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Wintertime, 1990 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 9

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Table of Contents:
Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim
The Peace Abbey
Letters From Other Countries
Born on the Fourth of July
A Letter From Texas
Alcoholics Anonymous
Excerpts from USA letters
From "Aquarian Alternatives"
Dr. Lee's Letters From China
The Library Project
Ohio Passes Conflict Resolution Bill
I Go Where They Are
Teaching Peace
Peace Pilgrim on Audio and Video
The Footbag Diplomats
Working for Peace in India
Canoeing Wilderness Retreat
Peace Pilgrim Center

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

THIS IS FEBRUARY, and we are still eating tomatoes and lots of sunchokes from our garden! For three months we were richly blessed with persimmons, our favorite fruit. After eating several every day, fresh, raw and delicious, we froze whole persimmons and made frozen puree (nothing added) with those left over. It is truly a nature-appreciation experience to eat from fruit trees we planted 4 and 5 years ago.

We continue to be thankful for volunteers who stop by to help. We are so busy answering letters and filling requests that we didn’t see how we were going to get our fruit trees pruned. Then John Bogner, a peace walker and professional pruner who stopped by last year, came again this year to freely offer his services. At mealtime and on our walks he tells us interesting stories from many pilgrimages, including the Great Peace March and the Russian-American walks.

Our travelling angel, Jeanne Rice, who came for six months, left us at the end of January to visit her daughter before going on to help some other good cause. She filled our Center with joy and laughter; at the same time she was truly a competent, devoted office and garden worker, constantly finding ways to help. We miss her already and trust she will return sometime.

Brad Williams came along just in time to take Jeanne’s place. A friend had loaned him the PEACE PILGRIM book when he was a high school exchange student in Germany on a scholarship funded by the U.S. Congress and the German parliament. He wrote, "I found PEACE PILGRIM an absolute joy. I’ve been concerned about peace, but after this book I’m inspired like never before. "Later in Washington, DC he gave a speech about Peace Pilgrim to 300 fellow exchange students, the German ambassador and State Department diplomats. Afterwards, "the students mobbed me," he said, "some telling me I had just changed their lives and wanting to know how to get the PEACE PILGRIM book." After graduating from the University of Texas, he decided to become a Peace Pilgrim volunteer, for which we are very thankful.

We are also thankful that many people yearning for peace and freedom in Eastern Europe have recognized the best way to get it is through nonviolence. One friend pointed out the timeliness of getting Russian STEPS published for people to take or send to the USSR and putting a PEACE PILGRIM book into every library in the USA. Both of these projects appear to be materializing this Spring. More on this later.

Ann, John, Jeff, Brad


The Peace Abbey     (Back to TOC)

John Bradley, our good friend and neighbor, visited the PEACE ABBEY in Shelborn, Massachusetts and suggested that we send them a PEACE PILGRIM book.

We were deeply moved when Lewis Randa, the director, called from the Abbey to tell how much they love Peace Pilgrim’s message and offered to be an East Coast Center for Peace Pilgrim materials.

The mission of the Peace Abbey is to offer young adults with disabilities the opportunity to devote their life energies to making the world a better place for those less fortunate than themselves. Their contribution is unique and immeasurable in the peace movement and is itself a gift of peace.

These Stewards of the Peace Abbey are involved in working in shelters for the homeless, in hospitals, Third World famine relief, operating a Mother’s Milk Collection Drop-off for premature infants and now will be a New England office of Friends of Peace Pilgrim! They have been twice blessed by a visit from Mother Teresa.

Rooms for overnight guests are called the St. Francis room, Mother Teresa room, Gandhi room, and now there is a Peace Pilgrim room with her books, STEPS, audio and videotapes.

Lewis writes, "We are dedicated to spreading Peace Pilgrim’s message and feel that we are uniquely equipped to do just that. Thanks to your generous contribution

Of books, STEPS, cards and videos, we are well on our way to the blessed task of sharing the message of that incredible woman.

"We are including FRIENDS OF PEACE PILGRIM on our street-side sign with the other wonderful organizations we are privileged to serve: GRANSCISCAN FRIENDS FELLOWSHIP, CO-WORKERS OF MOTHER TERESA, GANDHI INTERNATIONAL MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, and HOSPITAL MILK BANK."


When we have found inner peace we feel unity with the Divine within all human beings and unity with God, so all fear is gone from our lives. As long as we feel separate we are afraid to be and act alone – as soon as we feel oneness that feeling is gone.

