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Springtime, 1991 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 12

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim
Bible School in Kenya
The Way of Peace
Peace Pilgrim Center Volunteers
Mother's Day Proclamation
Gandhi Speaks to American Women
Peace Activist Hemet Mayor
A Peace Pilgrim Presentation
The Way of Love
Shopping Bag Diplomacy
My Experience with Gandhi
Indian Nonviolence
Peacemaker Mediation Project
Community Peace Fellowship
New Publications
Alternatives to Violence
The Peace Taxpayers
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"It is hard for people to understand that all war is bad and self-defeating.  People in their immaturity attempt to overcome evil with more evil, and that multiplies the evil.  Only good can overcoe evil"  -  Peace Pilgrim

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

MOST OF THE TIME THAT WE have been publishing this newsletter there has been increasingly good news to report from around the world. The year 1990 was the beginning of a new decade of peace – world-wide prayer campaigns with millions praying for peace – thousands in “no-nuke Nevada campaigns” in USSR and USA, leading to a new era of world-wide cooperation in the 21st Century. Walls were tumbling down, old enemies becoming friends. A reunited Germany; and a United Europe! What has happened to that golden age of peace? 

Our business has escalated since the slaughter started in the Gulf, while most businesses are hurting. People are wanting STEPS and books to give out at prayer vigils, in church services, on peace walks. Five hundred STEPS were requested for our troops in the Gulf and books and videos for the Gulf nurses. Today we packaged a book for a young man in the reserves who was expecting to be called to kill, just as he was thinking about becoming a conscientious objector. Also, we just packaged additional 100 STEPS for an army chaplain who had previously requested 175.   

People call with such anguish, sometimes almost in tears, and we sense how much we need one another. One person called after seeing an article in the Riverside paper about our operation and a picture of our garage filled to capacity with boxes of books. She said she was so unhappy reading all the horrible news – then she saw our article. She had to call to tell us how good it felt to read it and offered to come and help. 

Our phone rang off the hook after an hour-long Peace Pilgrim radio program on radio station KPFK in Los Angeles. People started calling immediately – 80 people have called or written so far, wanting books and/or the audiotape they heard excerpts from on the program. 

And we receive letter. Here are some recent excerpts: 

ANN ARBOR, MI – My heart has been heavy since August and increasingly with the increasing craziness of our national policy. 

SALT POINT, NY – It’s certainly healing to know that you are still there and that the work goes on, even in the midst of our present crisis. If you have any specific suggestions about things to do in relation to this current war, I would appreciate hearing them. 

EUGENE, OR – I have been touched by Peace Pilgrim, as have many of my friends. During this violent month I have given away many of the STEPS booklets and a book to people headed to the Mid East. The message of Peace has helped us all. 

NORTH IDEAHO UNITY CHURCH -- …We tithe to people and places from which we receive spiritual nourishment. At our observance of the World Healing Peace Mediation, December 31, we handed out your STEPS booklets. We also used them in the following Sunday services as a good focus for this coming year. And now, as events continue to unfold in the Middle East and throughout the world, the message of Peace Pilgrim gives each individual a base from which to do his or her own inner work to promote peace. Through your message and the work you do, we have been fed. (They sent a very generous gift and requested 500 STEPS and two hard cover books.) 

WALNUT CREEK UNITY CENTER – Would you please send me 100 STEPS? We are conducting a 23-hour prayer vigil, ongoing here at our Center, and would like to have these booklets. 

BRATTLEBORO, VT – It has been quite some time since I sat down to write a letter to anyone, but the current developments in the Gulf trouble me and deeply disturb me. I am in constant conflict with feelings of disempowerment and despair. Again our leaders have decided to wage a war; the very word connotes destruction, animosity and desperation, although with the current situation, “ego” is the purest of all descriptors..In the past I have distributed many copes of Peace Pilgrim’s publications. 

FLORIDA – I am not familiar with any Peace Pilgrim literature, and to be honest I don’t remember much about peace at all. During the 60’s, 70’s, and into early 80’s I fought for our country in the full time service of the National Guard. Peace was only from power. Now at the age of 52, my whole life has turned into what is really important – spiritual growth and peace.

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From a teacher in a Friends Bible school in Kenya:                                                                                                                                                 September, 1990 

Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

Your Peace Pilgrim books came. How much the students and staff appreciate them! The 26 students and 7 staff members have few books and are so happy to get a copy of their own. 

