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Wintertime, 1988 "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, hatred with love" Number 2

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim
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To Russia With Love
Community Peace Action
Recording for the Blind
Peace Pilgrim in Florida
Healing the Wounds of War
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Spanish Steps
German Translation
Before the Pilgrimage Interview
After the Pilgrimage

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Dear Friends of Peace Pilgrim,

      Do you know what it is like to hear rain on the roof all the end of the dry season in California?...clean green leaves in the morning, flowing water in the usually dry river bed, and mocking birds singing their joyful thanks. 

      We have so much to be thankful for as we celebrate our fifth year of the PEACE PILGRIM book. On Feb 1, 1983, we stacked 6000 books in our living room, office, and bedrooms in Whittier, Ca. It was a magic moment when we first saw the books with Peace Pilgrim striding down the highway ready to take her message out into the world again. 

      The 7th printing of the book came as a fifth anniversary present, 15,000 of them, from all of you Friends of Peace Pilgrim who send gifts to print more books. As usual Peace Pilgrim friends appeared to help us stack them in our garage. John Amidon, who distributes books in Albany, New York, dropped in to help, and stayed to prune fruit trees and plow our garden!  

      You also are welcome to come help us with special projects such as getting our newsletter out. Just drop us a card or give us a call. 

      Jeff came to live with us in January to help spread Peace Pilgrim’s message. He was deeply moved by twice hearing her speak, reading her book, and hearing her many times on all the audio and video tapes. After being a prime mover in getting STEPS into Spanish and our book sent to all federal and California prison libraries and chaplains he decided his highest priority was to help more people be blessed by Peace Pilgrim’s message. Although we are sorry to take him away from the other good causes he worked on in Sacramento we are happy that he accepted our invitation to join us.  

      Before moving here he had installed our computer system and originated the idea of a newsletter, which has greatly expanded our work: 30 to 75 letters every day for a time, and one day 91 letters! Twelve hundred of you friends of Peace Pilgrim have asked to remain on our newsletter mailing list and more requests come everyday. 

      We thank you for sharing her message, for your very appreciative responses and gifts. Many ask for multiple copies to give to friends. Several pointed out that the box on page 2 of our newsletter has an unfortunate error. The $17 billion is far too low a figure. We deeply regret printing those inaccurate figures and will be very careful in the future not to print such a mistake. We do appreciate your comments and reactions.  

      Dan Berrigan wrote, “How wonderful to receive your newsletter and to realize once more that the spirit of peace has not fled the earth! God bless you, as the books bless everyone who receives them. 

      “Last year one of our Jesuits was dying of cancer. Shortly before his death, I presented him with a book. He was overwhelmed, and we often spoke in his last days, of Peace Pilgrim; almost as though she had been a personal friend. Surely the spirit of this woman of extraordinary purpose, clarity and moral beauty, lives in our poor benighted world, and casts a light that will not fail. It is so good to know that her work continues through yours. We all thank you, with all our hearts.” 

      And we thank all of you Friends of Peace Pilgrim who make this work possible.

John, Ann, and Jeff


In The News       (Back to TOC)

      There is a column in the Boston Globe called “Ask The Globe.” A reader wrote “Who was the woman they called the ‘Peace Pilgrim’?” The columnist checked the records in her computer and found the article printed about us and our Peace Pilgrim Center in the Los Angles Times, January 2, 1986. We received many letters from readers of the Globe article requesting books. When the original Times article was published we received 600 requests. 

      A reprint of the Times article is enclosed. We would be glad to send you more copies to share with your friends. 


      The world operates in accordance with the Law of Love. As long as we remain in harmony with the Law of Love we remain “on the beam”. When we get out of harmony we get “off the beam” and are likely to collide with anything else that is “off the beam”. When enough of us are “off the beam” naturally our world situation is “off the beam”, too. But the reverse is true also!      Peace Pilgrim


Letters       (Back to TOC)

      Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity, wrote, ‘STEPS is a wonderful little booklet and I hope you are continuing to distribute thousands upon thousands of them to people around the world.” We are deeply moved by his response because we have long felt Habitat is one of the most important movements of our time - “building houses in partnership with God’s people in need.” He asked us to spread this word: “We are planning a big walk this summer from Maine to California. We are trying to make shelter a matter of conscience so that people will not have to live in substandard housing or in the streets.” (Former President Carter helps with the carpentry) 


      “My first introduction to Peace Pilgrim’s messages took place at an art and craft show at Providence, Rhode Island College. I was exhibiting and selling my art work. On a break I wandered through the facility and spotted a rather young man with the kindest face and warmest eyes I had seen in a very tong time. He looked so peaceful I just had to stop and see what he was ‘selling’ only to find he was ‘giving’ the STEPS booklet and explaining the ways and teaching of Peace. Donations were asked (if possible) for the books. I purchased one, started reading it and knew I had found the answer to my long search - so I returned to his booth, thanked him and purchased three more for friends of mine who were there at the fair. 