Peace Pilgrim




HUNGARY - Gyongyi Barcza read the Peace Pilgrim book and STEPS several years ago and recently requested more books. Thank you for the tapes and books. I’ve get them only a week ago because I was studying at Emerson College in England. In Hungary there is a new Waldorf school and I am going to teach English there. I am so thankful that you had sent me these books and tapes. It is so great to have friends even in California. For me it is a kind of miracle.

I don’t think I could ever do what Peace Pilgrim had done but her life is inspiring me in finding my way in life. I never had expected that it was possible to live bubbling with joy, feeling that I did my best, trusting God who knows what I need from day to day. And here I am, not having headaches about tomorrows, doing my best every day. For six months I enjoy living so much that only was possible for me about the age of 16 – 25 years ago.

I think I feel that kind of inner peace Pilgrim had felt and I feel her very near to me. I feel she is one of my grandmothers. Her life will always be my lasting experience. I feel I am going on with her work in Hungary, talking to people in a way that they would be able to find their inner peace and this way to find peace for Earth and the people on it.

I am grateful to be one of you, one of her friends.

KENYA – from Sister Paula – It is just wonderful to take a minute to recall all those lives you have touched around this glove. Praise God in the name of Peace. It is wonderful to think of a strata or network of Peace encircling the globe. May you ever find new ways to share these gifts with those around you.

CANADA – I have been involved in the peace movement for many years now and find that having a strong spiritual base fuels me and keeps my intentions and actions worthy. Reading the PEACE PILGRIM book gave me many new ideas and insights that I hope to share with others.

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS – With the STEPS booklet given to me by someone I met in Australia, I was very happy because it put into words many of my own thoughts. Here are the STEPS everybody could take to overcome negative attitudes. We indeed are people of one world and have to learn to think of the welfare of the whole human family and every living thing on earth…We’ll translate this booklet in adequate Dutch and try to raise funds to get it printed.

SWEDEN – The book I will send to a student and musician I met in Greece last summer. He was out of balance, felt splitted, not anything worth. I gave him Peace’s STEPS and we talked. After reading it every night for some time he told me that he felt different, just like coming together again. He treated me as if I was Peace Pilgrim, you know! But now he is in real trouble with himself so I will send him the whole book.

Peace Pilgrim put enough seed in the soil and now it is growing by itself through us.

YUGOSLAVIA – Here you have (enclosed) two copies of the translation of the STEPS booklet into Serbo-Croatian…The photograph of Peace is missing. I simply could not afford the photo to be printed, for it would be very expensive. I have now 500 copies of this booklet and after I mail it way in about 6 months to a year, I do hope to be able to print another 500 copies. If you could spare another 10 booklets and 2 books I will use them for introduction into Checkoslovacia (sic) and the Soviet Union. Darko Zgaga

Another letter just received from Darko: My translation will be now useful more than ever, for now even here finally we have genuine steps towards true democracy taken, and life will be better each day from now. The entire Eastern Europe turned toward true democracy now toward peace genuine INNER PEACE. For if we have not genuine INNER PEACE, no democracy could help. I have received all your newsletters and I read them with great interest, especially about China.

POLAND – It is indeed a precious book, very simply describing this extraordinary person and life of Peace Pilgrim. I am enjoying with studying it and I do congratulate you such perfect edition of it! It quite fully does accomplish its aim!!

HUNGARY – A member of the Wider Quaker Fellowship showed me your Harvestime, ’89 newsletter. The spirit of it stands very near to my soul…We should be pleasure when some friends of Peace Pilgrim would make a visit our home, we offer Bed and Breakfast!

ENGLAND – I WAS RECENTLY STAYING IN A Bedouin hostel in Jerusalem’s Old City. The evening temperature was very cold and the hostel quiet so I decided to retreat to bed early. Still too early to sleep, I perused the bookshelf. Slipped between some big books I discovered a small booklet STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE, I wrapped myself in two blankets and consumed the words. I was certainly inspired and felt marvelously at peace with the world.

We sent him a couple of Peace Pilgrim books and many STEPS and a year later received a letter full of joyful thanks. He wrote a long letter about his young life. Here are some excerpts: My evolvement has been accelerating since my week’s fast, taking phenomenal impetus from the words of ‘Peace’. I start each day remembering her words and aspirations. I have formed many friendships with Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and presently I’m training to teach English as a second language to immigrants residing in this town. Many have come from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Africa. I hope to encourage them to communicate and bring integration to bridge the cultures. I have circulated the books and found acceptance which has been encouraging. It gives me great pleasure to give others the opportunity to uncover and taste the true nature and purpose of life.

SPAIN –Thanks so much for PASOS (Spanish STEPS) which I am now giving to my Spanish friends. I have not given one book away without someone comes back to say: "Thank you for letting me have it. It gives somethings to everybody."