The theme of my reading matter is the living religion of the spirit of Christ rather than authoritative religious doctrine. This comment came immediately after the students began reading Peace Pilgrim: “I like this book. It is so spiritual.” The third-year students asked to read it aloud. This will allow more time to think on the spirit and her teachings on peace.

I was appalled when I came last year to hear students say, “The only way to have peace is by war. We only have peace after a war.” Now I don’t hear such statements, and they are now talking about peace through justice. So you see how important your book is in getting the real message across.

The people in the neighborhood learn English in school, and they come to me to borrow books. I gave out Peace Pilgrim to some of my most ardent readers. Meshack came to talk to me about the copy I gave him. He said the people he knows in his neighborhood would like to study Peace Pilgrim and asked if I would teach a class on Sunday afternoon, and has been back twice, really interested. I have given away most of the 54 books you sent and need 50 more.

                                                                                                                                                October 1990

The students are still enthusiastic about Peace Pilgrim..If you could send many more copies they would certainly be read with great interest. The 14 members of our Sunday afternoon study need copies of their own…A member asked to borrow a copy to read what she missed. She sat in my living room and read, while I continued with what I was doing. When she finished and handed me the book she said. “It was so good! I didn’t want to miss any of it.”

Peace Pilgrim has certainly caught their attention in this Christian training school. They don’t want to study anything else for English and say, “Let’s read Peace Pilgrim.” We are planning to make short plays of her experiences and give them. I have decided Africans are naturally attracted to peace as their love of music and much fun and laughter show.

The kingdom of God, that would peace we all long for, we all believe in, talk about, and pray for, can start right here in Kenya Friends Bible Institute – Thanks for your help in sending us Peace Pilgrim. “Peace Pilgrim is definitely of the Spirit,” they say. “I like the way she explains it.”

                                                                                                                                                December 15, 1990

I get more encouraged every day as I see the results of our peace efforts. This morning Meshack, who asked me to take the study of Peace Pilgrim into his neighborhood, came to see me again. A teacher in a government school has been to see him about our Peace Pilgrim class. She wants to join us tomorrow and continue as we go on with out study of Peace. She wants to start a class in her own neighborhood with people who have shown much interest in what we are doing. I told Meshack she would need books and it would take some time for the books to come. 

The second order you sent by sea hasn’t come, and if they do soon, we can give some to this lady’s group. So many students want to teach classes in their communities that I want you to know that you will be getting many requests.

These classes are going over big because Peace Pilgrim explains her position so well that there is no effort on the teacher’s part to explain how it works. The live examples of her experiences make her theories believable. I am so proud of these people for the stand they are taking in this idea of peace, new to them. I am especially thankful for getting in their minds the idea of peace versus the Old Testament of a vengeful God. Thanks many times for your help, -- Ruth Williams.

And we have been receive letters from her students:

Greetings from my church. I am the pastor of a Friends Church in Kenya near a Quaker mission called Kaimosi. We have really benefited from lessons in PEACE PILGRIM. We got a copy from Ruth Williams….She has been a great help and guidance to our church. Through her we have been able to understand this Peace Pilgrim book much better. Our church is really growing fast and now our problem is that we do not have enough books – 100 or more. (We sent 102 books and 50 Steps).

Another letter; I am a Quaker pastor and graduated this month. I preach every Sunday in various Quaker Meetinghouses. I was really moved by my English tutor, Ruth Williams, when she handed me a Peace Pilgrim book.



HAWAII – My friend, Ann, was eating alone in a restaurant. She was impressed with a nearby couple’s enthusiasm with each other and felt they had been together many years. She felt she would approach them on her way out, but they approached her as she was reading your newsletter. They are very well acquainted with Peace Pilgrim and they noticed the blue color of the newsletter. 

He is a retired Methodist minister who fills in now and then. Sunday he is going to share about Peace Pilgrim in their life. He brings her teachings into his sermons wherever he speaks. Isn’t it amazing how this all works! Not really. Just right thinking leads us all in the right direction. – Beverly Blessing


The Way of Peace

                Taken from Peace Pilgrim’s leaflets telling about her fourth and fifth pilgrimage routes.

For several years my special prayer was “Let the killing in Vietnam cease!” I believe we should stop the bombing…There is always a way to do the right thing. I know that nothing is too big to pray for, that all good prayer has good effect, that right prayer motivates to right action.