      “I can’t tell you how happy I am since that wonderful day, December 12, 1987. I had been searching for inner peace for a long time and now I find it more and more each day. I do not know that young man’s name but I shall never forget his face and how he changed my life.” 


      A Tibetan Buddhist nun wrote from India that she found the Peace Pilgrim book in their retreat library. She writes that though Peace did not study their texts, she found the same principles from within. She asked us to send a book to the Dalai Lama and to several people in the United States. (she grew up in NYC) 


      Another letter: “I feel Peace Pilgrim’s beautiful message of hope has already made a difference in my life. The Gospels say that we are to come to know through Spirit and Truth. I feel both of these when reading her words or watching her speak. 

      “I am presently in law school and am in the middle of finals - yet I’m still experiencing her message and haven’t yet given in to the anxiety. Whenever I feel an onset I reread her message.” 


“Get in tune with universal harmony. Be a sweet melody in the great orchestration instead of a discordant note.” Peace Pilgrim


PROJECTS:      (Back to TOC)

Tape Recording  

We are thankful for the help of many visitors including Les Gripkey who took us to a friend to use his professional equipment to edit our tapes. And Bill Hamilton who has helped several other non-profit groups distribute low cost audio tapes. Upon his recommendation we purchased an audio tape duplicator. We are now able to make better and less expensive tapes for you. We have received glowing responses about the audio tapes. More than 1000 have been requested in the last few months.

New Edition  

Another possible project is a less expensive edition of the Peace Pilgrim book. If you have a computer you could help us by putting one or more chapters on a disk. (if interested, contact us for more details)  

Peace Pilgrim Portrayals  

Two actresses are portraying Peace Pilgrim in front of audiences. Jemila portrays historical women for the “Living History” project in Wilmington, North Carolina schools. She met Peace Pilgrim, saw her on TV, read her book four times and in 1985 decided to portray her. Children, being aware of the nuclear threat are delighted to hear her message of hope. Her program is for grade school, junior and senior highschool, as well as adult groups.  

  The other is Shirley, a Methodist minister’s wife in the Chicago area who portrays prominent women in history for professional and religious organizations. It is wonderful to see her play Peace Pilgrim on the video she sent us, to hear from those who are inspired by her and the Peace Pilgrim books she gives out. They write to us for more books to share with others.  

A couple in New York state is preparing a one-woman show on Peace Pilgrim’s life. The presentation will be a benefit for UNICEF. A group in Buffalo is preparing a Reader’s Theatre presentation about Peace Pilgrim.


  A Catholic high school teacher in an ethnically mixed Los Angeles area shows the Peace Pilgrim video to his three classes. The next day we, John & Ann, enjoy answering the student’s searching questions and giving books to those who want them. We celebrated our fifth anniversary of the Peace Pilgrim book by going there for the fourth time. Another teacher asked us to talk to his Ethics class. It is very heartwarming to receive 4 pages of appreciative notes from students. One thanked us for talking about peace, “An issue that is so important to our lives and survival, yet an issue which goes largely unthought about.” Another wrote, “Remember peace is the key to our future.” We never charge for these presentations and are very happy to go anywhere in Southern California.


To Russia With Love        (Back to TOC)

      In our last newsletter we wrote of hopes for a Russian translation. Now our hopes are higher! Dr. John Baker, president emeritus of Ohio University and Elizabeth Baker put us in touch with a distinguished Russian American professor at Juniata College. He wants to translate the book, feels it is timely and probably could get wide distribution in Russia.

American-Soviet Walks

    Jolene, who was on the Russian walk last summer asked us to send a book to Ninel, an English teacher in Leningrad who wrote, "I am very grateful for this very interesting and quite unusual book. I’m under a great impression of it, and now my colleagues read it in turn. It will be interesting to learn their impression. Many points of view of Peace may seem disputable to them. I think that it is the very book people need now. I’ll read it thoroughly once again."  