RUSSIA – I used Peace Pilgrim materials. For instance, a few days ago I made a small survey of Peace Pilgrim materials with my classmates in my school. I think that some of them would write you, because biggest part of students was interested in Peace Pilgrim work.

I want to write you about my staying in the USA. There were 25 students including me lived in Washington, D.C. during 15 days with host families. I was impressed by hospitality of Americans who received us.

I have a request, if it isn’t problem – lease send me the 32-minute PAL video. We have a video player in our club and want to se this by our own eyes. We could not send a gift to you, It’s pity, but nothing to do. – Philipp Vlasov

RUSSIA – Your address give me Philipp Vlasov, your spreader and friends. Philip went in the USA meet a new friends, among them was you. I wont have a new friends and I wont corresponds with you. May me ask you spend material about work of Peace Pilgrim. I am sorry that maked many mistakes. I know English bad, but I won’t know English better. My mistakes, your smils! I waiting impatiently answer!



This is a movie you may have heard about or seen, since it has been such a box office success and won many awards. I knew Ron Kovic, whom the movie is about. During the Vietnam War he volunteered for the Marines and came back from the war paralyzed from the chest down. I invited him to speak on the Whittier College campus in the early 70s. He drove to our home from Los Angeles, and we drove to the campus. He whipped his wheel chair out of the back and rolled over to where the students were waiting to hear him speak.

He told them what war is like and vowed he would spend the rest of his life working to end war, speaking to groups and participating in anti-war demonstrations. This movie is his latest project and it shows, perhaps too graphically, the evils generated by war. As one friend put it, "It is very difficult to see this movie and still believe in war."



A Letter From Texas     (Back to TOC)

I had an interesting experience. I was called for jury duty for a capital murder case. Having read Peace Pilgrim’s philosophy it was easier for me to articulate my ideas in regard to capital punishment.

I was not selected for the jury but was contacted by one of the attorneys several months later. He asked me to speak to his Sunday School Class, which I did about a month ago. I asked the group if anyone had heard of Peace Pilgrim, and one woman had heard her speak many years ago.

My husband and I were the only ones in the group who opposed capital punishment. The attorney called me this AM to say the class initiated so much discussion that people are asking for a repeat – others want to come. I’ll speak again this Sunday. Her work goes on!! – Liz Ely

The United States is the only western industrialized democratic nation in the world that still executes its own citizens!


Alcoholics Anonymous     (Back to TOC)


A New York Episcopal priest, J.W. Canty, established the Soviet-American Alcoholism Center in Moscow in 1987. The Soviet authorities were dubious, but their attitude has changed to "cautious respect" as they see alcoholics get a second chance at life.

Kuzmicheva, Russian coordinator, said A.A. is being found as effective there as in U.S. "The approach makes for reconstruction of the soul. Believers speak of God helping them. Others speak of a higher power. They all recognize the need for a higher power, but they need time to understand it is God.

"They had lost control over themselves and lost the very quality of being human when they drank. When they see life with sober eyes, miracles happen in their lives, they grow spiritually. They regain their best spiritual selves."

From Associated Press


In U.S.A. – excerpts from letters     (Back to TOC)

(After reading PEACE PILGRIM,) "I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I feel the book was a real gift from a Higher Power. The book has enlightened and refreshed and reaffirmed some wonderful things…I’m a recovering Alcoholic and have been given much in the last five years of recovery and need to start giving more back. Peace Pilgrim’s message about service and giving has been motivating me. Much of what Peace Pilgrim talked about coincides with the twelve Step Program of A.A."

"Please send me a couple of Peace Pilgrim books. I had a copy and gave it to someone. I miss it terribly. I didn’t realize how often I refer to it for guidance. I’d also appreciate a few STEPS booklets. I work for a drug and alcohol recovery facility for men and often pass on STEPS as I can."

"I first came across the PEACE PILGRIM book at the Camaldolese monastery in Big Sur. One of the brothers there donated a copy to me in January 1987, and it has had a great effect on my life ever since. I am a member of Alcoholic Anonymous, having been sober through A. A. since 1984. The principles Peace Pilgrim lived are the same as those we employ as the means to recovery in A.A. Still, her way of expressing herself, the simple example of her life, has moved me in a way I had never before experience."


From "Aquarian Alternatives"     (Back to TOC)

Since 1515 the Swiss have been exceedingly proud of a citizen army. Yet, in the last few years, even some Swiss have realized that there is no defense against modern weapons and organized a national vote on an amendment to their constitution states: "Switzerland has no army."

