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Springtime, 1988 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 3

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Table of Contents:
Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim
Letter from a College Student
People Who Knew Peace Pilgrim
Post Cards and Pictures
The Financial Perspective
A Book in Every Room
The Chinese Connection
Prison: A Letter from a Teacher
The Many Ways
A Buddhist Perspective
Peace Child
International Peace Walk in India
Books to Friends
The Ecumenical Institute
The Frisbee Diplomat
Claremont School of Theology

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"How good it is to travel north with the spring, and to enjoy the spring flowers for several months instead of several weeks."        Peace Pilgrim


Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

There is great excitement among our world friends as the fruit trees blossom and new green leaves sprout. Sitting at our desks or eating outdoors, we see rabbits galore nibbling on our plentiful grass, chasing each other, leaping straight into the air in spring delight. Tiny bunnies hop about as though they know just how to be bunnies. Birds sing, scold, and chase each other while busily making their nests. Ann was startled by two screaming mocking birds who actually attacked her as she approached our grapefruit tree. She found out why – a fat baby bird sitting on a branch!

There is excitement inside our Center too as Peace Pilgrim’s message expands in ever-widening circles in 70 countries around the world. By July there will be 103,000 Peace Pilgrim books in print and 300,000 of the booklet, Steps Toward Inner Peace. Over 2000 audiotapes and 1000 videos have been requested and sent out.

Bill Hamilton, a meditation teacher with a background in business management, has helped several non-profit groups and is here now helping us reach more people. He was profoundly impressed with the true simplicity of Peace Pilgrim’s message and requested many boxes of books to share with others. He was happy to find that we send out books as freely as Peace Pilgrim gave her message. He feels the message is so important he offered to help us, and for this we are very thankful.

Bill suggested that we buy a high-speed tape duplicator and make our own audiotapes. This has reduced our costs and increased our requests for tapes. He now makes Peace Pilgrim tapes in his trailer. Bill prepared a postcard that we sent out, as a reminder to those who did not respond to our first newsletter. Seven hundred of you responded to the card with remarks such as, "So glad for the second chance."

Now we are a gang of four, devoting our time and energies to spreading Peace Pilgrim’s message. Bill and Jeff came to help us in our work, but they have made yet more work! While we are constantly trying to catch up with filling your requests and answering your letters, they are dreaming up creative ideas about how to fill our mailbox even more. One day we received 125 letters from people requesting to be on our newsletter mailing list and wanting more books and tapes. We are happily busy and truly thankful that more people are receiving Peace Pilgrim’s message.

Our office, formerly a bedroom, now has four desks, one with a computer, where three of us work most of the time, processing your mail. Jeff puts your names in the computer, John packages your books and tapes and Ann writes little notes to you. In John and Ann’s bedroom is Jeff’s computer, where we type this newsletter. Bill spends much of his time typing out his new ideas to share with the rest of us. A copy machine and shelves full of audio and video rapes also fill the bedroom. Our garage is full of books, English and Spanish STEPS, boxes and shipping bags for sending books to you. Our driveway now has two trailers, one for Bill and one for Jeff.

One of you wrote after our first newsletter, "I wasn’t sure if the newsletter would promote the Peace Pilgrim message or start a spin off that might ultimately distort her simple message. If the cost of a year’s newsletters to me would put her book in a prison or community library then I believe it (a book) should go there.

"If you, who are intimately connected…. believe her message is best served by the newsletter then – yes – I would like to receive it. I wish you increasing, world-wide success in spreading the word!"

We would like to assure any of you who may have similar thoughts, that our newsletter has greatly stimulated interest in Peace Pilgrim’s message. The response has far exceeded our expectations. Requests for books and tapes have increased manifold, and gifts to print more books have almost doubled. We have heard from many of you for the first time in years, and welcome your renewed interest in her message.

We thank all who keep a vigilant watch over this precious message – that it not be distorted. We really appreciate such a frank letter expressing a concern that all of us her share. We hope all who read this will feel free to express similar concerns.

We are grateful for all of you who share this important message with your friends, churches, temples and peace groups.

John, Ann, Jeff and Bill

A Letter from a College Student

"I am graduating from college, this spring as are many of my friends, and we all seem to be at important crossroads. I was standing at the Peace threshold without even knowing it. Without the inspiration I got in reading the Peace Pilgrim book, I would not have been able to cross it as soon as I have. Felling as I do that some of my friends are also ready to make changes in their lives, I would like for them to have a copy of the book too."