It was wonderful to watch the people of my country turn toward peace – until they were way ahead of their government – and then to see Congressmen begin to change their attitudes. We all see to sense that we need a more complete living or religious principles, with more emphasis on the way of love and the overcoming of evil with good. The fact that some progress has been made should not make us lethargic. It should make us work with renewed vigor for the peace which seems more and more possible. Knowing that disharmony in our nation and our world is a reflection of disharmony in ourselves, I continue to speak primarily about peace within ourselves as a step toward peace in our surroundings.

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Peace Pilgrim Center Volunteers 

Brad Darcy and Dustin Long, drug counselors from Illinois, stopped by for a visit. They helped get shipping bags ready for the library books. We had a memorable evening on our lookout, with Dustin beating his drum as the full moon slowly rose over the San Jacinto Mountains. We thought of the Indians whose houses we see across our riverbed and whose ancestors were here before us.

This summer Brad and Dustin plan on joining BIKE AID, an organization that sponsors cross country bike trips to generate support for solutions to global poverty.

Martha McCaughin, another recent visitor, writes from New York:

My ears were still ringing with the sound of children laughing and screaming as they slid down our snow-covered tubing hill, when Peace Pilgrim first came into my life. The tubing optional had just finished for another day, and the kids were heading back to the lodge for supper. As they raced ahead, I walked with a mother who had volunteered to help chaperon 50 kids for a weeklong stay at Wolverine Outdoor Education Center in northern Michigan. As we walked our conversation turned from the usual amenities to a common interest in the spiritual aspect of our lives. I soon found myself listening to the amazing story of Peace Pilgrim, and that evening found a copy of the Peace Pilgrim Book in my hands. Little did I know then, that less than a year later I’d find myself volunteering at the Peace Pilgrim Center in Hemet, California.

Volunteering at the Peace Pilgrim Center felt like a natural extension of my growing understanding of, and searches for purpose in this life. I am an environmental educator. Maintaining a healthy environment for myself and the students I work with has come to mean learning how to feel good about myself—at peace—and teaching students how to do the same. I’m sure it was this growing understanding that led me to the Peace Pilgrim Center.

I think Peace Pilgrim was a great environmental educator. She helped people understand that real peace begins within. What better way to maintain a healthy environment than being able to bring peace to it. Peace Pilgrim’s inspiration and challenge to us all is that love and goodness can be found in any situation. And in my mind, it is only through this type of environmental education, a living example of peace in our lives, that the problems of the world will be solved.

I believe with all my heart that we all are both teachers and students. That every day of our lives we are teaching ourselves, as well as those around us, by our words, actions, and even our thoughts. Peace Pilgrim herself emphasizes the power of thought in our lives: “Do you know that every moment of your life you’re creating through thought? You create your own inner condition; you’re helping to create the conditions around you. If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a defeatist or negative thought. Since we create through thought, we need to concentrate very strongly on positive thoughts.”

If what Peace Pilgrim says is true, and I believe that it is, then our role in dealing with the problems of our world can be a substantial one. We need not feel as though our hands are tired behind our backs, or that we are a lone voice in an ocean of voices. No good thought or action is wasted. Although we tend to hear more about negative events in the news, there are many, many people in this world working for good. A fine example of this is the Peace Pilgrim Center and that it continues to run without charging for any of the materials they offer. Their goal is spreading Peace Pilgrim’s message, and this is done with a complete faith that what is needed will be provided.

My stay at the center was certainly inspiring. Although I’ve always been aware of groups working for good causes, I had no idea just how many groups there are. While at the center I felt as though I was plugged into the peace network. Correspondence from groups and individuals all over the world comes to the center, all doing their part to help bring more peace to our world. It was inspiring to see so many people understanding that any right action is valuable, and that the more they do for peace as individuals, the closer our world is to achieving peace. This is the only path to a lasting world peace – peace in the hearts of all individuals


MOSCOW – Thank you very much for RUSSIAN STEPS. The text is excellent and we are sure it will give a lot of inspiration to Soviet readers. In the State Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow, the department of religious literature has been established. We were glad to place there an English version of Peace Pilgrim’s Life and Work and the RUSSIAN STEPS. The books were gratefully accepted.



Julia Ward Howe was a leader of the crusade to establish Mother’s Day. She wrote this poem in 1878.