      At a Hemet church recently Del & Hildred Herndon spoke enthusiastically about their experiences on the walk from Leningrad to Moscow. They told of the very warm reception, the showers of gifts, the crowds of people who greeted them everywhere, expressing their profound hope for peace and their basic love for Americans. From a table laden with gifts he held up a tiny booklet, saying "This is the most interesting gift we received. It came from a Russian walker." It was a STEPS booklet from our garage! You may remember we told of some U.S. walkers requesting books and STEPS to take to Russia.  

      A Wisconsin friend gave books to everyone in her spiritual seeking group. The group then requested 3 boxes of books to send to Reagan, Gorbachev and every US Senator. Several years ago a visitor to Russia wrote to Gorbachev wanting to give him a Peace Pilgrim book. In Moscow he received a phone call from a close friend of Gorbachev who met with him, promised to deliver the book and wanted one for himself.  

      There are American-Soviet Walks planned for next summer in our country and Russia.  

      A visitor to Russia wrote, "I recently visited the Soviet Union as a Citizen Diplomat and was indelibly moved by my experience there - which has stimulated an enduring commitment to peace. Foremost was their hospitality, kindness, generosity their depth, suffering, courage, spirituality and their love of learning and beauty."  


      A couple from Canada, traveling on their honeymoon found a copy of our STEPS booklet in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They write, "It is without a doubt the most refreshing and concise revelation we have come across."  

      One friend wrote, "A year ago last Easter, I did a Vision Quest in Death Valley, an experience which had a profound effect on the direction of my life. The effect was to a great extent because I took along one book, Peace Pilgrim. There among the very basics of life, I found such peace in becoming acquainted with this remarkable lady, my life has been ever enriched."


Community Peace Action        (Back to TOC)

      Peace Pilgrim was concerned that the tide of world affairs was drifting in the direction of war. She often said, "Those who do nothing are choosing to let it drift. Those who wish to choose peace must act meaningfully for peace. And become a part of the stirring and awakening which has begun and is accelerating. And help to accelerate it sufficiently to turn the tide. In this crisis situation peace is certainly everybody’s business! The time to work for peace is now."  

      The following, taken from an article before the Summit in the Los Angeles Times, September 24, 1987 by John Tirman, director of the Winston Foundation for World Peace shows that people are acting for peace:  

      "When Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev sign the agreement to eliminate major categories of nuclear missiles in Europe, it will mark an historic moment in the nuclear age that begs explaining.  

      "Major arms-control agreements are....firmly rooted in the political culture. Indeed, the fact that arms control was high on the President’s agenda was due significantly to the extraordinary outburst of peace activism occurring in the 1980s.  

      "The House of Representatives voted approval of five bold strokes of arms control. Among them were restrictions on nuclear testing, chemical-weapons production and anti-satellite weapons tests. The large majorities by which these measures were voted attests to the power of the grassroots peace activism across the country.  

      "Operating on a fraction of the budgets of Pentagon and defense-industry lobbyists, these activists have given voice to the hopes of ordinary Americans and, perhaps most remarkably, have affected the perceptions and the behavior of the Soviet leadership. The peace community is now a permanent fixture in the constellation of American politics, emitting its own light and exerting a powerful gravitational force.  

      "Reagan and Gorbachev have been surprisingly adept and flexible in reaching this accommodation - one aided by West European leaders. But credit is also due to the newly mobilized citizenry that has changed the political dynamics of arms control forever."  


      If you would like to have someone give a talk or video tape presentation about Peace Pilgrim to a church or any other group you belong to please let us know. Also we would like to hear from you if you are interested in making copies of Peace Pilgrim’s book, videos, and audio cassettes available to groups and individuals.


Recording for the Blind        (Back to TOC)

      We recorded the entire PEACE PILGRIM book for the blind at the Braille Institute, 741 N. Vermont, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Phone- 213-663-1111. Any who are legally blind may borrow free or buy from the Institute the two slow speed cassette tapes for $2.26 (California residents add 6% sales tax).


I Get Acquainted With Florida      (Back to TOC)
Peace Pilgrim wrote this article for her sixth newsletter published in the late ‘50s.  