The abolitionists had hopes of a symbolic 25% pro-abolition vote and the government said it would be a catastrophe if it went to 30%. Almost 36% of voters said to abolish the army! A movement is now growing in West Germany to abolish the German army.



Dr Lee De Stefano is an American M. D. teaching Medicine and English at a university in Shantou City, China.  He's been "Our man in China" for the last two years.

Shantou City, November 8, 1989

I try to let the unseen hand of God guide me.  I could never cope with all that has happened here unless I was able to let go and let God.  The cry for world brotherhood continues louder as we desire more freedom.  Our nuclear missiles cannot protect us from ourselves.  Science, for all its valid benefits, engenders newer ills that plague us.  There is no doubt that people are turning elsewhere for guidance.   I know this is true as I meet people from all over the world now.  We have so many inner resources, if we would only look inside and see what God gave us.  How do you get people to understand the life of the people here?  How can you place a value on your freedom when you have never had it taken away?

Things are very delicate here.  The mood of the whole country has changed.  I do not want anything to jeopardize the fact that we have been able to distribute PEACE PILGRIM books. Together we have lifted so much darkness from some people's lives.

Frankly, we are lucky that Peace Pilgrim's books reach us in the numbers they do.   This is a miracle.  I want to bridge the gap between the States and China - serving as many people as I can.  I wish more Americans would come here to teach, to work, to just be with these marvelous people.  They have preserved, ever so carefully, a lot of spirituality.

We received the shipment of books last week.  I was able to give them to one class.  Thank you!  I would like you to send me as many books as you can.   I have four classes of students left to go, with an average of about 43 in each class!  I have many people besides the students that I can give Peace Pilgrim's books to.

Why not ask readers in the next newsletter to dig a little deeper into their pockets and help get the books we need to China.  I cannot see a more worthwhile cause, because the books get here, they have an impact on people's lives, and they are a lasting reverence for the people to return to.  Not only do you bring the message of peace to a yearning people, but you teach them the English language in a plain, simple, but poignant way! It sure does not hurt to ask.

I have some fantastic news.  The translation of STEPS is complete in Chinese! It took 52 handwritten pages.  I remember you mentioned you might not be able to do anything with it because of the cost.  I have the problem of getting it typewritten in Chinese but I am working on that.  It may take some more time.  I think that you could have it done a lot easier in California.

I think you should consider a Chinese STEPS.  After all, the number of Chinese in China make up one fifth of the world's population, and the number of Chinese outside add more weight to the fact that Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world.

I know that you have worked so hard on the Russian version, but I think you should weigh the possibility of doing something with this expertly translated Chinese edition.   I will do all I can from my end, if I have to photocopy copy by copy until I get the material to the non-English speaking community.  I know that God will see to it that all the needs in this regard are met.

When I handed out the PEACE PILGRIM books, the students' faces lit up.  They are my doctors and professors group and just could not grasp that I was giving them something without their having to pay.  They wanted to give me money and I explained the reason they could have this book is because there are a lot of people who love them, thought they do not know them.  This was a touching moment.  Everyone has the book started and my next thing to do is to share the video tapes.

One of my colleagues, an internist, took both PAL format video tapes and watched them repeatedly.  He found Peace Pilgrim to be so energetic and alive.  He said all she had to say was EXCELLENT and that she is one of the greatest teachers he ever had.   He expressed the desire to meet here someday and was grieved to hear how she left.   I had to reassure him that this was less important than the fact that she is still alive in her message and in those who carry the message out.  God is selfdom realized in the human incarnation.  To follow her simple message is to worship God.

November 13 1989     (Back to TOC)

The other night I was trying to save a very tragic case.  A young farmer took his life by drinking "paraquat."  It is banned in many places in the States but the U.S. continues to produce it and hundreds of other poisons for sale abroad...just awful.  There are a lot of desperate people here doing desperate things.  This is all the more reason why I want to get the STEPS booklet in Chinese.

I have received a box of 35 Peace Pilgrim books and they have all been distributed except for a few.  I anxiously await books.  I have so many people I want to give books to.  If I have my way, every English-speaking person in Shantou will have one! Keep those books coming!

If you are uncomfortable about asking for money, then the problem is solved -- I am asking that people give a little more.  NOT only give money but give a thought to the fact they are supplying one of the finest English textbooks ever written for the study of a language.  Peace Pilgrim's book is just what people need here.  Of course, the book should be in everyone's collection and not collecting dust either.  I cannot tell you how many times I read through the book.  One can read it again and again and serves such a wonderful guide to steer one's life.  Can you imagine the happiness and transformation it brings to people here?  Can you imagine the miracle that is performed every time a book reaches the spiritually hungry souls here?