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Elise Harvey

Fifteen days after we sent out announcements of the PEACE PILGRIM book five years ago, we began hearing from Elise Harvey and have been hearing from her ever since. She wrote, "It is a beautiful book, one of the finest I ever read…I had the great gift of meeting her at the University of Delaware where I was a student in the late ‘50s. She spoke in the auditorium to many students and faculty She was the most vivacious, alive, exuberant, spirited person I had ever met. She was an inspiration to me, a beacon of brilliant faith and beauty…an unusual combination of strength and gentleness. I wanted to walk away with her. I stayed in college, but I feel I still walk with her. She set me on my path to peace. I want to give the new book to everyone I know. How can I?"

We told her about the boxes of 48 books and she began requesting them for libraries, schools, organizations. When she was asked to give a series on Peace Pilgrim in Adult Education in her church, she showed the videos and gave books to those who wanted them. She has since traveled across the country leaving books with many groups, such as the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Center in Virginia and the Gesundheit Health Center in West Virginia. When she was a volunteer for Teachers and Parents for Social Responsibility in Vermont, they sent out hundreds of STEPS with their mailings. And circles of interest in Peace Pilgrim’s message expand from wherever Elise resides.

Arthur Kanegis

Filmmaker Arthur Kanegis, producer of the film WAR WITHOUT WINNERS, a TV documentary that won first place in the American Film Festival, called our Center one day. He told about how Peace Pilgrim impressed him so much when she spoke to his High School class that he took her home to meet his family. They became great friends. Her inspiration has remained with him, and he has requested many Peace Pilgrim books and tapes. Arthur has dedicated his life to working for peace, using the entertainment media. A review in the BULLETIN OF ATOMIC SCIENTISTS said: "Most nuclear war films are an appeal to fear. WAR WITHOUT WINNERS is a fresh and delightful appeal to reason. It makes you want to stop building bigger and better weapons and start dancing and living."

When Arthur called us he wanted to talk about suing some of Peace Pilgrim’s positive ideas in future films. Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, and Arthur have started a nonprofit corporation called Future Wave. They plan on using the media to educate the public about positive alternatives for the future.

In an address to a Quaker gathering, Arthur said, "When I spoke to Ray Bradbury recently about the Future Wave Project he said that he feels strongly that we need to create a positive vision for the future, something people can aspire toward, and yet no one seems to be doing that."

Arthur Kanegis and his associates are planning a Future Wave movie that will show a world in 2020 filled with the vitality and vibrancy of human being enjoying the richness of nature, are and people.

Most movies use violence to solve problems. In the Future Wave movie the heroes and heroines will use strategies and techniques to replace obsolete warfare. They will be based on understanding and respect for others, overcoming evil with good and falsehood with truth. These techniques will be depicted as dramatic and exciting. The ultimate weapon will be to love one’s enemies, to turn them into friends.

Perhaps the time is coming soon, when in the words of Peace Pilgrim, "Instead of the small child watching the hero shoot the villain on some film, which trains the little child to believe that shooting people is heroic – (the hero just did it); effective – (it seemed to work); acceptable – (he was well thought of afterward), the little child will see the hero do something significant to help people – a different hero image."

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About three years ago John and Ann were invited to show a Peace Pilgrim video to an Elderhostel group at Pilgrim Pines Center. Charlotte Kohrs saw it and was deeply impressed by Peace Pilgrim. She, a retired teacher interested in Esperanto, wrote to us, "…My dreams and projects demand more energy than I now have…. As my inner peace deepens, I’m becoming more energetic. I keep laying it (the audio tape) and am so close to and inspired by Peace Pilgrim."

Charlotte decided to try out some of her creative ideas. "I suddenly got the idea about children around the world and have known ever since that this is how I’m going to spend the rest of my life." She found six public school teachers interested enough to invite her to teach Esperanto to them and 180 children for 35 minutes a week. "To my joy, the children responded immediately, learned easily and were eager to communicate with children in other countries." She started a non-profit corporation that puts out the free JOURNAL OF CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD, by and for children anywhere in the world. They write books, make tapes, and compose grammar songs in Esperanto. She is also considering translating STEPS into Esperanto or finding someone to do it. If you are interested in Esperanto, contact Charlotte Kohrs, 3876 Belmont Ave., San Diego, CA 92116.

I think the establishment of a world language would be the biggest single step we could take toward world understanding, and a long stride toward world peace.