If you want to get acquainted with a state try walking 1,000 miles there, which is what I did in Florida. It was a continuous walk, beginning in Pensacola and - after much zigzagging to touch all the large centers of population - ending in Miami. In the beginning I got acquainted with the Gulf Coast - where the water is such a beautiful green and the sand is so white it looks like snow. Toward the end I got acquainted with the Indian river - a wide, salt water river separated by a sandbar from the sea. In between I got acquainted with a variety of lakes and streams and springs. I got acquainted with the abundant water birds especially the graceful white herons with long black legs. I got acquainted with numberless pine trees and palm trees and palmettos, and with the flexible banyan tree which can climb a palm tree like a vine or put down roots from high branches. I got acquainted with air plants. One of them looks like the top of a pineapple, but the one you can not fail to notice is Spanish Moss. Here a holly tree is so festooned with silvery Spanish moss and so laden with bright red berries that it looks like a Christmas Tree. There a deciduous tree is so hung with Spanish moss and so covered with clumps of mistletoe that you do not realize it has lost its leaves. I got acquainted with sandspurs but that was not my first acquaintance with them, as they are widely scattered throughout the country. If it had not been for the freezes I would have gotten acquainted with more flowers, but there were some and they were lovely. Most important of all, I got acquainted with lots of friendly people, both natives and visitors. If you want to meet people from all over the United States and Canada, just visit Florida in the winter.  

If You Like Variety  

One thing I can truthfully say about Florida weather - it is changeable! It reminds me of the rhyme about the little girl with the curl right in the middle of her forehead. You will recall that when she was good she was very, very good, but when she was bad she was horrid. I’m afraid Florida showed its worst side while I was there, for there were three bad freezes - which were tragic for the farmers and the migrant workers. In spite of this I remember Florida weather favorably, for the good days were just about perfect. The evening of the first freeze I was surprised to see that folks had turned on their lawn sprinklers. In the morning grass and bushes were coated with ice, which, strange as it may seem, saved them from the killing frost. I did see some frozen citrus groves, but I noticed no shortage of citrus fruit. All through Florida I feasted on delicious oranges and grapefruit, and if no grove was handy there always seemed to be fruit by the roadside which had rolled off trucks. A scientist I was talking to explained that the unusual weather was due to nuclear explosions, and he said that if we survive we will look back upon these times as a period of madness.  

(written during a time of atmospheric nuclear testing)  



"The path of the seeker is full of pitfalls and temptations, but the seeker must find it alone - with God."

Peace Pilgrim



      A number of people asked about the source of the article "Overcoming Hatred With Love" in our last issue. It was written by Andy and Cheryl Zupko, 2 of the 5 compilers of the Peace Pilgrim book. In this issue the following article was also written by them.  

      On May 5, 1945, the Rev. Archie Mitchell and his pregnant wife were attending a church picnic on the coast of southern Oregon. Suddenly a large shiny object dropped to the ground from the sky and the two rushed to examine it. Five children from the picnic followed in their footsteps. As they curiously examined a balloon made of rice paper - it exploded killing all five children and the pastor’s 26 year old wife.  

      An investigation revealed the balloon was one of hundreds released thousands of miles away on the mainland of Japan. The barrage of balloons (very few ever reached the American mainland) were the result of Japan’s rather crude effort to retaliate against the United States bombings of their mainland. The six people killed were the only known civilians to die as a result of a foreign attack during World War 2. Ninety-three days later the air force would respond by dropping atomic bombs on two Japanese cities resulting in untold horror and the loss of thousands of lives.  

      Yuzura Takeshita, a Japanese-American teenager living in a northern California internment camp had heard about the balloon bombs floating across the Pacific. The incident made a deep impression upon his mind. Thirty-eight years later Yuzura’s interest in the Japanese balloon bombs rekindled when a friend’s wife told him that as a schoolgirl she helped make the balloons. And then on a trip to Japan last year he saw a woman on television who said she had been a school teacher who worked with her students building balloon bombs during the war.  

      Yuzura wrote to the woman and sent her the names of the six victims in the Oregon bombing. The school teacher wrote back and said she and seven of her former students had started folding 1,000 paper cranes along with letters of condolence from the women to the survivors of the victims.  

      The realization that a pregnant woman and five children had died "truly sent a chill down my spine," wrote the former teacher Tetsuka Tamaka. Her letter along with seven other letters were brought to the United States from Japan by Yuzura. The letters were accompanied by 1,000 folded paper cranes, a Japanese symbol of a wish for peace and healing, and presented to the families of the victims.  