Peace Pilgrim's book is a vital tool and we must never underestimate what a book can do.  One of my students could become a very high official one day and introduce the means whereby so much could be done.  We need to tell the people of America that a book from you folks brings the heart and soul of American people through Peace Pilgrim to the people here.

Peace Pilgrim is a legacy that makes the United State so great. Those who do not know Peace Pilgrim are missing out on one of the greatest human beings to ever grace our country and its history. She should be included in every history book!

January 29 – We were very relived to receive a letter from Dr. Lee telling us that all the books and tapes we sent have been received. We had not heard from him since November. We will have to save his latest good news until next newsletter because we have run out of time and space.



This Spring we are planning to donate a hardcover, dust-jacketed edition of the Peace Pilgrim book to the 10,000 main public libraries in this country and to offer a free book for each of their branches. We wish to thank all of you who have sent gifts, both small and large, to this project. If you would like to take the Peace Pilgrim book personally to the library in your area, please let us know and we will send the book directly to you.



We have a table across from the checkout desk were books are lined up between bookends. Spines are up so that titles can be easily read. Our library patrons donate their old paperbacks, and believe me, everything goes on that table.

Well, I keep that assortment of books – from the classics to the latest trash – salted with one copy of the Peace Pilgrim book at a time. I keep a supply of Peace’s books in my locker and donate the books. Patrons pay 25 cents like all the other paperbacks we sell.

Several weeks ago a high school student, active in a student peace and justice organization, came to my desk asking where she could buy the Peace Pilgrim book. Friends had told her it was on sale at the library. That let me know that the word was out. I was very pleased.



On August 17, 1989, Gov. Celeste of Ohio made history by signing a bill which created the nation’s first state commission for the peaceful resolution of public and private disputes.

The bill establishes the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management to encourage the development of practical local programs that teach people how to resolve disputes without conflict and without resorting to lawsuits. This is the first time anywhere in our nation that a law has been passed to make conflict resolution tools available at all levels of our common life – in schools, businesses, neighborhoods, in the courts, and in government agencies.

         - Linkages, published by Interfaith Justice & Peace Center, Sylvania, Ohio 43560


I GO WHERE THEY ARE                          (Back to TOC)
From one who knew Peace Pilgrim well

I remember once in our early acquaintance I posed a question to Peace: Sometime in your wanderings you must have been walking down a country road and run smack-dab into a motorcycle gang who terrorized communities. I remember her looking up at me and responding. "Leon, you don’t understand." To which my response was, "Well, I certainly understand such a condition." I remember her placing her hand on my arm to get full attention and stating it this way, "No, Leon, you do not understand. You see, I go where they are; I do not ask them to go where I am." I pondered over this response for a long time. It was not until several years later that I had an insight into her meaning.

Later this friend took Peace Pilgrim to Alaska and Hawaii for his relatives to meet her and hear her speak. In Hawaii they met a young man in a park on the Big Island.

He asked about Peace and myself. We told him we had just entered the park and did not know where we were or how to get where we wanted to go. He asked to be our guide to show us unusual and exciting things of which he was aware in the area. Peace accepted this offer and we followed him around the park for the next hour or more.

I don’t know that I can describe the personality of this young man with acuity. He was somewhat "beered" up, I am sure. He was totally unrestricted in buoyant, laud, enthusiastic expressions that were ongoing. He was "hyper’ in his mannerisms and in his enthusiastic efforts to show us his domain. His every sentence was filled with four-letter expletives of the crudest kind. He was totally unaffected in his demeanor. To say the least, I was embarrassed to be in the company of such a person. It was not long until we were at the visitor center, which was crowded with tourists in their colorful island garb, milling around. The air was festive. My humiliation in being in company, with this boisterous young man was extreme. What could Peace be thinking of to allow this, was an enigma to me. In short, I suffered.

It was not long thereafter that we found ourselves out at the brink of the live volcano cauldron, standing on the observation platform. Our time had run out. We must start back to Hilo to meet the schedule for our returning plane. Peace turned to the young man, thanked him for his help and told him it was time for us to leave. There was no question about his disappointment and reluctance to see us leave. He stood there, with tears running down his cheeks and dropping from his chin, begging us to let him show one more special area that he knew about.

As I stood there looking into the face of this young man, I was reminded of Peace’s words several years before, "I go where they are. I do not ask them to come where I am." The condemnation that I felt for myself was extreme. Still I knew at that moment an admiration and humility that was also overpowering. As I grapple to set aside the demands of an ego-centered life expression and enter into the fullness of a God-centered life, I have often looked back on this person experience with Peace when she gave me by example an awareness that I treasure so highly.