Arise then, women of this day!
Arise all women who have hearts,
Whether your baptism be that of water or of tears!
Say firmly:
“We will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies,
Our husbands shall not come to us, reeking with carnage,
For caresses and applause.
Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn
All that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.
We women of one country
Will be too tender of those of another country
To allow our sons to injure theirs.”
From the bosom of the devastated earth a voice goes up
With our own. It says, “DISARM! DISARM!”


Gandhi Speaks to American Women

“It is for American women to show what power women can be in the world. You have freedom. You can become a power for peace by refusing to be carried away by the flood-tide of the pseudo-science glorifying self-indulgence that is engulfing the West today and apply your minds instead to the science of non-violence; for forgiveness is your nature. By aping men, you neither become men nor can you function as your real selves and develop your special talent that God has given you. God has vouchsafed to women the power of non-violence more than to man. It is all the more effective because it is mute, women are the natural messengers of the gospel of non-violence if only they will realize their high estate.”


Peace Activist Hemet Mayor

Hemet Mayor, Gayla Jennings, was a co-organizer of the Hemet Peace and Social Order Committee that started having vigils during the Nuclear Freeze Campaign. She and others called for a candlelight vigil the Friday before the war started, and nearly 200 stood up for peace in front of the city park in the middle of town. We had almost as large a vigil on the 14th, the day before we started bombing Iraq. There has been much controversy about a mayor who publicly stands up for what she believes is right rather than for what is popular.

In a long article on the front page of The Hemet News, the editor wrote, “If an aggrieved voter wants to fire the mayor for disagreeing with him, that is his cherished right. If any American – elected or not – mutes his or her views out of fear, then the Constitution becomes a scrap of worthless paper. The price of American citizenship is to think without fear of reprisals, and to respect people with differing viewpoints.” During the bad old McCarthy era, Edward Murrow observed, “There is a tendency in this country to confuse dissent with desertion.”

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A group of Chicago-area actresses carries on the work of prominent women in history by portraying them for programs of professional organizations, civic clubs, church groups, schools and conventions.

A few years ago Shirley Chaney, one of the actresses, and her Methodist minister husband were preparing to lead a workshop, when she ran across an article about Peace Pilgrim and was immediately inspired by her philosophy and witness. Shirley wrote:

“Since then my life has been transformed. As an actress who does solo performances of notable women, Peace Pilgrim was one I wanted to add to my women. I wrote for her books and tapes.

“Since 1987 I have performed Peace Pilgrim 30 times. Each time I am more convinced that her witness is still as fresh and needed as when she was walking this earth.

“I sing ‘Peace Is Flowing Like a River’ – give a short introduction and then let Peace Pilgrim take over and tell her story about her search for inner and outer peace. I use illustrations she used when talking to groups, leave time for questions and make her books available. It lasts about 40 minutes, sometimes with a set of questions that help people reflect more deeply about issues Peace raises. I have performed Peace Pilgrim from the pulpits of churches on Sunday morning – and so I relate quite well to the story she tells about speaking in Cincinnati at seven different churches on the same day!

“People have come to me and say, ‘you truly have captured Peace Pilgrim – I feel that you really are her.’ Peace Pilgrim is so powerful and real. I thank God each time that I have been given the talent to use her words, making her seem so alive to those who never had a chance to meet her, but also to those who did know her.

“I am fortunate to have more opportunities to present the story of Peace, with bookings not only in Illinois but in other states in 1991. When the booking agent said ‘what has Peace got to say today in light of what is happening in Iraq?’ I gave him a copy of ‘Steps’ and ‘Peace Pilgrim.’ Although he is a busy man, he took time to read the two pieces, and said –‘I see what you mean; --her message is just as relevant today as when she walked this country, and you, Shirley, must continue to share her message through telling her story.”’

Shirley has become associated with a non-profit religiously oriented production company that does live theater in churches, schools, theaters, Sunday schools, hospitals, and civic groups. They want to provide opportunities for Shirley to continue Peace Pilgrim presentations throughout Illinois and much of the US. They ask our help in developing an itinerary for Shirley. If any of you have suggestions about where she might perform, please write to Dan Neidermyer, Maranatha Productions, Inc., PO Box 210, Dixon Illinois, 61021


The Way of Love

Peace Pilgrim talked to a church group in Austin, Texas about how the Danish people used non-violence, or as she called it, the way of love, to resist the German occupiers during World War II. Someone argued that such tactics may have succeeded in Denmark but may not have worked in other situations. Peace Pilgrim responded:

It worked because it was used. Why is it – we sit and study the Christian teaching? Why is it that when I am with people who don’t call themselves Christian I get very few arguments? When I’m with people who call themselves Christians I get all these arguments. They say that it couldn’t possibly work in Viet Nam, it couldn’t possibly work here, it couldn’t possibly work there. Why are they studying it? If they think it doesn’t work why don’t they study something that they think will work? This is the interesting thing to me.