Peace Pilgrim



If you would like a picture of Peace Pilgrim we have extra front covers of the book. We also have postcards made from the front and back covers. They are an easy and effective way of introducing Peace Pilgrim to your friends.

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By Bill Hamilton

I found Friends of Peace Pilgrim to be a very unusual organization and it was difficult for me to get an accurate picture of their operation. I had to come to see for myself.

I supposed that an organization that encourages people to request free materials had plenty of money. On the contrary, they are far from wealthy and able to send out free books and tapes because of the thousands of small contributions that come in.

Since Peace Pilgrim believed that spiritual material should not be bought or sold, the five compilers decided to give books free to those who ask. They also decided to sell them inexpensively to bookstores and libraries in order to have the widest possible distribution. A few months later the selling was turned over to Richard Polese, one of the compilers who was in the publishing business.

Enough money came from Peace Pilgrim’s friends to print 6,000 copies of the first edition of the PEACE PILGRIM book. The largest single donation they have ever received is 2,500, and that was from one of the compilers to help with the first printing. In the beginning the book was offered free to the 6,000 people on Peace Pilgrim’s mailing list. Many contributions were received and 10,000 more books were printed and sent to those who requested them. After five years and seven printings, 78,000 books have been sent out around the world. Friends of Peace Pilgrim now has a net worth of $30,746, with assets in books, tapes, office equipment and cash. Last year net worth increased 2,183 on a cash flow of $45,653. Each time a new printing is needed, there is usually enough money to print more books. By July there will be over 100,000 PEACE PILGRIM books in print.

We can continue to send out books in this small way. However, we would like to increase their distribution because of the urgent need for peace in our world. Thousands of you have helped spread her message in numerous ways and many have asked for ideas of more ways to help. We hope to place a book in every public library and to produce Russian and Spanish editions of the book. We want to improve the quality of the Peace Pilgrim videotapes and protect them from deterioration. We would like a very large printing of lower-cost books, in addition to the present high quality Peace Pilgrim book. They would look much like the current one but be more appropriate for volume distribution to groups. We will be glad to provide information on these and other projects which need funding, for all who ask for this information.



Every now and then we hear of a hotel or inn or health center that has a Peace Pilgrim book in every room. In San Francisco the friendly, historic Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast Inn, has a book prominently displayed on a bookstand in every room. Guests are invited to take the book as a gift.

Zion House Bed & breakfast Inn, Springdale, Utah, features the Peace Pilgrim book in its front room. They offer the Peace Pilgrim videotapes for evening entertainment.


The Chinese Connection

The highlight of everyday is the stack of letters we find in our mailbox. Recently we received our first letter from the People’s Republic of China with the return address in Chinese! An American scientist-physician teaching English in China was lent the PEACE PILGRIM book by a traveling colleague.

"My wife and I have been reading the book and it has been bringing a new level of love and light into our lives…I’d like to use it in my American literature class!!!! The audiocassette would be great for my oral English class – in more ways than one. The 35 minutes and 2 hour VHS video would also be wonderful to share with my classes and some of our local "English Clubs."

"I would like to bring the message of Peace Pilgrim to China…The Chinese people are lovely people and open, spiritually, to many things…World peace is something the government and people want…I can only see Peace’s work encouraging the foundation of peace. She writes nothing contrary to any religion or social value I can think of…I have come to feel and think this may be an opportunity, a chance, to increase the profound message of peace, so desperately needed…I have no doubts, no fears, only positive prayers and light-filled hopes that nothing can stand in the way of bringing so urgently needed a message…I look forward to a reply. "We have sent him books, STEPS, audio and video tapes, and plan on sending more.

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A letter from a teacher:

"Last summer, while teaching at Soledad Prison, I distributed about 70 Peace Pilgrim books and about 300 STEPS and 100 Spanish STEPS. I gave a book to my aide, a Black Muslim, who asked for several books the next day to give his chaplain. I gave him about 50 booklets along with the books.

"Two weeks later he was transferred, but his enthusiasm had taken hold in the Black Muslim community. His replacement was from Central America and he too became a ‘missionary’ for the book. It was heart-warming to see these two groups, sometimes involved in gang warfare, getting hooked on Peace Pilgrim’s message! Every day for the next two months I had strangers come up to me in the yard asking if I were the ‘Peace Pilgrim lady’, wanting to know more about her.