In all people I meet I see that divine spark, and that’s what I concentrate on.

Peace Pilgrim



Colman McCarthy

Colman McCarthy, a syndicated columnist with the Washington Post, began to reach peace in a school in Washington, D.C. several years ago. The following is taken from one of his columns:

Twenty-five juniors and seniors enrolled in my course, "Alternatives to Violence." The kids were able to grasp intellectually what they already had absorbed emotionally: the haunting awareness that their future is threatened by a nuclear wipe-out…The students loved the course…

Since that happy beginning, I took "Alternatives to Violence" to four universities…In five years, I’ve taught about 1,100 students. I emphasized one theme: alternatives to violent solutions exist and, if individuals and nations can organize themselves properly, nonviolent force is always stronger than violent force.

Some students opened their minds to this immediately…Others had doubts, which I encouraged them to express. They did repeatedly…Nonviolence and pacifism are beautiful theories and ideals, they told me, but in the real world there are the muggers and the Soviets.

All I asked of the "realists" was to think about life’s two risks. Do you depend on violence or nonviolence to create peace? Not just peace I n some vague "out there" among governments, but peace in our homes, where spouse and child abuse are at record highs; and peace in our schools, where teenage suicide is rampant; and peace in our neighborhoods, where 25 million U.S. households have guns…

Peace through violence has failed. Nearly 80 million have been killed in wars since 1900…More than 10,000 Americans are killed in handgun homicides annually. Those who defend violent solutions have some large numbers of deaths to defend.

Students are hungry to learn nonviolence. They understand that it is much more than a noble ideal; it is also a basic survival skill. Learning nonviolence means that we dedicate our hearts, minds, time and money to a commitment that the force of love, truth, justice and the force of organized resistance to corrupt power is always more effective, moral and enduring than the force of fists, guns, armies and nukes.

This generation wants a healthier approach. It wants to read, write and talk about the alternatives to violence and then act on them. It wants the basics.


Coleman McCarthy is also the director of the CENTER FOR TEACHING PEACE in Washing, D.C. The center offers an eight-week home study course on the principles, methods, and practitioners of peacemaking. Among the many topics covered are: Nonviolence As A Way Of Life, Resolving Conflict With those Closest To Us, Women & Nonviolence, Developing Children As Peacemakers, translating The Principles Of Non-violence Into Effective Action.

The guiding forces of the Center and the study course as expressed by Colman McCarthy are: "Peace will come from those who love peace, not those who merely hate war. Because the more you love peace, the more creative you will be; the more the life force will flow and energize others even as it strengthens you."

Colman McCarthy paraphrases Serge King, a Hawaiian psychologist: "If you put your focus on things the way you would like things to be, or the good aspect of those things you don’t particularly like, that’s what you strengthen and in a sense, legitimize; on the contrary, if you keep putting your attention on and resisting what you don’t lie, you weaken yourself and strength it, because energy flows where attention goes. And the more attention you put on it, the more active and intense the resistance to it, the more power you give it.

"So with every criticism you give to other people, to the government, to things that are going on with the environment, you weaken yourself, you inhibit your life force, your life flow, and you make yourself less effective. And everything that you are aware of in the outer world that you like, that you praise, that you admire, that you compliment, strengthens you.

"There are dozens of ways to actualize world peace, one of which is bound to suit you perfectly, even if it’s writing to your school principal to let him or her know you oppose the hitting of children to punish them."

If you would like to take this course, write to the Center for Teaching Peace, 4501 Van Ness Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016 Tel. (202) 966-7682.


 When an evil is attacked, the evil mobilizes, although it may have been weak and unorganized before, and therefore the attack gives it validity and strength. When there is no attack, but instead good influences are brought to bear upon the situation, not only does the evil tend to fade away, but the evildoer tends to be transformed.

Peace Pilgrim


Peace Pilgrim Speaking on Audio and Video Tapes      (Back to TOC)

The four audiotapes of Peace Pilgrim have all been revised and re-mastered. In

Addition we are having them reproduced professionally by an outside company, instead of making the copies ourselves as we have done in the past. The sound quality is greatly improved. The Campbell House tape is now offered in its entirety instead of an edited version, a result of using sophisticated equipment to boost the volume and clarity of parts that had been hard to understand.

We asked two of our friends who are professional signers to sing a song composed by Peace Pilgrim. This song, "I Am What Men Call God," appears on two of our tapes – Sue Millard sings on the Salt Lake City tape and Don Wittig on the Dallas tape. The song reminds us of the infinite aspects of God. Another song has been added to the Dallas tape – Peace Pilgrim singing her energizing "Fountain of Love" song.