Later someone said that responding with the way of love in difficult circumstances may work well for her but it would be difficult for others. Her answer:

Well, if you’re talking about me personally, you see, it works because I have no fear; having found inner peace I live in the constant awareness of the presence of God. Fear is gone from my life. And because I genuinely see within all of you, you’re beautiful to me. Because I see that divine spark in all of you, and I see that within everyone. In the person who accosts me, for instance, I see that and therefore I reach it, and the person responds. I don’t say, you see, that you can reach it if you have hate in your heart and fear in your heart, because I realize you can’t. That’s why I said you must realize that if it doesn’t work for you, it is either your calling to be a martyr – that is a very high calling, a very rare calling – or, usually the fact that you are not really using the law of love; and that’s why, you see. You’re going through the form, but you have to do more than go through the form. You have to really deeply feel that way, and then it will work for you, of course.

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Just received a long new article with the headline, WOMEN PUSH “QUIET MESSAGE” OF PEACE and a picture of two women making tote bags with the message, WAR IS NOT HEALTHY FOR CHILDREN AND OTHER LIVING THINGS (borrowed from Another Mother for Peace.)

Jan Smith, one of the women, is a peace advocate for the United Methodist Church. She has been requesting Peace Pilgrim books since ’87 and called the other day for a box of 44 compact books and 100 STEPS. She said several women take their bright orange bags with the above peace message out among the crowds at a train station and other crowded places, giving out leaflets that explain their project and offering STEPS to those who are receptive. They encourage people to buy their own fabric to make the bags and apply the slogan with a stencil they provide. “When people take the time to draw that symbol on their bags, it helps the message to sink in.”

Their leaflet explains their goal: To see many people carrying the logo-slogan, WAR IS NOT HEALTHY FOR CHILDREN AND OTHER LIVING THINGS on reusable grocery bags, tote bags, and school bags that they use in their everyday lives. This is a walk for peace, everyday, wherever we go. Write to: Janet K. Smith, 555 Chippewa Tr, Carol Stream, IL 60188.


GOODWILL COALITION, Omak, Washington, Dec. 9 – A prayer vigil at the United Methodist Church from noon until midnight -–55 people praying for peace in the Mideast. STEPS were available.

One of the organizers wrote, “I am so grateful for the Peace Pilgrim message, especially these last few weeks – it has been a rock to stand on. How I wish I could help you get the books out.” She plans on placing several dozen Peace Pilgrim hard cover books in church and school libraries. She also requested 25 compact books and wrote, “My good friend and accomplice in the Goodwill Coalition operates a used paperback book store and wants to put PEACE PILGRIM on the shelves amongst the murder mysteries and the romance novels! Peace Pilgrim goes where she will!”

Many letters to the paper. Wonderful editorial support: “If praying for peace, holding vigils, talking about human issues is unpatriotic, what is patriotic? Must we bomb, shoot, kill and terrorize to qualify as patriots?” And in letters to the editor: “I am angry – angry that two bullies on a playground (George and Saddam) can dupe so many people into playing with them. I am hurt that people who support peace (Jesus being their example) are judged unsupportive of their own native land, their own people! I am sad that mothers and spouses are still being told they have to sacrifice the best things they have – their families – to the whims of the powerful.”


Brighton, MA – I’ve just heard that we’re at war, and not knowing where else to turn I picked up Peace’s book. It opened to: In this crisis situation peace is certainly everybody’s business. The time to work for peace is now. That’s clear enough! So while I decide what my part in this is, here’s something to help further in your work.

I plan to include (Steps) in all of my change of address correspondence. How timely this teaching is! I have dedicated my life to peace completely since this incredible war in the Mideast. Please send as many copies of STEPS and PEACE PILGRIM as you can.

Tahlequah, OK – Thank you so much for sending me the literature and tapes of Peace Pilgrim. The package came on January 15th, when the sick leaders of our world made that decision to launch destructive energy toward illusionary enemies. Turing the news off, and plugging Peace Pilgrim’s videotape in was just the medicine that family (and this world) needed. Thank you for such timeliness!