"I donated the short video to the Central Library and suggested to every teacher I met that they share it with their students. When I showed it to my students they were deeply touched and many spoke up who usually remained silent…. Her unconditional love melted their hearts.

"Before leaving I gave books and booklets to all the libraries and chaplains. I feel that Peace Pilgrim and I were partners on the job, and that her books continue to bring light to Soledad."



By Peace Pilgrim

When I saw the vision of "The Many Ways" as I call it, I saw a round room, with great glory and wonder in the room, with doors all around and paths leading to the doors and people walking the paths. Then I saw someone come by his path to a door, and he saw the wonder and glory, and out of the kindness of his heart he went back and tried to grab all the other people from their paths and tried to shove them through his door.

I have a door too. This path isn’t taken by many but it is taken by a few. It is sometimes called the mystic approach. It is the direct approach to God. Because I know there are doors all around, I would try to inspire you to walk by your path. God bless you as you walk your path and enter through your door.

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By Bill Hamilton

My first introduction to Peace Pilgrim was in 1984 when a friend showed me 20 minutes of the 2 hr. videotape. At the time I had been involved in a research study on enlightenment, or what Peace Pilgrim called illumination, and had interviewed people who had experiences of the type she described.

I was particularly interested in the types of wisdom associated with enlightenment. I wanted to determine what is enlightenment and how to determine if someone is enlightened. I was struck by the similarity of Peace Pilgrim’s wisdom with that which results from enlightenment. However, I was told that this woman had died, so there was no possibility she could be a subject in a research study.

I wasn’t aware of the Peace Pilgrim book until 1986 when a Buddhist monk did some readings from it during a three-month retreat. After the retreat I was delighted to learn that the book was given away by the Friends of Peace Pilgrim.

It is part of the Buddhist tradition that spiritual teachings should not be sold. However, Western culture is so economically oriented that Buddhist teachers have had difficulty in following this tradition. When I taught meditation retreats, I followed a policy that many others have used, which is to charge for only the cost of food and facilities, and to make no charge for the teaching itself. The only money I would receive personally came from voluntary contributions. Though this policy leaves the teacher with clean hands, it falls short of the ideal of making the teachings a free offering.

One of the things which intrigued me about Friends of Peace Pilgrim was that it is totally supported by voluntary contributions. I was quite interested in determining exactly how they were able to do this. I assumed that it was probably supported by some large grant, and I was curious to know how much money came from a single source and how much came from general contributions. I was delighted to learn that there was no single large supporter, and that the entire operation ran on small donations. I saw that Friends of Peace Pilgrim as a model of how spiritual teachings could be distributed entirely free.

Another thing which intrigued me was that Peace Pilgrim’s teachings were very attuned to Western culture and the contemporary situation in the world today. They were also very simple and direct teachings. Although Buddhist philosophy is very rich with technical information of great value, it is difficult to quickly grasp its essence.

For example, the Buddhist view is that we should be realistic about suffering in our lives, and the awareness of suffering can be used to bring our suffering to an end. There are analyses of all possible situations in life and the inevitability of suffering in each situation. The origin and cause of suffering as well as the types of suffering are examined in great detail, and then an elaborate path to bring suffering to an end is presented.

On the other hand, Peace Pilgrim simply tells us to regard problems as opportunities for spiritual growth and gives a number of practical examples of how to do this. I think this is a much more practical introduction, for most Westerners, to the same spiritual truth. Her teachings are especially appropriate for the dangers of war today and the nature of our material values. Also, I found quite compelling her belief that world peace would be attained through individuals finding inner peace.

I saw great value in Peace Pilgrim’s message as well as the example that Ann and John Rush were setting by distributing it freely. I visited them for three weeks last year, and we spent many hours brainstorming on ways to expand our operation to reach more people. They asked me to stay on and help them, and I felt a true calling to participate in this work.

When I returned in February I was delighted with the progress that had been made. Jeff had arrived three weeks earlier and had already established a computer system which speeds the flow of office work. The newsletter he inspired had greatly increased the amount of mail we were receiving, and the rate that books and STEPS were being shipped had more than doubled.

I was quite impressed by the dedication that John, Ann and Jeff had for the work they were doing. They are usually up before dawn and hard at work responding to the previous day’s mail. Except for breaks to entertain visitors or to take a walk in the river bed in back of the house, they are typically hard at work until 8 to 10 P.M. at night, six days a week.