On the front of each of the four rapes is a different picture of Peace Pilgrim, making them especially suitable for gifts.

Our video, "Introducing Peace Pilgrim," has a new third segment – an interview of Peace Pilgrim by Prof. Wiley E. Clement of Pensacola Jr. College. We now offer three videotapes – over 4 hours of Peace Pilgrim speaking or being interviewed.



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Jennifer Bartmess, a girl who was a friend to everyone, read the Peace Pilgrim book and saw a Peace Pilgrim video in her Ethics class at St. Bernard High School in Playa Del Rey. After she was killed in a car accident, her mother called our Peace Pilgrim Center for many books and tapes. She wrote, "The reason I eagerly sought out Peace Pilgrim was because my daughter had so eagerly sought to share her message with me! This is a blessing…and although neither Peace Pilgrim nor Jennifer are with us any more on earth, I am able to be with them both when I listen to the tapes or read the book."



Greg Cortopassi, two-time National Team Footbag Freestyle Champion, has toured the world giving more than 2,000 professional footbag performances. He and five other athletes went to Central America to promote intercultural friendship by performing and sharing footbag with the people of Guatemala and Nicaragua. One of the performers, Daniel Botkin, writes: "’El Futbolito’ gave us the perfect medium to barnstorm for Peace. By appearing unannounced in remote villages and staging free athletic spectacles for days on end, we were able to have positive interactions with the people. Before they could react to us as ‘gringos’, we were in the street, joyfully kicking our little bags and inviting everyone to join us. People who would have otherwise greeted us with suspicion instead warmed instantly to our playful agenda and in no time were laughing their heads off with us."

As co-founder of the World Footbag Association, Greg is often called by international groups and children’s groups to perform. One such event was when four citizens from the Soviet Union came to Boulder, Colorado during a tour of our country. On this occasion Greg gave out copies of PEACE PILGRIM.

"One of the things we always do is exchange gifts," said Greg. "And the Peace Pilgrim book is a perfect gift!" He has given out over 100 PEACE PILGRIM books and over 500 Steps booklets.

Greg takes this game of peaceful cooperation to schools to teach children how to play. He explains that while playing footbag in a circle all are encouraged to do their best, "The thing that drew me to the sport was that it is a cooperative game – just to play and have fun. The circle is only as good as its weakest link, so we have to work together, encouraging one another to keep the game going. Everyone’s a winner!"


My friends who have overcome arthritis are on a very strict diet – no additives, no sugar (one uses maple syrup, raisins and dates for sweetening), no white flour, nothing fried, nothing highly seasoned (one uses herb seasonings), no flesh, and of course no caffeine drinks or alcohol. Need I say – no negative thoughts?

Peace Pilgrim



Our long-time friend and new neighbor, Dr. Guy de Mallac, professor of Russian at The University of California, Irvine, is the responsible editor for our Russian Peace Pilgrim translation.

He was director of an exciting five-week workshop in Gandhian Nonviolence last summer at Gandhigram Rural University in South India. Participants from India, Sri Lanka and the U.S. met leading Gandhians who explained how Indian nonviolence includes rural development. They took field trips to outlying villages to talk with workers and join in their work.

This summer there will be a repeat of the workshop for 2 1/2 weeks in late July and early August. One of the aims is to become acquainted with the successful work of a devoted Gandhian worker, Devendra Doddamani, who left his affluent life to undertake the revitalization of a village economy through developing simple industries. If you are interested in going, or in seeing a slide show of last year’s workshop, please call the Center for Nonviolence: Arlene Dorius, 714-642-8188 or Guy de Mallac, 714-654-5493 (leave a message), or write Center for Nonviolence & Voluntary Service, P.O. Box 1058, San Jacinto, CA 92383.



Friends of Peace Pilgrim is offering a wilderness retreat this Summer from July 1st to July 7th. We will live in nature and share Peace Pilgrim’s message for one week. Cheryl Canfield, one of the five compilers of the Peace Pilgrim book, who spent much time with Peace Pilgrim, will lead daily discussions and meditations. Larry Miner, who has led over 130 wilderness retreats all over the world the past sixteen years, will be the coordinator.

We will be canoeing for a week down the Green River in Utah through beautiful canyons and into the Colorado River. We will meet in Moab and be driven to Green River City, where we will cast off. Soon we will see the last vestiges of civilization, and red limestone cliffs will rise out of the river. The whole trip is about 120 miles.

The river flows about six miles per hour (not white water), doing most of the work for us. We will make stops to swim from the many beaches and explore side canyons. It is a glorious trip.

