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FRIENDS OF PEACE PILGRIM is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the publication and dissemination of the words of Peace Pilgrim.  John and Ann Rush operated the first Peace Pilgrim Center from their home in Hemet, California for 18 years. In April of 2001 the center relocated to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Somerset, California about 50 miles east of Sacramento.

In November of 2005 we moved from our Somerset, California location and now have organized different aspects of our work and service in Connecticut, California, and Oklahoma.

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Our mission is continually being fulfilled by the loving efforts of "Friends of Peace Pilgrim" and peace seekers throughout the world.

Photo from the original center in Hemet, CA (1998)

Photo: Ann and John Rush

Ann Rush Biography 

Volunteers in Oklahoma, California, and Connecticut along with others throughout the world, are doing what we can to make this happen. We have sent out almost 500,000 free books, PEACE PILGRIM, HER LIFE AND WORK IN HER OWN WORDS and over two million booklets, STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE. Requests for thousands of free audio tapes and DVDs of Peace Pilgrim speaking have also been filled. Her message is now in over 100 countries. The book is in 10 languages and the STEPS booklet is available online in 30 different languages.

We do not advertise. Knowledge about Peace Pilgrim spreads by word of mouth, editors mention Peace Pilgrim in their magazines; some authors have a whole chapter about Peace Pilgrim in their books; others quote her. Hundreds of such publications give our address and offer of a free book. Everyday we receive letters and phone calls from those who want Peace Pilgrim books and tapes.

We have received thousands of letters, many of them saying that Peace Pilgrim has changed their lives. They write: "We feel there is no one who would not be changed at least in some small way by reading your book." And from England, "I am just overwhelmed by her good news, and I want every one in the world to read this. . . if I can share this book with some of my peace loving friends I will be overjoyed."

We give these books and tapes free to those who ask. Because Peace Pilgrim's message is so inspiring readers send in donations to help spread her message. We appreciate contributions, for they make the free distribution of these books possible.

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