I am especially impressed by Ann and John’s willingness to sacrifice their personal comfort and privacy for the cause of spreading Peace Pilgrim’s message. When we were discussing various ideas last summer, I cautioned them that if we were to do some of the things we were talking about, then the slow gentle pace would be gone, and the work load could become heavier. Also, there would be more work to do than they could keep up with alone, and it would require living and working with other people. They have made these sacrifices joyfully.

It didn’t take me long to figure out why Jeff, Ann and John were willing to work so hard for no pay. It is the mail. The mail we receive is truly incredible in quantity and quality. Every day we receive letters telling us of the wonderful results people are experiencing in transforming their lives and their relationships as a result of Peace Pilgrim’s message. We also receive news of various activities and projects she has inspired, which are making the world a more peaceful place.

I feel it is a great privilege to work with such pure and dedicated people on this noble project. I am looking forward to continue helping them and the ever-widening circle of friends who are bringing Peace Pilgrim’s message to the world.

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Peace Child is a musical play that was first performed in London, then at the Kennedy Center and later in Moscow. The story is set in the future when world peace has been established. The children celebrate their annual "Peace Day" by re-enacting the events of the 1980’s when young American and Soviet children discovered they could be friends. It is currently touring the USA, USSR, Poland, Israel and Central America. Children from adversarial countries join together to form a touring cast. Local choirs become part of the magic in each city. Below is an article by Andy Zupko, who saw Peace Child in Sacramento. The first Southern California Regional Tour will be in July with a cast of 15 Soviet and 15 American young people. If interested call 714-551-8070.



By Andy Zupko

If the musical Peace Child ever gets around to your community – don’t miss it!

Peace Child is an uplifting musical play with an inspirational message set into the future when the dream of the world is peace. It brings with it a lively array of tunes that are guaranteed to leave you humming when you exit the theatre.

What makes Peace Child so different is that the entire production is cast with talented children from six years old up to 18. Each production is unique in that it develops its own characters and creates solutions to their countries’ actual conflict. The original scripts dealt with the hostilities between the United States and Russia – but now additional scripts are being developed around conflicts in the Middle East and Central America.

The play enables children to express their feelings about the world, and most importantly, helps them get involved. And when you get a group of talented children together with catchy music and lyrics it makes for a wonderful time of entertainment as well as inspirational upliftment. If you have children they’ll be spellbound by Peace Child.

The concept for the play was inspired by a custom in Papua, New Guinea, were when certain warring tribes of headhunters make peace, they exchange a child to grow up with the other tribe. The child keeps in touch with his own people and thus ensures against future conflict. Such a child is appropriately called a "peace child."

When Peace Pilgrim was a young woman in her late teens and early twenties she was very much involved with local theater productions in her hometown of egg Harbor, New Jersey. She was involved in the production and direction of plays. The theater was one of her many interests.

She felt it had the great potential of raising the consciousness of world peace. She would write, "I think one way to dramatize peace could be through the use of the mobile theatre. For a long time I have thought that the arts should be used for the cause of peace. Only a limited number of people will listen to a lecture. More will read all or part of a simple and interesting pamphlet handed to them. Many will listen to the peace people if they can get on radio or television with their peace message. However, just about everyone will look at a drama or puppet show if it comes right where they are."

Peace Child is just that – a theatrical event that is inspiring audiences across the world as well as the participants themselves with a concept that is long overdue – PEACE ON EARTH.

One who saw Peace Child said, "I’ve been to the Kennedy Center hundreds of times. I’ve seen some of the finest artists, some of the finest orchestra in the world, but none of them moved me as much as this show did."

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In our first newsletter we told of Prem Kumar, who visited us on his walk around most of the world. The idea of an international walk in India grew out of that experience. It took place last winter with walkers from 12 different countries walking 600 miles for peace. The group averaged about 75 people, although this figure escalated into the thousands when they approached the larger villages.

Prem and other friends of Peace Pilgrim took along several hundred STEPS to give out. One friend wrote, "I gave out all 70 booklets to everyone from the Chief Minister of Rajasthan State to village school teachers. Also sent one to Prime Minister Gandhi and left one at various ashrams, including the Satyagraha Ashram in
Ahmedabad, where Gandhi lived from 1918-30, and the Gandhi museum in Delhi. Everyone was amazed that a woman like Peace Pilgrim had walked for so long, and no one had ever heard of her before. Many participants of the walk read the booklet while walking, so it also was well-received by people in Europe, Japan and New Zealand."