My Unforgettable Experience with Gandhi
By Paul Bragg (excerpted from his book, The Miracle of Fasting).

The date was July 27, 1946, in New Delhi, which would become the capital of the new Republic of India a year and a month later. At Gandhi’s headquarters here I received permission to accompany this amazing man on a 21-day fasting trip eastward through the villages, where he would talk with the people. {The fast was taken in an effort to stop the widespread killings between Muslims and Hindus in East Bengal.} To show he shared their plight, this saintly and compassionate spiritual leader was planning to travel the dusty roads from village to village on foot, without food, for three weeks.

Gandhi was then 77 years of age, and very frail in appearance. But looks were indeed deceiving. This man was a tower of strength – physically, mentally and spiritually. His stamina, endurance and energy were astounding.

The trek began at sunup. The heat and humidity were the worst I have ever experienced – and I have spent time in some of the hottest spots in the world, including Death Valley in California and an 800-mile bicycle trip across North Africa in intense summer heat. But never once did Gandhi seem to tire, never once did he falter in his fast pace of walking.

The only time he sat down was during talks with the villagers. He would speak for 20 minutes, then answer questions for another 20 minutes. Then off down the hot, duty road the Gandhi party would go to the next village. He ate nothing, and drank only water flavored with lemon and honey.

Many who tried to travel with him fell by the wayside from heat and exhaustion. But Gandhi was inexhaustible. I have been an athlete all my life and a high-mountain climber but I have never seen a human who had the physical staying power and limitless energy as Gandhi. He walked and talked until sundown before he stopped for a rest.

Walking mile after mile from village to village, he gave the people hope and courage that a better life was coming to them. His internal strength was so powerful that weak people felt strong after seeing him and hearing his words. He gave of his unlimited strength to the discouraged and the sick. He brought light where there was darkness.

The trip with the great Mahatma Gandhi is an experience I will never forget. This physically small man was a spiritual giant. He led the millions of people on the sub-continent of India to independence from the mighty British Empire without striking a single physical blow. And yet, with all his power and influence, he was completely without arrogance. Characteristically, on the day of India’s independence, Gandhi took no part in the celebrations that went on throughout the country but spent the day in fasting and prayer.

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Indian Nonviolence and Peace-Making Workshop – June 12-30

As in two previous summers this workshop will be held in Madurai, South India. Co-sponsored by the Madurai Institute of Peace Science. The training covers: nonviolent communication; outreach to create a more just and peaceful world through rural development and other aspects of the Gandhian “Constructive Program.” Field trips and participation in rural development projects as well as in peace-making efforts. Scheduling of a similar workshop in July in Santa Cruz, CA, to be confirmed (if interested, please inquire). Our booklet, GANDHI’S SEVEN STEPS TO GLOBAL CHANGE available upon request. For more information please contact Guy de Mallac, PO Box 1058, San Jacinto, CA 922383-1058. Tel 714-654-5493 or  654-7005.


Statement On Peace. Issued by New Zealand Quakers at their Yearly Meeting in January, 1987:

…The time has come for us to take an unequivocal public stand on the question of violence.

We totally oppose all wars, all preparation for war, all use of weapons and coercion by force, and all military alliances…          

We equally and actively oppose all that leads to violence among people and nations…This has been our testimony to the whole world for over three centuries.

The primary reason for this stand is our conviction that there is that of God in every one which makes each person too precious to damage or destroy.

We will struggle to remove the causes of impasse and confrontation by every means of nonviolent resistance available. There is no guarantee that our resistance will be any more successful or any less risky than military tactics. If we seem to fail finally, we would still rather suffer and die than inflict evil in order to save ourselves and what we hold dear. 


If I had to make a choice, I would choose to be killed rather than kill. If I am killed, it destroys merely the clay garment, the body. But if I kill, it injures the reality, the soul!   --  Peace Pilgrim


CAHPEL HILL, NC – I found “Steps Toward Inner Peace” down between the wall and the desk when I moved into a new office at work – what a blessing! I want a dozen or so more STEPS for friends.

LATE NEWS  -- Just received three beautiful Norwegian STEPS TOWARDS INNER PEACE booklets with three pictures of Peace Pilgrim. Three thousand have been printed in Norway.