      For Nyle Gifford, whose 13-year-old son, Jay, died in the explosion, the letters and cranes were met with gratitude and a pleasant surprise. "I never felt angry," said Gifford..."We were forgiving." The letters and cranes did give him a good feeling though. There was a realization that forty-two years later the wounds of war were still healing.



"I think once words of Peace Pilgrim enters our hearts we are never the same again." - from a letter.



      Dr. Arunachalam, Dept. of Gandhian studies at Madurai University, India, and chairman, Gandhi National Memorial Foundation of 1000 groups in Indian towns and villages, visited us for 2 days in October. He told us that when a student gave him the PEACE PILGRIM book he couldn’t put it down, reading late into the night. Since he usually goes to bed early, another professor stopped to see why his light was on and became so interested he later began translating it into Tamil, the local language. He publishes each translated segment in the weekly paper, VILLAGE REPUBLIC.  

      Dr. Arunachalam plans to publish the entire PEACE PILGRIM book into Tamil in India. Most of the poor cannot read English and he thinks they will love the story of Peace Pilgrim in their own language. Of course we delightedly gave him permission and he was happy there would be no royalty to pay. We know you will be pleased to hear that some of the very poor in India will be able to read Peace Pilgrim’s message of hope.  

      Since his return to India he convened a small group of Indian Friends of Peace Pilgrim and 10,000 Tamil STEPS have been printed. They sent us a copy! and wrote, "The English printing is also planned, Hindi translation also may appear soon. The Tamil translation of the Peace Pilgrim book will be published within a few months."  

      Dr. Arunachalam said many wonderful things about Peace Pilgrim - that her message’ is so similar to Gandhi’s. We feel deeply moved that one who has lived and worked in the Indian movement most of his life and lived with Gandhi in his ashram for a year, thinks so highly of Peace Pilgrim.  

      We are thankful for our good friend, Guy de Mallac, who brought Dr. Arunachalam to us. Guy, a professor of religion and Russian studies at the University of California has written an inspiring little book, "Seven Steps to Global Change, Gandhi’s Message for Today." It has also been printed in India.  


A high school teacher in India wrote, "I was pleasantly surprised that there have been so lovely souls as Peace Pilgrim in our strife torn tired earth. I have been really inspired by the book." She is translating it into Odiya for the eastern province of Odissa.


SPANISH STEPS         (Back to TOC)

      Spanish Steps (Pasos Hacia la Paz Interior) continue to be requested by friends in Spain, Mexico, Central and South America-Peru, Chile, Ecuador and 300 to Venezuela. We are thankful for Amado Seba who did the original translation in Venezuela, and Claudio Zaneili, the Chilean who went over it with Jeff in Sacramento. We appreciate any editorial comments, especially from those whose native tongue is Spanish. We hope that someone will feel called to translate the book into Spanish also. We hope to publish a Spanish edition soon.  

      Here is an interesting story to share about the evolution of STEPS and SPANISH STEPS. It starts with a Catholic hermit in Texas who loved STEPS, carried them on his yearly pilgrimage and gave one to Brother Mark, a printer in New Mellary Abbey, a Trappist monastery in Iowa. Then Brother Mark wrote to us, "...furthering the message of Peace Pilgrim has become my ambition."  

      We had been wanting to change the format of STEPS to fit into a small envelope, to go for one stamp. Brother Mark offered to help us, corresponded for a year about it and we stopped to confer with him on our way east to see our daughter and family.  

      There at the Abbey we met Jeff for the first time. He was on a retreat and had wanted the Peace Pilgrim book for a long time. We were all delighted to meet little knowing that both of them would be responsible for new editions of STEPS - Brother Mark typesetting the English version and Jeff masterminding the Spanish! And that Jeff would join us to help full time! As we’ve said before and we’ll say again, "Will wonders never cease?"


EGYPT        (Back to TOC)

      Estelle Jacobson called the other day, just back from Egypt where Hakim, a tour guide took her group to his home. "It was such a high of my trip to Egypt to find the PEACE PILGRIM book sitting in that house in the shadow of the Pyramids...! I found this spiritual man of peace with a book of yours sent to him by Kathy Knutson of Minneapolis!" Hakim is now interested in translating STEPS into Arabic.  