A Long Beach attorney who went on the walk wrote, "It was truly an overwhelming experience. The lesson of trusting my inner feelings…prevailed and I am forever thankful for it. My perception of service has increased tenfold, and has changed my forever."



If you want us to send books to three or more of your friends, please send us their addresses on self-stick labels. A note from you to be included with the book may make it more favorably received. We can copy the note if you want the books sent to several friends.



Landrum Bolling, the rector, introduced the PEACE PILGRIM book to the Institute several years ago and since then many more books have been requested. Here is his answer to a recent letter from us:

"Thank you for your wonderful offer of books and tapes. We shall be most delighted to have an opportunity to help distribute them in this troubled land.

"Taking you at your word, I feel it right to ask you for a considerable supply. To start with, let me request: 200 books, 500 STEPS, 10 audios, 3 videos.

"We will make good use of them, getting them into the hands of both Israelis and Palestinians. The situation here is more and more difficult, the anger and bitterness increase, the dangers grow more ominous. We must all work and pray for the spirit of reconciliation and peace and justice to take root and flourish in this supposed-to-be Holy Land.

"...Blessings on you and all your colleagues."

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An Ambassador of Peace

We were surprised to receive a letter from Ron Kaufman, with this unusually good news:

"I have taken your video tapes to the USSR and shown them to friends in Moscow and Leningrad. They LOVED the material, so I left the tapes."

Little did we know we were dealing with a Frisbee Diplomat when we filled Ron’s request for Peace Pilgrim books and tapes. He turned out to be a successful Frisbee businessman who is deeply concerned about peace. In 1985 he took 24 American Frisbee players to Mainland China for two weeks, where they gave demonstrations, lessons-and hundreds of Frisbees – to the Chinese people in five cities. The Frisbees were stenciled with the message: "World peace through communication, friendship, laughter and p lay." He discovered his peace mission – a way to have people cooperating instead of competing. Ron says, "Play crosses every cultural barrier. It is the best common ground for friendship, and through friendship we will have peace."

More recently he and his group of citizen diplomats took part in arts spectacular in Moscow and got the Russians singing and dancing in the streets. He is convinced that the first priority of the ordinary Soviet people is peace. His real commitment is to allow people to learn about each other, so the problems and threats will hopefully be lessened.

Each of his Citizen Diplomacy groups has a bilingual guide, and the travelers carry a card to give away with the Russian translation of the following, "Hello. I’m a visitor from the United States. It’s an honor to be here. I come bringing expressions of peace and understanding from my family and friends in the U.S.A. Thank you for extending your kindness to me."

A recent letter to us from Ron: "I have been to the USSR seven times in the last 16 months. I’ve taken over books, STEPS and videos, which you have generously provided. Recently I expanded my travels again to include more of the world…and just returned from a trip to Australia and Hong Kong. Two more places graced with STEPS and a genuine interest in Peace Pilgrim.

"I am going to Poland this spring, back to Russia and again to the Asian Pacific. If you will please send the following materials, I will joyfully carry them around the world to spread the news: a case of books, audios, videos, 25 STEPS, 25 newsletters.

"Over the years of ‘peace work/love’ I have encountered many, many groups, many movements, many messages, all related to peace. The words and life of Peace Pilgrim stand out as a shining example of purity, honesty and total devotion to love…truly the foundation of all roads through our hearts…Keep me on the mailing list forever."

After receiving his last request for books, tapes and 25 Newsletters he wrote, "…it feels so fulfilling to be a messenger in Peace Pilgrim’s light. Such joy in sharing her loving, inspired vision and life. The new newsletter is simply FANTASTIC! I am sharing it gleefully around the world. My trip to Poland is April 17-24. I can take another 100 STEPS along…and will look for someone who may help the translation to Polish."

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Four years ago we filled a request for 500 PEACE PILGRIM books for students graduating from the Claremont School of Theology, Claremont, California.

Recently we were delighted to receive a letter from a minister who had been given one of those books. She is a minister at the Martin Luther King, Jr. United Methodist Church in Los Angeles. She wrote, "What a blessing that book was…. an inspirational message which increases faith and commitment….It has been a constant source of inspiration to me ever since…you may be sure she lives in my life today. I share her books and message frequently, both the biography and STEPS (which I carry with me and hand out when appropriate)."

It is always wonderful to hear from those whose lives have been inspired by Peace Pilgrim.

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Friends of Peace Pilgrim
43480 Cedar Avenue
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