and lawyers have written for them to keep in their waiting rooms.

A Peace Pilgrim friend in Florida wrote, “I only go where I can walk but have distributed the hard-cover books to the school, church, and public library within walking distance. They all seemed glad to get them.”

There are several friends in Canada who have requested many boxes of hardcover books to take to libraries:

Edmonton, Alberta, Barbara Teeple — I am looking forward to distributing the hardcover books to our libraries, first in Alberta, and then whatever I have left over I will distribute to the other western provinces. It is my intention to send the books to major city libraries first. Later this year, I will request more books to extend the distribution to Eastern Canada. This is very exciting.

Collingwood, Ontario — What a great philosophy Peace Pilgrim had! I believe these books should be plentiful in our school libraries, hospitals and public libraries. This lady represents the kind of role model I believe our youth is searching for. Please send me as many as you wish of the hardcover books and I’ll do my best to get them placed.

Carol Olsen, Anarka Lending Library — I have recently been led to open a non-profit lending library in the hopes that books and information can be made available to those who cannot or do not wish to purchase them. Reading Peace’s book was so very inspiring for me — I purchased it in a second hand book store for $1.00 and added it to the library. After I read of her she has walked with me each day.

Land O’Library, FL — Our library would appreciate it if you could send us your complimentary copies of your newsletters. They would be appreciated by our community and would enhance our library’s magazine section.



A new documentary about Peace Pilgrim is now in the works. The film makers are planning to go on a pilgrimage of their own, interviewing people who knew Peace Pilgrim and sharing her message with others along the way. They expect to set out from Los Angeles sometime in the early spring of 1993. Anyone interested in sharing their memories or helping to coordinate gatherings when the film maker/pilgrims come through town, please contact Claire Townsend, Mantis Productions, 2348 Hermits Glen, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Tel 213-650-7347 FAX 213-656-6039

Claire Townsend has extensive experience in the movie industry. As Vice President of 20th Fox and Vice President of United Artists she supervised films from writing through distribution. She and Candice VanRunkle recently formed Mantis Productions. Candice is Director of the Los Angeles office of Christic Institute best known for having prepared the Karen Silkwood case against Kerr-McGee.

One of the film maker/pilgrims is Jan Haag, a writer and artist. She was a former director of National Productions Programs for the American Film Institute. The plan is for Jan, a camera person and a sound person to travel in selfcontained vans. Hospitality, such as a parking space, would be appreciated but not necessary.

We have many people on our mailing list who have had meaningful and significant experiences with Peace Pilgrim. By sharing your experiences on this film you may contribute towards making widely known Peace’s inspired and creative message. If you know of someone who has had such experiences with Peace Pilgrim, please let them know of this effort.


Grand Canyon Wilderness Retreat
As part of the Peace Pilgrim Wilderness Retreat program, Friends of Peace Pilgrim is offering a 7-day retreat in the Grand Canyon, from March 28 to April 3, 1993 (exact dates subject to approval by the Park Service). The cost is $175 and includes vegetarian meals. We will descend the Tanner trail to the Colorado River and hike along it and on the Tonto Plateau at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We will hike back to the rim on the Grand View Trail. Jeff, full-time staff member at the Peace Pilgrim Center, will lead it. This retreat is for people with backpacking experience. For more information, contact Jeff at the Peace Pilgrim Center.


BOOK ON TAPE   (Back to TOC)
We now have our Peace Pilgrim book and the STEPS booklet on tape, packaged in an 8-audio-cassette album. They are narrated by Ann Rush, who knew Peace Pilgrim for 24 years and took her to dozens of speaking engagements. Our duplicating and postage costs for this album is $20.



The following is taken from an article by Glenn Smiley in The Newsletter of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence in Los Angeles:

It seems we move from one crisis to another. Since the Rodney King verdict, it has been the Los Angeles Uprising...But whereas the first three days were filled with all sorts of disturbances, we now have entered a period of repentance with citizens filling the street-African-AnglosLatinos-Asians — with shovels and brooms in their hands, all singing and sweating to excavate our city from its fiery tomb of hatred and death. One is reminded of a Kenneth Boulding Naylor Sonnet: “For hate is short, but love is very, very long.” Let us hope this is true of the City of Fallen Angels.

..It is time to renew our efforts for education - educating the people, educating the police and educating the poor in the importance and impact of nonviolence as a means of social change. Now is the time to double our efforts in the classrooms, in the communities, and with law enforcement. It is time we come together, learn to live together, and hopefully teach others that knowledge is the most direct route to global harmony.

Now more than ever, it’s a time for nonviolence.



When we have a newsletter to mail we now have potlucks on a Saturday and Sunday and about 20 people mostly from Hemet come to help. And we now have two Hemet regular volunteers:

John Cope is a Hemet volunteer who saw that we are too busy with our ever expanding Peace Pilgrim work to continue gardening. He planted and tends to a wonderful garden, out of which we are eating chard, beets, carrots, and tomatoes. We are thankful for the delicious organic produce. One day he was assembling the Campbell House tape which was made near here and he said he used to live in the Campbell House!

Barbara Werner has always helped with the newsletter since she first came several years ago. Then she asked if she could do more and started coming once a week helping in various ways. Now she has taken on the African project of answering letters and packaging books for Africa. Since we sometimes receive several in a day, this has become a big job, and we are very thankful for her devotion to this task. She says she loves to do it and from their return letters we learn how much they love her messages. Her granddaughter has become a penpal with two African correspondents.


Dr. Ohai, Nigeria — I have just finished STEPS. The inspiration I got could not be put to the book alone. It awakened my intuition and I will like to read more books from Peace Pilgrim (We sent 4 compact books and 12 STEPS).


Peace Pilgrim and The Global Village   (Back to TOC)

The Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast Inn in San Francisco has long placed Peace Pilgrim books beside the beds of its 18 guest rooms. They now offer a Peace Pilgrim “browsing and grazing” area on the ground floor of their Global Village Networking Center. There Peace Pilgrim’s STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE booklets may be read in several languages. Sami Sunchild, the owner, expresses heartfelt thanks to Friends of Peace Pilgrim who have made this display possible.


A Portrayal of Peace Pilgrim

Gene Fitzgerald wrote from Brewster, WA — I wanted to share with you my adventure portraying Peace Pilgrim last night at the “Celebration Eve! — In Honor of Women”. he enclosed her 4-minute summary of Peace’s life and message]...What a wonderful evening it was. It was truly an honor to be invited to share Peace Pilgrim with this group. I myself could never have stood before a crowd of several hundred, but as Peace Pilgrim it seemed the most natural thing in the world to do!


A BALLET DANCER writes — How can I begin to explain my reactions and feelings while reading Peace Pilgrim? I read it slowly as to savour it all. Such an amazing person! — with philosophy I fully believe in, yet who carried it all out! For the first time I saw written down exactly what I believe God is but could have never put it into words as beautifully as she does. I think of what she did for so many people and I wish to help people too. I feel such an incredible inspiration after reading this book.

I am a dancer in the Cincinnati Ballet and .have often wished the arts performed for more benefits to aid desperate and struggling people. As a dancer I feel fulfilled when other people see my dancing, and it makes them happy. I wish to extend the art form to work for peace. I hope some day some way I can. After reading this book I find myself telling so many people about it who are interested. I wish I could have met this incredible woman.

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