Meals will be vegetarian. Food and community gear is provided.

The trip will be limited to twelve, with two to a canoe. Previous canoeing experience is not required, and because of the river current the trip will be only moderately strenuous. Hiking is optional. The cost will be $375 each. Car pools will be arranged where possible and planes and buses can be met nearby on June 30.

For further information or an application, write or phone Larry Miner, Wilderness Retreats, Inc., 894 Weston Road, #1, Arden, NC 28704. Tel. (704) 684-0252.



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In the two years that I have been a volunteer staff member, we have produced over 85,000 Peace Pilgrim books, about 250,000 STEPS booklets, about 8,000 Peace Pilgrim audiocassettes and over 2,000 videocassettes. All of these materials are being sent without charge to those who ask, and we do not solicit donations for them.

The five compilers of the Peace Pilgrim book decided to give a free book to any who ask and to print more books if and when gifts from inspired readers came in. In the same spirit we continue to offer without charge her message as she expressed it in printed and vocal form. Seven years and 152,000 books later we have never run out of resources to print the next edition.

Since we pay no royalties or book seller’s commissions, no rent or staff salaries, our costs are mostly for printing and postage. Gifts cover these expenses, including sending many books and tapes to prisoners and to Communist and third-world countries where recipients cannot send donations.

We plan to publish a Russian edition of the STEPS booklet this Spring. Peace Pilgrim – Her Life and Works in Her Own Words has been translated into Russian and Spanish, and both editions are in the process of being edited. We hope to have both books published by the end of the year.

We feel very fortunate to have located very competent people to serve on both the Spanish and Russian translation teams. Since all have donated their time and considerable skills, our costs will be mostly for typesetting and printing. Even typesetting costs will be minimal. The cyrillic (Russian) version is being typed on a computer at the Peace Pilgrim center set up for that, as well as on a second compatible system that I set up for our cyrillic typist in nearby Riverside. The actual typesetting will be done from our diskette (so it does not need to be re-typed) on a book-quality cyrillic-typesetting machine owned by the University of California.

We decided to publish the Peace Pilgrim book in Spanish because we live in a country and hemisphere with many who speak Spanish. Spanish STEPS (PASOS) is cherished by many in Latin America and Spain. We decided to publish the book and STEPS in Russian because the Soviet Union is one of the two most powerful nations of the world and one of the most pivotal (along with the U.S.) in ending the threat of nuclear war and creating world peace.

We will gratefully accept help in the production of these Spanish and Russian translations. If you would like additional information about publishing costs, please let us know.



Many people are suffering from spiritual starvation – even though what they need is within them and all around them.

Peace Pilgrim


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References are made to Peace Pilgrim in several books. She is mentioned in different places in "the Nonviolent Revolution," by Nathaniel Altman. He writes: "It is interesting to note that some of the greatest exponents of ahimsa – including Saint Francis, Thoreau, Gandhi, Dorthy Day, Peace Pilgrim and Albert Schweitzer – were all deeply connected to the land and felt a strong affinity towards other animals and plants.

Susan Smith Jones in her book, "Choose to be Healthy," uses several of Peace Pilgrim’s phrases in the chapter, "Peaceful, Positive Attitude," and recommends that one read PEACE PILGRIM.

Alan Cohen in his book, "The Health of the Planet Earth," gives Peace Pilgrim as an example of a person who helped to heal the earth. He describes her as a person whose "clarity of the light in her eyes was a teaching of tranquility. Here was one person who made a stand for what she believed in, and many hearts were opened as a result of the purity of her love."

Jampolsky, in his book, "Out Of Darkness Into The Light," says that Peace Pilgrim was a valuable teacher to him. She inspired him to live in the present when she gave up all her worldly possessions. Her peace and joy; showed that, "There was no doubt that she was letting God write the script of her life, every moment of every day…She told everyone that she simply trusted."

In her book, "Living with Vision," Linda Marks shows that vision is not something given to a chosen few, it is a capacity that lives inside all of us. Friends of Peace Pilgrim is given as an example of an organization that is applying these principles.

There may be others books with references to Peace Pilgrim. More than a hundred periodicals have published reviews of, or excerpts from, PEACE PILGRIM. If you run across any, please send us a copy for our files. We are thankful that our address and offer of a free book are usually included.

HUNGARY God bless your work! Isn’t it wonderful that we are having some beautiful results? (East Europe happenings!) I as a Hungarian wouldn’t believe these a gear ago! It’s just so beautiful and I’m so grateful for it! We do have our study group and make sure that we always pray for peace!


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