By Steve Brutsche was published in our last newsletter. He has requested many Peace Pilgrim books and several hundred STEPS and wrote:

“I am using Peace Pilgrim’s principles to mediate disputes between parties to lawsuits. I am training other attorneys to do likewise. One of the principles I teach is the golden rule of dispute resolution, ‘Have it be your purpose to resolve the dispute rather than to gain an advantage.’” He provides our STEPS booklet and recommends contacting us for Peace Pilgrim materials.

Several attorneys have enthusiastically responded to Steve’s article. The following is from Attorney Gus J. Zgourides:

“I read Steve Brutsche’s article in the newsletter with great interest since I have attended his mediation training, and have become an enthusiast for this peaceful way to resolve disputes. The training was the highest point in my career since becoming a licensed lawyer over 35 years ago. Steve has made a lasting mark in Dallas County. We foresee his influence spreading to Houston, all of Texas, and nationally.”

From New York City – “…I feel that Steve Brutsche’s letter could, and I think would be helpful to law schools and law firms around the nation. I believe in win-win as a result of enlightened negotiation and honest mediation.”

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A community peace fellowship is suggested by Peace Pilgrim in her STEPS booklet as being a vital importance in this crisis period. If you want to connect with other friends of Peace Pilgrim in your area we will list your name, town and phone number. To save space we’ve decided not to include addresses in the future. The following are new people who have asked to be included in this list:

Margaret Hoskins, 1161 Gambler Rd., Mt. Vernon, OH 43050
Debbie Church, 162 Ryerson Ave., Wayne, NJ 07470 628-7651
Emla Herring, 2151 E. Southern Ave. #1090, Mesa, AZ 85204
Alma enPaz, 573 Pahi Ka Street, Paia, Hi 06779
Sydney Reuben, 165 E. O’Keefe #3, Menlo Park, CA 94025 323-2643
Shoshana Suellis, POB 200, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007
Suzy Henderson, 6400 Mission Rd., Fallon, NV 89406 423-5383
Howard Frost, 34317 Green Ave., Abbotsford, BC, Canada V2S 2T1
Lynda Carey, 5-071 Rd. N., Rt. 1, McClure, OH 43534 419-748-8806
Ross Hostetter, 8300 Douglas Ave., Suite 800, Dallas, TX 750-9119
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NEW PUBLICATIONS -- That mention Peace Pilgrim:

NUCLEAR AGE LITERATURE FOR YOUTH, The Quest for a Life-Affirming Ethic, By Millicent Lenz, published and sent to us by the American Library Association.

THE PEACE PILGRIM AS HERO-HERA is the name of Chapter 4. The author believes that “a new heroic voice must be found to address the human predicament in a world permeated by fear of global catastrophe..The evolving human being in transition from youth to adulthood needs models to emulate..The warior-hero, so long dominant in our culture, has become an anachronism.”

The author believes only a person who is endowed with holistic vision and reverence for life can point the way to a future free of nuclear arms and lethal pollutants. The real-life Peace Pilgrim is given as that model.

IMAGINE/RENDER, A GIFT OF PEACE, edited by John Hartom & Lisa Blackburn for the Michigan Art Education Association. “Dedicated to the children in the hope that we may help empower them to make this a better world.” Teachers of art and professional artists tell about their experiences of using art to stimulate students to do something for peace.

This book was given to every school superintendent, art teacher and community arts agency in the state. At the same time Governor Blanchard declared November 11-17, 1990 as World Peace Week in Michigan.

“The Way of Peace” is quoted from Peace Pilgrim and the “Washington Peace Park” is reprinted from our newsletter.

BUDDHIST-CHRISTIAN STUDIES, Volume 10, 1990 – Univeristy of Hawaii.

“Peace Pilgrim: An American Parallel to a Buddhist Path” is a chapter in this book published by the University of Hawaii Press. The author of the chapter, Amanda Kautz, compares Peace Pilgrim’s beliefs, disciplines, and practices with those of the Theravada Buddhists in Southeast Asia.

After reviewing Peace Pilgrim’s spiritual journey she points out the many similarities with those of the ascetic Theravada Buddhist “masters.” All of them find that the end state of true spiritual growth is inner peace – attained by difficult inner struggle. Theravada Buddhists believe that in the beginning it is best to have the guidance of a teacher. Peace Pilgrim says that since steps are taken in such varied order most of us can teach one another.