      Good news also about the German translation by Heidi Sorgel. Dr. Peter Michel of Aquamarin-Verlag Publications is planning on publishing PEACE PILGRIM in Germany using Heidi’s translation. Thanks to Richard Polese, a co-compiler of the book, who negotiated the agreement. Dr. Michel is very enthusiastic and wrote, "She’s another St. Francis! People will love this book here." If you want German STEPS or to find out when the book will be out, write to Heidi Sorgel,  

Heroldstr 9, 8500 Nurnberg 10, West Germany.


Before the Pilgrimage         (Back to TOC)

      Steve Alisons interview of Mildred (later Peace Pilgrim) on radio station WPEN, Philadelphia, in the Fall of 1952  

STEVE:      “I want you to meet Mildred. This summer she walked the entire length of the 2050 mile long Appalachian Trail, and she is the first woman to have accomplished this feat. In case you don’t know, the Trail is a rugged wilderness footpath which follows the Appalachian mountain range from Maine to Georgia. Well, Mildred, was it an enjoyable experience or was it a trying experience?”  

MILDRED:      “Oh, it was a very enjoyable experience, and a very educational experience, and a very inspirational experience. I don’t mean there were no hardships. There were some, of, course. But they were just a part of the whole wonderful experience, and it wouldn’t have been as wonderful without them.”  

STEVE:      “You spoke of it being an educational experience. In what way would you consider it educational?”  

MILDRED:      “In many ways, Steve, but let me mention one thing that I think is important. Life on the trail, which is not insulated from nature as life in the city is, tends to make you realize what the actual essentials of physical well-being are - such as warmth when you are cold, a dry spot on a rainy day, the simplest food when you are hungry. Since you carry your food, sleeping equipment, and so forth, on your back, you learn very quickly that unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. This is a lesson that I hope all hikers will carry home with them, because it is true in every-day life as well as on the trail that material possessions much in excess of need tend to become burdens.”  

STEVE: “Getting back to hiking, Mildred, as wonderful as you say your experience this summer was, I don’t think you’d consider doing it again, would you?”  

MILDRED:      “I wouldn’t consider doing the Appalachian Trail again right now, Steve, but I would consider doing some more hiking. In fact, I have another hiking trip all planned - and this F time it’s definitely on the optimistic side - it’s a peace pilgrimage. There is hope. (May I read just a little more from my bulletin?) ‘While we watch the storm clouds gather and prepare for the storm, let us never forget that the sun still shines behind those dark clouds, and may somehow break through before the storm descends. I see sunshine in the real desire for peace in the hearts of humanity, even though the human family gropes toward peace blindly, not knowing the way.’ I think that those of us who have found the way to peace should be shouting it from the house-tops, and with this thought in mind I undertake my peace pilgrimage. Starting January 1st, I shall walk from Los Angeles to New York and then to Washington D.C. and talk to everyone who will listen to me about the way to peace. I’m even planning to wear a sign, the back of which will read, ‘Walking Coast to Coast for Peace’ and the front, ‘Peace Pilgrim’.”  


  After the Pilgrimage Started        (Back to TOC)

      We were so happily surprised when Jean, Peace Pilgrim’s niece dropped in recently. We had become acquainted in New Jersey. She told us that in the beginning Peace Pilgrim gave her given name and address to reporters. As a result the family was bothered by the F.B.I. who suspected that she was a communist because she was walking for peace! When Peace Pilgrim heard that she wrote to her family from San Diego, “When I last wrote you I was Mildred Ryder (her married name). Now I am Peace Pilgrim. I don’t think any more reporters will bother you. I seem to be accepted now as Peace Pilgrim.” Perhaps you remember the story in the book about the FBI picking her up, interrogating her and finally put her down as a religious pilgrim. (page 35-37)  

      The retired Catholic Bishop of Recife, Brazil, Dom Heldes Camara, wrote:  

“When I feed the poor I am called a saint,  
When I ask why the poor are hungry  
I am called a communist.”


Many write they would like to share Peace Pilgrim’s message with everyone in the world.  

      Sometimes friends of Peace Pilgrim wish their relatives would become interested in her message. The newsletter of Meadowlark in Hemet calls attention to the words of Richard Bach:

The bond that links your true family  
is not one of blood,  
but of respect and joy  
in each other’s life.

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