For both Peace Pilgrim and the Theravada masters the simplification of life is necessary for spiritual growth

The author ends her discussion of parallels and contrasts by saying: “Like Peace’s friends, whose hope in the future of the world was renewed by her being an example of a person who lived in inner peace, modern Buddhists are reminded of their own potential for purity and wisdom by the lives of sincere practicing Buddhists.”

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(AVP) workshops are about finding ways to avoid violence. Their training program helps community groups resolve conflicts. This project has a long history of non-violence work: a Pilot Police Training Project under a Ford Foundation grant; training SCLLC marshals for the POOR PEOPLE’S CAMPAIGN in 1968; helped develop Children’s Creative Response to Conflict, a program for public school children and their teachers.

Interracial trainers in non-violence were sent to Auburn prison in New York at the request of a mostly Black group of prisoners. The news of the success of their seminar spread so that thousands of men and women in other prisons have now taken part in training programs.

Participants are asked to affirm each other’s good points and to avoid slighting themselves or each other. Role-playing is used and video taped. The workshops allow a deepening experience of transforming power – seeking to resolve conflicts by reaching common ground with adversaries – humor may help transform..

Many testify that it gave them a whole new vision of human relationships – a powerful effect on their lives. More than 2000 trainees have gone on to advance training. The New York State Department of Corrections is enthusiastic, featuring AVP in some of its publications. Correctional officers have participated in the workshops.

AVP 15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003

AVP-WEST, 5717 Lindo Paseo, San Diego 92115 established by Karen Cauble published the following article in their 1990 Winter Newsletter:

THANKS TO FRIENDS OF PEACE PILGRIM for contributing copies of  Steps Toward Inner Peace. The booklets are being distributed to all graduates of AVP/West workshops in Donovan Prison and Fairbanks Correctional Facility. Peace Pilgrim continues to influence us all and help us in making our contribution to a world of peace. Karen Cauble writes: “We have appreciated having the Spanish versions also, as many of our participants are Hispanic. The booklets have been well received and appreciated by the inmates. It’s good to provide them with something they can read and return to for inspiration after our work shops are completed.”

THE PEACE TAXPAYERS, PO Box 383, Lexington, KY 40585-0383 (606) 276-4733

An organization to help people choose to pay taxes only toward peace. Michael Fogler, the new coordinator, asked us to print their new address. “We routinely give STEPS to people who inquire about Peace Taxpayers because the inspiration from Peace Pilgrim is so applicable to all expressions of peace witness.”


This summer’s two Wilderness Retreats down the Green River are filled, with a long waiting list. They are being led by Cheryl Canfield and Jeff Blom.



This is an attractive durable hardcover, dust-jacketed edition of the Peace Pilgrim book. We have added a new Appendix, “Experiences with Peace Pilgrim,” and also a picture of her as a young woman. This book is especially suitable for personal gifts and for church, school or other libraries where many people will be reading a single copy. Like all materials Friends of Peace Pilgrim distributes, it is sent free to those who ask, though donations are gratefully accepted to print more books and make more tapes.

On February 1 we celebrated our eight anniversary of the first edition of the PEACE PILGRIM book. This February 1 was the last mail day before the postage went up, and we mailed the last of a shipment of 10,000 hardcover books to all the main public libraries in the country. We included a letter offering more books for their branches and have already received requests for over 500 books, including 100 from New York City.

Three weeks earlier a gigantic truck, filled with our 40,000 hardcover Peace Pilgrim books from the printer in Indiana had pulled up in our driveway. Eight friends came to help stack the boxes of books from floor to ceiling in our garage. With 30 volunteers helping, we packaged 10,000 books in two weeks.

Thank you, friends of Peace Pilgrim, for these beautiful hardcover books. One friend was so inspired by our Peace Pilgrim book she wanted a book in every library in this country and gave us enough money to send books to 20,000 libraries! This was a dream we had with a friend who talked with Peace Pilgrim about it shortly before her transition.

Many more of you contributed to the library fund. There are enough for people to give to high school, college, church and private libraries. Let us know if you want any to place in a library.

You can help by checking to see if your local libraries have added our book to their collections. If they have not, let us know and we will send this new edition to you to take to your libraries.


If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive our newsletter, please write to the address below. There is no subscription fee but donations are appreciated.   To continue receiving this newsletter after you move, send us your new address.  To be notified when new editions of the newsletter are posted to the website email:

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